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Chapter 31


Watching the knucklehead strut around showing off his new headband helped to distract him from his back injury. Thankfully, it wasn't life threatening but the sooner he got medical attention the better he'd be.

Looking over Mizuki's beaten form, he couldn't help but let out a regretful sigh. The two had been friends for a long time so his betrayal had hit him harder than he thought.

'Why did you do it Mizuki?' he thought angrily, wondering when his friend had begun to stray from the right path, or better yet if he could have somehow prevented it.

Neither of the two noticed as moon shaped tattoo disappeared from the nape of the unconscious ninja or how a black rabbit disappeared into the forest.


Looking at the touching scene before him, Kenji couldn't help but let out an internal sigh.

He'd been in the middle of a dream involving a running through a field of trees whose leaves were made entirely out of 10,000 ryo bills when he was awoken by what felt like an earthquake. In actuality it was the moon goddess shaking him awake so that he could witness the iconic event that spelled out the beginning of the story.

Turning back to look at the giant goddess he could sense the self-satisfaction in her eyes at having a hand in orchestrating this entire affair. The fact that she had just mind-controlled a man and traumatized a small child was not even an afterthought in her mind.

He was once more reminded that she wasn't human and didn't share their morals. To her, human life was inconsequential if it meant the prosperity of the planet. Even if he was brave enough to scold her for her actions, he doubted it would be much use, so he'd rather save himself the headache from the argument. And no, it wasn't because he was afraid of angering the all-powerful goddess, thought it was a reason, it's because he was almost certain this was some misguided attempt to help him again.

So instead, he cupped his fist and bowed to her in a show of gratitude, "Thank you Kaguya-sama, no doubt you went through a great deal to make this possible."

She responded by giving him a benevolent smile in turn, "I promised to give humanity a chance to protect itself, and I am after all true to my word."

Kenji would admit that, if she had the inclination, she could end the war before it even began. A simple word to Zetsu and he would have both Naruto and Sasuke meeting the Shinigami before they even took a single step outside of the village. With them gone the Sage of Six Paths would have no one to pass on the seal, insuring she couldn't be stopped once she was free. The plan to collect the Tailed Beasts wouldn't even be interrupted since they could simply use the Impure World Reanimation technique to summon Naruto and then extract the Kyuubi. The same results could be achieved with Minato if you first used the Shinigami mask from the Uzumaki shrine to free him from the Shinigami's stomach. With shinobi nations still recovering from the last war, and with the addition of the chakra beasts menace, their forces would be too weak and spread thin to put up any real resistance against the Akatsuki, Madara, or even Kaguya herself. The only reason why she was holding herself back was for his sake and the fact that she would lose her main source of entertainment after placing everyone in the Infinite Tsukuyomi.

If he wasn't so shameless, Kenji might feel guilt over giving the vengeful goddess everything needed to succeed in her plan of world domination. Thankfully he was, and years of selling weapons to homicidal ninjas had beaten what little remained of his morals into dust.

No, he couldn't stop Kaguya even if he wanted to. The only thing he could do was give humanity more time and a better chance at surviving her so called 'test'.

Turning back to the screen that showed Naruto safely returning to the village, the silver haired boy gave a thoughtful hum.

If he was being honest, just knowing that Naruto had become a genin felt like a huge weight had been lifted off his shoulders.

When he saw the blonde's grades for the first time, Kenji initially thought that it could be a case of the teachers trying to sabotage the young Jinchuriki chance at becoming a ninja, but after secretly observing him in class for several days he was reluctantly forced to admit that, yes Naruto Uzumaki really was that dumb. It was too the point that he had to actively cheat on the blonde's behalf by bribing the teachers and switching out test papers just so that he wouldn't fail or get held back.

He supposed it was partially his fault that it happened since with the emergence of chakra beast, the academy was forced to change their curriculum to include them. Students now had to take a class that detailed the anatomy and behavior patterns of certain chakra beasts. Once a month a member of the Chakra Beast Association would visit all the classes and give a testimony on their time out on the field, occasionally bring the carcass of a chakra best for demonstration. Even the genin exam had changed slightly, giving more importance to the written test as those who didn't do well on the practical exam could still apply for research jobs in the C.B.A.

Amazing how a few butterflies can screw everyone over huh?

"Well then, as enlightening as that was, I should probably be waking up now to finish taming those beasts," Kenji said, trying his luck at escaping through the giant door.

