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Chapter 1: The Girl Who Fell From the Sky and The Boy Who Unfortunately Was Crashed Into

Obito Uchiha awoke early for once, so early in fact that he was sure that nothing be it an old lady in need of help with her groceries or a cat stuck high up in the tallest tree would make him late. In fact, today he was pretty sure he could do both if he really had to and still he'd make it to the training ground to meet his team with time to spare.

The genin was running to the training ground all the while sporting a huge grin, he could just imagine it now. Kakashi apologizing for all those times he was rude to him despite his good excuses and they were good ones.

His daydreaming got the better of him for a moment as he pictured the scene within his mind, 'I'm sorry for never being understanding, I now know that I was wrong about you this whole time. You are truly an inspirational ninja and I hope to be just like you one day.'

Imagining Kakashi's apology was great and all but even better than that would be Rin's reaction. She would finally realize just what a great ninja he was all the while confessing her love to the Uchiha. That would make for the perfect day and today it just might happen well maybe, a boy could dream after all.

And dream he did or more accurately daydream. This time about his female teammate, 'You were here even earlier than me today, I never realized what a dedicated ninja you are! Oh Obito, you're the love of my life! Who needs Kakashi when I have someone as great, talented and as on time as you are!'

The dark-haired boy laughed merrily and continued on with the same daydream as he pictured his sensei Minato in the background looking on. Minato nodded his head all the while with a proud smile adorning his face before ruffling Obito's hair and telling him how proud of him he was, 'Great job being on time Obito, you showed up before Kakashi even. I knew there was a reason you were my favorite student, I'm so proud of you.'

The young Uchiha boy couldn't keep the growing grin off of his face at his own imagination so lost in his own world he barely avoided running into some early morning civilians going about their day. With his ninja skills though he managed to dodge around them before turning his head yelling back a quick, "Sorry about that," with a wave of his hand at the disgruntled villagers he turned around and continued on.

After the close call, the young ninja started to pay more attention to his surroundings and shook away his fantasies. It wouldn't do to be late or embarrass himself by running into a tree or something. It wouldn't be the first time, unfortunately.

And Obito just knew that Kakashi would pick up on it if that happened today with his 'I'm cool, so I know everything embarrassing that you've ever done stare'. It was a real look he knew this because he had experienced it many times before.

After running for another minute this time more focused on his destination Obito noticed something strange. He slowed to a stop as his curiosity got the better of him. There was nothing visually noticeable around him just a feeling, it was one that was kinda familiar yet somehow not at the same time. How that made any sense he wasn't sure.

The young Uchiha ninja carefully surveyed the surrounding area for the source of this feeling, all the while wishing that he'd already activated his Sharingan. Still, after a moment of nothing happening, he started to feel silly because nothing was happening.

Rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly the Uchiha laughed aloud at his self.

It seemed that he got worked up over nothing.

It was a good thing nobody else saw it.

Deciding that it must have all just been in his head the genin was about to shake off the weird feeling for good when he suddenly knew that he needed to look up.

Obito followed his instinct and tilted his head upwards to the sky and without a moment to spare as his eyes catch the sight of a girl falling from the sky. Panicked and without any time to think or react in any other fashion he used his body to catch her. Unfortunately for him, it wasn't something cool like out of a movie where he caught and cradled her in his arms after a heroic catch. No, it was his body that cushioned the fall and so they both went down hard.


"I'm gonna feel that tomorrow... and today too, man that smarts."

The boy did his best to sit up despite the wave of pain from the unexpected catch and fall. However with that in mind, his eyes shoot open to see the girl, she was laying on top of him and not moving.

"Ahh, a dead body!" He shouted prematurely, luckily being as early as it was no one rushed to his aid.

Before he could continue to further panic he felt something. It was her chest moving against him, that meant she was breathing so she was alive just unconscious. Thus ended the ninja's mini panic attack.

He gave a sigh of relief until his hand landed on something wet. Dark eyes widen as his mind quickly registered what it was... blood.

"She's hurt!"

As quickly and carefully as the young ninja was able he moved her gently to the ground. His own body was sore but easy enough to ignore as he looked over the girl. He would guess that she was around his age and very wounded, to put it bluntly, to him it looked like she was in a serious fight and lost badly.

