He wasn't really aware that he still existed. That is, he didn't know he was alive until he opened his eyes and found himself lying where he'd gotten trapped in the spellbook.

He sat up, confused. He had been trapped in there. For how long? And how had he escaped? He had almost no memory of what had happened after Sarah had pulled him in.

He took his mind off of the spellbook and checked on his physical state. Ben Ravencroft was hungry, moreso for revenge than anything. He didn't care how he'd left the spellbook anymore, he was glad to be rid of Sarah. He found patches of his jacket scorched, however, leading him to wonder what exactly had happened.

Right next to him, like a curse he couldn't get rid of, was said spellbook.

The spellbook was in perfect condition, or at least, as perfect as it was when he'd gotten his hands on it.

Ben smirked.

This is perfect, he mused to himself.

It was perfect to get revenge on those meddling brats and their dog, as well. He picked up the spellbook with shaky hands. The spells, incantations, everything was still there.

Do I still have my powers? He opened and closed his hand, and with ease, he summomed a green flame in the palm of his once again open hand. He extinguished it, grinning again.

He could find them. He could find them and tear them apart. If it was that easy before the spellbook, imagine how incredibly easy it'd be now!

He was going to have his revenge.

He was going to have his revenge.


Hey! I'm sorry this is incredibly short but I will get to the good stuff. Not that more than one person will read this :')