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Chapter 2: The Masked Uchiha?

The next morning Obito was on the way to the hospital before he even stopped to think about it as he'd already fallen into a new routine.

He suddenly stopped when the realization of where he was going hit him but at that point, he was nearly halfway there already, "Why am I going to check on her, she's a brat!?"

The blonde made it clear yesterday that she didn't want him around so why risk being late to training and getting hateful 'Kakashi glares' just to check up on the ungrateful girl. Not like he expected a 'thank you' or anything though that would've been nice, but was it too much to ask for someone who wasn't mean?

Just as he was talking himself into putting off visiting her until later or possibly never he noticed something off... there were too many ninjas around the area and the hospital wasn't very far away. Did something happen? He could ask the ninja but getting a response from them would be like pulling teeth. A good ninja wasn't a good gossiper.

That's when Obito noticed a group of gossiping civilians nearby so he jogged up to them, "Hey what's with all the ninjas gathered around here?" He tried to downplay his worry, but he wasn't sure how well he succeeded. That was okay though because he didn't need deception like some ninjas he would just beat up the bad guys with his strength, speed, and awesome ninjutsu skills.

"Oh, you haven't heard?" The Uchiha just shook his head in a negative fashion, "Apparently somebody snuck into the hospital last night and attempted to kill a patient there." One old woman told him in a whisper-like tone.

Obito's eyes widen, "I hear it was a kid that the intruder was after." Another added making the Uchiha's thoughts go into overdrive, "A kid..." He mumbled to himself now effectively tuning out the old women.

The blonde girl popped into his head and without thinking he took off toward the hospital.

She might've been rude, but he didn't want her to be killed, not that it was her that the intruder was after, but what if it was? Why would anybody want to kill her? She wasn't that annoying!

Arriving at the hospital in record time a ninja stopped him from going further. They were obviously guarding the area, "You can't go in there." He informed the younger ninja, "Why?" Obito asked all the while trying to dodge around the man.

"Because an investigation is going on, come back later." The ninja blocking the entrance to the hospital instructed him without budging. Obito was stubborn though just like every other Uchiha and kept pestering the guard to be let in.

The hospital guard was busy still fending off the boy's attempts to get around him when a throat cleared behind the older ninja. It caught both of them off-guard, "Hokage sir I was just-"

The Hokage's expression was a weary one but still stern as he motioned for the man to stop, "It's fine the investigation is wrapping up." Obito didn't pay attention to the words exchanged after that part but vaguely understood they were to dismiss the guard.

Once the two were alone well aside from the two Anbu flanking him the Kage turned his gaze to the boy, "I guess you've heard about the intruder and came here to check up on your new friend?" Obito nodded quickly not bothering to deny that she was his friend, "Is she okay?"

The Hokage smiled slightly, "Her injuries are minor nothing to worry about." That didn't reassure the boy as much as he thought it would because that just reaffirmed his suspicions, "So the person who broke in was after her! Why?"

The older man's smile faded before he spoke, "If you would like to go see her before she gets discharged you should go now."

He wasn't going to tell him anything, why not? Obito thought he had a right to know but well he couldn't argue with his Kage. That just meant he'd have to ask the girl about it, wait a minute.

"She's getting discharged!? When?" The man nodded, "Later on today which is why I must go now I have to make arrangements." With that he patted the boy's shoulder and walked away with his two loyal Anbu guards at his side. Normally they hide out of sight when they follow him… did that mean something?

Obito shook the thought off, he hated mysteries.

Quickly sprinting inside and up to the floor currently housing the blonde-haired ball of mysteries, he takes note of the fact that there are still quite a few ninjas loitering around. It made the boy start to think that maybe the assailant got away. Why else, unless they thought the assassin had a partner... just who was this girl?

Once in front of the girl's room, the Uchiha was sure that they were still expecting someone to try something as there were two ninjas guarding it, "Um…"

"Obito Uchiha correct?" The female ninja asked causing the genin to just nod in response to the question.

"The Hokage told us that you might be visiting sometime today, go on in but please be brief."

Nodding once more the dark-haired boy went inside when the silent ninja opened the door. The door closed quietly behind him once he stepped inside.

