Extra Ordinary

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Chapter 5: Meeting Team 7

Obito didn't get any sleep after that, instead, he spent the rest of the night patrolling the district. He had a few close calls with some of his fellow clan mates but for the most part, he avoided them.

Good thing they had the Sharingan and not the Byakugan.

Even without the ability to see through pretty much anything, he knew that the reason he wasn't caught was because they weren't on high alert or he was sure they would have found him.

His clan was awesome like that.

A part of him wanted to go against what the Hokage ordered and tell them so that they would be on alert at least that way no fake would be prowling their district and sneaking into his home in the middle of the night.

When the sun finally rose, the genin was exhausted.

Sure, he'd pulled all-nighters before, he was a ninja and a damn good one! But he had an early morning training session, so the Uchiha wasn't looking forward to meeting up with his team in less than two hours.

The last person he wanted on his case was Kakashi.

Yawning the tried genin perched on the fence surrounding his district no longer worried about being caught by his family now that the sun was up.

Obito lifted his goggles and wiped the sleep out of his eyes only to remove his arm and get a fright, "AH!" He screamed in surprise, lost his balance and fell backwards.

Instead of landing painfully on his back a hand grabbed his ankle at the last second leaving him dangling for a few precious moments before the one holding him slipped sending them both tumbling to the ground.

The pain that shot through his shoulders and then his back was eclipsed by the all too familiar agony of his stomach being hurt. Why did people keep hitting his stomach, did he have a sign saying hit me here?

The blonde hair sprawled all over his face and in his mouth had him spluttering and pushing it away. All in all, it served to make him extra cranky, "Ow, hey get off!" He shoved the girl that landed on top of him.

She landed in a heap beside him and glared at the Uchiha, "Hey this is all your fault! I tried to help," She jumped up and started to pat herself off looking more than a little bit peeved as she did so.

The dark-haired boy groaned as he pulled himself to his feet as well, "My fault, how is it mine? You just appeared right in front of me!"

He wasn't really mad at her, but he was very tired and now sore… again!

"Well you should've been paying closer attention to your surroundings, I thought you were a ninja, guess I was wrong." She said sticking out her tongue.

Forgetting about the pain with that blow to his dignity he bellowed, "That's it! I'll show you!" He made to attack but she dodged easily hitting him from behind and soon he was face flat on the ground with her sitting on his back, "Get off!"

Okay, now he was mad.

"Nope," She sang, looking down on the young ninja the girl added, "You look tried maybe you needed a dirt nap?"

Frustrated the Uchiha thrashed around underneath her attempting to dislodge her, "You must be tried, I'm not even trying to keep you down." She bragged.

He turned his head as much as he could in his position and scowled hard at her, she sighed moving so her elbow rested on her knee and her chin on her arm all the while still firmly sat on his back.

Closing her eyes, the girl mumbled under her breath, "Well, now at least you look like an Uchiha." He still heard it, "What?" Naruto shook away her thoughts and stood up in response, "You should go take a nap, I'll wake you up before it's time to go meet with your team."

"What?" He parroted himself while sitting up barley withholding a wince, "I'm supposed to meet your team today but you're more out of it than usual, didn't you sleep last night?" This time she sounded concerned.

Where was that when she was shoving him into the dirt. Girls were weird, no it was probably just her.

"Right. Yeah, I remember, and I don't need to sleep." Truthfully, he had forgotten that she was joining them today.

She gave him as once over before she tossed her arms behind her head latching her fingers behind her neck while looking up at the sky, "So those bags under your eyes are a new fashion statement?"

"Maybe!" He huffed and turned on his heel intending to leave her behind while she was watching clouds or whatever.

It didn't work.

She was in front of him before he could getaway.

Leaning forward with her arms behind her back the blonde was smiling a false coy smile, "I'll let you use my lap to take a nap… think of it as an apology." She teased.

He blushed and spluttered, "That's not- I'm not tried-I don't need…"

"Yeah you do," Naruto reached for his hand and took hold of it despite his protest, "Follow me."

Not like she gave him a choice as she dragged him along, looking back at him while she moved forward, she grinned again, "Come on." The girl tugged harder making him nearly trip until he speeded up to keep up, she laughed at his clumsiness.

Eventually, they got to their destination and stopped underneath a large tree, "Here."

He looked at the tree then at his fellow ninja surprised to see her smiling fondly at the tree for a moment before her eyes found his then the blue-eyed girl tugged him down to sit beside her.

Once under the shade of the tree, she released his hand and patted at her lap, "Okay you can nap now."

"You're joking!" Obito half-shouted while he butt scooted away from his the other genin.

Rolling her eyes, she scooted over to him and grabbed his arm to keep him from fleeing, "No, I'm completely serious, I have my serious face on and everything see." She pointed to her face, then she grinned widely.

