"Princess, how is it that you injured your ankle in the first place?" Hak replied with his usual sardonic tone as he addressed his charge who was currently propped up on his back as they traveled. Her eyes were red from the tears that threatened to fall from her latest accident. Hak glanced back to her, catching her ankle in his sight while he waited for her response. The skin around the injury was beginning to turn a purplish tint and he could tell this was more serious than just a strain of her weak muscles.

The group of seven were currently traveling through the northern territories of the Kai empire. They were returning from more reconnaissance of troop movement. The group heard several troubling rumors of troops planning on marching towards Kouka kingdom.

Yoon was currently fussing over Yona's injury as she still was at a loss for words while Hak mocked her. The words of Yoon fell on the deaf ears of his group Jae-ha continued to harass Hak at his current situation, "Hak, if the princess is too much of a burden I can always carry her for you. You wouldn't mind that Yona dear, now would you?" Jae-ha offered one of his signature smirks to the young red head. As if on cue Hak's pace increased as he jostled the princess along.

The group continued in contented silence as they continued down a path they were not to familiar with. As they walked a twitch of movement shot along the tree line. "Shin-ah report." Hak's cold voice spoke to the blur as it came into view and kneeled in front of him and therefore the princess.

"Village." His soft voice spoke as he looked upon them through the black eye holes of his mask. A man of few word, he got straight to the point as he pointed a long elegant finger towards the direction he and his powerful eyes had detected. "Past the next hill." With that he disappeared again as he once again kept a look out.

"Great! We can tend to the poor princess and her horrible injuries!" The exuberant tone was Kija as his emotions began to get the better of him on the princess's current condition. Kija, a man with the power of the white dragon in his right hand was the fussiest when it came to Yona's wellbeing. As he continued to fuss, adding to Yoon's fussing as well the group crested the hill to find Shin-ah standing while looking down upon it. A faithful dog as he extended his finger once more to show them the village he had found for them.

The village was lively as the group entered it's streets. Yoon and Zeno rushed off to find an inn so they could better care for Yona while the rest of the group wandered through the square looking at little shops and food stands. It wasn't long before Zeno returned to take the rest of the group to their accommodations. The inn was small and inexpensive but would suit them well for treating Yona and a few nights rest. The group often spent their evening amongst the wilderness and under the stars, so it was a rare treat to had a soft futon to rest on at night.

Yoon set to treating Yona's injured ankle which Hak had discovered that she twisted while avoiding one of Kija's temper tantrums regarding a stray bug that happened upon him in his sleeping roll. This did little to calm the thunder beast as he set out to scold and possibly maim the white dragon. While everyone began to settle in Shin-ah began to boil some hot water and tea leaves for the princess under Yoon's direct orders.

As Yoon prodded the wounded flesh the young girl let a small whimper escape her lips that she was concealing. This caused the men in the room to freeze and turn their attention to their charge and her healer. "Well, it isn't broken." The young healer spoke as he turned towards his medical kit and began to grind several herbs before slipping them into a cup of hot tea that was prepared for Yona. "Here drink this. It will help with the pain." He explained briefly as he went to wrapping the ankle. His eyes shone with concern for the princess who quickly became his friend as he saw her wince while she sipped her tea slowly. "You will need to stay off of the injury for a couple of days so that you don't stress the muscles." He glanced up to see her pout slightly. "I mean it Yona. Do. Not. Walk. On. It." He stressed each word as his stare bore into her. "You will only cause yourself more pain."

Yona looked down but nodded slowly in understanding. With that Yoon nodded briefly and packed up his supplies before moving to put them away. Yona glanced around the room at her comrades as she silently scolded herself for such a foolish injury. Letting out a soft sigh she felt a presence settle next to her. Without looking up she leaned against her faithful ally. The man who was with her from the beginning. Hak. As she settled in the fatigue that she was holding at bay was causing her to relax as her eyelids began to droop. A large arm encircled her and held her close as she slowly drifted off to slumber as a cause from her injury and the mixture of herbs that Yoon had given her.

She was cold. She felt herself laying on a futon by herself when she began to stir. Sitting up she looked around the dimly lit room. The light that shone from the window told her that it was early morning, but when she looked around the room she realized that the rest of her group was no where in sight. Shifting slightly, she removed the blanket that covered her and was starting to try to stand when the divider that separated the room opened. "What did Yoon tell you, Princess?" Hak's bored tone stated as he crossed the room in three easy strides till he was standing before her.

Yona's gaze landed on her protectors as she looked up at him. A pout present on her features. "But Hak, I want to help." She stated as if to convince him that she was alright just by saying so.

He let out a long drawn out sigh as he sat down in front of her. "The best way for you to help is to heal faster so that we can go back to Kouka." He gently patted her head as if she were a child. This action eliciting a glare from the red headed beauty in front of him. When she didn't say anything, he continued to speak. "White Snake, Droopy Eye's and I are headed out to scout for the safest route back to Kouka. I am leaving you here with Shin-ah." He spoke matter of fatly as he stared at her, daring her to defy him.

She did not speak against his plans. She was stubborn, but she knew her own limits and she was in no condition to go meandering through the rough country side so instead she inquired of him, "what of Yoon and Zeno?"

A small smile graced his hard features when he realized that there was no argument to follow. "They left before dawn to gather more herbs and supplies for the trip. They will be gone till dusk." He patted her once more before standing. "We are headed out now, when I return I want to find you in this spot. Do you understand me?"

Though she was his Princess, and he her loyal protector she nodded twice as he turned and left the room. Leaving the injured princess in silence as she rested back and laid down. Still fatigued from the day before she closed her eyes and slipped off to a light sleep.