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Time Tourists


Chapter 1: So it Begins


"If time travel is possible, where are the tourists from the future?" –Stephen Hawking



Sawada Tsunayoshi could confidently say he was completely relaxed for the first time since meeting his home tutor from (hell) Italy. Ever since the world of mafia had come into his life in the form of a cow printed child, a bomb throwing delinquent, poison cooking and a violent Italian hitman baby; he hadn't had a single peaceful moment.

Indeed, Tsuna could only vaguely recall the last time he wasn't fighting against his ultimate demise from the hands of his many bizarre and terrifying enemies. Not to mention bodily harm and mental trauma from his own family and friends.

But no, today was not the day to be thinking about those things; after all, it wasn't every day the house was so blissfully quiet. He had found the ideal resting, or as Reborn would probably call it; hiding place under his mother's old kotatsu. It was comfortably warm and all he had to do was lift the blanket for a bit if he ever ran out of air.

A sky couldn't deny the elements it carried for long though and, inevitably, Tsuna's thoughts strayed to his family.

Many things had changed since the Arcobaleno Battles: Tsuna, Takeshi and Hayato had all managed to land in the same Namimori High School that resided only a couple of blocks away from Namimori Middle.

Tsuna had noted that the close location of their new school was probably the only reason Kyoya ever went there. Hell, he still went around hitting unsuspecting middle school kids with his tonfas, just for the pure joy of it. He became the head chairman of the Disciplinary Committee for Namimori High, naturally.

''Chairman'' Tsuna also noted, was just another word for bully.

Furthermore, to the eternal joy of Chrome and the kokuyo gang, Mukuro finally decided to pop a squat and stick around for awhile, despite the fact he declared 'war' against Tsuna during the Representative Battles. The mist user was still a mystery to Tsuna at times, but perhaps he wouldn't be a proper mist if he wasn't.

Even so, Tsuna couldn't help but be happy for Mukuro, despite the pineapple headed teens obligatory efforts to 'posses' his body. It was all surprisingly routine at this point, like Hayato's dynamite or Onii-san's 'EXTREMES!'

The most surprising thing about the whole ordeal was the rare occasions when Mukuro would approach him in the still moments of the mornings; when the mist hung in the air and dew clung to the grass. In these moments, Tsuna felt he fulfilled his duty of a sky, just by saying nothing. Never in this lifetime or six others had Tsuna expected any positive and relatively sane interactions with Mukuro.

He could do without the ones that lacked said sanity though. Often the violet haired teenager would appear in front of Tsuna when he was least expecting it and he had even woken up in the middle of the night once; only to find Mukuro's gleeful face only a few inches away.

Unbeknownst to Tsuna, as he grew older so did his 'sky attraction'. His flames were pure enough to replace Yuni as the sky Arcobaleno which, thankfully, never ended up happening. As he grew as a person, so did the refinement of his flames and even the most elusive mists and drifting clouds were drawn in.

All his guardians had recently put forth efforts to have one-on-one time with their sky. Reborn, embarrassingly, labeled these meeting with his friends as them just wanting some 'tuna-lovin'. When Tsuna first heard it called that he suffered a brief panic and almost gave up the ghost. Reborn simply smacked his lingering spirit back into his body and started tutoring him in 'mafia seduction.'

Oh, how he wished he could bleach his brain after those lessons.

Despite the fact Reborn teased him mercilessly over his meetings, Tsuna knew the hitman approved. He was fulfilling his duty as a sky to the elements that belonged in its sphere, after all.

And with that content thought, Tsuna drifted off to sleep under the kotatsu. Reborn was away for the weekend with Bianchi, the woman having decided they needed some 'couple time' and his mother was away at the market; taking the legion of kids she practically adopted with her.

He managed a heavenly fifteen minutes of undisturbed nap when Reborn's training reared its ugly, if useful, head and his eyes snapped open. Thirty seconds later, Lambo and I-pin came bursting into the living room screaming, something about Lambo stealing I-pin's grape candies.

"Lambo is mean! Those are I-pin's, give them back!"

"Nyahahaha! No way! These are Lambo-sama's now!"

Tsuna thoughts were less than charitable towards the screaming children while he blinked the sleep out of his eyes. He didn't dare reveal his hiding spot because he knew they would take every advantage of his bleeding heart and candy stash.

He heard a scuffle, more screaming, a smack, and then tears. Tsuna sighed and lifted the heavy cover. It was as he suspected; I-pin had managed to recover her candies and now Lambo was a wailing, screaming, cow printed ball on the floor.

He also noted the ten year bazooka poking from Lambo's hair. Tsuna felt his hyper intuition 'ping' in his head at the meddlesome bazooka and he was immediately on guard. Giannini had come to visit the previous week and decided that their weapons needed some serious tuning. The man still had a long way to go from the competent inventor from the future and Tsuna didn't quite the trust the man's skills just yet.