"That's your serious face?" The doubt was obvious, "Yup it's one hundred and two percent serious."

He wondered where she pulled that number from but didn't ask instead, he tried once again to escape, her grip didn't allow for it though.

"Geez, your way too shy what're gonna do when that teammate of yours offers to let you sleep on her lap? I'll tell you what you'll do, bet you pass out from all the blood flowing to your brain."

"What Rin? Resting on her lap..." His face was suddenly aflame and his mind was suddenly drifting into daydream land before Naruto snapped her fingers in front of the dopy smiling boy beside her.

He came back to the present with a jolt, "Maybe you need some practice?" The girl suggested with a laugh.

She was making fun of him… but maybe she had a point.

"Yeah… okay but only for a minute."

He slowly maneuvered his body to lay down with the back of his head resting on her outstretched legs.

"Not exactly my lap but whatever..." He saw her roll her eyes at him from his position so he closed his eyes and childishly stuck his tongue out like she had earlier all the while trying to keep his blush to a minimum.

She was shaking him and he awoke with a start, sitting up fast he banged his head against another causing both of them to cry out.

"Ow! That's the thanks I get for letting you rest on me until my legs fell asleep!" She was rubbing her forehead.

Luckily his head was less injured as he'd been wearing his goggles.

"Opps, sorry?" He sheepishly rubbed the back on his head.

"Whatever it's fine." Her forehead wasn't even red for a minute he thought she might've exaggerated the pain but then he remembered she healed fast. Then of course he remembered why he knew about her healing.

Why couldn't that stupid fake Uchiha ever leave him alone? Even when he wasn't around, he was still bothering Obito.

She poked his arm getting his attention, "What?"

"I said it's time to meet up with your team." She repeated before standing up and jumping in place.

He sat there dumbfounded, "What're you doing?"

"I told you my legs fell asleep, so I'm waking them back up." The blue-eyed girl said it like it was obvious.

Standing up he half wanted to apologize again but more sincerely but watching her jump in place was funny so instead he laughed.

Naruto stopped jumping, "What?"

He pointed at her, "You're so weird."

"Yeah? Says the boy who talks in his sleep." He stopped laughing eyes widening, "What, what'd I say!?"

"Wouldn't you like to know?" Naruto teased and then sprinted off, "Hey wait, it wasn't anything embarrassing was it?"

Chasing after her the two eventually arrived at the training grounds, as usual he was the last to arrive but this time, he wasn't alone in that position.

Kakashi ignored him and briefly looked to the blonde before seemingly deeming her unworthy of his attentions.

Rin smiled at the both of them and waved while their sensei took the reigns and started with the introductions.

"Hello there, Naruto, right?" He asked his fellow blonde, she stared at him for a moment devoid of emotion before a bright smile lit her face up and she nodded, "Yup that's me, that's my name, I'm Naruto."

Obito stared at the girl beside him strangely before his sensei's laugh pulled his focus back to him, "Well it's nice to meet you, this is my team," he gestured to the two younger ninjas before continuing, "as she's already met Obito why don't the two of you introduce yourselves?"

Rin gave a polite greeting, Kakashi was being himself and gave a very Baka-shi like introduction in Obito's humble opinion.

He had watched Naruto smile at Rin's friendliness and he noted her intense concentration on his mask teammate when he spoke and felt weird. It was like there was lead in his stomach, please tell him she wasn't gonna start crushing on Kakashi too!

This wasn't something he'd thought of when he pictured them meeting, no this was worse.

While the Uchiha freaked out inwardly at the possibility Minato finished off with himself and told them to start doing their exercises first and then said since there were four of them today that they could trade off sparring.

Obito who wasn't paying attention got an elbow to the ribs from Naruto who looked at him questioningly, "Oh uh, yeah, what?"

She shook her head and then whispered, "We're supposed to exercise first."

"I knew that." He said back just as quietly not wanting to let the others hear, he didn't need Kakashi's ribbing.

They got warmed up and then Naruto was pit up against Rin first while Obito was off dealing with his own match against Kakashi.

A few times he got distracted watching their fight and the other boy handed him his ass for his distraction.

"Even for you, that was bad." The gray-haired teen said in an annoyed voice, "I want a rematch!"

"Why? The result would be the same." Kakashi said dodging his fist and sticking out his foot tripping the other while watching the two girls spar, "See what I mean?"

Obito grabbed a handful of dirt while down on the ground and then jumped up and threw it into Kakashi's face, he hadn't seen that coming so it hit his eyes distracting him momentarily for Obito to get the jump.

The two boys tumbled to the ground with Obito pinning his teammate, "Ha, what was that about the same re-" Kakashi's leg wrapped around him and flipped the two pinning him and going one step further by shoving a kunai under his chin, it scraped the skin as the masked boy glared.

"Okay Kakashi that's enough," Minato-sensei called out, the boy pulled back and Obito's eyes see the girls standing there watching.

