The following prologue is a written adaptation of the origin of Danny Phantom's powers in 'Memory Blank'. The original plot and dialogue is written Steve Marmel, and was directed by Ken Bruce, Gary Conrad, and Butch Hartman and has been adapted for paper with new scenes by DevilBoy216. This portion of the show has been adapted to this story to provide a better chronological flow for readers.

This story also adapts several elements of Butch Hartman's 'Danny Phantom: 10 Years Later' concepts as well as several deleted concepts during the show's development. All credit to Butch Hartman where it is due.

So, to Butch Hartman, Nickelodeon, and Viacom, please don't sue me. I just want to entertain people.

P.S.: To Butch Hartman, if you ever read this, you still owe an apology for your OAXIS controversy. That was not acceptable behavior. If you do indeed care about 'Christian Values', do you really think that Jesus (if he existed, that is) would appreciate you begging for money for a project you could have funded yourself and doing bait-and-switch tactics in his name?

Also, I understand that many people may tell you that The Fairly Oddparents and Danny Phantom may have been their childhoods and thank you for creating those shows, but saying 'I created your childhoods' is egotistical to say in the least. Again, if 'Christian Values' are indeed something you care about, perhaps this verse from your holy book may make you think twice about yourself.

"Pride brings a person low, but the lowly in spirit gain honor." -Proverbs 29:23

With the semantics out of the way, enjoy the ride.

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Amity Park, a long time ago, long before the world knew the threat of the undead.

In the small business known as Fenton Works, a business built on hunting ghosts, not much progresses. With ghost hunting being a mere fringe theory, there is no place for ghost hunters in today's world. With no use for their inventions, their numerous contraptions are left in the basement of their home, the base of their business, untouched and used.

Today, however, three curious children inspect the tools, hoping to find some amusement from the ghost-hunting equipment. One of these children is Danny Fenton, the youngest of the Fenton family, getting ready to explore the pièce de résistance of then all: an experimental portal meant to be a gateway to an alternate dimension of ghosts, to the realm of the undead.

Upon changing into a safety jumpsuit, another child, Sam Manson pulled out a camera, taking a picture of Danny just before his venture into the gateway.

"Smile!" Sam said.

The camera gave a blinding flash of light, causing Danny to experience some mild disorientation, coming to him quickly and leaving him just as fast.

"Okay, I showed you the portal, can we get out of here now? My parents could be back here any minute. Besides, they say it doesn't work anyway." Danny said.

Sam and Tucker approached the portal, with Danny reluctantly following them, feeling too nervous to step inside for his own safety.

"Come on, Danny, a Ghost Zone? Aren't you curious? You gotta check it out." Sam said.

Danny seemed more courageous from Sam's words, subconsciously wishing to impress her with his bravery.

"You know what? You're right. Who knows what kind of awesome, super-cool things exist on the other side of that portal?" Danny asked.

With his mind made up, Danny zipped up the jumpsuit, preparing to step inside the portal. Before he could do so, however, Sam stopped him to correct one last detail.

"Hang on." Sam said.

On the front of Danny's jumpsuit laid a sticker of Jack Fenton, Danny's father, giving the suit an obnoxious look. Sam pulled it off the jumpsuit without a second thought, making the jumpsuit more visually appealing.

"You can't go walking around with that on your chest." Sam said.

With the sticker off his chest, Danny nervously stepped inside the Ghost Portal, investigating for anything of interest. While searching for something for the three to marvel at and satisfy both their curiousity and boredom, however, Danny accidentially pressed a button by leaning his hand against a wall, activating the portal.

To everyone's surprise, the portal powers on; its lights activating and many sounds of electrical power flowing through the equipment. Before Danny could even realize what he had just done, a flash surged through the portal, causing ectoplasm to rush through Danny's body, radically changing him to the genetic level, mutating his body permanently.

The process is agonizing beyond human comprehension, tearing his DNA apart at the seams and pulling them back together at the same time. Unable to withstand the immense pain from the mutation his body was undergoing, Danny was unable to do anything but scream. As one would expect from someone in his situation, his screams are loud and agonizing, terrifying his onlooking friends, believing that they have killed their best friend.

As his body begins radically changing on the inside, it does the same on the outside. His hair turned from jet black to snow white, and his eyes an icy blue to a jaded green. Slowly but surely, the face that his friends once knew is now the face of a stranger.

Sam and Tucker, feeling enormous guilt from seemingly sentencing their best friend to his death, no words come to their mouths, not even screams. The two friends could do nothing but hold each other in terror as they watched Danny suffer the painful mutation within the portal.

Finally, after several minutes of torture that seemingly last hours, Danny emerged from the portal, falling to the ground in exhaustion. Sam and Tucker, hoping him to be alive, rushed to his aid, doing anything in their power to help him.

"DANNY!" They yelled.

Sam, having harbored affections for Danny, held him tight, believing that she may not have another chance to hold him again.

"Danny, please say you're okay." Sam said.

After several long minutes of anxiety, Danny regained conciousness; his eyes finally opening, To their surprise, along with the obvious change of his hair and eyes changing color, his eyes also emitted a glow.

"Danny? What happened? You look... different." Tucker asked.

"What? Different?" Danny asked.

Confused, Danny got up from the floor and rushed to the mirror, not knowing what he would see. As one would expect from such a radical experience, Danny found himself in a heavy state of shock, not knowing how to take his new appearance.

"Oh, crap. I am so grounded." Danny said.

Just when the confusion was starting to begin, a loud, inhuman roar came from the portal, gaining the immediate attention of the three.

"You're worried about your parents? What was that?" Tucker asked.

To the shock and horror of everyone in the room, a large ghost emerged from the portal, terrifying the entire group. The ghost was large and green, having a huge, exaggerated body, fat and cartoonishly large; and it had plenty of teeth, with ectoplasmic saliva running off them like a river, wetting the floor with its filth.

Sam and Tucker, believing themselves about to be dead, screamed in horror, cowering in the corner of the lab like two mice fleeing from a cat.

"What the heck is that thing?!" Tucker screamed.

"What do you think it is?! It's a ghost!" Sam yelled.

The two both hugged the wall, hoping in vain that they would be safe. Their efforts are as vain as anyone would expect, as the ghost approached them, still snarling and growling monsterously.

Danny, needing to do whatever he could to save his friends, asserted himself towards the ghost to take its attention away from them.

"Hey! Leave my friends alone!" Danny yelled.

Attempting to make his speech more dramatic, Danny pointed his hand to the ghost as he called to it. Unexpectedly, his gesture fired an ectoplasmic blast from his hand, inflicting harm on the ghost and causing it to give him its full attention.

With its attacker in its eyes, the ghost growled louder, its eyes turning bright red with rage. Within seconds, Danny began to regret his decision, nearly spoiling his underwear from the sight of the angered ghost.

"WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?!" The ghost yelled.

Remembering that he needed to save his friends regardless of the cost, and believing that the effects of the portal may have given him some means of fighting the ghost, Danny began to feel more confident in his approach, his eyes glowing a brighter shade of green and ectoplasmic energy surging through his body.

Feeling ready for battle, Danny gave a cocky smile and raised his fist, charging it with ectoplasmic energy.

"The name's Phantom. Danny Phantom." Danny replied.

With a viscious roar and a flight straight towards Danny, the invading ghost began its attack towards him. Danny, now ready to face the attacker and use his newfound abilities to save his friends, leapt back towards the ghost, ready to fight.

This is just the beginning of a long journey, and the best is yet to come.