Lincoln woke up on the quiet day of April 12th. 2nd day on the ship and he was already comfy. He didnt get out of bed instantly though, it was to comfy. The slight sway, the sound of the waves crashing outside, the sun seeping in through the porthole. He wouldve fallen asleep again if it weren't for the sound of everyone else getting up.

He stood up and put on his clothes before walking out. He began up the stairs until he bumped into a familiar face, "Oh, hi Clyde.", Lincoln said. "Hi Lincoln. Where you headed.", Clyde asked. "The stern, figured id explore some more.", Lincoln replied.

Clyde nodded as the two began towards the stern. "So, what family you visiting.", Lincoln asked. "My cousins. You?", Clyde asked. "My parents and ten sisters.", Lincoln said. Clyde gasped, "TEN!?", he said. "Yep.", Lincoln replied.

Once they reached the stern, they looked down at the water, "That water looks freezing cold.", Clyde said. "They say if you swam in it, it would feel like millions of tiny knives stabbing you.", Lincoln said. The two just stared for a second until getting tired of it. They walked back down to the boat deck and looked at the life boats. "Excuse me sir, how many people can fit in these boats?", Lincoln asked. "According to Mr. Andrews, when he tested them in Belfast, each could hold up to 70 people.", the sailor replied.

Lincoln just nodded, it seemed so feeble and small, but could hold so many. As they continued exploring this great ship, Lincoln stopped when he saw the captain talking with a couple officers. "Continue full speed ahead.", Captain Edward said as he walked back to the bridge.

"Wonder what thats all about.", Clyde said. They looked out at the ocean again and saw some dolphins jumping around. "The view is astonishing even though its all ocean.", Lincoln said. They then walked to the stern again to play quoits (ring toss). They enjoyed a game of chess until the moon grew nearer and the sun set, thus ending another day on the ship of dreams.

April 13th, 1912, New York City.

Lynn Loud Sr. and his wife Rita were preparing for Lincoln's arrival, they were going to have a large dinner and party. The sisters were either busy working or at school while the two parents were cleaning up. "We finnaly get to see our son again!", Rita said. "I cant wait either!", Lynn Sr. replied. As the two parents continued, the ledest of their daughters walked in. "Hello Mom, hi dad.", Lori said. "Hi dear, how was work.", Rita said.

"It was nice, I got to bring a turkey.", Lori said, showing her parents the turkey in the bag. "Good honey, we needed a turkey for the dinner when your brother is here. Is his new room ready yet?", Lynn Sr. asked. "Almost, when the others get here well finish everything.", Lori replied. After the small little conversation ended, they got to work cleaning the home.