Issei stood along the european coastline unblinkingly staring into the distance. It was only a few hours till the final fight vs Trihexa. Everything was in place, the spell charged and ready to fire. The leaders of all of the other factions were already trained on their positions each one having been given a temporary power boost from ophis.

Ophis had offered him a portion of her power as well but Issei had told her to keep it as back up incase he needed a boost of power during the fight. Ophis was not completely convinced but promised to not only stand by in wait but also bring in help if he needed it. Needless to say ophis was awarded with a lot of chocolate and head pats.

His other preparations were already complete with tanin and the other free top tier dragons all had finished their duties in securing big patches of land and stable sources of food. Even the leaders from the other factions were in agreement of their being a dragon faction and were currently working on setting up a number of trading lines as well.

As he thought about the future Dragon faction his mind went to his three mates and his fourth possible mate. They had taken to spending as much time with him as possible. It was not because they thought he wouldn't live past his battle with trihexa, no on the contrary they had no doubts that he would succeed. They did that to ensure that his mind wouldn't worry to much and to give him a reminder that there was a life waiting for him when he came back and won.

He was bought out of musings when he felt a slight rumble on the ground he was standing on. Sighing he looked up and knew that trihexa was approaching. He couldn't actually see the beast at the very moment but the he could feel the affects of its very presence in his surroundings.

The trees were beginning to decay slightly, the animals in the area were either reflexively leaving the land or were being killed due to the corruption. The air itself felt heavy, cold and unwelcome and seemed to take away all hope leaving behind only despair that remained after destruction.

Looking up he sighed before mentally saying "You guys ready?"

"You bet." Al said.

"Lets go haibo." Ddraig said.

"Ikuzo." Crom Crauch said.

"Of course darling." Tiamat cooed.

"Pft I was born ready." Yu long arrogantly replied.

"I shall assit you to the very end Issei Hyoudou." Tanin said.

"Lets just hurry up and get it over with already, I need to go back and start collecting me some panties." Fafnir boisterously said.

"Sure as long as I get to go back to sleep, lets do it." Midgardsomr muttered with a yawn.

"I already told you my answer months ago lets do it partner." Vitra said.

Smiling at his friends words Issei felt the energies of his dragons flowing inside his body. He then balanced all the energies before muttering " Dragons Aspect Overdrive." Immediately he was covered in a multi coloured light. When the light died down he was seen in an armor becomes colored in a mix of crimson and black and a second pair of Dragon wings appear on its back, totaling in gems on the armor were in 8 different colors signifying each of the dragons he was currently hosting.

Issei opened his eyes and stared at his armor with something akin to awe. No matter how much times he entered this form it always left his breathless. He shook himself out of his stupor when the tremors around him grew stronger. He knew that it was now time to take action and finally end this mess.

Creating several communication circles he said "Alright guys I am going in, wish me luck and make sure that all of the barriers are in place."

After receiving affirmative answers Issei nodded to himself before he flew into the distance determined to meet and end trihexa. After an hour of continuous flying Issei finally caught sight of trihexa. It was as impressive and terrifying as always.

Taking a deep breath he started channelling all of his magic energy into his arms before he started chanting.

"Dominating fires of the Puragatorial flames

Strength of a million collapsing meteors

Supreme Ice of the frozen Coctyus

Calamity of the warned and final end

Creation and Destruction of all life

A Cursed ending of the ones captured

Rest an eternal rest with no rise

Take away all the despair and fill it with hope

Darker than the black of the starless night

Empitier than the endless void

An Abyss Deeper than infinity

A dream stronger than reality

Heed my Call

Answer my prayer


Immediately a black hole formed itself in front of Issei before it moved towards Trihexa, expanding to collossal sizes as it did so. All 7 of trihexas heads roared in agitation as they felt a strong force pulling it apart. The blackhole was sucking in at trihexa while somehow leaving the surroundings in tact.

Deciding to take the spell seriously Trihexa started pulling itself back and out of the spells range. Issei stiffened as he felt his hold over trihexa weakening, with the seven headed beast making its bid to escape. Issei knew that letting trihexa escape was not an option this spell was a one time thing. Not to mention he doubted he would survive since trihexa would directly attack him the moment the force from the blackhole left it.

Steeling his resolve he mentally shouted "GIVE ME MORE POWER GUYS."

"(We can't you idiot, this is the maximum output that you can use while still retaining your humanity, anymore and it'll be years before you have a human form again.)" Ddraig shouted back with the rest of the dragons nodding along.

"That does not matter, if I fail today it won't mean a thing if I have my humanity intact, at least I'll have years to get my form back if I succeed so help me out, channel as much energy as you can." He roared back at the dragons who were silent for just a moment after which they nodded and each began channelling even more power into the attack.

The rotation of the black hole started speeding up with its suction increasing all the while. Trihexa was once again firmly inside the pull of the hole. The pull was causing Trihexa to inch towards the blackhole. Trihexa roared in irritation and began pulling back with even more vigor.

This time even Issei felt himself being pulled towards the hole. In desperation he shouted "OPHIS CHAN ITS TIME."

