Chapter 76: Into the Fire

It would have been a simple normal day going on in Radiant Garden like any other, people going about their daily lives, having fun, and even enjoying the pleasant weather.

However for heroes, it was different.

They just invited some friends to hang out on the free weekend and decided to go to Radiant Garden. It went well at first, until it was spoiled by the arrival of Darcy and Stormy who controlled a large bronze armored lizard called a Snaptongue Lizard and fought them in the street.

Taren was with Greymon and Tatsurion to deal with it, while Bloom and Stella try to take on Darcy with Sky and Brandon to assist them. Carlos and Evie were busy building something with Gargle who was summoned and leading the construction.

Tatsurion roars and charges forward to attack.

"Burn those oversized lizards!" Darcy commanded the Snaptongue lizard to shoot a fire attack. Bloom flew over and casted a shield barrier, Taren helped create a Reflect as well to block the flame.

Greymon charges from a different direction to make an assault, but Stormy shoots out her lightning bolts at him. Forcing the Digimon to try and avoid them, but got zapped by one of the lightning bolts in the head.

Evie reminded Carlos and Gargle to hurry up. "Guys, they need some help fast!"

"We should have done this by now giving our numbers against the Trix, it would have been easy." Carlos easily assumed it would have been a swift easy win, but clearly the Trix had the upper hand with their own Dueling gauntlets.

"That would have been if Stella wasn't so keen to leave the mall in the first place." Sky told them when they were shopping and couldn't find a way to drag the Solarian princess away from her shopping spree.

"Hey! I couldn't help it if those dresses were so desirable to wear!" Stella gave her reason, believing that fashion was important. She yelped and dodged a fireball from the armored lizard. "Watch it!"

"Stella, focus!" Bloom reminded her to stay on her guard and fired a fireball at Stormy. Uncertain of the reason for them being here of all places outside of the Magic Dimension. "Why are you here? What are you after?"

"It would have been easy had you brats not been here in the first place!" Darcy shoots out a dark wave of energy at her, throwing the fairies off their guard, only to be caught by Greymon using his claws to catch them.

"Thanks Greymon." Stella appreciated the save.

Taren was in range and blasts a Stop spell on the lizard, giving Tatsurion the advantage of throwing his chain to wrap around it and immobilize its movement.

Darcy growls and is unable to make her creature move. "Come on, get up and fight!"

"You know it does seem like a good question, what made them come here of all places that's home to the keyblade masters and fighters who could take them on?" Taren questioned the thought when he suddenly saw the coming flame and lighting at them and ducked behind Tatsurion while riding him.

"Focus, Taren!" The dragon kaiju needed his summoner to avoid distractions.


"He's right. Questions later, dealing with the Trix now." Sky reminds him. He could have had his Titan with him but left it on the ship, but would have to do with what they got. "Guys, how's it going?"

"Almost done!" Evie called out as the trio were working their brains to get the vehicle almost complete.

"Ready to bring the pain?" Carlos was ready to test it out.

"Gargle, bring pain?" Gargle questioned the teen by his choice of words. "Gargle only bring Gargle. Gargle makes the pain."

Evie wished she had time to train on her new abilities, but had to make do with what she has at the moment. She suddenly stopped and gasped. "Sky, look out!"

Sky hears Evie's warning and sees the armored lizard charging straight towards him, it was too fast to escape so was about to take it on when suddenly a sword made out of light struck down into the ground and startled the Kaiju to cease its attack. The prince wondered who it was until he turned around to see who it was. "Estrid?"

The girl who he met and just came in time to his rescue. "Heard some fight going on and thought you guys needed some help."

Taren looks over and is glad to have some backup. "Hey, good timing."

Sky smiles sheepishly. "Yeah, I would have been stepped on like a bug by now."

"Well glad to know you're not." Giving him a smile and waving her gloved hands to create more.

"Who is that?" Stormy had not expected more to arrive and had no idea who the blonde girl was.

Even Darcy had no knowledge of her but sensed strong magic. "This is getting us nowhere, we got to hold them off as much as we can."

"Sorceral! Take them out!" Bloom called forth her Titan to attack, blasting magic at them but was hit by a strong dark sphere, while only able to withstand it but not so much against the Snaptong's extended whip tongue, finishing her off with its flame and vanishes. She felt a little drained but not weak as it came unexpected of such an ability.

The Snaptong spews out fireballs at them, Tatsurion leaping to evade them when a barrier while Greymon takes over and unleashes his attack. "Nova Blast!" The ball of fire struck the lizard and hurled it a few feet.

"Carlos, Evie! The Trix!" Bloom saw this as an advantage while they were busy.

Just as the Trix were about to do something to either support the Kaiju or attack the Winx, they stopped to notice the two VKs and their water creature in some sort of small cannon vehicle of some sort.

"Fire!" Carlos yelled and fired two rods at them, gaining a direct hit when the rods exploded and unleashed a smoke bomb on the Trix.

