Summary: The Dursley's never got given Harry, Sirius didn't give Harry to Hagrid nor did he chase after Wormtail, he instead runs to Remus and the duo live together with Harry until Dumbledore tries to take Harry from them due to them not being 'suitable' parents. So they escape to a little town in Colorado named South Park, can they fit in with the oddities of the town without revealing themselves?

October 31st 1981

"Move aside silly mud-blood, i only want your son, you do not have to die here" the Dark Lord Voldemort tried to reason with the woman, only half-trying to keep his deal with Severus. She shook her head violently in disagreement, amber hair flying wildly around her face, clinging to the tears that were there. "No! Take me not my baby, not my Harry! Please" she sobbed standing in front of her 1yr old son's cot arms spread like a sacrifice and despite her fear there was a fierce determination in her eyes that slightly unnerved the Dark Lord. He raised his wand and uttered the spell he had already used tonight "Avada Kedavra! Foolish girl" he watched as she screamed and then dropped silently to the floor like a puppet with it's string cut. "Now little child, i hold no qualms against you but for me to live you must die. Avada Kedavra!" watching as the child stared down the evil man who had made is Mummy cry and made her sleep. The green eyes once filled with tears glared at the weird looking man (as much as a toddler can anyway) and didn't seem phased when a shield raised around the child reflecting the spell back at its caster leaving only a pile of ashes, a wand and a robe. The bad man was gone now and Harry was really tired he curled up and dropped off into an uncomfortable sleep.

Sirius walked up to the house of his closest friends and gasped when he saw the rubble surrounding the demolished home. "JAMES! LILY! WHERE ARE YOU!" he shouted as he ran into the house only to stop his shouting as he saw his best friend slumped on the ground hazel eyes glazed over and staring at nothing wand in hand but it had ultimately made no difference as it's weilder still perished. Kneeling down next to his friend he gently shut the man's, his brother's eyes befoe moving upstairs and wiping the tears from his blurry eyes. Walking into Harry's room he saw Harry crying in his sleep, still safe in his cot Lily just infront of him spread-eagled eyes shut and beside her a pile of ashes and the wand of Voldemort (which Sirius ignored) "No, Tiger-Lily. I can only promise to keep him safe from any form of manipulation he'll live a happy life with me and Remy don't you worry" at this point Sirius was full on blubbering all malice towards Wormtail forgottenthe safety of his Godson-the last bit of Lily and James he has left. He went over to Harry and gently picked him up from the cot grabbing the blanket that was in the cot and apparated to Grimmauld Place, flooing Remus as soon as he arrived to get over to his place.

He rubbed Harry's back soothingly, the toddler crying wondering where his mum and dad were as Sirius transfigured a cot for Harry. Simultaneously warming up some warm milk for him to drink in hopes of it helping the child to sleep peacefully, just as Sirius deemed the milk a suitable temperature Remus appeared in a light of green flame worry painting his features. "What's happening Pads? Why have you got James' cub?" the cluelessness in his closest friends voice tipped Sirius' emotions over the edge. Setting down the drowsy cub into his cot and was drifting to sleep once more, Sirius broke down. Tears spilling down his cheeks, "They're dead Remy, DEAD all because of that traitorous RAT! I-If i had been the secret keeper they would have lived. WHY. WHY did we listen to Dumbledore and swap keepers? Even if i was more obvious they would have l-lived and they would be safe". he was full on weeping at this point snot and tears staining the t-shirt of Remus who was completely shocked mouth agape not wanting to believe his closest friend's words. "Siri, how, how did this happen? I thought Peter was the secret keeper...he betrayed the us? His closest and oldest friends? Why?" Remus began rambling trying to understand why someone they were all so close to betrayed them, they'd been friends since they were 11 for christ sake why would he do it? Then again ever since graduation he'd been acting odd, odder than normal anyway. "There's no other explanation is there Pads? He must have gone dark, there is a reason why his animagus is a bloody rat, how did we not realise earlier? Blinded by friendship it has been ten years long" the werewolf attempted to reason, taking deep breaths to keep Moony calm before he goes after the rat. Tears spilling down his own face, the duo sat down on a sofa beside Harry's temporary cot the both wondering what the next day would bring for the mourning friends who fell asleep in each other's arms tear tracks drying on their faces.