As if she had been there from the beginning both Ophis and lilth appeared before flying towards Trihexa and began firing concentrated bursts of pure magical energy towards trihexa hoping to not only damage the emperor beast of apocalypse but to also cause it to miss its footing.

However Trihexa wasn't known to be the strongest being in history without reason. The damage while extensive was rather quickly healed thanks to Trihexa beyond godly regeneration abilities.

Even two of its 7 heads started retaliating against both ophis and lilith firing strong attacks back. Since Ophis and Lilith were still separate there attacks lacked the raw power that ophis as a whole had.

The stalemate between the three collossal giants was on for a long time after which Issei felt his power leaving him and his exhaustion beginning to get the better of him. In a moment of weakness he slightly lost control over his spell before he almost immediately regained it.

The small lapse was all that Trihexa needed to assert itself as the dominant one and it had now partially taken control over the black hole and was using it to keep ophis and lilith in check all the while pulling Issei in inch by inch.

Just when all hope seemed lost the sky rumbled and began to crack up a little. "What now?" Issei asked irritatedly, things werent going his way and now there was a possible new annoyance coming out.

Ophis and lilith both gave tiny smiles at him after hearing his grumbled question. Both turned to him and in a twin speech , with ophis opening the conversation, said

"No need"

"To worry"

"Issei ni sama"

"Baka red"

"Is here"

"To help us"

"Beat Trihexa." Both of them finished simultaneously.

Issei looked at them in disbelief for a moment before he heard the sounds of cracking getting stronger. Turning to look upwards he just caught sight of the sky shattering and Great red appearing out of a large dimensional gate, looking just as majestic as he was the first time Issei laid his eyes on him almost 3 years ago.

Even trihexa payed attention to the new arrival knowing that the celestial dragon god was in no way less powerful than itself and could match it hit for hit. Great red then circled around before he fired a beam at an unsuspecting Issei, whose eyes widened in fear as he saw the wave of magic coming towards him.

He closed his eyes all the while firmly holding on to his spell. He would keep on trying even if it meant death. However instead of feeling any pain or even any blast he felt warmth emanating from the beam as it hit him. As soon as the warmth died down he felt his exhaustion leave him and his reserves starting to refill themselves at a very fast rate.

"What just happened?" Issei wondered.

"[It seems that great red use a tiny bit of his power to restore you to your peak condition. This will have quiet the advantage as the fight heads into the finishing stages.]" Ddraig replied.

"Heh, that was so very kind of him." Issei mentally said as he closed his eyes before opening them with a battle cry his power rising dramatically, he then focused all his power and in one dramatic pull took control of the spell from trihexa.

Great red however wasnt done he looked towards the black hole and fired a beam towards it that further enhanced it and made it faster and slightly easier to control for Issei. Trihexa was not at all pleased with Great reds intervention and began firing high powered magical attacks at Great red.

Great red in response blocked them with his shields before using his speed to get behind trihexa, who was stuck and was now being being pulled towards the blackhole a little more quickly since Issei was revitalised and using more effort, and due to the fact that the black had been further enhanced by great red.

Ophis and Lilith kept on attacking from the sides keeping trihexas distracted. Without a warning great red moved in speeds that would put all of the gods to shame and Wamed into trihexa causing the beast of apocalypse to lose its footing and fly straight into the black hole.

Issei was surprised to note that Trihexa healing abilities were that effective. While the blackhole was effective and damaging the 7 headed beast, the damage wasnt extensive. Trihexa was also fighting and trying to get out.

Knowing what to do Issei pulled one of his hands back and summoned the true longinus into his hand. Once the spear was in his hand he pointed the spear at The black hole and mentally asked "Guys how long do I have before the change occurs?"

"They will occur the moment you let go of your spell. Current the excess energy is leaving due to the spell the moment its released the seal will be broken and the change will occur." Vitra answered making Issei nod.

Issei then began chanting

"O Spear. The true Holy Spear which pierces through God.

Suck the ambition of the King of Domination sleeping within me and pierce through the gap of blessing and destruction.

You. Announce the will, and turn into a glow.


The spear glowed in a beautiful blinding golden light that covered the whole area. The light seemed to dull Isseis senses as he stopped hearing trihexas roars of struggle. A few moments later the light died down and Isseis opened his eyes and found that the blackhole and trihexa along with were gone.

He couldnt even feel the pull of the blackhole on his magic, showing him that it was indeed over. Ophis and lilith gave a small cheer before leaving to inform the others about what had taken place. While great red gave a loud roar that shook the entire area before he flew into the sky, disappearing into a dimensional gate.

Issei sighed as he relaxed and let his energy exploded around him. He felt a release in the boosted and soon different colored orbs left his body with the blue, purple, black, grey, green and white all returning to their original counterparts while red, and dark purple stayed behind before they took form of a giant red celestial dragon and a long serpent like blackish purple dragon.

Issei sighed and weakly smiled at his two partners before he fell unconscious a deep pain in his body being the last thing that he remembered.