They were unable to see anything and could barely breathe for a moment in this smoke, until it was swept away by several light rods and two fairies flew in to take them out.

"Score one for the good guys!" Stella proclaimed with a fist shot out.

Taren and Brandon swiped their blades against the armor of the monster, with Tatsurion on the other side to clubber it with a van.

Darcy struggles and witnesses them taking it out, it would no doubt return to its realm. But she had an idea and used what little mana she had left before making their escape. "Hope you have a nice trip!"

Estrid sees what the witch was doing with her hand reaching out to him as the Snaptong Lizard opened its mouth and lashed out its tongue towards the chosen target. She gasped as to who it was going for and rushed over. "No!"

Sky looked over as it came towards him, thinning it was coming towards him as the kaiju was slowly engulfed in red aura. But instead of him being taken, it was Estrid who pushed him out of the way and was snared by its tongue.

The heroes watched in utter shock and horror as she disappeared before their very eyes. Taken back to the world of the Kaiju

"She… she's gone!" Bloom gasped.

"No!" Taren couldn't believe it.

"Estrid!" Sky cried out her name after she was taken. That thing was intended to take him with it and instead took Estrid who jumped in to save him.

"Aw, your friend is gone, pity. Wouldn't wanna be in her shoes right now." Stormy's cackle over their friend's fate without any remorse of the Trix's actions as if it were a joke to them.

But someone did not take it so well, Taren grinds his teeth and his fists clenching, fire swelled around him with rage and traveled to his keyblade and hands. "RAGH!" shoots both out front and fires a fast moving beam of fire at the cackling Trix.

Darcy stopped and saw it coming, thinking Stormy might have pushed him too far and grabbed her to make their escape before they got burned to ashes. The impact hit a crater and made a strong blast and explosion.

He was not the only one when Sky rushed in to try and grab them. "Come back!"

"Sky, wait!" Brandon grabbed him from doing something reckless, and who could blame him as he would no doubt blame himself for someone taking the fall. The squire knew they had to find a way to save her before something terrible would happen. "Taren, call the masters! They need to know what happened."

Taren didn't say anything and saw someone who was like family to him is now in danger. He felt a hand on his and turned to find it was Bloom, showing her sympathy. "I know your mad, I would be too. But we need to focus on other priorities than the Trix. They'll get theirs soon, I promise."

He understands, nodding his head and takes a breather. They need to warn them, and also tell his aunt the bad news.

"What is it? Where did you find this thing from?"

Estrid groaned and was briefly blacked out, the last thing she remembered was joining her friends in a battle against the witches, the Trix she heard about. Then when it seemed to have taken out the monster, it shot out its long tongue directly at the prince and…

Her thoughts were interrupted when she was poked out in the head. "Too hairy for water, too dull for light." Another jab on the head was enough to wake her up.

"Ow! Cut it out!" She yelled and shattered it away, looking up to be confronted by some sort of lizard humanoid with dreadlocks. Looking down at herself to be covered in saliva after being inside that beast's mouth."Where am I?" Demanded an answer of where she was brought, but immediately learned she was no longer in Radiant Garden

Lava flowing like rivers, the skies orange and red… and floating rocks as well. Estrid felt something poking her in the head. Flying over them was a winged dragon, if the stories she heard about from her friends… this could only be the Kaiju Realm. "Oh crap." Muttering under her breath. She had to find a way home and fast, turns to the one from earlier to perhaps negotiate with. "Look, I'm not from around her as you can guess. I'm human and need to get back to my world."

The lizard humanoid gave her a look of disbelief. "Ha, Humans is myth. Maybe some sort of a… Snow Sprite?" He pondered and studied her physical appearance. "Hey, make snow!"

Annoyed by such an odd request and was not all skilled with certain magic. "I'm not that skilled with elemental magic."

"Huh, right…wait… you would be ah… a fairy, are you? No one hasn't seen one since the war." By his tone, fairies are not well liked and if she remembered correctly, Kaiju and Fairies have not always got along with each other. Best not to say she was, or they would do something terrible.

"No! I'm not, I don't even have wings otherwise I would have escaped." Estrid convinces him, yet failed to register another creature that looked somewhat of a giant rat stood behind her and grabbed the blonde. Struggling in its strong grip until it tossed her into the cage with the other captives inside before they start to move.

"Don't matter, never seen anything quicke like it. Soft, no horns, no armor, almost thought to be a fairy. Pity, but looks tender. Probably make a tasty morsel for either our monarch, or Lord Skycrusher's table."

Gasped in horror that they were considering selling her as… food?! Her skin turned pale and now had to think of a plan to escape. Digging in her pockets, she had what was needed for spells and summons but best to hide them so the creatures don't find them.

'Estrid, keep it together, don't panic and remember what!'

They arrived at the building in a hurry to tell everyone what happened, needless to say they were deeply troubled by this. Especially to find Estrid had been taken by a Kaiju summoned by the Trix to be used in battle.

