HP and SP Pt3

Chapter 3

The duo were making their way to Token's house to try and get him to change sides by offering to help him in any way they could (that is how side quests and main quests work in these kind of games Harry now realises). In between the Tweak Bros coffee shop and the cinema there was a space with two trees in the back and all that could be heard as the boys casually chatted was "Pssst" they looked over to the bare area and saw nothing. Shrugging it off they continued walking until someone grabbed them and pulled them behind a tree. "You two, do you know of the might of ManBearPig?" came a voice soon matched to a face wearing conspicuous glasses that looked idiot.

"Oh for God's sake man, Al Gore we aren't interested in your fake mythological creature so leave us alone" Stan gritted out at the man who was almost-kinda President, peed off he'd grabbed random kids off the street. Harry hissed menacingly at the man who "eeped" and ran off as the boys were laughing rolling around on the floor. They quickly sobered up as they saw a group of KKK members heading towards them axes, warhammer and bows raised high, the two boys sighed and prepared themselves for the battle.

15-20 minutes later they made it to Token's huge home after a bunch of unecessary and boring and went to walk past the security booth (not seeing anyone in there) before being assaulted by a security guard who attempted to spray pepper spray in Harry's face. Only for it to hit his glasses and have no effect on him. Now due to the fight against the KKK Harry unlocked a new ability 'stupify' his first piece of actual magic, and upgraded his snakes so he could entangle an enemy in a boa constrictor. He hissed out the command "My friend could you pleassse stop this man from moving, he tried to hurt me" the snake made an angry hiss and attacked the man tightly wrapping around the guard coiling tightly and not letting any oxygen into the man's lungs knocking him out slowly and painfully.

"Dude your evil grin is terrifing, remind me never to piss you off" Stan muttered as he watched Harry's expression change as they walked to Token's front door and knocked on. A very worried looking Token answered the door and seeing our outfits spoke "guys i can't play right now, my parents were taken by the police for something and haven't come back. I'm not sure what to do i can't go by myself to find them."

Harry and Stan looked at each other before nodding in silent agreement "we'll help you find your parents Token, anyone would be worried." Relief shined in Token's eyes as he slammed the door shut only to reappear moments later clad in what looked like ninja garb. In reds and purples with a sweatband around his head and a long red scarf wrapped around his neck and trailed behind him slightly. His weapon of choice was a base guitar with matching colours to his outfit "Cleric Token at your service, I use my guitar to heal and buff friendlies whilst debuffing enemies with musical notes." a strum of the guitar and both Stan and Harry felt full of energy once more. "Thanks mate, now let's get to the police station. Wherever it is." Harry began to lead the charge but remembering he doesn't know the town well slowed down and rubbed the back of his neck, embarassed as the others laughed at him.

"Token do you like being a part of the KKK? Tweek mentioned earlier you were thinking about changing sides due to how the wizard king was treating his subjects" Stan queried as they walked, having just avoided a KKK patrol. Token sighed and looked up at the sky "I do hate it there, the only reason i stayed is because of Tweek, Craig and Clyde but Cartman's been getting worse and worse-he still seems adamant that i should have been the thief and Craig the healer because i'm black." Stan looked unsurprised at the racist remark and simply sighed but Harry was shocked at the blatant racism. "You know, the more i hear about this guy, the more i am beginning to hate the person. Especially the way he treats his allies and subjects" as the words came out of his mouth both Stan and Token shared a glance and started laughing. "Dude you might be the guy to actually act on everyone's hatred for the Grand wizard, i would love to see you two face off" spoke Stan as he and Token calmed down.

The trio walked into the police station and immediatly went over to a high-ranking officer and asked for Token's parents. Said officer's eyes went wide open and called all the other policemen to him and began a fight with them after making a racist remark. It was Stan, Token and Harry versus the majority of the South Park police department, it was going to be a pain in the arse fight.

Quickly Harry summoned forth his poisonous cobra and readied himself to be attacked. Next Stan used Sparky to attack one of the men with riot shields causing them to lower their defences so than when Stan attacked he dealt critical damage to the cop. On his turn Token used his ability 'Oaken armor' to boost all allies defenses and double their armor strumming a complex string of notes that helped boost their morale. However now that it was the police turn to attack they began to worry, these guys had actual guns and tasers, things that could do serious damage to them.

The officer on critical health attacked first and charged down Stan who blocked the shield bash and the policeman fell on his backside allowing Stan to finish him off with a hard counter attack. Next one of the deputies took aim at Token and fired his gun the bullet hitting Token in the shoulder, and would likely have pierced him had they not gotten an armor buff just before. It did still however deal knockback and sent Token to the floor dealing a third of his health and leaving him with just over half left and breathing heavily. The deputy re-holstered his gun and backed away signifying his turn was over. The other officer with a riot shield took his turn and also charged the downed Token who could only block the attack but took some damage whilst doing so setting his health to half.

