In a blank space in the universe, outside of the rules of physics and matter and time, there exists a strange place, a very peculiar place made for the observation of all deviations of time itself, monitoring and influencing the timeline at every nanosecond of its passing. Every possibility, every movement of everything, from the marching of elephants to the flap of a butterfly's wings; everything is seen here. To take it all in, one would have to be godlike or insane merely to comprehend it.

Alone in this strange palace, one young woman lays alone in the place without time. She does not know where she is, she does not know how she got here, and she does not know where to go from here. She thought herself dead, and, if not for the powers that kept her existing, she may have very well been.

This young woman is Danielle Phantom. An instant ago, she was erased from existence, or so she thought.

Looking around the strange place, never having seen it before nor knowing why she was there, she found herself in a state of anxiety and panic, not knowing what would come next in this place.

All around the walls, many, many clocks scattered the wall, ticking and ticking constantly. Each clock ticking in its own beat, all ticks coming together as one symphony of madness, but at the same time all moving in perfect alignment. Despite all the clocks and their seeming passing of time, there was no perception of time to be felt in this place, as if in some form of a dream.

"Danielle." A voice said.

Becoming paranoid from the strange voice, Dani powered up her fists, preparing to attack her abductor at the first sight. With the lack of perception of time adding to her anxiety, Dani began to buckle under pressure, just barely able to stay sane in this insane place.

"Who's there? What do you want?" Dani asked.

Fading into reality in this strange place, the watcher of time, the being known only as Clockwork, appeared into the room.

"You again? Why am I here?" Dani asked.

"I have a plan in effect to change the Earth for the better, a betterment that will keep it guarded from now until the end of time, and my plan is proceeding well. You, although not part of my plan, still have some usefulness. You are far too good a guardian to allow to perish so soon." Clockwork answered.

"So, what happens now?"

"Here, you will stay with me and watch the events unfold. Danny's choice was but the first step of my plan. Next, I move on to bring forth the next guardian. A simple boy known as Arnold Shortman, but, when I have done my work, he will never be the same again."

"Arnold who?"

One early morning at Fenton Works, Danny found himself left alone at home. With his parents both going to their jobs and working long shifts to pay their bills and put food in their cupboard, Danny was left alone without much to do. Continuing his best-selling work Danny Phantom: The Living Ghost and putting away enough money to go to college and fulfill his lifelong dream of becoming an astronaut. A simple life compared to his previous life as Danny Phantom, but a dream to aspire for nonetheless.

However, this day, Danny has a slight interruption in that task. Out of nowhere, the doorbell rang. Danny, being the only one home, answered the door, greeted by an unexpected visitor.

Danny was met by a strange and unusual gentleman; this gentleman had an unusually large head, wearing a trench coat a t-shirt with an unsmiling face on the front. Danny, never having met this man before, found himself confused at his arrival.

"Can I help you?" Danny asked.

"Hello, Mr. Fenton. My name is Dib Membrane. I've been keeping up on your very popular comic series." The man said.

"Uh, hey, look, man, I usually only do this kind of stuff at conventions, but if you want an autograph that badly, I'll sign it, but I just want to be-"

"I know where you get your ideas from. Tell me, if you write about your own life experiences in another timeline, does that count as plagiarism?"

Danny, not expecting this man to know the truth about his previous life as Danny Phantom, found himself taking this man much more seriously, and with extreme prejudice.

"What the hell do you want?" Danny asked.

"I'm assembling a team of super-powered beings like yourself. I'd like to have you aboard."




Welcome to Ocean Shores.

Resting snugly inside Orange County, sitting on the edge of the ocean, the city is known for its sun-sational beaches, perfect surf break, world-famous boardwalk complete with rollercoasters, and its underground skating subculture, alive and well in the city.

In the alleyway, resting uneasily by himself, is a man named Otto Rocket a pillar of the skating subculture. Laying softly in the alley, wishing to find a moment alone from the troubles of his own life, his rest was soon interrupted. Somewhere nearby, a loud cluttering and noise was heard, awakening Otto from his rest.

Groggy from his sleep, Otto got up to investigate the source of the noise. After investigating the area for a minute, lightly scanning the area, he seemed unable to find the source of the noise. Not too concerned with the noise, Otto then disregarded it altogether, deciding to go sit back down alone.

The noise occurred again, now summoning Otto's full attention to the matter. Growing annoyed by the noise interrupting his rest, Otto skated around the block to find the source of the noise, wishing to end the obnoxious noise. Upon searching for the noise, Otto found himself behind the local strip mall, an area that should be well-abandoned at this hour. After skating further around to the parking lot to investigate, he found the noise once again disappeared, leaving the lot at a dead silence.

Just as he was about to turn his back to leave, hoping to put the noise behind him, Otto heard the noise one more time. This time, however, he found the source of the stray noise. It was coming from Sam's Electronics Store, a store operated by Sam Dullard, one of his close friends.

Otto, checking the source of the noise, went to the front door and proceeded to open it, looking to investigate the store. Before he could check the source of the noise, out of nowhere, the store exploded in a violent flash of light, the force knocking Otto back several feet away and onto the hard asphalt ground. Barely able to overcome the force of the blast and the impact of the asphalt, Otto found himself struggling to focus on the present moment.

