Peeks out from behind my podium

Uhm, so hey there everyone! I am hoping to jump back into the swing of things and begin writing once more. Since my last update... a year ago. Okay, yes I promised you all a new chapter, but please don't hate me for making you all wait. I promise to do better!

Since my last update I have accepted my role as a new and very proud mommy of a very healthy beautiful baby girl whom I have dubbed with the name Lexington. She has been keeping me on my toes, but has also given me a new drive to get back to my old stories. So hopefully in the month of May I will be able to begin writing once more and uncover the last chapter I had written.. and still have not edited.. ducks back behind the podium in fear of her life.

Anywhos! Again thank you all so much for the love, traffic, and comments on my story! It truly makes me smile and has made me believe that I have enough skill to write my own novel and publish it on Amazon! So let me know what y'all think! Should I attempt this endeavour and if so what do you all think my genre should be? I would love to hear your input!

Much Love! XOXO

Undaunted One