He managed to save his poor Natsu and x-gloves but Hayoto and Takeshi had not been as lucky (Hayato's dynamites would still shoot out doves occasionally). His hyper intuition warned him that he did not want to know what would happen if someone were to fire it off.

A time traveling weapon tuned by Giannini? Someone was probably going to turn into a five year old again like last time, or worse. Before Tsuna could worm himself out from his cozy spot and confiscate the disaster-waiting-to-happen; loud voices started to drown out Lambo's cries.

"JUUDAIMEEEEE! I, your right-hand man, managed to come earlier than expected!"

The familiar voice of Hayato yelled outside the door. Tsuna groaned and his head fell back on the floor. He completely forgot about the school project they were supposed to work on tonight.

"Gokudera don't forget to mention me!" Takeshi muffled voice piped up.

"Oh yeah, baseball idiot is here too…"

There was some more shuffling and a knock on the door that was barely heard over Ryohei's screams and Lambo's cries.

"You are forgetting us on purpose, octopus head!"

"You weren't even supposed to come here, turf top!"

Tsuna gave another sigh when his friends abandoned any semblance of manners and invited themselves into the house. Three sets of feet appeared and Tsuna recognized them as belonging to his sun, rain and storm.

"I-pin took my candies!" Lambo shrieked at the sight of the guardians. I-pin quickly started yelling about how much of a liar Lambo-baka was. Tsuna stared at the bottom of the kotatsu and couldn't quite stop the smile at the chaos that was erupting around him, despite the fact he was mentally complaining about the same chaos earlier.

"OIII SAWADA! Where are you?!"

"Tsuna, my dad asked for me to give this sushi to your mom!"

"Juudaime, where are you?!"

"Baka-dera is too loud!"

Tsuna decided that this was probably the best time to leave his small hiding place before explosives started flying around. He shimmied out from underneath the low table and laughed at all the shouts and murmurs of surprise.

"Hey guys," Tsuna smiled sheepishly to his friends, "you sure came early, I wasn't expecting you for awhile."

Everyone smiled back at the brunet and Takeshi was the first to reply while Lambo and I-pin squealed and jumped into Tsuna's arms.

"Sorry Tsuna, but dad decided that we should pay back your mom for all the dinners she feeds me and well…" Takeshi scratched his cheek awkwardly. Hayato glared at him and gestured his hands wildly, trying to explain to his precious Juudaime why they all were tainting his air with their presence.

"I saw baseball idiot coming here and decided to come along too, this was also when the turf top butted in, uninvited!"

As usual, Ryohei didn't even seem to hear Hayato's mumbling and instead exclaimed "YOO SAWADA! How come you are having a party and didn't invite me!?"

Tsuna blinked and quickly denied, "It's not a party, Hayato and Takeshi are here to work on a school project. You're welcome to stay Onii-san."



As Hayato and Ryohei continued with their usual arguing while Takeshi tried, unsuccessfully, to calm them down; Tsuna carried the little ones into the kitchen. With both child attached to each leg like a barnacle, Tsuna dragged them to his secret candy stash.

"You two always make me find new hiding spots for these." Tsuna mumbled as he relinquished the treats and patted I-pin's top not and Lambo's afro. As soon as the candy was distributed the two fled his side, jumping around the edges of the group like overly hyper monkeys.

Tsuna wondered if they would ever get around to actually working on their school project when he caught a glimpse of violet hair by the kitchen window. Pineapple shaped violet hair.

"Mukuro?" Tsuna whispered and opened the window, looking warily around the front yard. His hyper intuition picked up nothing, but it had gotten faulty nowadays regarding Mukuro.

"Eh, it was probably just a-HEEIIII!" Tsuna screeched as someone under his window took a strong hold of his hands.

All the guardians in the room spun around to slaughter whatever enemy had decided to attack their beloved boss this time; only to stop when they recognized the petite girl, who was now tearfully apologizing for startling her 'Bossu'.

"Ah, Chrome it's alright." Tsuna tried comforting the sniffling girl, "…next time just try knocking on the front door or something."

"Yes, Boss." Came the reply and, before Tsuna could stop her, climbed through the window delicately; accidentally flashing him her white panties. Tsuna didn't even bat an eye having been desensitized to Chrome's panties after being unknowingly flashed so many times he ran out of fingers and toes to count.

So he said nothing and helped her step down, more than used to her quirks. Once she was safely inside she stepped back and clutched her folded trident timidly.

"I'm sorry I scared you, it's just that…I heard you were having a party and I wondered if I could come too."

Whatever disclaims Tsuna was ready to spout about not hosting a party were wiped away as Chrome aimed those large, teary eyes at him.

"Of course you can join in." He quickly caved. Damn, he was so pathetic with girls even after all these years. He glanced back out the window;

"But it's rare to see you without Mukuro, where is he?" Tsuna asked, having a bad feeling about her reply.

"Oh, he's coming too." Chome answered cheerily as if that was the most obvious thing in the world. Scary thing was; to her, it probably was.