"This is not good. Never expected the Trix to be so bold to come to Gaia when its heavily protected, especially the capital itself." Leon didn't take the news seriously. "How could we not see this coming?"

Tifa held up her hand to calm him down. "Easy, Leon, no one saw this coming. We just assumed they came for the two artifacts we stored."

"They wouldn't have just come to start trouble without a reason." Bloom knew more about them and how they think from previous experiences. "We didn't see Icy with them, so they had to have been up to something."

The others would agree with her on that note. Riku spoke up on other important matters. "We'll worry about them later, right now we should start a plan of how to get to the Kaiju realm and where Estrid could have been taken."

"But we can't wait! We have to go there now!" Sky didn't want to wait around. "If she didn't jump in for me, I would have been taken instead!"

"Calm yourself, your highness." Merlin reasoned with Sky from jumping into danger without thinking. "You're not the only one who's worried for young Estrid. We are doing all we can to find her, but the Kaiju realm is uncharted territory and filled with danger."

"Merlin's right, few Keyblade Wielders have ever explored their world in a long time and are only lucky to have some records of them." Terra warns them of even thinking of doing it. Knowing the kids wanted to save her as he would have. "You can't expect to jump between worlds with no knowledge of the location or plan."

"The only way to get through is opening a portal or doing the same stunt like touching a creature to cross over." Aqua pointed out, making one wrong turn would be dangerous.

Bloom had an idea and spoke up. "Maybe we can."

Everyone turned to Bloom out of confusion.

"Say that again?" Riku asked her.

"We still have Tatsurion with us, we could use him to track her." Bloom explains to them.

Taking in the idea she gave them, perhaps it could work.

Speaking of, their Kaiju ally entered the room to speak to them. "If your female friend is strong like you, she may have some chances but won't survive. Return me there and I will find her, if there's… anything left to find."

"He's the only one we know who's lived there his entire life, knows the place better than anyone." Taren said.

Aqua rubs her chin. "He's right, what choice do we have?"

"We'll go with him!" Bloom was willing to go with them. She d

"No! Absolutely not." Merlin declined her offer.

"Merlin?" Riku pondered why he suddenly declined her offer so suddenly.

Merlin then gave his reason. "While we appreciate your willingness to help and commend your bravery, Bloom, you and your friend must remember the treaty between the Magic Dimension and the Kaiju Realm. If you go there, they will see it as an act of violating the treaty."

Sora could see why and no doubt the professors would agree. "Not to mention you gotta protect the school, what if the Trix finds the other codex fragments and you are not around to stop them."

She knew they were right. As much as Bloom hated to admit it, but they had a point, she can't be all over the place to help everyone.

"However, that doesn't mean your idea isn't a bad one." Sora commented on her with a smile. "Some of us will go and get her. So I'll go with you."

"I'm coming with you." Taren didn't give a second thought and cut off his father's attempt to turn down his offer. "She's practically family and I have fought some of the creatures."

Sora wasn't sure if he would, but knowing his son he was not going to take no for an answer.

"Alright, only because you know the dangers we might be facing."

"Not without me you're not." Everyone turned to Sky in surprise.

"Sky, are you crazy?" Brandon tries to reason with him, possibly doing this for a girl he just barely knew and having a possible liking too

Riku shakes his head. "No way, you can-"

Sky didn't give him the chance to finish. "She's in the Fire Realm because of me! It should have been me instead of Estrid. Also, I'm not a fairy, but they won't know I'm from the Magic Dimension. I won't say anything at all and request that you don't mention this to my parents back home."

Without a doubt if word got to his kingdom that the prince ventured into the Fire Realm of the Kaiju, his parents would waste no time to retrieve him to prevent any attempts to set foot in the other realm.

Taking in the logic of his argument to argue but was still risky to send a royal prince along with them.

Taren decided to speak up on his behalf. "We're wasting time, Sky's one of the best and this wasn't the first time he's been on a mission with us."

Sky was glad Taren was standing up for him on his decision and knew he was right.

The others were reluctant and had no choice. Sora sighs and looks at them. "Alright, we'll let you but must stay close and not jump into danger."

"We'll put a tracker on you to know your location in case anything goes wrong and give you back up." Riku tells them.

"Well if Sky's going, so will I." Brandon announced.

Stella gasped. "No, Brandon! It's too dangerous!" Concerned for her boyfriend.

"It's alright, Stella, as long as Sora and Taren are with the prince, he should be fine. It's better to stay in small numbers." Aqua assured her.

"It's okay, I'll be fine and best stay here in case." Sky assures his best friend while understanding that it was his job as his squire and bodyguard to watch over him.

Brandon could say no more and nods. "Good luck, and try not to get burned or eaten."

Taren puts on his gauntlet before joining the others, but was stopped by the worried and concerned Bloom. "Be careful." She gave him a quick kiss on the lips to wish him luck. Once he is ready, uses the gauntlet to send Tatsurion back to his home realm. They immediately reach out to touch him by the arms before he vanishes and take Taren, Sora and Sky with him.

