Dr. Anthony Dinozzo walked into the Jeffersonian lab to find out what the FBI team had brought them this time. "Good morning everyone." He said in a cheery voice. "Hello." Everyone called back. He walked into his office and saw that Agent Booth was standing next to the couch. "Good morning Anthony." Booth said. "Morning Agent Booth." Anthony said back. "We need you in the field." Booth said in a somber tone. "Seeley you know I can't go out in the field after last time." Anthony said in a panicked voice. "Come on I know you'll do fine." Booth said in a pleading tone.

Booth and Dr. Dinozzo walked up the skeletal remains. "Well it's a male early fouties approximately two hundred and fifty pounds. Caussian played tennis in high school judging by the crack on the third rib he was possibly stabbed in the heart but I won't know until I get him to the lab." Anthony said in a authoritative tone of voice.

The last one was being placed down when Agent Booth walked into the Jeffersonian with a woman following closely behind him. "Hello my name is Temprence Brennan Dr. Temprance Brennan." Was all the woman said. "My name is Dr. Anthony Dinozzo." I said walking up to shake the woman's hand. As we shook hands she whispered something in my ear. "I know that you are gay and that you like someone on your team I'm still trying to decide who." Was all she said and then backed away.