That wasn't what was important though and neither was the fact that he didn't recognize her, what with the girl's bright blonde hair and markings like whiskers on her cheeks he probably should have if she was a ninja from the leaf. None of that mattered to him at the moment.

He only had one job that did, he needed to help her. It was second nature for him to help those in need and she most definitely qualified as in need of some help.

As he observed some more the Uchiha saw that her blood was in her hair mostly so obviously she appeared to be suffering from a head wound. He couldn't tell if it was as bad as it looked, he wasn't a medic. Rin might know what to do but she wasn't here but he was… but what could he do?

He was pretty sure that bleeding from the head was never a good thing.

There were other various cuts and bruises on her face, arms, and legs with blood here and there but nothing too worrying at least at first glance. Then a new thought occurred to him what if the cuts were infected or poisoned... what did poison look like anyway? They went over it in the academy but it had been boring and so the boy had tunned it out and instead practiced making paper cranes with instead of taking notes. He regretted not paying better attention now.

Nothing to be done about it so he just hoped she wasn't poisoned and continued his inspection where he found most of the blood originated from not her head as he first thought but her chest. In fact, there was a rather large gash across it. How did he miss that? It was huge!

It was certainly the most worrisome injury the blonde had and it put the one on her head to shame. The blood coming from there was the source of her stained dress. He couldn't even tell the original color because of it, the wound appeared to still be bleeding even whereas the other blood looked less fresh and darker like when it was old and dry.

He knew he shouldn't pick up an injured person less you injure them more, but he couldn't think of any other way to help her since there was no way he was leaving her alone until he got help.

So, trying not to aggravate her injured body he carefully placed one of his arms under her legs and the other to support her upper back. She didn't so much as groan as he moved her head to rest against him.

Once he was sure of his hold on the mysterious girl the young ninja took off at full speed toward the hospital being as careful as he was able all the while.

Nothing noteworthy happened on the way as most people were still sleeping. Only one or two civilians might have been startled by the sight of a young ninja carrying a small bloody body, but it was a ninja village so no one bothered to stop him and ask questions.

It felt like a much longer journey than it actually was due to him worrying about whether or not her injuries were life-threating.

Obito knew it was likely impossible given his chosen path in life but if he could help it he'd rather avoid anyone dying.

He decided then and there while entering the hospital that while he was never going to be a medical ninja like Rin was training to be he needed to at least learn the basics and what injuries were serious ones. Maybe even some minor first aid so they wouldn't bleed out before getting some real aid... he was quite sure that the amount of blood on her wasn't a good thing, after all, how much can a small girl his age even have in her body?

Once inside those thoughts took a back seat as he called out for help, luckily the medical staff was quick to act. He watched them carting her away without first asking questions, that didn't last, part of him wanted to go with her as he felt responsible for the blonde after having found her, or did she find him?

Either way, it was not up to him as a nurse started to question him then.

The questions all come at once.

"What happened to her?"

"What's her name?"

"Who's her sensei?"

"Does her family know that she's here?"

Those questions and many more fell from the nurse's mouth but all Obito could tell her was, "I don't know...", to everything for a while until he finally just had enough of all the questions that he couldn't answer and blurted out the truth, "I don't know, okay!? She just fell out of the sky and was hurt so I brought her here!"

That certainly silenced the nurses long enough to finally ask a question of his own, "Is she gonna be okay?"

One of the medical staff seemed to think about it for a minute before replying, "You can take a seat or come back later, and we'll inform you about what we can. Since you're not her teammate or family it will not be much but at least we'll be able to let you know if she's alive."

The genin nodded to the nurse as she turned away and left him alone with the other curious staff. He paid them no mind as his eyes trailed after the one who spoke with him, she was the one writing furiously on her chart. A part of him wanted to steal it, he knew it wouldn't be hard and he really wanted to read whatever it was she wrote down.

In the end, Obito justed sighed and decided it wouldn't be a good idea and that it was probably best to wait. He walked over and sat down in an available waiting room chair all the while pondering about who the blonde girl was. Were those marks on her cheeks a clan marking? He didn't recognize them, but he hardly paid that much attention. Maybe a minor clan?