However, he didn't even make it half a step before the door simple vanished, melding perfectly into the stone wall.

He felt himself being turned around to face Kaguya.

"Amusing," she told him, smiling at his defeated expression, "but there are matters I would like to discuss."

The small merchant let out an exasperated sigh, "Can't blame me for trying."

(White Lotus District)

Upon waking up, Kenji felt even more tired than when he went to sleep.

As he predicted, Kaguya had been the mastermind of the events these last few weeks, though thankfully not in the way he had first thought.

Apparently, the entrance to the Third Dungeon had been discovered earlier than she had initial planed, something she blamed on human greed. This posed several problems as the C.B.A. was still in its infancy and nowhere strong enough to venture inside, let alone conquer, the dungeon.

From what little information Kaguya had divulged, the dungeon's theme this time around seemed to be poison, as in everything from plants and animals to the very air you breathed would kill you if you weren't prepared. The more she described it the more he was reminded of the Forest of Death, with trees so high they bloated out the sun and so widespread it seemed to go for miles without end. Even the giant animals that roamed were similar making him think she had used it as an inspiration.

If that wasn't enough the entire dungeon was engulphed in a thick corrosive miasma that prevented those unlucky enough to wander inside from effectively recovering their chakra. In other words, you had to use jutsu sparingly or else risk depleting your reserves and dying of chakra exhaustion.

Sure, with time, Kenji was positive that the C.B.A. could come up with different plans to get around some of these problems but for the foreseeable future, the Third Dungeon would be off limits.

Sitting up on his bed, Kenji took notice of the stack of talismans placed on his pillow.

Kaguya's Rooster Talisman

Quality: Low-Human

+ Whatever it is attached to becomes weightless. (Effects can last up to 1 week.)

Chakra Points Needed to Upgrade: 50

"…" his face was blank for a second before it morphed into a sinister smile.


Taming the last of the chakra beast went a lot faster now that he had gotten a full night's rest.

After he was done, he made his way back to his office, there was still more work to be done if he wanted to finish in time.

However, when he got there, he saw that there was someone already inside.

An annoyed look spread on his face as he watched the Hokage sit behind his desk.

"That's my seat," he growled in annoyance.

"And what a marvelous seat it is," the aged man said with a blissful look, completely unaffected by the scathing glare the boy sent his way.

Kenji clicked his tongue, as he pulled out three shikigami talisman from his sleeve. Channeling some chakra into the pieces of paper, they blew up like a balloon before turning into squarish tofu like dolls only a foot high. "Go make us some tea," he ordered, watching the shikigami scramble around the room.

Walking over to the table with the map of the Land of Fire, Kenji began to go over the latest stack of reports.

"Anything noteworthy?" the Hokage asked after a few moments of silence, politely taking the cup of tea offered to him by the small animated servent.

Not taking his eyes of the piece of paper in his hand Kenji answered, "Hmm, maybe? Scouts have noticed the disappearance of various chakra beast nests near the border. I'll have to send someone to investigate. If a new stronger chakra beast has made it their home, then we'll need to get an extermination squad to take care of it before it can cause more damage to any nearby villages. It could also be a trick by the enemy to divert our attention elsewhere from one of the other villages, in which case we should prepare countermeasure for any surprise attacks."

Hiruzen gave a thoughtful hum as he stared at the back of Kenji hunched over the desk. After a few intense seconds he appeared to have made up his mind as he opened his mouth to speak, "Kenji… become Hokage."

Kenji, who was about to take a sip of his tea, paused and turned to give the man a bewildered look, "What?"

"Kenji how would you like to become Hokage after me?" the Third clarified knitting his fingers together.

Kenji would have dismissed it as a joke if it wasn't for the serious look in the Hokage's eyes, "Are you serious?"

"Yes, I think-"

"Hahahahahahaha!" Kenji suddenly burst into uncontrollable laughter, doubling over holding his stomach.





It took a full two minutes for the small boy to finally stop laughing by which he was left panting and red faced.

"Are you done?" the Third asked calmly.

Wiping a tear from his eye Kenji nodded, "Oh goddess, I haven't laughed that hard since those charity representatives came knocking at my doorstep looking for donations." Shaking his head, he gave the Hokage an amused look, "What makes you think I would ever want to become Hokage?"