Time skip 9(ish) years

"Come on cub, we need to be at the airport in half an hour to check in before we board!" Remus called smiling softly as he saw his son and Moony's cub come running down the stairs with a large long-haired hound at his heels chasing him down. As they reached the bottom of stairs Padfoot changed back to Sirius who was still just as handsome as ten years ago walked up to his husband and kissed him, a grin on his face as he spun his wand around shrinking the suitcases that surrounded the trio. They had one suitcase each but each suitcase held all their belongings with expandable charms on them allowing for them to be filled with everything yet still be a suitable weight to carry. "No rush Moons, we can just apparate to the airport-away from muggles obviously. Now, you got everything pup? Where's Salazar?" Sirius placated his husband and laughed when he saw Harry's snake-a Quetzalcoatl they had found in the pet shop in Diagon. Safe to say Harry had given his dad's a heart attack when he appeared with a feathered snake around his neck and was hissing to it as though he'd known it from birth. "Good, make sure he stays hidden from sight whilst we're on the plane" both Harry and Salazar nodded and the snake dove back under Harry's clothes becoming unnoticable.

The trio each picked up their carry-ons and suitcases, Harry holding Remus' arm as they prepared to apparate to Heathrow and leave Europe for good. "Ready?" Remus asked and getting dual nods in response they each apparated with a loud *CRACK* appearing out of view at the airport. Had they been 5 minutes later then they would have been stopped by the leader of the light and his lackeys who burst into the house, Dumbledore red faced and fuming having just missed his chance to take the boy-who-lived for himself and become the puppet he had always planned for-willimg to sacrifice himself for the greater good. "We were too late, scour the building they may have left something behind that will give away where they have gone." He sighed as he watched them follow his orders, someone had warned them about his plans, but who?

Five days beforehand

Severus Snape was a man with few friends and many secrets that he would never reveal if his life depended on it, this time however he had a promise to uphold for his best friend in relation to her son. He knocked onto the front door of Grimmauld Place and waited for someone to answer, hopefully it was the wolf, not the dog. When it opened he was surprised to see a young boy open the door with Lily's eyes who looked at him with distrust in those emerald orbs "Who are you? No one should be able to find this place Paddy said so". So this was Lily's son then, surprisingly the wolf and mutt have brought him up welll given how idiotic the mutt had been in his youth perhaps a child had mellowed him out. Doing his best not to unnerve th child like he does so easily whilst working he replied "well i know your carers, we went school together and i have something important to tell them one of my old friends told me about this place and how to find it." Seemingly satisfied with the explanation Harry let him in the house and led him to the livivng room where the two men he was looking for were sat.

Remus with his amber hair speckled with greys dressed in an amber jumper and jeans reading the paper whilst Sirius dozed lightly beside him dressed in a red and gold t-shirt and jeans his dark hair as unruly as it was when they were in school. Both however were surprised to see the person who hated them or the duartion of their school years and after, James and Sirius having bullied the poor sod and Remus nearly killing him (accidentally of course). "Snivell-oof-Snape what are you doing here? How do you know about this place?" Remus elbowed his husband to get him to correct the nickname with a roll of his eyes. "I only know of this place because Lily told me of it when we were younger don't worry your secret is safe. However i do come bearing bad news, Dumbledore is once again searching for the young Potter he wants to take custody under the reasoning that the two of you are unreasonable carers-I am well aware this is incorrect. You may want to flee country Dumbledore will do anything to get the child under his control for that bloody prophecy once more even though the dark lord is dead. I am not doing this for you two, i am doing it for Lily i promised to keep her son safe and this is me fulfilling that duty." The two men's facial expressions were a picture and if he had been anyone but himself he would have smiled at them. "I.I don't know how to thank you Severus, we had been thinking of moving elsewhere, somewhere Harry won't be mobbed for his fame and where we can live peacefully with no prejudice surrounding us like here in Britain. I am sure Lily would be happy with you for helping us despite what happened when we were younger." Remus thanked smiling gratuitously, Sirius looking somewhat haooy and angry with the news they had just been told. "I shall see myself out then, thank you for listening to me without judging me for my past decisions. Goodbye" and with that he apparated away with a loud *CRACK*.