Upon regaining full consciousness, his eyesight just barely coming back into focus, Otto saw several masked figures in high-tech suits leave the store with several bags of stolen goods.

"Ha! Why didn't we think to hit this place sooner?" One asked.

"You didn't have me to tell you about this place. I've just been with you Ripper guys for a while, but I like you already." A different one replied.

"Yeah, we appreciate the enthusiasm, but we'd better get out of here before the cops show up." Another one said.

Finally bringing himself on his feet again, Otto brought himself to confront the robbers, aiming to save the stolen goods of his friend's store.

"Hey, you! Hold it right there!" Otto said.

The robbers, not taking prior notice of Otto, turned to him. The robbers' masks had glowing ice-blue eyes, giving a rather soulless look to their appearances. Otto, not planning his confrontation carefully, found himself low on options on how to stop the high-tech robbers.

Thinking over his options carefully, Otto chose what could possibly be the dumbest option he had.

"Uh... You're under arrest! You have the right to remain silent!" Otto said.

The robbers, not knowing what to make of Otto's remark, found themselves completely dumbfounded by his bluff. Upon realizing that he did not actually have any means of stopping the group, the robbers started laughing hysterically at his efforts.

"Man, we were just gonna kill you, but that was a pretty good laugh, so we'll just knock you out instead. Consider this merciful." The third robber said.

The third robber pulled out a strange-looking handgun, not resembling anything a common store thief would carry. Flipping a switch on his handgun, the third robber shot Otto with a rubber bullet to his stomach, knocking him on his back again. Not prepared for another fall to his back not a rubber bullet to his gut, Otto gave a loud groan of pain.

"See you later, punk-ass!" The first robber said.

Finding his motivation to stop the robbers, Otto got himself back up again, continuing to confront the robbers. With the robbers now beginning to run from the scene, Otto continued his pursuit on foot.

"Hey, you! Stop!" Otto called.

The robbers, preparing to make their proper escape, pulled skateboards off their backs and threw them to the ground, subsequently hopping on and quickly skating away. However, to Otto's surprise, there was something very different about these skateboards. These boards had no wheels nor any way to connect to the ground, these boards seemed to hover off the ground, defying gravity itself. Otto, never having seen such a sight in his life, found himself dumbfounded by the sight of the hoverboards.

"What the hell?" Otto thought aloud.

Thinking quickly, Otto overcame his initial surprise and jumped onto the nearest robber's board, gripping tightly onto it. As the board continued to move down the street, Otto found himself facing the asphalt scraping against him, as he was being dragged at several miles per hour on the board.

"Hey, what the hell are you doing?! You're gonna mess up my gyro-stabilization!" The robber said.

"I'm not letting you get away! You'll never shake me off!" Otto replied.

"Maybe I can't shake you off the ground, but how about in the air?"

[Soundtrack Cue: Powerman 5000 - Supernova Goes Pop]

Before Otto could question what the robber was meant, two small rockets appeared on the sides of the board as the robber pushed a pedal on the board with his foot. As the rockets pulled out to the sides, the rockets ignited, blasting the board several hundred miles per hour in seconds, reaching the sky in little to no time.

Otto, barely even able to comprehend the bizarre turn of events, felt his jaw drop as events unfolded.

"OH, GOD, HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!" Otto screamed.

As Otto continued his childishness panic, the board stabilized itself in the air, bringing the flight to a more stable flight pattern. With the board under control, the robber pulled Otto off of the edge of the board and placed him firmly on the center.

"You- You helped me on?" Otto questioned.

Rather than answer his question with words, the robber answered his question with a sharp punch to his face, nearly knocking Otto back off the board. With just enough determination and balance, Otto managed to prevent himself from falling off the hoverboard, averting a fall to his death.

"I want to enjoy whomping you, Rocket Dork!" The robber said.

'Rocket Dork"? "Whomp"? The only person who calls me that is... No way, it can't be... Otto thought.

As Otto's thoughts began to contemplate the identity of the robber, his thoughts were quickly stopped with another punch to the face, brining a sharp, stinging pain to his mind in place. Needing to place his focus on the more important matters at hand, Otto placed his mind back into the fight.

"What's the matter? Never been in a fist-fight before?" The robber asked.

The robber began to throw another punch, aiming to make a sufficient blow to knock Otto off the board once and for all. This time, however, Otto ducked the punch with enough speed, following his duck by landing an uppercut to the robber's stomach, making him cough heavily from lack of air.

"Way more than you've ever been in, techno-freak!" Otto replied.

The two began to land more punches into each other for a few minutes, each strike following with each other trying to balance on the board in the air. With the combatants balancing their thoughts between balancing the board and attacking the other, the fight began to become more and more tense with every blow, one of the two more and more likely to make a mistake that would lead to both of their deaths.

Realizing this inevitable fact, Otto got an idea to finish the fight. Leaning his body to the side, holding tightly onto the board with his hands, the board's balace was misaligned, causing it to spiral out of control toward the ground. The robber, holding onto the board with a pair of magnetic boots, found himself in a state of vertigo, the whole world seemingly spinning around him.

Finally, the board crashed into an alleyway.

[Soundtrack Cue End]



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