Fact: It cost more to make the movie, "Titanic", then it did to build the actual RMS Titanic.

Fact: Did you know the pools in the Titanic are still full with water!? Who wouldve known!

Lincoln stood in line to board a ship, he was getting ready to follow in his families footsteps and move to America. His sisters and parents moved when he was 20, and he was going to do the same. He stared in awe as he walked out of the building and looked at its size. The RMS Titanic, the largest, most beautiful ship to ever be. Also dubbed to be 'unsinkable'.

Lincoln handed the man his ticket and climbed aboard. He dropped his stuff off in his room. He was a 2nd class passenger. Not to rich, not to poor. He walked up to the deck and looked out at the people below. He imagined them to be his family when he reaches New York. He couldnt wait to see them, but he decided to actually be patient, knowing it will all be wort it.

He saw a man walk up and look off next to him. "Any a' them your family?", he asked. "Nah, my family is already in America, just gonna go see them now.", Lincoln replied. "Same here, im Clyde.", the man now identified as Clyde said. "Im Lincoln.", Lincoln said as they shook hands.

They both went back down to get lunch and then sat out on the benches. "You know, I could get used to this. But we dont have that long a trip so theres no point.", Clyde said. "Yeah, I guess your right.", Lincoln said. After a little talk the two seperated for the day as the ship drifted across the Atlantic.

April 11th, 1912: RMS Titanic

Lincoln stood at the bow of the ship and looked out ahead. People said that in the last day at sea, if you look close enough, you could see land. Well, it was only the 1st day she was out at sea. He then heard a scream and turnt back, "Stop!", he heard. He ran towards the voice and saw a man who looked to be 3rd class trying to steal a young ladies pocketbook.

"HEY!", Lincoln yelled as he grabbed the man and held him against the wall. The guards arrived with the master of arms and the man was arrested. "Young man, what is your name?", the woman asked. "Lincoln, Lincoln Loud.", Lincoln replied. "Well thank you Mr. Loud, heres a little something for your trouble.", she replied as she handed him some money and left. "Mr. Loud, the master of arms would like to question you real quick.", one guard said.

After being questioned, Lincoln continued on with his day, enjoying the beaming sun as he sat on a bench. Growing nighttime, Lincoljpn still sat on that bench, enjoying his time. "Excuse me sir, would you care for some joe?", one man asked while he held out a mug of coffee. "Thank you, here.", Lincoln said as he tipped the man and took his drink.

After sitting outside for a little to long, Lincoln grew cold and made his way back to his room. When he made it back, he saw some men hanging around, taking a smoke. Lincoln leaned against the wall and pulled out a cigar, "Dammit, forgot a light.", Lincoln said. "I got you.", one man said as he lit the cigar for him. "Thanks.", Lincoln said. He went to his room and fell asleep.

Im just gonna say this now, remember way bac, before Friendships on Fire finished up and I mentioned a fanfic called, "Loud IRL". Ive decided that instead of being one long ass fanfic, it kinda like a book series where its seperated into completely different books, or in this case, fics. Hate if you want but I like the idea and im sticking with it... maybe. Im not the stickler type so if I do grow tired of it, I might throw them together, its confusing.