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Chapter 10 - Louella Fray, also answers to Cupcake

"What happened?!" Magnus demanded as Clary and Simon hustled Luke into Magnus' loft and I hobbled after.

"He was attacked!" Simon yelped.

"He needs a warlock! He needs you!" Clary spluttered and Luke groaned.

"Alpha bite! Werewolf!" I shout from the doorway because walking was a struggle and Magnus nods briskly without looking up. He throws a white sheet over his couch immediately and fluffs the pillows.

"Put him here." He commands and Simon and Clary haul Luke onto the couch as I limp over and take a seat opposite Luke.

"Where are you… I can't find you…" Luke mumbled eyes darting around seeing nothing and Clary anxiously takes Luke's hand. Magnus does the kind thing and magics Luke some pants. Clary sends Magnus a look of utter relief.

"Luke, shhhh." Clary tries but Luke thrashes his head right and left.

"Where are… where are you?" He cries and then his eyes clear and he puts a hand up to Clary's face. "Jocelyn…"

"No Luke, it's Clary. Can you hear me?" Clary whispers and Luke pants.

"Lou. Where's…. where's Lou?" He asks and I crawl over because my ankle wasn't going to be able to take much more standing.

"Right here Luke. You'll be just fine okay?" I ask and gently wrap my hand around Clary's over Luke's.

"Girls, listen to me. Listen, you have to listen to me." Luke pants "I have to tell you… just… just in case…"

"Oh no you don't." I interrupt firmly and Clary nods "No epic heart wrenching goodbye speeches here. Magnus is going to fix you right up and then you can tell us, alright?"

"No, listen to me." Luke insists but Clary wasn't having any of it.

"No. Luke."

"No, you need to know! Liste-" Luke said but then he started seizing and roaring and I yelp.

"Magnus!" I scream but he was already there shoving a piece of bark in Luke's mouth and although the seizing still goes on, the roaring stops.

"Oh my god." Clary whimpers as Luke's eyes flash green.

"We don't have a lot of time. Hold him down, it will take a few moments to take effect." Magnus snaps and I do my best to push Luke down with Clary and Simon. Luke starts screaming through the bark.

"What's happening to him?!" Clary screams distressed and I try to hold Luke down but it wasn't helping much.

"Random werewolf transformation. It's a side-effect of an alpha's bite." Magnus says and I honestly didn't know how the fuck that made any sense since technically Luke was an alpha now too and just… the fuck? Do not fucking tell me this was some dumbass werewolf alpha rite of passage bullshit.

Luke stops shaking and Magnus pulls out bandages out of nowhere and we take them without a word. It's mostly Simon and Clary that do the work but I talk them through it because out of the three of us here, I was the most versed in how to wrap things properly. I did it often enough for Krav Maga. Magnus was bustling in another room with a honest to god cauldron Harry Potter style and since we had no idea what the hell he was making, we couldn't exactly offer help.

But with Luke bandaged up, we were left with not much else to do and so Clary turned to me.

"Lou, your face…" She says and I nod.

"Yeah, uh, Simon do you mind-" I ask but Simon's already nodding.

"Water and antiseptic? You got it." He says and I smile.

"And a mirror and tweezers please." I say and Simon is off to bug Magnus. He doesn't get very far because four steps in and Magnus is waving a hand and suddenly on the table was everything I needed to make sure my face didn't get infected.

"Huh." Clary says and we all share a look but shrug. I shake my head.

"I got this, stay with Luke yeah?" I ask and Clary is reluctant but nods. I settle myself at the table with my busted ankle stretched out and inspect the side of my face.

Even I had to wince after taking a look in the mirror. It was bleeding but it was also starting to congeal and there were bits of gravel in the cuts and just… ewwww.

"Here." Simon offers picking up a towel and dipping it in water before carefully dabbing at my jaw. I wince at the sting but take my own towel and gently we wipe away the blood.

Once the blood was gone though, it didn't look so bad and I gently pick up the tweezers and pluck at the bits of rock. Some of it tumbles off, others require a bit of a pull and some more cause my face to start bleeding again. Simon helpfully dabs away the blood as I wince.

Then Magnus comes bustling in with his cauldron and spatula and an armful of jars.

"The bark will stop the transformation for now, but Luke needs an antidote to stop the poison in his system. And I don't have all the ingredients here." Magnus says and Clary nods standing immediately.

"Just tell me what you need and how to get it." She says immediately but Magnus shakes his head

"No, you girls stay here. Luke will need you if he wakes up." Magnus says and Clary glowers.