"Wish I could have gone with them." Riku muttered, crossing his arms.

"Becuase you wanted to help them?" Bloom guessed.

"That… and also too afraid to give Namine the bad news." Riku could feel his skin turning pale. "Believe me, she's as scary as her sister."

They arrived in the Fire Realm and were unexpected to find the landscape with such volcanic mass and fire. Clearly lives up to its name.

But they weren't here for sightseeing, they had to find Estrid and fast.

"Bob, you said you can find Estrid, can you do that?" Taren asked the dragon hybrid.

Tatsurion sniffs around to pick up her scent, although not known her well, but with the clothing and items she used would help. He immediately found it and turned to the direction. "This way." Lowers himself for his friends to climb on to begin their journey.

Taren handed his rod to his father to turn into a light cycle while both he and the prince would climb onto Tatsurion's back, Sky takes his hand to climb up.

Sora hops on to the cycle and nods his head. "Let's go." They immediately sprinted off to the direction, it didn't take long for them to find some sort of carriage up ahead. He noticed the Kaiju slowing down and pulled the brakes, maybe her scent was from here. "Anything?"

Tatsurion looks inside, and they can only find nothing. "She was here."

"You just missed her."

Turning around to the source of the voice, they find themselves confronted by a trio of creatures. One of them was the Laptongue Lizard, another was a small biped reptile and what appeared to be a combination of a lizard, bird and rat with armored spikes on its back.

Arming themselves ready for a possible fight, Tatsurion growls at the Blastforge slavetrader. "Where is she?"

The creature looked at him. "I know you! Does the bounty on Tatsurion the Unchainted specify… dead or alive?"

This came as an unexpected moment for the trio to find out there was a bounty on Bob's head. Was he some sort of criminal or something?

"There's a price on your head?!" Sky questioned him.

"Not a good time, Sky." Tatsurion did not have the time to explain everything when they had other matters to attend to.

Both Sora and Taren called out their keyblades while Sky had his medallion in his possession ready. Tatsurion whipped out his chain and threw it towards the Gigazanda who was the first to charge into battle, only to get wrapped up by his chain and was yanked into the air and slammed back down into the ground, hard. Easily took out one of them, but forgot about the Snaptongue who spat out hot liquid from its mouth.

Taren stepped in front of him and used the gauntlet, combining its mana with his keyblade to form a larger Barrier to block its attack.

The Snaptongue Lizard decides to use another tactic by charging at him, head first.

Sora had an idea and turned to Tatsurion. "Hey, throw me at it." Received a confused look but trusted him, grabbing him by the coat and threw the human at the Snaptongue. Sora holds a firm grip and uses the Falling Slash technique, targeting his enemy and slams down his keyblade into its head, creating a shockwave and knocking out the armored beast.

"Not bad." Tatsurion was mildly impressed.

Taren smiled for a moment until his face dropped in shock. "Guys, look out!" He saw a flying net coming straight towards them, trapping them inside. The slave trader had used it to capture them and approached Tatsurion.

Gigazanda was able to recover from the impact, seeing their foes captured and decided to use this as a chance to strike them down. Running towards them and grabbed the axe for the strike… but did not reach its goal when a fireball unexpectedly came from nowhere and blasted the ground, tossing the beast into the nearby rocks.

"WHAT?!" The Slavetrader was uncertain who did that, only to turn pale at the sight of a dragon flying above them.

Sky used his lightsaber to cut them free, he wasted no time running towards the creature and tackled him with Tatsurion right behind him. "Where is she?! Talk!" Holding the hot plasma blade close to his throat despite the size difference between the two.

Tatsurion then grabs the trembling lizard by the collar and lifts him up to show his intimidating growl. "You better answer correctly. Or you will lose a head."

Giving in to their demands with an audible gulp and answers. "F-Fastforge city!" He was thrown several feet away from them, decided to make a run for it then stick around for what's coming.

Taren and Sora rejoined the other two, but hear a roar of a dragon. It was much larger by its distance, a wyvern of some sort and… oddly familiar to Taren.

"Uh, friend of yours?" Sora pondered and asked Tatsurion.

"Moorna, and she's not my friend."

Taren suddenly flinched and his eyes grew wide as plates the moment he heard that name. "Wait, did you say… M-Moorna?" He remembered the same dragon from before when he, Bloom and Flora had been forced to fight against her in one of Chaos' crazy challenges. It was certainly one of those moments he did not want to experience again. And hoped never to see her again.

Sky never saw this side of him before and was quite odd. "You okay?"

Even Tatsurion was surprised to see his partner like this. Before he could ask, Moorna flew right down towards them and assaulted Tatsurion with her talons. Staggered from the assault, the others rushed over to him. "She's… m-my… sister."

"Sister?!" Taren was in shock that the two were in fact siblings, but they look so different. He hears the familiar voice from above that makes his spine shiver.