She was a ninja. It seemed likely. So did he know any clans with marks like those? He thought hard and again drew a blank. What if she was an enemy ninja? Then how did she get here if she was? Most importantly though... how the heck did she fall out of the sky like that? Some awesome jutsu gone wrong?

There was something else though before she fell on him he sensed something when he stopped it felt familiar. Maybe Minato-Sensei would know. His eyes widen as he jumped up from his chair shouting, "I'm late!"

The Uchiha then took off at high speed not noticing the disapproving glares from the people in the hospital.

While running toward the meeting place aka the training grounds he could see his previous daydream breaking into a million pieces. His mind clearly pictured previous times such as a rude non-understanding Kakashi followed by a disappointed sensei. As well as an obvious one-sided crush remaining as obviously one-sided as ever. It was his daydream turned nightmare only while he was awake!

As he ran with this new image in mind it did make him sad until he pictured the wounded young ninja he left behind in the hospital and heaved a heavy sigh. His life could be worse he supposed, at least he helped someone in need that was better than the recognition he dearly wanted.

Finally, he arrived and stopped with a skid in front of his team all of half an hour late.

Obito sucked in some air through his poor sore chest after having run so far so fast to get there, the hospital was on the opposite side of the village from their training ground area. Now that he really thought about it that might not be a smart design strategy. Kakashi glared, Rin shook her head, though for once Minato-Sensei was a bit further away talking to some red-headed woman that looked to be his teacher's age. Neither seemed to notice his arrival yet.

"What was it this time, a cat in a tree or an old lady?"

He gave Kakashi an equally annoyed look as he stood straight from his slightly hunched over position of catching his breath, "No, it wasn't either of those." Obito glared back at Kakashi as he continued his annoying patented 'I'm better than you because I'm on time and don't break the rules ever' stare.

Rin just sighed at her teammate, "Then why were you late? You know this is a crucial time for us, so you need to take this more seriously Obito for your own sake at least."

Obito who had been turned to give Rin his attention as soon as she started talking couldn't keep his eyes on her disappointed gaze for too long. He instead settled for moving his eyes back to Kakashi to glare, "It's not like that! I left really early today because I am serious about our training, it's just..."

"Something came up and some poor defenseless being needed your help specifically, right?" Kakashi said all condensing like.

Stupid Kakashi! He thought he was so smart and okay he was and so strong… he was that too and always on time, frustrated Obito did what he did best. The Uchiha tells the truth in his own unique way, he blurted it out.

"She fell out of the sky, I had to help her!"

Kakashi actually blinked noticeably before catching himself. He then went back to his normal face while Rin looked a little more understanding, "Did someone throw a rock at her?" This, of course, caused Obito to look confused, before answering though their teacher appeared in front of his team with the red-haired woman.

"Obito, good you're here," Obito looked down hearing the silent 'finally' before he glanced back up when his teacher continued, "before we get started today there's someone who wants to meet you all." The woman beside him stepped forward with a big smile and declared herself loudly, "I'm Kushina Uzumaki," then lowering her voice to something that was not quite a whisper continued with, "and Minato's future wife even if he doesn't know it yet."

She then rose her voice to a normal tone and finished with, "It's a pleasure to meet all of you finally!"

Minato chuckled at that intro and even blushed a bit before he pretended to have not heard the future wife part, and asking them to introduce themselves. Rin politely responded, "Rin Nohara, I hope to be a great Medical-Nin like Lady Tsunade someday, please to meet you, Miss Uzumaki." She ended her introduction with a small bow, then it was Obito's turn and he gave her a great big grin before the boy gestured with his thumb to his chest, "I'm Obito Uchiha, the future Hokage!"

Kakashi in his Kakashi fashion snorted at this proclamation. Obito of course reacted with an ugly look thrown his way in return, "Because we all know that Hokage are known for being late and catching injured birds that fall from the sky."