"When he wakes up."

"I'll go." Simon volunteers immediately but then Jace walks in and going by the bloody nose I just knew we shouldn't have let him drive. Simon had wanted to be with Luke and I was in no shape to drive anywhere with a busted ankle so unfortunately, that left Jace.

"I'll go." Jace says immediately and Magnus arches an eyebrow.

"Jace, what happened to you?" Magnus asks arching an eyebrow and pushing his head to the side. Jace moves with irritation.

"Luke's car… may have found it's way into a pole… while I was stashing it." Jace admits and I groan. Clary just gives Jace a 'why dude' look.

"You are never driving. Ever." I declare and Jace glowers at me.

"I don't do mundane driving." He huffs and I roll my eyes.

"Obviously." I grumble. Great. Now the cops were after our asses because car plus pole did not mean good things. Shit. Jace takes one of my alcohol wipes and smears away the blood ignoring me.

"What do you need for the antidote?" He asks immediately and Simon protests.

"Hey, I got this." He says affronted.

"Phoenix eyes, moon salt and Idris fulgurite." Magnus snaps as he comes with more jars and I felt my eyebrows try and disappear into my hairline. What the fuck? Phoenixes actually existed? And they gouge out the eyes of the poor things? Gross.

"One trip to the pharmacy, it'll take two seconds." Simon says moving to the door only to get caught my Jace.

"I know a guy." He says "And, uh, I don't need him."

"Hey, you two idiots. Just go. Together." I say and point at the both of them and use my best 'big sister obey me' voice "I mean it. Go. Together."

Simon sighs and Jace rolls his eyes but they move towards the door. Well, progress at least.

"One more thing." Magnus calls after them "I need Alexander."

"Why… why do you need Alec?" Jace asks highly uncomfortable and Magnus beams.

"Virgin Shadowhunter energy."

"That explains so much." Simon whispers and I roll my eyes.

"Uh… Alec, yeah… I can't." Jace says but Clary's rushing forwards.

"Jace, just ask, please." She says "plus, you two need to talk."

"Trouble in paradise?" Magnus asks and Jace stiffens. I roll my eyes.

"Magnus, go back to your concoction. Jace, just talk to Alec yeah? The shit that went down aint' on him." I say and Jace huffs along with Magnus but Magnus goes slightly sulky to his concoction and Jace grabs Simon by the arm and stalks off.

"Just don't speak to me." He grumbles at Simon and I lean back with a sigh of relief. Well, that was one catastrophe sorted.

"Concoction." Magnus huffs as if mortally offended and I ignore it. "Concoction. Concoction!"

"Okay! I'm sorry!" I groan and Magnus arches an eyebrow at me and I sigh. "Forgive me oh great warlock sir, that miracle you are conducting right now is not a concoction. Happy?"

Magnus just sniffs and goes back to his concoction. Clary snickers at me and I roll my eyes. Then she pats me on the shoulder and goes to bother Magnus. Fair enough I supposed.

I pick what gravel I can see out from my face and gently dab with the alcohol wipe and damn does it hurt.

When I'm done I inspect it and with a shudder, pluck at some of the scraped-off skin and wince at the pull. It'll be worse later on I know. I'd had enough skinned knees as a kid to know. Ugh.

Clary asks Magnus about the potion in the background as I pull off my shoe with a wince and inspect my ankle.

Yup. It was swelling. Shit.

I rip my sock off and then start wrapping the bandages as tightly as I dare around my foot and ankle hoping that some support would help. Where were the Shadowhunters when you needed healing runes?

Since there was nothing I could do about my neck nor about the handcuff bits, I kick off my other shoe and limp towards Magnus.

Then suddenly Luke is calling and I abandon my journey and try to shuffle back. Stupid stuffed-up ankle.

"Jocelyn! No! Don't… don't touch…" He slurs as Clary falls to her knees next to him with Magnus. I just flat out give up and crawl the rest of the way because fuck dignity.

"Luke! Luke! I'm here! I'm here!" Clary says frantic and Magnus is pushing Clary aside and holding out his hand.

"Let me take your pain away." Magnus offers but Luke shakes his head.


"Agitation only makes the venom work faster." Magnus warns and I pale along with Clary because shit, shit, shit that didn't sound at all good.

"I need to tell the girls." Luke whispers but Clary is leaning forwards.

"Save your strength." She says and I nod.

"You can tell us later Grandpa. For now, fight this shit." I say and Luke cracks a smile but he still shakes his head.