"I knew I smelled your traitorous stink, Tatsurion. I almost missed you." Moorna locked eyes on one of the humans, more directly… Taren. Her cold pale green glare was enough to make him know she remembered him, and unleashed a gust of flame onto them.

Taren and Sora projected a Barrier to block her attack. Tatsurion then fired a barrage of missiles onto his sister, pummeling her multiple times and engulfed in smoke from the explosion.

"I didn't miss you." Tatsurion was seething with rage towards her.

The smoke was blown away by the flapping wings of Moorna, showing no signs of injuries from the attack.

Taren doesn't believe she might have noticed him, but obviously remembers him after what he did from their first encounter. Both he and Sky were grabbed by Tatsurion and tossed aside as Moorna flew straight towards them, peppering the ground with her gatling guns and giving chase to her brother as he ran towards the edge of the cliff.

Tatsurion ran as fast as he was able to, reaching the cliff and found the firing had stopped, he turned around and found no sign of her anywhere. Searching for where she could possibly be hiding, yet did not know that she was right behind him as she ascended.

"Bob, behind you!" Taren yelled out to him.

Tatsurion instantly turned around to grab the coming foot as he was being pushed back a few feet despite stomping his feet to the ground. Shielded himself from her claws using his arms and gauntlets, he noticed the redhead teen attempting to aid him. "Stay out of this!" Flames appeared on his form, causing his sister to back off. Yet, she refused to back down, scooping up some lava with her talon and threw it into Tatsurion, temporarily blinding him from the exposure of the hot liquid magma.

"ARGH!" Cries out and clutches his face to scrape off the lava. The two fought against each other, Moorna pecking her jaw, exchanging lashes and strikes against each other.

Taren knew they had to do something. "Dad! We gotta do something!" Seeing Tatsurion in trouble, he went off to attack.

"Taren, wait!" Sora stopped him as they had no idea what abilities the dragon might have. As much as he wanted to help, this was Tatsurion's battle and can't interview if he didn't want any help. At least for now.

Tatsurion extends the chain and twirls it in his grip before throwing it high up in the air at his opponent. However, the dragon caught the chain with her right foot and threw it back at him. Causing the chain to wrap around him, binding Tatsurion's arms and legs to immobilize him. She flew down and pinned him down with her clawed foot.

"Tiny meatlings, Drocarhen, did Bob ever tell you how he earned these chains and much worse…betraying his family?!" Glaring towards Taren with hate. "And it appears fate has brought us together to finish what we started. The two of you may have cheated fate once, but today, I AVENGE FATE! And will satisfy my hunger."

However, fate had other plans when Tatsurion grew sharp spikes from his body and pierced several into her foot, forcing her to release her grip and let out a cry of pain. Breaking free of the chains and resuming the battle, despite her much larger size, he was able to throw his fists against Moorna and backed her to the edge. Throwing the full force of his body to give one more push to throw her off the edge and let her fall into the river of lava below her.

The others run up to him and hear her echoing roar and stop him from doing something like throwing himself down. "What are you doing?" Taren asked.

"I'm going to finish her!" Tatsurion stated as it was obvious.

They were shocked by his proclamation of finishing off his own sibling despite the fact that she tried to literally kill him. "But… she's your sister. Family." Taren couldn't understand why he would do that.

"Your family ever tried to EXECUTE you?!" Giving a question that none of them could actually answer. It was now clear that he must have been treated harshly and their concept of family and friends was much different to theirs.

"We can't pretend to understand, but we can't delay any further." Sora reasoned with him.

Sky nods and reminds him of why they were here. "Please, we're here for Estrid."

Struggling to choose over finishing his sister to be rid of her for good, or to rescue their friend. Reluctantly he knew they were not here to fight and made a promise to help find their human companion. Resuming their journey to Fastforg City, but with the knowledge of Tatsurion with a price on his head, they will have to be more cautious for anyone wanting to capture him.

"We're going to have to be more careful now. No offense, Taren but your friend is too big to hide and has a price on his head. We gotta think of a plan to disguise ourselves." Sky reasons with him, but thought the Kaiju could have mentioned about the recent knowledge to them before coming to the Kaiju Realm.

Taren took a moment to think of an idea, knowing the prince had a point. Glancing over the armored lizard, it had the right size and shape, and turned to his father who noticed he had the similar idea.

"Humiliating! I would have been happier letting Moorna finish me off!" Tatsurion could not believe he was talked into this, wearing the armor of the lowly beast he recently fought and to pull the cart like a beast of labor. On the other hand, it would provide cover and draw less attention.

"At least no one will recognise you under that armor." Taren said.

Sky would agree with him, resting on his back and not having to worry about riding on Tatsurion's back without falling off. Something caught his eye from a distance on one of the rocky mountains, some sort of flash of light. He wasn't sure what it was but it was brief.

"Anyone saw that flash?"

"What flash?" Sora asked. Not able to catch it.