Almost just as he remembered her from the day before sat the little girl in the hospital bed, but she wasn't facing him this time. No, this time she was staring out at the world outside of the window.

She was either ignoring him or lost in thought the dark-eyed boy wasn't sure as with her it could be either he supposed. After a minute of watching her unmoving form, he walked forward until he was right beside the bed, which got her attention.

"You came back…" She looked at him and for a second her face was blank then it turned angry, "why?"

"I-I wasn't going to okay but… I heard about what happened and I was worried that whoever it was might have been after you…" He trailed off while the girl just sighed something that sounded oddly like the words, "Stupid Uchiha…"

Before he can comment she continued, "Why worry about me? You don't know me and just cause you found me doesn't mean you have to make sure I'm okay. I. Am. Not. Your. Reasonability. Okay?" She made sure to emphasize every word in hopes of getting through to him; it didn't work.

That was the most he'd ever heard from her at once. She was right he didn't know her but that didn't matter, and he was going to tell her so.

"I may not know you, I might not even want to know you. But what I do know is that I don't want anything bad to happen to you! You don't deserve it." She blinked dumbfounded at his passionate words before questioning them, "How do you know that?" Her hands clutched at her white hospital sheets as she waited for his response.

"How do I know what?" He asked in return, "That I don't 'deserve it'?" She let go of the sheets and made quotation marks with her fingers at the last part. Obito had to look long and hard before he could see deep enough into her dull blue eyes to understand. And he did once he looked closely. The girl wanted to push him away for some reason. Well tough luck, it wouldn't work!

"Because you just don't! No one deserves to be attacked like that and your just a little girl what could you have done to make someone want to hurt you anyway?" She 'hmms' but doesn't answer so he continued, "I've decided… I'm gonna protect you!"

Her eyes widen as her mouth fell open in disbelief, but it didn't last. Soon she was laughing. "Hey, what's so funny!?"

In between laughter, she raised a shaking hand that was not gripping her side and pointed and him, "Me?"

The girl nodded, "S-Stop laughing I was serious!"

Still laughing she let out an, "I k-know, that's w-what's so-so funny."

He huffed in indignation but then smiled. Obito might not have liked being laughed at especially when he made such an important declaration. But he'd rather see her laughing than being all somber and angry… it just seemed to fit her better. Her face lit up and she was actually kind of pretty now.

After a few more seconds the blue-eyed girl managed to pull herself together, "Seriously though you're just a kid-"

"I'm a ninja!" Obito declared but she continued as if he didn't just interrupt her, "so don't go making such bold promises that you can't keep…" Then as if an afterthought the girl added, "besides I don't need protection, I can take care of myself!"

"If you could do that then you wouldn't have gotten hurt in the first place!" He argued back, "What this? This is nothing, barely even a scratch." Her words might have worked better had she not flinched when she sat up straighter proclaiming it but he doesn't point that out being the gentlemen that he was instead he goes for the obvious.

"Liar! You were bleeding all over the place!" Obito stated with a raised voice causing her to shout back, "I would've healed up just fine on my own I always do!" Obito countered, "Not if that guy found you before you woke up! If you even did wake up at all!"

She yelled back and for a moment they continued their quarrel until her earlier words finally hit him making him pause their little yell fest and ask, "Wait what do you mean by 'they always do'?"

Blue eyes blinked at the sudden change in conversation, "Huh?"

"You said you always heal up fine… do you get injured a lot?" Obito asked worriedly.

"…I just meant that I heal fast…" Her words are truthful but she's not exactly answering his question, "That's why I don't need any protection and certainly not yours, understand?"

Obito frowned, "No." She tilted her head, "No? What do you mean no?"

"I don't care how fast you heal if someone hurts you and you heal then your still gonna be in pain at first. So I'm gonna protect you from that whether you want me to or not." She looked away from him and seemed to be contemplating his words.

The girl doesn't think too long before looking back and him and giving her own response, "Idiot… I'm not gonna die easily but if you keep it up then you'll end up dead." Her words were supposed to scare him he guessed but he wouldn't let them. "Not gonna happen, I won't die before I before Hokage!"

Suddenly a flash flood of emotions passed across her face and it confused him before finally, she seemed to settle on one: annoyed.