He frowned, of course, they were looking now and not when he had the advantage. Why didn't he ever get to look cool?

Obito pushed himself up and patted his pants looking away from the others.

"Alright now let's see… Kakashi you and" He paused and looked at his team before his eyes fell onto Naruto, "Naruto and Obito you get Rin."

Ha! He wishes… wait he was fighting against Rin this was his chance to show her how strong he was! He grinned over at the brunette who smiled back. Then out of the corner of his eye, he saw Naruto bounce up to Kakashi and smile at him.

Obito frowned as he saw her talking to the gray-haired menace. What was she saying? Was he talking back? He could never tell because of that darn mask!

"Obito?" His head snapped back to the girl in front of him, "Oh uh yeah?"

"Are you ready?" Oh, right their fight, "Yup you bet ya!" He got into his fighting stance; he would win this for sure.

She came at him and they were fighting, his eyes caught something blonde in the corner of his eye, he looked.

Only for a second to see Naruto and Kakashi trading blows when he gets kicked right in the gut and goes down hard.

"Oh, are you alright?" Rin asked running to his side, he grunted giving a thumbs up.

"I'm good, I'm-" Naruto and Kakashi had paused their fight and had been looking at him he suddenly didn't feel so, "good."

"Alright that's enough for today but Rin check on Obito's stomach." She nodded and Obito just silently went along with it when the voice he least wanted to hear spoke, "Sensei we're fine can we resume our spar?"

Obito saw it in Minato-sensei's expression before he said it, "Go for it."

The two didn't waste any time doing just that, and Obito watched not once paying any mind that the girl of his dreams was tending to him.

He watched his rival and his… what was she his friend? Yeah, his friend fight and Naruto held her own against the other ninja.

It shouldn't surprise him that she was good. He knew that the girl had survived against an older and more experienced ninja than Kakashi, but knowing it and seeing it were two different things.

She told him she didn't need his protection when he offered it.

She had laughed even.

His frown deepened; she didn't need him.

Because he was weak.

A kid… she had said that too.

He called her one too… but clearly, she didn't see herself that way… because she was in a different league than him. The same one as Kakashi, who he was certain also thought he was an adult.

He didn't like all these revelations and they just kept coming as he watched them fight.

The next one was the worst yet…

He realized that if anyone could help keep her safe from the Uchiha pretender it wasn't him, it was Kakashi.

Minato-sensei ended up having to call it a draw because he needed to be somewhere and he made them promise to wait until he was there for a rematch, he saw them fight and was worried about them injuring one another without surveillance.

Obito didn't speak until training was finished for the day and he had to force the cheer, "Bye Sensei, bye Rin." He ignored Kakashi. Minato disappeared in a whirl of wind and Rin sprinted off to the hospital to help out as she did every Tuesday and Thursday that they didn't have a mission.

Naruto had waved to them before they left but when she went to leave Kakashi approached her, he was talking to her. Mr. anti-social himself was actually giving someone the time of day.

Obito had moved a bit away as he said his good-byes so he couldn't hear what they were talking about.

Slowly he inched closer while trying to appear nonchalant.

"-okay, see you later." Naruto smiled at the masked ninja before turning and seeing him, "You didn't have to wait I know my way back."

"Yeah… I'm sure Kakashi would walk you back if you asked!" He glared at the boy in question, he merely raised an eyebrow, "I can walk myself." Naruto told him irritated.

Kakashi looked back and forth between the two before he shook his head, "Her too?" He sounded so exasperated then the ninja was obviously annoyed, "Get serious, this is why you're such a mediocre ninja."

"Take that back!" Obito yelled, Kakashi looked him dead in the eye and said, "Make me."

Obito attacked.

Naruto watched them fight and then shook her head, "Boys… though I can't really talk, maybe I should say kids instead?"

The two didn't hear or notice her as they continued to wail on each other so the blonde decided to leave them to and walk back by herself.

Eventually, they went their own ways with Obito looking a lot worse for wear than his teammate.

Touching his busted lip, he winced and wondered if he should go get healed up at the hospital but then he stubbornly shook the thought away because no way would he go to the hospital over wounds that Baka-shi inflicted on him.

Obito could handle the pain, he was more than tough enough.

Halfway back to his district he stopped as his eyes caught sight of something red.


It was a ninja village but seeing a trail of blood on the ground left him feeling highly uneasy and had him looking around for other people.

The portion of the street he was on was oddly deserted.

That left him no choice if no one else was around he needed to follow the trail and see where it led to.

His bad feeling only increased as the blood did and soon, he was running, he made a quick right turn around a corner still hot on the trail when he suddenly froze at the sight before him.

Naruto heavily injured and the masked Uchiha hovering over her still bleeding form.

The man's head turned having sensed his arrival and once again Obito saw himself staring into the single Sharingan from behind the orange mask.