"No, you girls need to know. Please." Luke says but Clary wasn't having any of it.

"Magnus, do it!" Clary demands but Magnus looks to Luke.

"You need to tell them. Promise me." He chokes and with a slight dip of the head, Magnus snaps his fingers and they spark. Then he holds out a palm to Luke's chest and both Magnus' palm and Luke's chest glows a powder blue.

Luke moans and Clary is standing there shaking and Magnus frowns.

"The poison is spreading." Magnus says and I grit my teeth.

"What can we do to help?" I ask and Magnus chuckled.

"For now, Cupcake? There's nothing any of us can do to help." He says and draws back as Luke seems to fall into a deep sleep. I stare.

"Cupcake? Seriously?" I groan and Magnus smirks and flounces away. Great. "Why the fuck is it cupcake?"

"Hey, he called me Biscuit. Maybe he has a food thing." Clary says snickering. I glower.

"You're not complaining because you didn't get cupcake." I grumble and Clary giggles and I huff and lean against her leg. Clary sits down and lends me her shoulder.

"Drink?" Magnus offers from his little bar at the back of the room and I make to get up and Clary laughs and jerks me back down.

"Lou! No!" She says but she's smiling and giggling and so I play it up and shrug.

"Hey, I so deserve alcohol. I fought off werewolves today." I say with mock pride and even Magnus cracks a smile.

"I have juice for the children." Magnus says holding up two very tall glasses of a light-orange coloured juice that even had crazy straws and those little umbrellas. Where the hell he had gotten those I had no clue but they looked good.

"Okay, Clary, be the best little sister ever and help me to the juice?" I ask and Clary smiles and hauls me to my feet and lets me hobble over with her to grab the juice from an amused Magnus.

I was the one that takes a sip first and damn it was good. A light tropical thing that tasted almost like liquid mango and passionfruit without the annoying seeds.

"Oh this is good." Clary said extremely appreciative and I nod.

"Oh yeah. Best punch, juice thing ever. I need more of this in my life." I say and we savor the drink and Magnus smiles like he's proud of himself and pours himself some whiskey. You could always tell when someone pours whiskey. The smell.

But as the silence stretches on, the mood begins to fall and Clary begins to slump and I open my mouth to say something but Clary beats me to it.

"Tell me what? What's so important that Luke risked his life?" Clary asked frustrated and Magnus sighs and takes a gulp of his wiskey before he answers.

"Everything Jocelyn hoped to hide from you." He says and I frown. Then he waves a hand and there's a sketchbook on Clary's lap complete with charcoal.

"Why?" Clary asks but runs her hands over the paper with a smile.

"When you were younger, I'd watch you sketching. It was your bliss. You're going to need some bliss now." Magnus says and I chuckle.

"Back then, there wasn't a day I didn't draw." Clary says and picks up the charcoal pencil but hesitates "But now, I look at this blank page and I barely even know what to do…"

"Tell you what." I say and make a dramatic pose on a near-by chair. "Draw me like one of your French girls."

Clary laughs and shoves me gently and I wheel my arms pretending to fall.

"Hey!" I whine and Clary laughs and sets her pencil to paper.

"I'm going to draw you with a moustache." She says with a glint in her eye and I gasp as if affronted.

"You wouldn't dare!" I say pointing at my sister who laughs and gets to work immediately. Magnus smirks.

"And the troublemaker Lou." He says with a fondness that I couldn't quite grasp. I huff.

"I could not have been that bad." I complain and Magnus mixes his potion with a small smile on his face.

"That scar on your shoulder, the little one at the top." Magnus says and I touch it frowning. I'd never quite remembered how I got that scar.

"Don't tell me it had something to do with you." I groan and Magnus smirks.

"Actually, I was the one that healed you after you nearly broke your own arm trying to fight off a black dog for your sister." Magnus said amused "It would have healed without a scar but then you jumped in front of Clary when I went to take her memories. You broke quite a few bottles of top-shelf scotch that day diving onto the table."

"Seriously?" I ask staring at the scar and then feeling rather cheated. "I so want to remember that. I sounded awesome."

"I so don't." Clary moans and hides her face behind her sketch pad and I grin at Magnus.

"So, any embarrassing stories about Clary that she doesn't remember?" I ask and Magnus stirs his potion and looks to me with a sly smirk.

"Biscuit? Not so much. But you, Cupcake? Oh the things you've done in my home." Magnus laughs and I wince as I realise that I'd just shot myself in the foot. Clary grins wide. "I do believe the most memorable time was when you threatened to shank me with a smashed bottle when you were twelve. Or perhaps when you punched me in the face when you were sixteen…"

"Lou!" Clary says doubling over in laugher and I stick my nose up in the air.