Hiruzen gave a sad sigh, "I didn't want to worry you but the truth is that lately I found my health failing me-"

"Bullshit," Kenji interrupted, slamming his palm on the table before pointing an accusing finger at him, "I've saw your latest health checkup, your healthier than anyone half your age."

"Ahem. The point is that I'm not as young as I used to," the Third continued almost as if he wasn't just caught lying, "and I need to start thinking of a replacement."

Crossing his arms Kenji answered in a voice dripping with sarcasm, "Well then, it's a good thing you're in no short supply of volunteers." Of course, he was referring to Naruto and Konohamaru.

"You jest, but I assure you I've thought long and hard on my decision."

"Perhaps you should think again. I doubt anyone in their right mind would choose to elect a lowly genin like myself into such a high ranking position."

Hiruzen scoffed, "Please, the only reason you're still a genin is because you adamantly refuse to be promoted."

"Damn right! I'm three years away from retirement. The second I'm free, I'm buying a secluded island and getting the hell out of here!" Kenji exclaimed.

"Would you really abandon this village, after everything that's happened?" the Third asked with a disbelieving voice.

"In a heartbeat," Kenji replied with a deadpan expression.

"Good. Now I don't have to feel guilty over this?" the old leader said taking out a manila folder and placing it on the desk.

Confused by the sudden change in character Kenji took the folder, "What this?"

"Read it."

Frowning the small boy opened the folder and saw that there were several documents inside. Quickly skimming them, Kenji couldn't hold back a growing look of horror on his face.

He read them once, twice, and even a third time, but the words stayed the same.

To clarify it was a document that recognized Kenji as a member of the Senju Clan.

The implications became quite clear to him. Tsunade was the current Head of the Clan, but as far as anyone knew she had no children of her own, making him the apparent heir to the Senju Clan. This meant that unless some miracle happened, he would be made clan head in the future. And as the leader of a ninja clan he was expected to serve in the military until he could secure a replacement of his own. This was the last thing he wanted.

He glared at the smirking Hokage.

Unfortunatly, that wasn't even the worst part. The worst part was that the current Senju Clan was 2.4 billion Ryo in dept, no small thanks to the reckless spending of the Senju Princess. It was primarily this reason why Kenji had wanted to hide any connection to the Senju. The second it got out that he was related to her, he'd have dept collectors from all across the Elemental Nations beating at his doorstep.

"Well, well, it would seem I have underestimated you once again Hokage-sama," Kenji said narrowing his eyes, "though to be honest, I didn't think you'd stoop to blackmail."

This time it was the Hokage who gained a tick mark, "I'm surprised you can say that after all those times you blackmailed me."

Kenji didn't avert his gaze but didn't retort since it was true.

Calming down the aged leader let out a sigh, "I know you think this is heavy handed, but what would you do in my position?"

'Probably the same,' Kenji thought, but he wasn't about to admit that out loud, so he settled for crossing his arms.

"Kenji, I don't think you understand how essential you are to this village," Hiruzen went on, "despite the fact that the Third Shinobi War and Kyuubi attack was a little more than a decade ago, the Leaf is stronger than it's ever been and it's all thanks to you. I cannot think of a better leader than one that makes its people happy."

"Hokage-sama…" Kenji looked taken aback, he didn't need to use ninshu to know he was being sincere, "the answer is still no."

The Hokage took the folder from Kenji and with a regretful sigh he ripped it in half, "I understand, perhaps it was impertinent of me to ask so soon, but I hope you can at least give it some thought. I'm not the only one who wishes for you to take the mantle of Hokage."

'So a conspiracy,' Kenji mentally noted.

Glanced at the ripped paper, he made a bitter smile as he looked at the man who was hailed as the God of Shinobi, "…those weren't the original copies were they?"

The Third had a rueful smile before suddenly standing up and darting out the office window faster than Kenji could see.

The small silver-haired boy couldn't help but let out a frustrated sigh.


Kenji felt himself relax as he watched the flock of flying chakra beasts grow smaller and smaller until they completely disappeared over the horizon.

It had been a hectic week and he was ready for things to finally start getting back to normal.

'I'll have to oversee that a pen or some sort of housing be built for them when they return. They'll be useful for any future rescue missions or as supply carriers. No doubt Danzo will propose to use them for ninja missions too at the next meeting, so I should prepare any counter arguments now,' Kenji mused as he looked at the cheering assembly of shinobi and C.B.A members that had worked tirelessly these past few days.