Harry could only watch in horror as the last of the armed police took aim at Token and knocked him out in one turn. Why was it not in the rules that allies can block attacks meant for teammates? Now it was finally back to their turns Harry commanded his cobra to poison one of the two deputies so they would get knocked out during the next turn. Harry then summoned forth his flock of predatory birds and ordered them to guard Stan and divert attacks from Stan by diving at the enemies. Turn over as there was nothing more he could do at the moment Harry stepped back and let Stan take his turn.

Once again Stan shouted "RED ROCKET" and Sparky sped in from somewhere and bit one of the armed police and ran away once more. Making sure he had enough pp Stan grabbed his Discus of might and spun it around repeatedly building up the damage it would do to the enemies and let go.

Only for it to bounce between two of the armed officers before the riot shield officer defelected it.

Once more the enemies turn the boys braced themselves for some heavy attacks from the police whose numbers were still high. The effects of the poison were beginning to set in for the affected deputy and he began screaming and firing his pistol wildly, shooting his comrades as he did so before he was tasered by one of the injured officers. The officers who were shot each had a portion of their health gone due to the bullet wounds and a couple even had bleeding effects where the bullet had gone completely through and nothing blocked the wound from bleeding. The armed officers focused their attacks on Stan who held fast under their volley of bullets and simply grunted as they bounced off his armor and grazed his skin. The onslaught did however bring him to his knees and when it came to the riot shield officer to take his turn he pulled out a nightstick and swung it above his head to attack Stan and deal the final blow. The birds that Harry summoned however came to Stan's defence and attacked the man in retaliation stopping the blow from hitting Stan and dealing a quarter of the officers health with a bleeding effect from their claws.

Thankful that they had both survived the onslaught this time the two looked over the left over policemen. There were 3 ranged officers with 3/4 of their health left, 2 of which had bleeding effects currently, the remaining deputy was on 1/3 of his health and finally was the riot officer on 2/3 of his health also with a bleeding effects. Harry used his only revive potion to bring Token back on minimal health and thought through their options, neither of his teammates could survive another wave of attacks. He'd have to end this in one go, but how? Different options surged through his mind as he tried to figure out what to do.

Harry took a deep breath and pulled his arms back behind his body, he concentrated on the feeling he had to protect his friends, that little light inside him that he realised was his magic and in one swift motion he swung his arms in front of him and shouted "STUPEFY" as he did this huge waves of red formed and knocked the remaining enemies to the ground unconscious. Due to the amount of magic he used Harry quickly collapsed to the ground passed out.

The two remaining people who were conscious, Token and Stan ran over to their friend and Token quickly checked Harry still had a steady pulse. Sighing in relief Token spoke up "he just over-exerted himself is all, once he wakes up he will be fine. He put everything into that attack to make sure we were'nt going to be injured anymore" finishing his explanation to Stan. He began to strum soft notes on his guitar that was almost like a lullaby and healed the trio up-although it depleted Token's mana. Stan shook their friend gently "Harry, dude Harry wake up" seeing that this was not going to awaken their friend he whistled for Sparky who began licking Harry's face with his slobbery tongue.

The shock of something wet woke Harry up with a start, headbutting Stan in the process, although this hurt Harry more as he collided woth his friends helmet. Laughing at the idiocy of the situation Token brushed himself off and helped the others up, Harry leaning on him for support still. "I actually didn't think that would work you know, i haven't exactly been trained in using that ability, let alone to such a degree" Harry chuckled nervously as they walked toward the holding cells.

"Yes it was extremely reckless of you, even if i am thankful you did it, it could have had repercussions i might not of been able to heal" reasoned Token with a stern voice, almost like a mother would an unruly child. Stan laughed at Harry's sheepish expression as he opened the door for the other two, taking Harry from Token as aforementioned healer ran over to the control panel and unlocked all the cells and ran into his parents legs. Hugging them with all his might he brought his parents over to Harry and Stan and explained that it was with their help he found them. "Thank you for helping our little boy you two. I hope you were all safe when playing? No injuries or anything?" asked Mrs Black and it was clear where Token got his mother henning from.

They thanked Harry and Stan once more before going on their merry way home and the three boys stood outside the station. Each were smiling and proud of what they had done, they had one more stop however before they could go back to Kyle with a completed mission. Harry sent Token home first, after all he'd been through a lot of shit at the station so he deserved a break for the day. Taking the horn that Tweek had given him he blew it and no more than 2 seconds later did Tweek the barbarian turn up, twitches and spasms galore. "H-hey g-guys what do ya ARGH need me f-for?" twitching many times a minute as he spoke. "We're headed to the school to get Craig, he's in detention for flipping off the principal, AGAIN" Stan explained with a huff of annoyance. "ARGH- TO MUCH PRESSURE" yelled Tweek but the trio made their way to the school which was thankfully not too far away.

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