"Is that so?" Tsuna answered feebly. All they needed was Kyoya and he'd have all his guardians in his house together for the first time…possibly ever.

"Right, are you hungry? Takeshi brought sushi." He eyed Chrome's skinny form and she blushed prettily; shuffling further into the room, paying no mind to the ruckus that was stirring up already.

Hayato was swinging Lambo by his onesie's cowtail while Takeshi stood on the end of his couch, crouched like a catcher at the homeplate. Hayato let go of the swinging cow-child and Lambo went flying, tears streaming comically from his face before Takeshi caught him gently.

Ryohei held up the number seven and then screamed about it being his turn. Lambo was already laughing again and escaped from Takeshi's grasp making the boys trip over each other trying to catch 'the ball.'

Tsuna looked upon this scene with the patience of a teenager who was very familiar with the saying; 'It could be worse.' Only seconds later, as if the little saying became determined to prove itself, everything descended into the category of 'worse.'

Tsuna tensed when his intuition flared, warning him, and he suddenly had the very strong urge to escape from the place. He didn't need to wait long for the reason for it to appear.

With a mighty 'crash' Mukuro and Kyoya forced their way through the front door and were apparently trying to kill each other again. It's worth noting that, they too, burst in un-invited.

"Kufufufu are you jealous that you didn't get invited to Tsunayoshi's party like Chrome and I?" Mukuro taunted.

Tsuna didn't have time to wonder how everyone somehow knew of this 'party' that he never planned on and didn't even exist till Chrome guilted him into it five minutes ago, as Hibari tried to hit Mukuro in the face with his tonfa, which Mukuro proceed to dodge; resulting in a big hole in the wall.

"You two! Stop fighting inside my home!" Tsuna hurried to stop them wrecking rest of the house, trying not to imagine his mothers shocked face when she noticed the hole in the wall. Maybe he could put a painting over it, 'she might not notice'; he thought, panicked.

The cloud and mist guardians actually paused at his shout and looked at him, considering. However, any attempt at a calm parley was thwarted the moment Lambo and I-pin went soaring over his head. Tsuna watched in horror as Mukuro deftly dodged to the side; I-pin soaring through the open kitchen window and Lambo spun and smacked, spread eagled, onto Kyoya's face.

The immediate silence was defining. Lambo peeled back from the cloud's face like wet paper and landed on the ground with a loud thud. Kyoya's pupils were dilated in barely controlled rage, the rest of his face as cold as a glacier.

Takeshi's rare murmur of; 'shit' pervaded the silence and Tsuna cringed when the clouds rage narrowed in onto the nervous rain. It went unsaid that Takeshi was the only one who could throw anything fast enough to catch the 'demon prefect' off guard.

"I'll bite you to death." Came the predictable reply, and Kyoya lunged. Fearing more property damage, Tsuna sprung forward but, in his hurry, accidentally stepped on Lambo.

"Waaahhhh! Stupid Tsuna, that hurt!" Lambo wailed. Tsuna only spared the cow child a disbelieving glance as the boy was being treated as a human baseball mere seconds ago and didn't even care, before he kicked Kyoya, disrupting his rampage.

Then his intuition flared and a sudden dread shot through Tsuna with the power of a bullet train. He faltered and Kyoya took advantage of his distraction to jump to the side, tonfa's swinging. No longer caring about the rampaging cloud, he looked down and paled when Lambo pulled the familiar pink bazooka out of his hair, sobbing.

His heart skipped a beat and he mentally screamed at himself for forgetting to confiscate the thing when he had the chance. Tsuna could hear Hayato screaming in the background about 'Juudaime's table!' but ignored it in favor of lunging at Lambo.

"Lambo, wait!"

When he was only an inch away from grabbing the pink bazooka, Lambo pulled the trigger and instead of the usual pink smoke; the room was filled with a blinding light. A second later Tsuna felt his breath leave his lungs and he couldn't feel the floor beneath his feet anymore.

Tsuna immediately grabbed the frightened Lambo and felt his heart squeezing with dread at the thought he couldn't reach his other guardians. He flared his flames and only heard the answering call of Hayato and, surprisingly, Mukuro before his consciousness slipped away and the world filled with darkness.


(Somewhere in Italy)


Giannini was feeling quite smug. He was currently thinking about how the Decimo would be pleased discovering the improved ten year bazooka. Giannini hadn't made big changes, instead of the usual five minutes, he had made it so that the time spent in the other time would multiply; around to half an hour. It should work wonderfully…in theory.

He hadn't had enough time to test it but it should be fine. He was confident in his abilities. After all, the parts he had used on the bazooka had been given to him by Talbot-sama himself! He grinned and sipped his tea, pleased.

In the weeks to come Giannini would come to greatly regret his tinkering on the Bovino's ten year bazooka. But, alas, the young man was unaware of the coming danger in the form of the de-aged former Arcobaleno, Reborn.


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