A hand clasped his shoulder and he had to turn around to see the grinning visage of the Inuzuka Matriarch looking at him, "Come on brat, now that the works finished its time to celebrate."

Behind her he saw the rest of the Clan Heads looking at him in expectation.

Kenji let out a sigh before smiling, "Ah what the hell." Turning to address everyone withing earshot he raised his voice, "Come on, drinks are one me everyone!"

He was meet with cheers from all those assembled, as everyone soon started to make their way to the White Lotus District.

He made a shikigami doll to warn the various bars and restaurants of a large influx of people… as well as to tell them to raise the price of food by 200%. What, he needs to make up the loss in profit somehow, and most of them would be too drunk to notice.

As expected, the partying last well into the night, and only stopped when Kenji decided to kick everyone out so that he could close the White Lotus District for the night. Most stumbled out of the gate with a few needing to be escorted by teams of shikigami, being either too drunk or passed out to walk.

"You really must give me the recipe to that pecking duck one of these days, Yamamoto-sama," Choza said rubbing his full belly as he placed a drunken Inoichi over his shoulder.

The smaller boy gave a small smile, "Perhaps one day. I'll also be sending out the invitations for the Auction House later in the week."

"I'll look forward to it," the big boned man nodded with a smile as he left dragging a sleeping Shikaku with him.

Once everyone had left Kenji went through a couple of hand signs and sealed the entrance.

Making his way toward the Moon Artifacts Tower he saw a number of chakra beasts leave their hiding place to wander the streets openly. Likewise, he saw the artificial puppet workers leave their stations to mingle among themselves. Anyone that saw this scene would call it a stark contrast to the White Lotus District during the day.

Upon reaching his destination he was greeted by Delta and the rest of the M.A.I.D.s working there.

"Greetings Master," they said in unison.

The line of beautiful women would have made someone like Jiraiya green with envy, but Kenji being Kenji only nodded, seeing them as nothing more than bits and pieces of wooden parts under a coat of artificial flesh.

Delta the leader of the group stepped forward, "I've taken our guest to your study as you have requested."

"Not alone I hope," the silver haired boy said offhandedly heading for the staircase with Delta trailing behind him.

"Fufufu, of course not," she responded with an elegant laugh that would send lesser men 's heart beating rapidly.

Once more Kenji questioned the effects of the Rat Talisman.

Kaguya's Rat Talisman

Quality: High-Human

+ Breathes life into inanimate objects.

Chakra Points Needed to Upgrade: 500

While straight forward, it brought with it a lot of unanswered questions. Like how was personality determined? Just how human were they? Would upgrading the talisman eventually grant them a soul too? Would they feel the need to betray him eventually?

Kaguya had said she had used a weaker version of what the Sage of Six Paths had used to create the Tailed Beasts but even she wasn't sure what the overall effects would be.

He was pulled out of his thought when they finally reached the entrance to his study.

(Kai and Rai)

"What do you think is going to happen to us brother," Kai asked Rai as the two sat across each other in a meditative pose.

Rai didn't respond immediately as he tried to clear his mind of any stray thoughts feeling the flow of his Qi veins.

"No need to worry Kai. This is probably just a test by Master Yamamoto to see if we have what it takes to become his disciples, why else would he have left this scroll for us?" he finally said trying to reassure his brother as well as himself.

At some point while they slept, their fellow cellmate had disappeared and in his place was a single scroll.

Curious the duo had decided to open it and discovered a breathing technique that was supposed to help with their cultivation. This single discovery had reignited their determination and dispelled any linger doubts in their minds that they were in the right place.

Already they felt the results as it became easier to gather nature energy and condense it into Qi.

For the first time since they left their small village they felt like real cultivators.

The sound of stone scraping against stone was the only warning they had before a hole in the ceiling appeared, dropping two marble sized balls, before disappearing just as quickly.

"I guess its mealtime," Rai stated matter-of-factly as he looked at the two balls. Walked over he picked them up before throwing one to Kai and keeping one for himself.

Kai had a bitter face as he caught the ball which gave off a strong smell of herbs.

"Don't make that face Kai, you have to bear with it until we get out," Rai admonished as he placed the medicinal pill in his mouth. No sooner had it touched his tongue that it dissolved into a mouthful of air that then proceeded to traveled down his throat. Any hunger he had been feeling a moment ago disappeared as if it was never there.

"Yes brother," Kai grumbled out before obeying.

