A Shift In Dimension

Written by: SyrinxSilenus

Disclaimer: The only characters I own are Yue, Ayumi and Sayuri. Yu Yu Hakusho is not mine.

A/N: Before everything else, I want to warn you guys that this fic is a crossover of multi-anime verse which will appear later on. It is relevant to the flow of the story and I want to say that the world where the first two Ocs came from is the "Hunter world" or the "HunterXHunter fandom". I couldn't categorize this to crossover fic because there are no main anime characters who will appear from all the anime universes that I'm going to borrow. The specific anime worlds are just going to be mentioned but the protagonists of the specific Animes that will be mentioned wouldn't appear if not necessary. The sole focus of this fic is the YYH fandom.


Keiko didn't know how it came to this, but she suspected that fate was playing them for a fool. Again.

Demons and talented human psychics were vanishing without a trace.

There was no logical way to describe this other than fate having it out for them. When an unauthorized portal popped open in Genkai's ceiling, startling the hell out of all the former Reikai Tantei, who had gathered to discuss the multiple disappearances.

Keiko really disliked demon matters, particularly those that gave her headaches.

And then there were those three.

The three figures who unceremoniously fell out of the aforementioned portal. Two dropped hard to the floor in a pile, groaning like petulant children. And the third was a girl, skin ashen; body and clothes drenched in her own blood.

Keiko didn't know it at that time, but the balance of the three worlds was going to be tipped by these sudden developments. All hell would break loose.

A/N: I would like to thank the awesome betas who supported this story. The people who helped fix and clean up the grammar and spellings, and the wonderful suggestions that help strengthen the plot of this story, thank you all.

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