"Do what you want but if you get yourself killed I'll totally tell you I told you so!"

He laughed at her flawed logic before his laughter trailed of as he realized something, "Oh yeah I don't even know your name."

The girl rolled her eyes, "I don't know yours either."

That started a whole new argument because he definitely told her his name just the day before.

Not too long into their word match, a voice called out to them telling him he needed to be leaving. It was the ninja woman guard from before.

"Okay…" He didn't want to leave because while he spent most of his time fighting with her, it was different than with Kakashi who he knew really didn't care for him for some reason.

This girl though… she was trying to keep him away to keep him safe. Obito wasn't the smartest or most observant but her blue eyes gave away more than most did, so it wasn't that hard to figure out.

"I'll see you later then um…" He still didn't know her name.

The blonde just nodded as if resigned to the fact that they'd see each other again, "Bye Uchiha."

"Obito." The dark-haired boy repeated as he made to leave.

He was almost to the door when she answered back, "…Naruto."

"Huh?" He halted to look back at the girl who was staring out the window again.

"…My name…" She spoke quietly but he still heard her, he grinned, "Okay see you later Naruto!"

With that, he left the room feeling somewhat accomplished until he recalled that he had a team training session this morning when he's over halfway back home. The genin had to turn right back around to sprint off to said session at top speed.

On the way home that evening the sun was nearly gone because of the extra time he spent training with Minato-Sensei to make up for being the latest he'd ever been. It wasn't like he forgot on purpose!

Briefly, Obito thought about going to the hospital to see if Naruto had been checked out yet but it was already so late that she must have. Even on the off chance that she wasn't visiting hours ended for those who weren't family hours ago.

So, the young Uchiha heading home while wondering what to have for dinner. His thoughts were interrupted when a figure jumped down in front of him causing the boy to nearly trip over his own feet while jumping back to avoid walking into the person. It was a move that looked way too clumsy for a ninja but he was just proud that he didn't land on his butt.

"Hey, watch it!" He warned the taller and obviously older ninja, he was dressed all in black except for the orange mask. It was strange, was he an Anbu? But didn't they only have animal masks? Was there a type of animal with an all orange face? He didn't think so.

Obito was still standing much to close to the mysterious man so he made to back up only to have the other ninja's hand reach out way too fast for even a ninja. The strange ninja grabbed the boy's arm.

"Wha-" He doesn't get to finish as the man kneed him hard in the stomach almost causing the boy to fall to the ground. He would have if not for the powerful grip on his arm. Obito was currently in more pain than a simple knee to the stomach should have caused him.

If he had eaten anything recently he would've been coughing it all up as it was he was already coughing up a lung from the feel of it… and was that blood he was tasting? Hopefully, it was just spit. His vision was spotty as well but still the ninja lifted his head unsteadily but just enough to allow him to catch a glance of the glowing glaring red-eye; a Sharingan eye.

This man was an Uchiha!?

Why was he attacking him then?

"A word of advice little boy stay away from the girl… for your own safety."

With that he said was gone.

Obito collapsed fully as soon as his arm was free.

He was feeling a weird mix of pain and confusion.

Who was he?

An Uchiha? With only one Sharingan?

Was he the one after Naruto? Why?

Did Naruto know the man was an Uchiha…

'Uchiha phobia'

Yes… she did.

What was going on?

That was his last thought before he passed out cold.

Obito woke up sore… really sore, like that time when little Itachi jumped up and down on his stomach to wake him up; feet first. Combined with another time when Kakashi nearly broke his ribs just because he was a jerk like that and was totally trying to.

It was also way too bright for some reason. That made no sense he didn't have his bed by a window despite being a natural morning person he didn't want to wake up with the sun shining down so brightly on him… and there was too much white. His room wasn't white either... so that meant this wasn't his room or even his house.

Suddenly the night before came flooding back all at once making the genin bolt up fast only to groan and grab at his midsection. "Oh good, you're awake."

Someone else was in the room? How did he not notice before... was he that out of it? Ow, his poor stomach too much thinking not enough curling up into a little ball and dying. Yes, dying would be good.

No wait, dying was bad.

Still, curiosity got the better of him so Obito lifted his head up just enough to make out a person. A nurse.