Harry looked at the two men he called his parents after all these years awaiting an explanation as to who that man was and what was happening "That man was Severus Snape a man we went to Hogwarts with and for the duration of our stay there he was the victim of Sirius and James' bullying for no real reason-oh and he was nearly killed by Moony becuase of the two idiots. As for Dumbledore he is the most well-known wizard in the UK with an lot of powerful people backing him, meaning he can do a lot of not very legal things and get away with it. I'm unsure what his plan for you is but i would much rather never find out. This just means that our plans to move abroad are put forward by a few months, the house is still free anyway, i'll just have to inform the company that we will be there early and we'll have to book the fligths today ready for when we leave." Sirius at least had the gall to look a little bit embarrassed my his actions from when he was younger. The three all went to go and start packing ready for the move, they were not leaving a lot behind, Harry was home-schooled by Remus and after Peter's betrayal they never trusted anyone again this new start meant they could live how they wanted to.

Present time

"Merlin's balls it's cold here, Moony could we not have moved somewhere warmer? Like, i don't know...somewhere with beaches, a change to Britain but no. Here we are needing more layers than back home!" complained the fully grown man, more like a child than their own son at times as they got out of their car. They all got a first proper look at the house but the red outside of the building was a definite win for the two ex-griffindor members, despite how garish the red was to other people's eyes. They took their bags and suitcases in from the car and went inside their newly bought house, they were each extremely happy to have moved out of the Black family home despite having lived there for 10 years the dark walls and other cursed objects around the house made it difficult to keep Harry safe at times. "Well Pup what do you think? You'll be able to make new friends and you wont have to get home-schooled by me and Pads" Remus questioned their child who looked hopeful at the promise of friends and the new home. "Definitely! No offense Papa but your lessons are soooooooo boring and Paddy's house was way too dark and unhappy. But now you and him can do what you want!" the little boy cheered Salazar flying up out of Harry's jumper with a happy hiss that equalled to a "woop". It was another reason why Harry was happy where they moved to his only friend can adapt to this temperature easily due to his magical nature. Harry the sprinted upstairs to claim his bedroom before Sirius could do the same, he ran into the first room on the right running and dive-bombing on the bed marvelling at how it swallowed him. He then quickly set about getting all his belongings where they need to go, from Salazar's huge enclosure to all of his clothes (the majority were muggle) in the wardobe then all his photos and books and finally his stag and tiger teddies that were the animagus forms of his Dad and his Mum's nickname of 'tiger lily' (due to the way she acted toward the Marauders in their Hogwarts early years). He set them down on his pillow next to the wall side of his bed and ran back downstairs when he heard his Papa call him, he saw him holding out a brightly coloured golden coat and a red wolly hat with the gryfindor lion on it. "Go on outside and make some friends ready for when you go to that primary school in a couple of days-just be back for dark okay?" Remus ordered as he set about decorating the house to their tastes as Sirius was going to meet their neighbours rather than be bored by his husband. Harry pulled on his coat and hat and after he gave Remus a quick hug he went outside and immeadiatly felt the cold breeze hit his face, his cheeks going a bright red.

As he walked down the footpath he saw someone getting beaten up and with all the anger he could muster he ran over and punched the kid who screamed about me 'cheating' because i 'defeated' him. I went over to the guy who had been on the floor and was surprised when he picked up a sword and righted his askew blue helmet with a red feather on it-ignoring his injuries and grinned at Harry. "Thank you stranger for saving me, i was unprepared for his array of healing potions, my name is Stan Marshwalker Ranger for the Elven Kingdom. Follow me the elf king has spoken about your arrival for many moons" he bowed and began walking down the path Harry following him with a smile on his face at the premise of meeting new people. "So what is your name stranger?" the ranger asked turning around and continuing to walk backwards so he could face Harry, "I'm Harry James Lupin-Black and i'm from London" Harry greeted accent a mix of upper class and cockney to his newest friend. "Well thank you for saving me Harry, it is now time for you to meet the Elven King!" he directed Harry through a dark green coloured house it's inside covered in religious items, they walked to the back door and Harry gaped as he saw a large gathering of children his age with pointed ears that indicated them as being elves of some kind. They all watched as Harry entered the 'kingdom' and made his way toward their leader who was clad in a blood red tone with patterns of gold on it and an oversized green hat on his a crown of twigs on top of the hat to signify just who he was. "Welcome new kid, you're arrival has been foretold for many moon, it is you who was prophesised to defeat the evil humans and bring peace and power to the elvish nation. Now you must choose your class. The Ranger who uses long swords and fights to protect those he loves, the Summoner whose grand knowledge of all things nature allow them to summon creatures to fight with them, the Priest who uses his magic to help his allies and weaken his foes using his magic he has learnt since birth or the Warrior a fearsome class who fights with their fists and is always looking for a good battle. The choice is yours, New Kid."