"Kakashi..." Minato shook his head, then their teacher muttered something about first impressions but Obito didn't care about any of that. He can tell Minato-Sensei's attention was on him after Kakashi so he responded in his defense without thinking about his teammate's full comment was beforehand, "But Sensei, it's true a girl fell from the sky, so I took her to the hospital."

Had he been paying closer attention though he'd have realized that they all thought it was a bird or some creature that had fallen from the sky during his earlier statement and thus it wasn't like they hadn't believed him in fact, Minato was so use to his lateness he wasn't even planning on bringing it up this time...

"...Um, what?" Minato looked at his youngest student like he wasn't quite sure what to make of him right now.

"Wait... what bird?" Obito finally comprehended Kakashi's full comment and realized a moment too late that maybe for once he should have kept quiet.

"A girl?" Rin looked at her dark-haired teammate in question.

"What an interesting team you have, maybe I should get one next graduation?" Kushina half-seriously stated with another grin forming.

"..." Kakashi wondered what he did to deserve this team out of all the others, surely this was some form of punishment.

Her first thought upon regaining consciousness was did Gamabunta sit on her again?

It wouldn't be the first time.

But no this was far worse... panicked eyes darted from side to side before the girl lifted her hands, they were smaller than she remembered.

Oh hell no! Not again! Her mind screamed.

Elsewhere Minato was finishing up with his team's training for the day, it had been three days since he'd brought his girlfriend to meet his team and also since Obito happened across a mysterious wounded child.

Who apparently fell from the sky but well Obito was one for exaggerating so… he'd take that part with a grain of salt. The biggest grain to be on the safe side.

It was all very strange though, the girl was one that nobody recognized or came forth to claim.

Obito had been visiting the hospital twice a day since he found her. Once in the morning before training making him even later than normal something that Kakashi wasn't pleased with at all and once afterward, so far, no change.

Minato had visited once himself and even spoke to the Hokage about her, apparently, her wounds were healing fast... too fast to be considered normal but then again it could be a clan trait perhaps.

Which clan though he and no one else knew. It was all very odd.

On the positive side, Obito was spending more time asking Rin about medical ninjutsu than asking her out. His attempts at trying to impress her had even lessened for the time being which was, funnily enough, impressing her more now than when he was trying too.

"Bye Minato-Sensei, Rin see you tomorrow!" The Uchiha boy shouted with a wave pulling his sensei from his thoughts, "You forgot about Kakashi again!" Rin called after him frustrated before telling the two of them goodbye and running off as well.

"Right bye, Obito, see you tomorrow Rin." He waved at the both of them and then glanced at Kakashi who's face gave nothing away at being left out of Obito's farewell but then again it was sadly normal for Obito to 'forget' to say goodbye to Kakashi… really, he didn't know what he was going to do with the two of them.

If only he could lock them in a room together as Kushina suggested. Of course, instead of settling their differences it would probably end up with one or both dead, or maybe just maimed. He'd rather not have his team be handicapped as they were already a handful so that was out of the question.

Being a sensei was harder than it sounded when he was first told about it. He didn't think his own genin team was quite so problematic either, they always got along and still had polite conversation when they crossed paths.

"Well, then Kakashi how about some dinner?" The sullen-looking boy just shrugged, "I suppose."

And Kushina thought she wanted a genin team… she wouldn't be so eager if he handed off his to her for a few days… that idea actually had potential he would have to sit down and give it more serious thought later.

Arriving at the hospital Obito greeted the nurses who were used to seeing him by now and they told him the news, she was finally awake!

Obito was ecstatic to hear the great news and before the staff member could properly stop him he bolted off on his way to see her. He'd been worried since he found her or rather she found him. It had been so bizarre and still, the ninja couldn't shake that familiar sensation that he'd felt right before she'd literally crash-landed on him.

Once outside her room, he didn't wait despite there being a ninja guarding it he burst inside, "You can't go in there," was heard as the ninja who he could only tell was an Anbu after the fact and mostly because the Hokage himself had turned to see him charge in.

The Hokage who had previously had an extreme look of contemplation on his face now chuckled helping to ease the genin's shock, "It's fine," he waved off the Anbu guard, "He is simply wanting to check up on the girl he found, no harm in that."