"They found you passed out after your training session, honestly. Now I know training is important but so is knowing your limits. When you get injured like this don't go home come straight to the hospital to-"

Obito had barely been listening but he got the gist, she thought he sustained his injuries training.

"That's not what happened!" He let go of his stomach to face the nurse before he continued, "I need to talk to the Hokage."

"Now listen here young man you can't demand-"

"It's about the intruder that broke into the hospital yesterday!" She paused her rant and sighed with a slight head shake, "I'll let someone know but don't expect anything the Hokage is a very busy man who can't come listen to every little rumor-"

"It's not a rumor I saw him, he kneed me in the stomach!" If he thought about how silly that had sounded he might not have said it, but it was the truth.

The woman didn't look like she believed him to the young ninja's dismay but still, she said she would let someone know. Then the nurse handed him an ice pack that had been in her hand since she first started to lecture him. He placed the ice pack on his tender stomach but didn't feel that much relief though mostly it was because his mind was still racing.

He didn't even notice when the nurse left the room.

Why was he being treated like a little kid, sure he was young, but he was still a ninja!

"Damn it…"

The hand not holding onto his ice pack gripped at the thin white hospital sheets in frustration, he hated feeling so helpless.

Speaking of ninjas, the man from the night before had to have been a ninja too... he had to be. He was way too fast, and no one had ever hit him that hard before. Not for Kakashi's lack of trying he was sure but now he was just getting off track... so mystery ninja was strong.

Not only that but Obito got the feeling he was holding back… it seemed like he didn't want to kill him.

That was only a warning shot.

A warning to stay away from Naruto.

He hadn't said her name, but he didn't have to because who else would he be warned to stay away from? And the night after someone tried to kill her too, why would an assassin be after a girl? Her family? Clan? Bloodline? Those might be reasons but that man had a Sharingan of that Obito was certain he'd know his clan's bloodline anywhere even if his own hadn't been activated yet.

Again not for lack of trying.

Still, no Uchiha would be after a kid for those reasons and if for some reason they were then the Hokage would know about it… does that mean there was a traitor? An Uchiha traitor? No, he only saw one eye so there's a possibility that it's not a member of his clan.

But that would mean… someone got ahold of one of his clansman's eyes or eye as it may be.

Obito hated that idea but was it any worse then one of his own family members being a traitor to the Leaf?

The genin hated thinking so hard about things it wasn't his style. He was more of an action guy not 'a think things over' type; so fed up he huffed and flopped backwards on the bed only to cry out once a pain from his midsection became known from the action, "Oh right my stomach… man, I hate that guy."

He was totally way worse than Kakashi.

Despite the nurse not thinking much about Obito's claim a message arrived shortly afterward for him to report to the Hokage office. So he got dressed in the previous day's clothes. That was all he had unless he counted his hospital grab, seeing as none of his clansmen had stopped by to check on him, or bring him anything. That was normal though so he didn't spare it much thought.

Now Obito normally wasn't one to skip a meal or in this case two since he didn't make it home for dinner last night. However, he doubted he could stomach a meal especially a hospital one at the moment and not because of the giant bruise on it either.

He had to tell the Hokage about the possible Uchiha man.

With that thought in mind, he left the hospital in the company of the ninja who had been the one to deliver the message. He hadn't expected the man to wait on him but he obediently followed the older ninja so the two of them made it to the Hokage's tower without any disturbance.

Once inside Obito had to force himself to focus while walking to the man's office as this was no time to be daydreaming about being Hokage. And he definitely had no time to notice how his sore stomach muscles pulled with each and every step, nope. Work through the pain, not that there was pain... nope none. Fake it to make it, that was a real saying right?

He pushed away those thoughts as there would be plenty of time for them afterward... but first, he needed to be professional because despite what Baka-Kashi thought he totally could be.

Standing outside the doors leading to the Third's office Obito gulped as the man beside him knocked and waited for them to be given permission to enter. Once the permission was granted Obito went in alone and for once it was just him and the Third who was seated behind a desk which was covered in a mountain of paperwork. It occurred to the boy that there should be Anbu guards but he couldn't see or sense them... that didn't mean they weren't there though.