"I don't remember it so it doesn't count! Also, I bet I thought you were doing something stupid to Clary." I say and Magnus chuckles as Clary laughs and he goes back to his potion. I smile at the mood and Clary goes back to drawing her portrait of me with a moustache.

There's moments of silence before Clary abruptly stops and I stretch arching an eyebrow at my sister.

"Alright then. Bring it Warlock. What did Luke want us to know?" Clary asks spine straight and Magnus seems surprised for a moment before it fades and he nods.

"Very well." He says and picks up his drink. I had a feeling that this would not be a pleasant story. "When I first heard about your father, around the time he and Jocelyn first got together long before the Uprising and the Circle, Valentine elevated the Morgenstern name to be synonymous with virtue. And your mother was at his side. But by the time my people came to know him, barely two years later, his name had become synonymous with devastation. Your mother told me it was then she first saw the signs."

Magnus took a breath and I exchanged a confused look with Clary. Then Magnus continued and I realized why he needed that breath.

"They never found all the bodies." He says and my breath comes out in a rush.

"You mean he…" I say but then stop because what else was there to say. Magnus does not smile. His face is harsh and biter.

"We'd all stood with the Clave for centuries." He bites out and Clary shakes her head.

"How could that not matter to him?" She asks devastated and Magnus's mouth twisted in some painful parody of a smile.

"He was obsessed with ensuring purity of blood. Convinced that the impurities were a threat to peace." Magnus bit out and Clary fumed.

"He was a threat to peace." She snarls and I growl too.

"More like the crazier version of fucking Hitler. What the fuck is it with blood purity? Does the crazy fucker know anything about genetics?" I say rather viciously and stab the bendy straw into the ice that was left over from the juice thing and glower at it.

"Mad men rarely make sense. Mostly, they just hate." Magnus says and there's a wisdom there, a wisdom of years and years of painful sights "And he hated the Downworlders, for the gifts that we possess that he could not have. He hated us to kill us all."

"I don't understand." I say frustrated because I didn't "How does someone look at another person and not see a person? I mean… it's just… I don't get it."

"I know what you mean." Clary says taking my hand in hers "Ever since mom was kidnapped and the Shadow World invaded our lives… so many Downworlders have helped us. Not even thinking about what it might cost them. How could Valentine not see any good in any of them?"

"He was blinded by his ambition." Magnus says with a shake of his head.

"Then what about this 'Clave' that you all talk about. It's some sort of governing body for Shadowhunters right? Why didn't the Clave stop all that shit-storm?" I ask and Magnus sighs.

"Oh he was cleaver. He and his followers, they managed to convince the Clave that the Downworlders they killed on their special missions had violated the Accords in some way. Complete fabrications." Magnus says but the end was a snarl and I got it. It was personal for him because he had lived through it. Was still living through it. He had lost people to Valentine and he himself was on Valentine's very long kill-list.

"How could the Clave not see?" Clary asked tearful and Magnus shook his head and almost seemed to roll his eyes.

"Shadowhunters believe in the Law as absolute. They could never conceive one of their own going astray." Magnus says and Clary barks out a bitter pained laugh.

"My father didn't go astray, Magnus, he went insane." Clary says and I shook my head.

"I think 'insane' is much too nice for our father. He's a monster and a murderous psychopath." I say and grip the glass in my hand tight. Clary places a hand gently over mine. I loosen my grip.

"What happened back then is happening again. The Clave refuses to believe that Valentine's a threat. Nineteen years ago, their lack of vision allowed the Circle to almost decimate the entire Shadow World." Magnus says and I stare because please dear god people could not be this stupid. But they could. Especially in groups isolated from the pain, from the screams, from the suffering.

"That was the Uprising?" Clary asked horrified and Magnus nodded.

"Yes. Valentine wanted to create a new Shadowhunter army, and for that he needed the Mortal Cup. He knew it would only be on display at the signing of the Accords as a show of the Clave's power." Magnus said and I felt waves of disgust for this whole Clave thing.

"How could our mom and Luke be part of something like this?" Clary asked and I had to wonder too because the fuck? Luke was the kindest person one could hope to meet and Mom was… well, mom.

"Jocelyn and Luke tried to prevent the Uprising. They tried to change Valentine's mind about Downworlders." Magnus says but Clary still glowers.