"Can't see anything." Due to being smaller than the Snaptongue that wore it, it was hard for him to even see where he was going. "And I stink like Snaptongue Lizard. And I'm getting hungry."

"If I ever see that lizard again, I'll make him regret selling me as a piece of meat." Estrid swore under her breath of the way they treated her. Sold her to some lord and put into a cage, while their royal chef was preparing food, hearing the sound of clubbing a piece of steak. She tried using her phone, but no signal or any way of communicating with anyone back home to know she was safe. Worried about what her mother would say if she found out. The blonde had little time to come up with an escape plan.

"Wonder how that friend of Taren's would have felt if he was here. Sky was it?" While thinking it over, she didn't know why it happened. But felt it was the right thing to do. At first glance, he seemed kind and somewhat awkward. Plus, she thought he was cute. Okay maybe, but I don't know much about him.

Cuts off from her moment of thinking to get back to the serious part, like trying to think of an escape plan. She noticed the large lock, which could fit her hand inside if she had the right tools for it. "I need to think of a way to-"

She let out a soft gasp and heard a purr, coming to the realization that she wasn't alone in the cell as a pair of pale green eyes in the dark. Not equipped with one of those gauntlets her friends used or a Titan, but wasn't without magic. Casting a small light orb in her hand to see, it didn't take long to find a large purple furred gerbil or hamster with curved horns and sharp claws.

It let out a startled cry, obviously not a fan of the light. Even startled Estrid a little to cancel her spell when it must be scared, not that she could blame the poor thing. "Easy there, I'm sorry I scared you. I know you're scared, I'm not gonna hurt you."

Kneeling down and reaching out her hand in hopes of earning its trust, trying to know what sort of creature it is and only knew a handful of them from her research.

It approached her with caution, sniffing her palm and eventually felt calmer around her. She found the creature adorable, unable to believe they would lock such a creature like this one. Uncertain what will happen, but she was determined to get out of here and hopefully her friends will find her.

"Okay, correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't there a dragon you once told us back on Magix a year ago named Moorna and fought her?" Sky recalled the events that happened right on Taren's birthday. The blonde glances over at Taren as they continued their journey to Blastforge City.

"Yeah, and defeated her with thanks to Bloom and Flora." Taren remembered how he first witnessed Bloom use the power of the Dragonflame to defeat her after he was injured.

Tatsurion could not believe it when he heard the story about his partner and his hateful sister who had a brief history. "You fought Moorna the Vengeful for the first time and lived? And she was in the Magic Dimension?" It was certainly not what he expected, obvious

"Well, technically, Bloom took her out with her magic after going all berserker mode." Taren remembered. "And she was one of the creatures I hoped never to see again!"

"Unfortunately, Moorna is not one to let grudges go. If what you say is true, she will hunt you down as long as you draw breath while in the Fire Realm." Tatsurion advised him of keeping his guard up.

Taking a mental note of his warning, as much as he did not want to add more enemies on his growing list. Now curious to know what their sibling relations were like. "So… Moorna is your sister and a dragon?" Taren asked Tatsurion, yet unable to see how they were so different.


"Either way, Blended family is still the same." Taren still considered the idea that blood relatives shouldn't fight among each other..

"Dragons are very vain about their pure blood. They don't like to blend." Tatsurion believed it was the way of things on his world.

"But why did she call you a traitor?" Sky didn't know the basic history between them.

Tatsurion knew eventually he would have to confess and tell them. Heavily sighs and answers them. "Some time ago, a dragon hunting party attacked a Beastkin family. My mother's kin, charged in horns first, saved the day. Wounded a dragon in the bargain. I was branded a traitor to the Fire Civilization. And chained up to be executed." Revealing the story of how he came to be known by his given title and for having a bounty on his head.

Taren came to realize Tatsurion's mixed heritage. "Hold up, if your mom's not a dragon… then you're a-

"Half-breed.A abomination born of two civilizations. Wanted by neither." Tatsurion confessed with sorrow in his tone of what he is. " I bring shame to them.

"Wait, you're ashamed of being a half-dragon and half something else?" Taren couldn't believe that he would think it was a burden. "That's actually awesome!"

Even Sky admitted it sounded awesome. "Yeah, it starts to make sense with having fire from your body, flying spikes, tails, plus nature."

"You're not a half-breed, Bob! You're… a double breed!" Taren proclaimed.

Sora smiles at his son's excitement and nods his head. "Taren knows what he's talking about, Bob. His mother and I came from two separate worlds, literally. That makes both my kids almost two civilizations. Just like you."

Hearing these words perhaps made him feel comfort and reminded him of someone else. "You certainly speak a lot like your father."

Sora's eyes widened to discover that the Kaiju knew his late father. "You knew my dad? How? When?"

"When I was recently made an outcast. I met him and helped me many years ago… he was… odd, but open minded. He mentioned having an offspring. Even called me by the name you call me." Tatsurion recalled fond memories and even when young, seeing the human smiled and showed no fear of him. "I only fought alongside him and taught me a few things such as combat. But it did not last when he had met his fate." Feeling saddened by the death of someone who was considered one of the few he trusted to be gone. But now saw more of him in his descendants. "I"m sorry for not saying anything, too painful to remember."