The fasting pill, a miraculous pill that showed up frequently in cultivation novels. Its main purpose was to eliminate the need for food while martial artist cultivated their Qi, a process which sometimes required them to stay in deep meditation for days if not years.

Despite its simplistic nature, many of the more scientific oriented fans of the novels had disproven its likelihood as even with modern medicine it was impossible to do what the pill did.

…Or at least that was the case before Kenji Yamamoto once more chose to spit in the face of logic and created the impossible.

Though the pill had no special meaning to the average civilian, beside saving a significant amount on groceries every week, from a militaristic standpoint it was revolutionary. Contrary to what civilians were led to believe, wars weren't won by elite shinobi like the Yellow Flash or the Three Sanin, but by the quality of the army. And what was the most important aspects of keeping them in tip top fighting shape? Feeding them of course. After all, even if they were equipped with the strongest armor and weapons in the world, but it would mean nothing if they were too hungry to properly swing their sword.

Most shinobi in the battlefield resorted to eating ration bars as it was sometimes too dangerous to cook outdoors in case enemy scouts saw the rising smoke and discovered their position. There was also the logistic problem of trying to transport large amount of food to the different camps without it being discovered and then intercepted by wandering bandits or enemy shinobi. However, the fasting pill removed hunger completely and was small enough to be transported to far away distances in relative ease.

It was exactly for this reason that Konoha's Alchemy Guild fame had become so widespread, for being the only place in the entire continent capable of making this pill.

"I hope I can still join the Alchemy Guild," Kai said wistfully after feeling his hunger disappear, "I hear that the test to get in is extremely hard and the number of applicants reach the hundreds every year with some coming all the way form the Fire Capital only to be turned away."

"I'm sure you'll do fine, I've never seen anyone more versed in herbs than you," Rai said confidently as he got back to his meditative position.

"Thanks brother," the younger twin shot his brother a happy smile.

"Now stop worrying about that and focus on cultivating."

The two sat in silence feeling time lose all meaning as hours seemed to pass at a fraction of the time.

They were both deep into their meditation before they heard the sound of stone sliding and looked up to see that a stone archway had formed on a wall that was previously blank.

The two brothers looked at each other, "I guess it's finally time."

They only had a second to share a smile before two figures appeared behind them and rendered them unconscious with a swift chop to the neck.


"Ouch!" they yelled in unison jolting awake while holding their stinging cheeks.

Scanning their surrounding they quickly realized that they were no longer in the cell but rather in a lavish office of sorts.

"Woah," they muttered unable to hold back their astonishment.

Having spent the better part of a year camping out in the woods, the two couldn't help but take everything in.

The first thing to note was the leather couch they were sitting on and the coffee table that both appeared to be made of different chakra beasts' parts. Everyway they turned they saw more luxurious items from expensive looking tapestries to priceless urns. The most eye-catching however was a large portrait hanging behind a wooden desk that showed a white-haired boy with a purple crescent moon on his forehead and two magenta strips on his cheeks sitting on a throne surrounded by various chakra beasts.

Hearing a clicking sound they noticed a small cat sized door open from one of the walls and a line of square marshmallow people march out carrying various items. The two brothers gave each other questioning looks as they saw them hop onto the coffee table and proceed to make a pot of tea.

When they were done, they retreated back to their place in the wall.

They were just about to say something when the door behind them opened up and they were treated with the sight of the very same boy from the painting followed by an absolutely gorgeous woman that caused their hearts to beat a little faster.

The woman obviously noticed their stare and gave them a teasing wink that made them flush.

"So, these are the troublemakers that decided to disrupt one of my establishments," the white-haired boy stated in an apathetic tone causing both brothers to immediately turn their attention back to him, "I hope your stay in the black cell has allowed you to reflect on your mistakes."

The twins looked at each other and nodded.

"Master!" the two shouted in unison before dropping to their knees and bowing, "Please allow us the chance to study under your tutelage! We promise to swear eternal loyalty to Master should you accept us as disciples!"

Kenji said nothing as he stared at them with a piercing gaze almost as if peering into their very souls.

Several moments later Kenji closed his eyes and let out a tired breath, "Very well."

The two couldn't believe their ears, never thinking it would be that easy.

However, before either could start celebrating Kenji spoke again, "But before becoming my disciples you must prove that you are worthy."

"How should we do that?" asked Rai.

