Chapter 1

Princess Avonlea was standing in front of her ScreenWardrobe, trying on outfits on her HoloCopy, putting dresses, skirts, tops, shoes and mixing them until she found the perfect outfit for the Designer Show she was invited to, like always. But today, she couldn't find anything that suited her mood.

"I don't have anything to wear," she mumbled under her breath. Her maid didn't dare say anything to contradict the Princess. "Screw it," she said. "Randomize," she ordered the Wardrobe. After a couple seconds of shifting outfits on the HoloCopy, it stopped. It was an old white dress she hadn't worn in months. Years, maybe? "How do I still have that?" she said. "I donate everything every season." She turned to her maid. "Do you know?"

"I don't, Your Highness."

Princess Avonlea looked at her HoloCopy. It was a white sheath dress with a high neckline, floor length, and a slit on the side, revealing her leg, and widening sleeves with feathers at the elbows. It was paired with giant flat round white earrings and black pumps.

"Actually, this is it," she said, pressing on the OK button. Ten seconds later, the dress appeared in the closet, thanks to a vacuum process, pressed and ready, with the shoes and earrings in a smaller opening next to the larger one for the dress. She took the hanger with the dress on it and started to undress, her maid helping her.

'Dad's office. Now' she read on her contacts. Since when did her brother Alec order her around like that?

"I'm busy," she said, composing the message to send him back. "What does he want?" then she blinked once, sending the message.

'Idk. But NOW' he replied.

"Ugh. I don't have time for this," she said, while her maid zipped her dress. She looked in the bottom right of her vision, where she always had the time. Because saying 'time' in the middle of a boring conversation wasn't very becoming. "Actually, I have ten minutes," she said. She quickly slipped on the black pumps and put her earrings on the way to her dad's office.

Once there, she scanned her retina on the RetBox and the door opened for her. Alec and the Emperor Theodore, her father, were there, waiting.

"About time," Alec mumbled.

Her father nodded at her. "Come in, sit here, Avonlea."

"You'll have to make this fast, dad. I have ten minutes before I have to go the show."

He nodded. "Good. Then we'll settle this fast." He leaned back in his old-fashioned high back brown leather chair and looked at Alec and Avonlea. "Alec," he started. "You're twenty-four years old, your mother and I think it's time for you to find yourself a wife."

"A what?" he said, raising an eyebrow.

"You heard me," his father said.

"But I already have a girlfriend," he said, putting up his defenses.

Avonlea snorted. "You call that sex buddy of yours your girlfriend?"

"Just because you don't believe in love or sex doesn't mean I don't," he replied.

"That's enough," Emperor Theodore said. "Let me finish." He cleared his throat. "You are going to have a Selection. 35 young ladies from all over Illéa will be chosen at random to come compete for your hand."

Alec burst out laughing. "That old Process? You're joking, right? If you're so inclined on finding me a wife, why don't you just search for the best candidate with the Personality Search? You have every single person in the Database. Put in some criteria, and you'll find the perfect one."

"No," he said. "You need to find your own wife."

"What am I doing here?" Avonlea asked, cutting them. "Clearly this has nothing to do with me."

"Yes, it does," he said. "Because you are going to coach the ladies into becoming the perfect Princess/Empress."

She let out a dry chuckle. "No way. I'm not going to help my brother find a wife. I don't believe in love and you know that. I'm the worst person for this."

"It's because of that that I want you to do it," Theodore said. "You will help make the next Empress. It's his job to find a wife, and yours to mold her as the Empress."

Avonlea rolled her eyes, and quickly checked the time. "I need to leave in four minutes," she says. "Do you need anything else from me?"

"Aves, don't leave me here," Alec said. "This is not going to happen," he said, looking at his father, and Theodore smiled.

"It is. The Invites have already been sent this morning to the candidates. You'll be Selecting them on Friday, on the Report, live."

Alec's shoulder's slumped. "You can't be serious."

Avonlea chuckled. "What are you so afraid of? They're just girls."

Alec glared at her. "Thanks for nothing," he mumbled under his breath.

"That'll be all for now," he said. "Avonlea, I want to talk with you after your show, about the coaching thing."

She nodded reluctantly and both walked out of the office. "I bet you're afraid of falling in love," she said when they were alone, a smirk on her pretty face.

"Yeah right. Love isn't for Emperors, and you know it. All he wants is for me to have someone to have Heirs with."

She smirked. "You wanna bet? I'm sure you're going to fall in love. You have such a soft heart," she said sarcastically. But there was some truth behind that, and they both knew it.

"Okay," he said, squaring his shoulders. "What do you want to bet?"

"Your collection of old Harleys."

"WHAT? No way."

"All you have to do is not fall in love, and you keep your babies."

"Fine. But if I don't fall in love by the time I chose an Empress, you'll have to have a boyfriend for three months."

"Okay," she said, sure that she would never have to do that because she knew he would fall in love during his Selection. They all did. Or did they?

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