The other ninja nodded before returning to his post, "Now then as you can see she's awake and doing just fine."

That reminded Obito of his purpose long enough to stop staring at the Hokage who he'd only seen before a handful of times and never alone or alone-ish. Because the blonde-haired girl with the whisker-like marks was sitting up in her hospital bed looking at him with a blank stare in her ocean blue eyes.

Obito sheepishly rubbed the back of his head and apologized to his Kage before approaching the girl with a friendly expression. She looked a little pale but other than that healthy enough.

"Hi, I found you and brought you here. I'm so glad to see tha-"

"Are you an Uchiha?" The girl interrupted, he blinked confused.

Shaking it off he grinned and gestured his thumb at his chest, "Yeah, I'm the one and only Obito Uchiha."

"Leave." The little girl deadpanned.

"Huh?" Obito looked from her blank stare to the Hokage who looked just as puzzled as he did.

"Leave." She commanded once more, "Why?" the Uchiha boy finally asked.

The room fell silent like the girl is trying to think of a reason for her demand when finally, it appeared that she did with her next words.

"I have an Uchiha phobia." She doesn't sound like she's joking but it's hard to tell as her face is emotionless and it didn't sound sarcastic like it would say if it was coming out of Kakashi's mouth.

Even the Hokage seemed taken aback but it seemed he didn't know whether to be concerned or to laugh.

"What… wait have you ever even met an Uchiha before!?" The dark-haired ninja demanded while flailing around.

That made her pause again and he thought 'ah ha he was right' until...

"…I've met you."

Stunned all he could do was stand there with his mouth open gaping like a fish out of water. Then the Hokage coughed catching the attention of the two in the room, "Well… I think she may be a bit tired why don't you come back again tomorrow?"

"Don't come back," the little girl crossed her arms and glared at him. But he isn't Obito Uchiha for nothing, so he glared right back at her and exclaimed, "I'll come back tomorrow."

The Hokage smiled, "Good now that that's settled do try and get some sleep," Her glare moved from the Uchiha boy and turned onto the Kage, "But-" He just shook his head like a disapproving grandfather which caused her to make a 'hmpf' sound before grabbing the thin hospital blanket and pulling it over her head while laying down facing away from them.

Obito rolled his eyes at her childishness and followed the Hokage out of the room, once there the older man turned to the genin boy, "She was informing me of her situation before you showed up," the boy looked ready to ask but stopped when the other ninja shook his head, "I'm afraid I can tell you no more on the subject but… she may have to stay here for a while so despite her earlier… words I'm sure she could use a friend."

The words 'Uchiha phobia' ring inside his head and he wants to say 'no way' to being her friend but well it was the Hokage who was asking him and well maybe she was just tired? Plus, the dark-eyed boy was super curious about her…

"…Well okay I mean she can't be any worse than Kakashi anyhow."

The older ninja just chuckled at these words. Obito wasn't joking though, why didn't anyone else see just how awful his teammate really was?

The walk home to his district was uneventful for the most part just thinking over what had happened at the hospital... 'Uchiha phobia' once again played over and over in his mind before he shook his head once more trying not to feel hurt by the words when suddenly he felt it. The boy looked around it was almost exactly like what he felt before, just three days earlier when that girl whose name he forgot to ask fell from the sky.

The sky!

His head shot up searching the sky and bracing himself while half expecting another person to fall on him he blinked. Nothing happened and just as quickly as it appeared it was gone, but he did catch something orange out of the corner of his eye.

Turning he sees nothing…

Was he imagining it?

Could it have been a tabby cat?

"This is weird," maybe he needed more sleep, yeah that had to be it… he hoped so anyway because he didn't need more than one childish mean girl to drop down from the sky.

Just to be sure he looked back at the sky and was it just him or did the sky look a little different than it had before?

Obito blinked and suddenly the sky looked normal again, he rubbed his eyes he decided he had been training way too hard.

So giving himself a pep talk seemed the best way to go, "You've been working hard lately so just go home eat a nice big dinner and then go to bed." He nodded to himself, as the genin headed home he didn't notice a figure lurking nearby one that sprinted off in the direction that he'd just came from.

The hospital.

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