"It's… it's fine. Thank you. I only lost him when I was a kid, I wish I could have seen him again." Sora smiles and would have loved to meet him just once, tell him all the things that happened and even to introduce his family. Obviously believing he is somewhere proud of them.

Tatsurion noticed something above them, a flash of light and came to a halt. A distant figure, unable for anyone to know or see.

"What is that?" Sora could barely make out the figure.

Tatsurion tries to get a whiff of its scent, but is having a hard time to register it. "I'm not sure, it smells… human? No… something else. Tailing us. I've been smelling it for miles."

"You don't think Kefka is here?" Sora thought.

"Or could be another bounty hunter." Taren said.

"Is there anyone around here who doesn't want your head?" Sky asked.

"Everyone wants something." Tatsurion proclaimed, as it has been such in this realm. He could now see the city closer as their journey was almost over. "And what we want is through those gates.

With no time to waste, Estrid had to do something. Studying the lock and how to open it since she was not a keyblader like her mother or the others, but not without learning alternative ways and by the look of its size, she could fit her hand inside it. They obviously didn't think to use a smaller one, successfully unlocked it and carefully opened the bars without making a sound. Smiles with confidence, she waved to the purple furred creature to follow. "Come on." Whispers and sneaks out.

The one who was in charge of the food was obviously humanoid, and an ungly one too with a spiked helmet, pale green and a spiked mace for an arm. He was looking inside the cupboard for ingredients and tools, until he heard the door open and saw the strange female creature and the Darkness creature making an escape.

Unwilling to let them escape, he threw an ax at them, but Estrid dodged and blasted him with an orb of light. "Run!" She yelled and exited the kitchen.

Recovering from the attack, the chef calls out the guards. "Guards! Get those vermin! They're Lord Skycrusher's meal!"

The guards then give chase of the two, Estrid knew they had no chance of escaping, not sure how many she would take on, but the creature she rescued pulled her on to its back to ride her. She casted a spell and created light lances, pummeled the guards with her attacks while the Darkness Creature evades them. Thought to have made the right direction, but realised too late that it was a dead end.

"Crap!" She cursed herself for picking the wrong path, but their other way was cut off by the guards and the chef as they slowly marched towards the two. "Don't worry, I'm not gonna let them hurt you, but kinda wish the others… get here?" Estrid noticed something was off, the guards were just about to corner them yet, strangely they stopped and in a trance. "What?" She looked at them, waving her hand in front of them but no response, then turned around and saw the creature using some sort of hypnosis. "Wow, is there anything you can't do?"

To answer her question, it opened its jaws wide and unleashed a swarm of bat-like creatures on them. "Nice work, but better run, now!" Not wanting to stick around and ran into a pair of large doors. Believing to have lost them… only to find herself walked into a large room with lots of fires, a couple of guards, and a large green scaled bipedal lizard, sitting on a throne by the look of it.

Feeling that she had just walked into another wrong turn, this one must be their leader, or some sort with a high rank. "Uh, you must be… Lord Skycrusher, I presume." Making a nervous bow in a manner of respect, but also trying to stay calm. "Uh, obviously you must be busy and apologies for the intrusion. I'll be out of your hair-I mean scales and leave."

Patting her furry companion, telling it that it was now time for them to run for it.

"Guards! Seize the intruders!" Skycrusher bellowed for the guards to block their entrance, out of nowhere, a blue bipedal robot with a pair of rockets for arms fired a missile to stop them. And to make things worse, his chef and the guards she escaped found them.

Groaning in dismay of how the situation couldn't be any worse. "Talk about it in the frying pan."

"Into the fire." Skycrusher added the last part of the phrase, glaring at her with his pale green eyes to decide her fate.

Thinking fast of how to get out of the situation, maybe buy some time. "Wait! I mean, you don't want me as food. After all, one creature's meat is another's poison?"

The chef approached her, raising his maced fist high above to smash her to the ground.

"Hold, Vorg!"

The being now known as Vorg stopped as Skycrusher stood up from his seat, walking over to her. As Estrid realized how huge he was and towered over her. But it didn't matter to her as she now has his attention. "The uh, uhh… about a week ago, a darkness lord tried to have me as its meal found my kind too bony." Showing him her arms, although she was in great shape with womanly mature curves like many around her age, yet she hoped the lie would be enough to convince him to change his mind about having the blonde as his meal.

"Hmm." Decided to inspect her for himself, seeing as he has not seen her kind before, apart from the fairies in his time. She looks like them, but doesn't have any wings for that matter and could have escaped anytime. Reached down and lifted her up by her jacket to his level. "You are boney."

Drops her to the ground, landing on her butt that took the impact. While a little sore and found his manners rude, it did do the trick. "Leave this creature, the furry ones plump enough for my taste."