"Obviously, they didn't." She says but Magnus nips that bubbling anger at the bud.

"Clary, if it wasn't for your mother and Luke, the Circle would have won." Magnus says gently and yeah, that did quell the anger. Clary puts down her sketch pad and huddles into herself leaning against my good leg and I reach down with a hand to grasp her shoulder. Clary clings to that hand with both of hers.

"Ever since I found out about Valentine… I wondered how mom could be married to someone like that. And why she stayed." Clary whispers and I could only shrug. Fuck if I know

"She had to stop him. And safeguard the Cup." Magnus says gently "Everything Jocelyn did, she did to save the people she'd sworn to protect. She took her oath as a Shadowhunter seriously." Magnus says and I felt a little bubble of pride for my mother.

"I understand that, but how does it help us find the cup?" Clary asks frustrated and tears out her finished drawing and hands it up to me. I take it. It was a rough sketch but it wasn't of me with a moustache. It was me in real-time complete with busted face and bruised throat. I looked like shit. Ah baby sisters, always out to flatter you.

"Maybe Luke thinks if you know your mother better, you'll know where she hid it." Magnus said with a shrug and Clary stares at Magnus.

"Then tell me why she gave up being a Shadowhunter."

"Because the one thing in the world she loved more, is you two girls. She had to protect you." Magnus says gently and Clary huffs.

"From our father. The lunatic." Clary grumbles.

"Tell me about it." I mutter but we didn't get much further because Luke started thrashing again and Clary bolted. I ditched my empty glass on the closest flat surface off the ground and flat out hop towards Luke. Fuck dignity, who needed it?

"No…" Luke moaned as he thrashed and Clary fretted over him trying to no avail to calm him down.

"Luke. Luke!" She said and I fell to my knees trying to keep his head still.

"The magic's wearing off." Magnus says and I stare.

"It can do that!?" I wail because damn it we just couldn't catch a break here could we?

"It was our fault. It was our fault!" Luke shouts and I try to push him back into the couch but he thrashes against me.

"Luke!" Clary tries but it doesn't help. She peels back the bandage on his shoulder and pales. I pale too because shit had the bite spread? I swore it didn't used to be that big of a gaping wound. "It's worse…"

Magnus snaps his fingers and his hands glow blue. I back off as Magnus places those blue hands over Luke but I can see the strain on Magnus' face and in his slightly shaking hands. This was Magnus buying time. This was not a solution. Shit.

"Magnus! What do you need us to do!" I snap because Magnus didn't look like he was going to hold on for much longer.

"I'm running out of magic! I can't leave him but the potion stock still needs Komodo scale. Find it, add the rest when they get here. You'll have to feed it to Luke." Magnus commands and I push at Clary.

"Go!" I tell her and she sprints off. I turn to Magnus.

"Anything else? What did you need Alec for?" I ask and Magnus rolls his eyes slightly.

"His strength." He admits and I nod.

"Well his not here, so for now, take mine." I say and Magnus looks at me as if in protest and I roll my eyes. "Magnus, I promise that as soon as Alec gets here, you can do whatever the fuck flirting you want, but I'm not letting Luke die just because you wanted to get laid."

"Troublemaker." Magnus says cracking a small smile but holds out a hand. I don't think and just grip the hand as hard as I can.

I suddenly feel like I was going to pass out. It was like all the energy had been leaked from my system and I sway even as Magnus straightens. Shit, at this rate, I won't last five seconds.

Thankfully, or rather, miraculously, Alec takes that moment to charge in.

"Alec! Over here!" I call and Alec dashes over and falls to his knees eyes darting around between me and Magnus. I offer Magnus' hand still clasped in mine "Help him!"

"I need your strength." Magnus gasps and Alec holds out his hand after a beat and I let go. Magnus looks to Alec.

"Take what you need." Alec promises and I crawl away and Magnus is grasping Alec's hand and suddenly the blue is that much brighter. Hell of a lot of strength there.

Just then, Jace and Simon charge in with Jace holding a glowing seraph blade looking ready to kill.

"Clary!" he shouts and I point to where Clary is dumping things in the potion.

"Over there! Dump it in!" I call and with a nod, Jace and Simon dash over.

Clary takes the stuff, dumps it into the potion, mixes it hap-hazardly and then pours what she can out into a metal goblet like thing before rushing over. I hold Luke's head still and nod to Clary.

"I got him!" I say and Clary doesn't waste time and pours the concoction down Luke's throat as he opens his mouth to groan.