Usually, Obito knew how to break the ice but this time he was facing the Third Hokage by himself at least that's what it felt like since said Anbu were doing their jobs a little too well in the boy's humble opinion.

"Um..." He started but then trailed off stupidly.

The Third looked up from the piece of paper he was currently holding and smiled tiredly before he stood up, "So I hear that you had an encounter with our would-be hospital assassin?"

It wasn't a question not really but it was the opening the genin was waiting for.

"Yeah, at least I think so he threatened me telling me to stay away from Naruto after he kneed me in the gut... but I totally could've moved if I saw it coming... I never knew someone could move that fast. He hits hard too and-"

The Hokage held up his hand, "Not so fast, one thing at a time. Did he actually tell you to stay away from Naruto by name?"

"Well no he said 'girl' but who else could he have been talking about?"

"Hmmm... so he's clearly a ninja we had assumed that much and likely the same one pursuing our young friend. Did you happen to see what he looked like?"

The boy nodded.

"It was dark but I'm sure he was wearing all black except for his mask. At first, I thought he might be an Anbu, but his mask wasn't like any Anbu mask I've ever seen! It was completed orange- a great color but not idea for an Anbu because it'd stand out. And I think the Anbu only wear animal masks... oh and the orange mask had a spiral-like design or pattern... with just one eyehole."

Obito paused his tirade just enough that the Hokage could sense his hesitation, "Go on." His tone and words were meant to encourage so the young ninja blurted out his next words, "I think he's an Uchiha! He had a Sharingan I saw it! I know I did, but it was only one so maybe he wasn't an Uchiha after all..." Obito trailed off hopeful that it was the case because he decided that while it would be bad if someone had a Sharingan it would be worse if the enemy was an Uchiha like him. How could there be an enemy Uchiha? It just didn't make sense for anyone in his family to do this.

"Have you told anyone else this, that nurse perhaps?"

Obito moved his head to give a negative response.

"No, I... didn't think it was information that should be told to just anyone."

The last thing that he wanted was rumors going around that his clan had a traitor in it.

"That was the right call." He walked over to the small ninja and placed a hand on his shoulder, "I know this must be hard for you but until we know the truth of this possible Uchiha we must keep this quiet."

Obito nodded, "I won't tell anyone." He might be somewhat of an outsider inside of his own clan but he still was an Uchiha and didn't want his family to get into any trouble because of him. He'd keep the secret. "Even from your clan." The older man stressed his words with a light squeeze to the boy's shoulder before releasing it and the youth agreed before another person comes to mind.

"What about Naruto? She knows right? I mean... that's why she doesn't like my clan because she thinks an Uchiha is after her?"

He just made an 'hmm' sound that is neither an acknowledgment or a form of denial and instead asked. "So this warning do you plan to heed it?"

Obito's eyes widen, "No way! That Uchiha wanna-be doesn't scare me besides I never break a promise!"

The Third's eyes blinked a few times before he asked, "What promise is that?"

"That I'd protect her! I don't care if she's a faster healer than me, I'm not gonna let her get hurt anymore." He stated boldly.

The Hokage smiled then, "I see. Well, then you must train hard to keep your promise."

Obito nodded, "I will."

The older ninja's warm smile faded before going serious again, "But if you run into this ninja you are not to engage him, you are to get away and let someone know understand?"


"This is an order from your Hokage." The Uchiha child appeared to be just as stubborn as most Uchiha were. That meant he had to issue it as an order instead of a simple request. It was the only way to ensure the boy's safety. The pre-teen lost his stubborn stance and lowered his head, "I understand and I'll do as you say... if I see him again."

He hated to see the boy's downtrodden expression but it was for his own good. Even if the man cared enough to only issue a warning the next time things could get messier. Hopefully, this man would be caught and there would not be a next time the Third thought before trying to lighten the blow the boy had just suffered, "His strengths and weaknesses are unknown that's why I can't have you go against him as you are so for now just focus on your training."

"So if I get stronger then maybe..." Of course, the boy would take his words that way, the older ninja tried not to sigh. "The situation should be resolved before then so try not to think on it anymore. Oh, and about your team they've been notified that you overdid it during training yesterday so that's the story you will need to stick to."