Their potential master only narrowed his eyes and Rai felt the air leave his lungs as an unbearable pressure crashed onto his back causing him to slam into the floor. He tried to lift himself up, but no matter what he did his body refused to listen. He felt as if gravity had increased a dozen times over.

A quick peek at his brother from the corner of his eyes confirmed that he was in a similar state.

Kenji said nothing as he walked past them and headed toward the desk, Delta a step behind him briefly stopping to collect the pot of tea on the table.

Just as it looked like they were about to pass out the pressure vanished, and they were left gasping for air.

"Hmm, your resistance is lower than what I imagined, I doubt you can learn any of my advanced Qi techniques as you are now," their master onserved taking the cup of tea from Delta, "You'll need to be taught the fundamentals before anything else. Delta, have them begin training with the Rabbit Sect starting tomorrow."

"I'll make the arrangements immediately," the woman answered with a quirked smile.

"Good," he said before turning to the two brothers narrowing his golden eyes at them, "now as for you two, you'll have a month to prove to me you have what it takes to be my disciples, should you fail… well I'll leave that to your imagination."

They gulped.


Watching the wannabe cultivators leave his office with Delta, Kenji let out a tired sigh as he deflated in his chair.

"Tough day," a cutesy female voice asked before the small Pekingese known as Lin-Lin jump onto his lap.

"You could say that" the small shop owner answered, petting the temperamental chakra beast under the chin which elicited a string of purrs.

With Akame and Drago gone for the time being, he was left with only Lin-Lin, Silvy, and Stumpy for company.

Silvy, the multicolored koi fish, and Stumpy, the plant-like beetle, mostly spent their time guarding the White Lotus District along with the Rabbit Sect. Lin-Lin was the only one he periodically saw as she was in charge of guarding the Moon Artifacts Tower.

"Do you really think those two have what it takes to learn cultivation," Lin-Lin asked offhandedly in between purrs.

Truthfully, he didn't have his hopes up, but his options were limited. Kaguya had outright told him that a cultivator was needed to beat the Third Dungeon and there was absolutely no way in hell he was go back inside another dungeon again. Whenever he though back to that time, he couldn't help but be astonished in the amount of luck he had just to make it out alive, having come close to death a dozen times in the dungeon.

Besides, she had requested he teach them the ways and he saw this as kills two birds with one stone, she'd even made sure to reward him handsomely first this time.

Speaking of which he reached into one of his desk drawers, where he kept the projects that needed to be abandoned either because he lacked the resources or technological means.

Taking a folder labeled 'Airship' he opened it to show a detailed blueprint of a large ship with what could only be described as a chakra engine. The reason why he shelfed it in the first place was because the amount of chakra needed to keep it afloat let alone fly surpassed what 100 jonin level ninjas could produce in a week.

Retrieving a Roster talisman from his sleeve he channeled chakra into it.

Kaguya's Rooster Talisman

Quality: Low-Human

+ Whatever it is attached to becomes weightless. (Effects can last up to 1 week.)

Chakra Points Needed to Upgrade: 50

Upgrade Successful!

Kaguya's Rooster Talisman +1

Quality: Low-Human

+ Whatever it is attached to becomes weightless. (Effects can last up to 2 weeks.)

Chakra Points Needed to Upgrade: 100

"So the time limit extends huh, lets see what else it can do," he spoke before adding more chakra.

Kaguya's Rooster Talisman +2

Quality: Low-Human

+ Whatever it is attached to becomes weightless. (Effects can last up to 4 weeks.)

Chakra Points Needed to Upgrade: 500

With his current chakra reserves he was only able to level it up to +6, but that was enough for his purpose.

Kaguya's Rooster Talisman +6

Quality: Low-Human

+ Whatever it is attached to becomes weightless. (Effects can last up to 1 year.)

Chakra Points Needed to Upgrade: 50,000

Placing the talisman inside down, he allowed himself to imagined what having a whole armada of flying ships would be like.

'Hmm, Moon Artifacts, the first merchant group to dominate the land, sea and air, that doesn't sound half bad. I wouldn't need to worry about bandits or pirates when transporting goods ever again at least and depending on the size of the ship it could even reach their destination at a fraction of the time. I might even be able to start a luxury cruise ship to ferry people all across the Elemental Nations, of course I would need to set up a partnership with the various towns first so that I could get a cut of the profit for brining them there but I was willing to be generous and only take 20%.'

"Fufufufu," Kenji laughed sinisterly as he continued to pet Lin-Lin.

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