Luke thankfully swallows instead of choking and we all wait with bated breath. The seizing abruptly stops and Magnus' magic fades and Luke pants but his breathing isn't laboured and frantic and he slowly peels opens his eyes and I slump backwards in relief. Magnus just flat out slumps into Alec. Oh yeah, those two so had something going on there.

"Clary… Lou." Luke says with a smile and I laugh a little.

"Hey there grandpa." I joke and Clary laughs with me a little breathless, a little frightened but very much relieved.

"You okay?" Alec asks Magnus softly and Magnus nods. Aww. Sweet. I look away and smile because this was the time for celebration and the time to breathe.

Clary helped Simon carry Luke to Magnus' spare bedroom after that and I was left to slump across the couch in exhaustion. Jace had been ordered to make cocktails by a very drained Magnus and that just left Alec awkwardly cleaning up.

The awkward silence stretches and Alec looks like he's itching to say something but determined to keep his mouth shut. Three minutes in and I cave.

"Hey, Alec?" I ask and he stiffens but looks over face blank "Thank you. For coming, and saving Luke's life."

"Don't thank me." He says briskly and I arch an eyebrow.

"Don't thank you? You've just helped save the life of the only father I've ever known. That means a hell of a lot to me." I say and Alec huffs.

"Yeah well, I also managed to let you get kidnapped by werewolves. I think we're even." He says and I frown at him.

"Did Jace tell you what I told him to tell you?" I ask and Alec arches an eyebrow.

"He did. And you don't know what you're talking about." Alec says immediately and I huff.

"Okay, first off, you did not let me do anything. I locked the door behind me and let my guard down because I thought Alaric was a mundane and a cop so that was my own damned fault. Secondly, I am perfectly fine, Luke is fine and we got what we needed so not bad for a day's work if you ask me." I point out and Alec gives me a dead-pan look.

"Oh, so getting your face turned into raw meat, breaking a bone and having your father figure nearly die on you is considered a good day's work?" He almost demands harsh and sharp. I huff.

"You're not going to let this go easily are you." I remark and Alec glowers. "Alright, listen to me Alec. I'm sure that my ankle is fractured not broken and as for my face, it's my own damned fault. I tried to kick werewolf ass with my hands literally tied behind my back so that's on me. You didn't screw anything up so don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Got it?"

Alec looks at me like he wasn't buying anything that came out of my mouth. I was about to try again when he sighs, takes his stele out of a pocket and mentions his hand at me.

"Come on. Give me your arm." He says and I recognize that tone. That was the tone that all older siblings had when dealing with their kid sibling who'd gone and done something stupid and needed their boo-boos kissed.

"Don't think I don't recognize that tone buddy. I've got a baby sister too." I grumble but hold out my arm and Alec pushes up my sleeve to reveal the fading healing rune already there.

"God save us from reckless baby sisters." He says dryly with a snort and I laugh as Alec redraws the rune and it glows gold once again before becoming a pitch black like a freshly inked tattoo. The throbbing pain everywhere dulls and gradually fades and I swore I could already feel my face stinging less.

"You, Alec Lightwood, are a saint." I declare and Alec snorts. He then takes the stele to what's left of the cuffs but the rune fizzes out before it even begins and he sighs.

"It's not taking." He says and I wave it off.

"It's cool. I'll ask Luke for some keys when he wakes up. Handcuffs generally have universal keys anyway. For the time being, they make excellent fashion statements." I say and inspect them like I'm inspecting a bracelet and Alec snorts.

"No more getting kidnapped by werewolves." He tells me mock stern as he stands and strides away. I grin and salute him.

"Aye, aye captain." I say and then Simon all but runs into the room. He staggers to a stop when he almost crashes face-first into Alec's shoulder and then staggers back. Alec isn't at all impressed and rolls his eyes before walking away down the hall.

"Oh. Lou. Hey." He says awkwardly and I wave.

"Hey. You seem off, something happen?" I ask gently and Simon clears his throat awkwardly.

"No, uh, no. It's fine. I'm fine. Luke's looking for you and Clary, uh, yeah." Simon says and I frown and stand. I test the weight on my ankle and man the healing rune is handy because I might be able to put weight on it now.

"Simon, you know you can talk to me right. About anything." I say gently and Simon nods.

"Yeah, yeah, no, it's nothing. It's fine. Really." Simon says and I arch an eyebrow.

"Simon, we've known each other since literally pre-school. You can't bullshit me." I tell him and Simon huffs.