He added it as an afterthought but really it was just him trying to draw the other's attention away from thoughts of the possible Uchiha man as well as the idea of confronting him. Obito frowned at that but conceded, "So you never did say if I could talk to Naruto about this guy."

It appeared that his tactic didn't work. Because once more the Uchiha genin was back to the topic of the man that was possibly more of a problem than even the young girl that had suddenly appeared and shaken up all their lives. "She has told everything she knows so just be her friend and not her interrogator." After that, he turned to go back to his desk trying to give the clear indication that there was no more to say on the subject.

Obito figured that was the end of their conversation, "Okay I'll do that then. I'll be her friend, get stronger, protect her and become Hokage!"

Hiruzen took his seat with a chuckle, "Hokage huh? Alright if that's what you want, work hard."

"I will!" He declared before turning on his heel with a bounce in his step despite his still sore stomach.

After leaving the Hokage's tower he stopped by his team's training ground and was quickly told to go home and rest for today by his sensei despite totally being up for training. How else would he get stronger? Why didn't they understand that he needed to train… his stomach growled again. Stupid hunger, it wouldn't beat him except it had when he tried to argue his case with Minato-sensei and the growling interrupted his stirring speech about getting stronger and becoming Hokage.

And that was when Baka-Kashi had to open his smart mouth and make Obito sound stupid. Something along the lines of 'him not being able to properly look after himself so it'd be impossible for him to look after a whole village.'

"Stupid Kakashi…" Obito mumbled as he bit harshly into his meat chewing aggressively all the while imaging it was his horrible teammate's head. His lunch was mostly peaceful aside from his mutterings and some strange stares he received for them. It wasn't long after that when he was making his way back to his district like the night before though this time it wasn't night and he was watching more carefully as to not be caught off guard again. Obito didn't think his stomach could handle another warning not after he just ate.

Fortunately for him, nothing happened on the way home, the young Uchiha let out a relieved breath, "I totally could've taken him this time though…" He whispered to himself just as he walked into his district where a force of nature suddenly collided with him.

It was someone trying to run out of the Uchiha district. "Ofph!"

He nearly fell backward but at the last second he steadied himself just in time to see what or who nearly bowled him over, "Naruto?"

The girl in question seemed to shake off their collision with no problem, "Oh, now you get here!" The blonde stepped back and glared, why was she always glaring at him? "What happened to all that talk about protecting me huh?" He blinked, what was she doing inside his district and what in the world was she going on about? Instead of asking those questions Obito's smart response was, "Uh, Huh?"

She poked him in the chest at that, "Where were you last night? You should've been here to protect me from your family!" Instantly the masked man comes to mind, he was freaked out, "Are you okay!? What happened?" Not noticing his sudden seriousness or very real concern the girl continued, "Of course I'm not okay I'm surrounded by Uchihas and I think one proposed to me with a dango! I mean it's not as bad as a tomato but still! I have got to get out of here and I don't care what the Hokage says it's clearly not safe!"

Obito calmed down immediately and took in her words, "Um, a dango, tomatoes… and uh what?"

Not listening the girl continued to list her woes to the confused Uchiha boy until he realized what she said, "Wait! You're staying here?" Naruto stopped talking and stared at him with a 'well duh' expression before she said, "Obviously not anymore this is the last place I'd be safe I mean look at this dress," She motioned to said dress with pure distaste, "the Uchiha matriarch forced on me? Is this not cruel?" Obito hadn't even noticed before she said anything, "Um what's wrong with it?" She looked nice it suited her better than the hospital gown had at any rate.

"The color! It's all wrong?" She explained like it is obvious.

It wasn't.

He nodded along though because he recalled that he was taught to always agree with girls when they're talking about fashion for some unknown reason less he end up sorry. Girls could be scary. "Besides I can't fight in this! I don't know what that woman was thinking."

"…Yeah, not a good ninja outfit." He agreed offhandedly, she nodded, "I know and-"

He doesn't hear the rest of her rant as his eyes find the shiny new headband on her forehead instead and slowly comprehend it's meaning.

"Wait you're gonna be a leaf ninja!?"

She rolled her eyes, "No," Naruto tapped her new headband with her forefinger, "I already am."