So much for getting the other out of trouble, maybe try to convince him again. "Wait, my lord, maybe I could-" Cut off from her sentence his sword inches from her nose.

"For what I paid for you, if you are not food… then you'd better be worth the entertainment."

Sky was starting to think this plan would not work, mostly because their own ally just happened to be a wanted criminal and everyone would come for them. They need to rethink their strategy while there's still time.

On the other hand, both Taren and his father were keybladers, so at least if there's any danger that comes at them, they will be able to handle it. 'Just hang on, Estrid, we'll get you out of here.'

"Guys, get into your disguises." Sora reminded them, putting on his hood and so did the others. He did not have the chance to warn Tatsurion he was about to walk straight into the guards. They stopped as the guards inspected their cart, so far not able to notice anything wrong or strange about Tatsurion's disguise.

"Is something the matter, guards?" Sora spoke up and questioned them.

"Yesss. Your cart has no city seal." One of them stated, stamping the spear to the ground. "Rules say we have to impound it." He took a closer look at Tatsurion, opening up his jaws to look at his teeth. "The pack lizard's worth more than the wheels, even if it is kinda scrawny for a Snaptongue."

Tatsurion then made a frustrating growl, the nerve of the guard to talk about his weight. "Who's scrawny!?" Decided it was time to ditch the armor and club the guard to the ground.

The other alerted the other guards using his horn, but Sora sprinted into action and slashed the guard's staff in half with his Kingdom Key then slammed it down to the grown, creating a Quake to strike the guards with the rising rocks.

"Guys, we got company!" Taren noticed more of them coming towards them, both he and SKy were back to back with their weapons drawn as the guards surrounded them, the prince pulled out a few silver balls and threw them. Creating smoke bombs to confuse them, and allowing both the teens to attack with their guards down. Taren flew straight at the first two, swiftly slashing and thrusting his Light's Rebellion while Sky punches and kicks, using a lightsaber to strike one down across.

Despite their efforts, the guards were relentless and not so easy to give up, one of them was able to sneak up strike Tatsurion with one of their electric staffs but the armor he wore took the blow, throwing the chain whip to take one of them out.

Sora thought of a solution to deal with them all in one swoop. "Taren, on my signal, use Gravity and Flowmotion to finish them off."

Taren understood and nodded. "Got it."

The brunette stayed in position, watching as the guards that remained were about to assault him at once, clearly they never realized how powerful the magic of the keyblade possessed to theirs. "Gravity!" Sora's keyblade fires a magic blast at his foes.

Taren sprinted so fast to swat them down with his keyblade. So far they took out the last of them. "That takes care of that."

"Yeah, but we still need a way in." Sky pointed out the obvious.

Tatsurion would agree, he stopped to pick up something and recognised it. "That scent from before, it's here!"

They saw a figure flew towards them, landed gracefully to the ground with her feet. The heroes were not sure what to make with it wearing a cloak but appeared female by the physical frame and curves, followed by a voice. "Wow! That was impressive! Sorry for dropping in but it looks as if you guys needed some help." Looking around all the knocked out guards that proved they handled it well. "Guess, not. But you two have keyblade? I never seen them in real life."

Unsure what to make of her, she sounded just about Taren and Sky's age, but curious to wonder why she was here. "Uh, thanks, but who are you exactly?"

"Oh, my bad. I forget as its been awhile since I spoke to anyone for a while." Pulls off the robe that wrapped around her face, along with a pair of goggles, revealing a thick dirty greenish/olive blonde hair reaching down her shoulders and a pair of light brown eyes. "Let's just say I'm a traveler, but also should be asking you the same thing. This isn't a type of place to wonder about, especially when almost everything wants to kill you. Why are you heading to Fastforge City?"

"To rescue a friend of ours." Taren answered, while trying to process if she was magic considering she may look human but not a normal one at that. "Lord Skycrusher is holding a friend of ours and need to get her out of there."

"And we're going to get her back." Sky proclaimed

"Oh no, not a good place. He's not someone you want to make as an enemy." The green haired teen stated. She suddenly hears the guards hissing, meaning they are regaining conscious any moment. "Better we get out of here before the lizards wake up. But if I help you, you need to do something to help me in return."

Taren reluctantly nods. "Fine, but you tell us who you are and why your here."

"You can call me Selina. She understood. "Now come on, you wanna save your friend or not?"

Giving their circumstances, it would be better to move before getting caught by the guards. They would have to trust her, for now, but still questions floating about in their minds. Who is she and how has this girl even found a way into this realm?

Another question to ask is where did she come from?

Hope you all enjoyed it as I thought to base this chapter on the Kaijudo episode "into the Fire" and made some changes, such as Lord Skycrusher not having the sword to rule the Fire Civilization but would still hold a high position. giving Estrid a larger role and also thought to introduce one of the winx characters who will have a different backstory that I have in mind but won't say.

Next chapter is going to be different and going to be a blast for you all.