"Just leave it okay, Lou? It's got nothing to do with you." Simon snaps and then stalks out of the room like he's running away from something and I stare after him blinking at that abrupt exit. Something was defiantly wrong. Luke could wait.

I hobble to the hall but Simon was nowhere in sight. I sigh, dig out my phone and call. It rings out. Fuck. Damn it Simon.

I text him a grand total of five times with increasingly urgent threats but still nothing. I try calling again but this time, Simon flat out declines the call. Then, he turns off his phone because my next call gets the 'the number you have dialled is unavailable' message.

Out of ideas, I sulk back to Luke.

I walk into Luke's room just as Magnus walks out and I wave awkwardly. Magnus nods and then flees. Clary looks at me and takes my hand. I take hers and then hobble us both to sit on Luke's bed. Luke smiles a little as we shuffle into place. Well, I do, Clary just perches on the edge looking like she's ready to jump up and start pacing. We last three seconds before Clary does just that.

"You know you can't avoid the question right?" Clary asks and I keep my mouth shut. I had so much I wanted to say that I didn't know where to start. Since Clary did, I'll let her handle it. "I know mom swore you to secrecy, but I've seen you stand up to her before. Whey didn't you tell us any of this?!"

"Because I was afraid you girls would hate us." Luke admits abruptly and I stare and then blink at Clary who's also staring.

"Uncle Luke… why would we hate you?" I ask because it was… it was ridiculous. I'd never hated him and I didn't think Clary ever did either. Not even when we thought he had just been using us to get to the cup. It had broke our hearts but we hadn't hated him.

Luke gives me a deadpan look and I huff.

"Okay, I thought you were out to get me and just because I brandished a mini-lightsabre at you, does not mean I hated you. I was freaked." I say in my own defence and Luke blinks and then barks a laugh.

"Lightsabre?" He asks and I flush.

"Shut up." I say immediately and Clary gets us thankfully back on topic.

"The last few days, we didn't have all the information." Clary points out and Luke wasn't having it.

"And you still don't." he says and wasn't that just comforting "But you need to know everything, it'll help you girls find the Mortal Cup."

"How?" Clary asks frustrated.

"You're just going to have to trust me." Luke bites out firm and Clary sighs.

"I do. And nothing you say is ever going to change that. Okay, but you have to trust me too." Clary says and Luke sighs.

"Alright." He says and looks from Clary to me. I nod. So does clary and Luke with a sigh starts. "Magnus told you two about the Uprising?"

"Yeah." Clary answers and I shake my head.

"I don't like that name. It sounds like the Downworlders tried to rebel against the clave or something. It wasn't an uprising. It was the Clave fucking up." I bite out and Luke points to me.

"Language." He says and I grumble.

"Sorry. Carry on." I sigh and Luke nods.

"And Magnus told you about Valentine killing all those people." Luke says and both Clary and I nod. Luke sighs. "The reason he became that man was our fault. Mine, and Jocelyn's."

"I don't believe you." Clary said immediately and I raised a hand.

"Seconded. I am of the opinion that he was fu… fudged up to begin with." I say changing the swear at a hard look from Luke.

"We betrayed him. Your mother and I." Luke says and he's so full of regret at that and it shouldn't be possible because what the fuck did they even do? "We fell in love."

"Wait. You and mom?" I splutter out and Clary turns around shocked but full of this hope.

"Did you… are you our…" She asks and Luke reals back shocked.

"No!" He said with a scrunched up face "Never."

"Slept together?" Clary tries again and I sigh. If we were children of Luke's we'd notice. We wouldn't be ginger for one thing and our skin would not be fish-belly pale.

"Yeah, I mean no!" Luke said and I look to Clary.

"So… which is it?" I couldn't help but ask.

"Your parents were married." Luke says very quickly and that answered just about nothing. "Valentine was my Parabatai."

"That… explains so much." I admit and Luke arches his eyebrow at me.

"It does?" He asks and I shrug uncomfortable.

"Well, I always thought that you had the whole 'mustn't sleep with my brother in arms' widow' thing going on. I figured that was the only reason why you and mom never got together." I admit and Luke shakes his head.

"The point is, we both loved him. But, as rhetoric got more violent… and he became more combative with the Clave…" Luke said and heaved a great sad sigh "We started to worry. We tried to help him, tried to temper him but… he just kept pulling away. That just drew us closer. We knew it was wrong but we couldn't deny it. Or hide it."

"That… doesn't sound like it ended well." I admit with a wince.

"It didn't. Valentine became convinced we were having an affair. He was obsessed with winning Jocelyn's heart back. For love, he was willing to do anything… even compromise his own principles. He became fixated on becoming a better solider. That led him to do the unthinkable. Experiment with Downworlder blood." Luke said and I shuddered.

"That's…" Clary said and I nodded.

"Shitake mushrooms…" I agree because experimenting with blood never meant good things.

"Once he crossed that line… we never got him back again." Luke said in a heavy voice and he closed his eyes and shook his head "In the end, our love did more damage to Valentine than anything anybody else could have done. We broke his heart."

"At least now we know he had one… before his crazy distorted world view set in." Clary mutters and I shake my head. "What was he like back then? Before he… you know…"

"Went bat shit insane?" I grumble and Luke gives me a glower and I hold up my hands in surrender "Language, I know."

"In the early days of the Circle… oh he was honourable. Idealistic. He was charismatic." Luke says and there was that old awe in his eyes. The type where you truly loved someone and saw just how good they were.

"Just mom's type. Just like you." Clary said with a little smile and Luke smiles a little but shakes his head.

"Oh no. No. I never came close. He was a leader. Devoted to protecting us from dying pointless deaths." Luke says and there was a reverence there, of an old dream, an old idol.

"And you believed him." Clary whispered and Luke laughed.

"If Simon told you he had the cure for cancer, you'd want to believe him too." Luke points out and Clary and I laugh.

"Well, we'd probably give him the benefit of the doubt at least." Clary admits.

"Yeah, about five percent." I say and we giggle. Luke smiles but then sighs.

"And that's what we did. What we all did. The demons were winning. We couldn't train our people fast enough to keep up. Val wanted the Clave to use the Mortal Cup to create more Shadowhunters, but that just made them angry." Luke said and I frowned.

"I always thought that was a good thing? I mean… what are the downsides? Is there some super-dangerous catch to it all?" I ask and Luke smiled a little.

"Not everyone who drinks from the mortal cup can become a Shadowhunter. If you're not strong enough, you die." Luke says and I pale. "Valentine was willing to create new Shadowhunters no matter who died in the process. Ever since the Angel Raziel created the first Shadowhunters with the Cup, it's been forbidden to use the Cup again to rebuild their forces. Jocelyn and I, we tried pulling him back, but he just misconstrued that as…"

"The affair." Clary says and Luke looks down and gives one painful little nod. I put a hand over Luke's and squeezes.

"Hey, that's not on you. Valentine's crazy hallucinations aren't on you." I say and Clary nods.

"There's no way you two could have pushed him over the edge." She agrees firmly "He did that to himself, with those blood injections."

"And the more injections he took, the deeper it seemed he descended into madness." Luke says with a sigh.

"Magnus never told us that part." Clary says and Luke shakes his head.

"He didn't know. There are some things Jocelyn and I never talked about." Luke says and Clary huffs.

"Just what did he do?" I ask shaking my head and not sure if I wanted to hear more. Luke sighs.

"Your mother is the only other person I ever told this to." Luke said softly "I never wanted to burden you girls."

"Tell us." Clary said firmly and Luke sighs.

"Valentine asked me to back him up on a mission. Some farmers had gone missing. He said it was werewolves. He betrayed our Parabatai bond." Luke whispered and my eyes widened and I stared at Luke.

"Oh god… that's how you became a werewolf." I said numbly and Luke nods.

"And then he betrayed everything else he believed in." Luke said grim and I shuddered. Hell of a swan dive off the cliff of sanity. "For a while… I thought he'd killed her. He wanted us both dead. He killed thousands. Turned Shadowhunter against Shadowhunter. Do you understand what I' saying?"

"God only knows what he'd do if he got the Cup." Clary said but I shook my head.

"But here's the thing. I don't get it. No really, I don't. Say he does make an army. Of Shadowhunters. New ones. They'd be new. They wouldn't know how to fight, how to draw runes, hell, they'll know nothing about the shadow world. What the hell is he going to do then? Point them at the enemy and say charge? He'll be up against people who've trained their entire lives to kill demons. There's no way he can think he'll win like that." I say and tug a frustrated hand through my hair "And the whole thing about the cup controlling demons? He wants to kill demons so why the fuc-heck would he want to control them?"

"Shadowhunters are spread thin across the globe, Lou. And Valentine is more than willing to kill off thousands and thousands of people to build himself an army. He won't care if they don't survive the first battle. With the cup, he'll have a never-ending supply of soldiers. The Clave will lose." Luke says and I take that point and gulp. Well. Fuck.