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Author's Note: I am going to try and write all the chapters again from the previous story called Bella's Secrets and Bella Black and this story. I hope you like this version:)


What if Bella was a witch? But not just any witch she is the daughter of Sirius Black. What if after NM she returns to her school and her friends? With Edward as her secret protector? How powerful is Bella? What secrets does Bella hide? Set at the start of NM and before the Triwizard Tournament.

Author's Note: I need to change the date the Cullen's leave to fit in with this story. So instead of them leaving on her birthday they left after school finished. When Bella pretended to have her birthday.

Chapter .1.

Bella's POV

My name is Isabella Mackendra Jaye Alba Minerva France Johnna Petra Lillian Alice Andromeda Black (I know it is a long name but it suits me. And all Pure-Bloods have a long name) and I'm the daughter of Sirius Black convicted murderer and Mackendra Marie Martin who died a year and a half after I was born. She was killed by Death Eaters. I was named after my grandmother Isabella Martin, my mum Mackendra Marie, Jaye after Uncle James, Alba after Albus Dumbledore, France after Uncle Frank Longbottom, Alice after my Aunt Alice, my fathers friends, Lillian after my Aunt Lily, Johnna after Remus John Lupin, Petra after Peter Pettigrew. Andromeda as she is my daddy's favourite cousin who also married for love. Daddy admired her because she married for love and was disowned.

Isabella means Queen, Mackendra means vow, Jaye means lioness, Alba means White Light, Minerva means intelligent, Johnna means Heaven, Lillian means purity, Alice means Noble, Andromeda means princess and star.

My father Sirius was best friends with James and Lily Potter who were my godparents, Remus Lupin and Frank Longbottom who were my Uncles. Uncle James and Aunt Lily's son Harry was my best friend and Uncle Frank and Aunt Alice's son Neville was also my best friend even though we were only 1 and 3. We were insuperable. We spent all of our time together.

When I was three I was kidnapped by Voldemort and held prisoner for a year before I was rescued by Kreacher a house elf that had served my Uncle Regulus loyally for years. Kreacher rescued me from Malfoy Manor and faked my death and took me to an orphanage in Port Angeles in America. He erased all memories from my mind and left me there so I could be safe.

The orphanage manager named Doc Christine Treasure Wellington named me Isebella Ocean. I liked the name but I knew it wasn't my real name. When I was left on the orphanages door step a letter was left with them it read:

Dear Caretaker

This is my niece. I can't take care of her and I am hoping you can find a nice family for her. Please look after her. I also leave in your person a letter to give to her on her a month before her 11th birthday.

Thank you for taking care of her.


A year later I was adopted my Charlie and Renee Swan they became my parents. They named my Isabella Marie Swan. I love them both very much. Even when they split up 2 years after I joined them. I spent my time between the two. I spent the Autumn, Winter and Spring with Renee and the Summer with Charlie fishing or swimming. One year he taught me how to ride a bike! I was clumsy at first but after a few more goes I got better and I could ride with out assistance. Charlie would also come to Phoenix, Arizona for New Year. Then he would fly back home.

I missed him lots when I was away from him but I always knew I would see him again. We talked on the phone every week and I wrote letters to him. I could tell that he was lonely without me but he had his best friends Harry Clearwater and Billy Black to hang around with. I met them a couple of times and they have really liked me and I had liked them. Billy had two daughters and a son. His daughters were the same age as me and we got on well. Billy's son Jacob was two years younger then me and I didn't really feel a connection to him. But he had a crush on me. I didn't return. Rachael and Rebecca could do stuff like I could when I was upset or angry. Which I rarely was.

I slowly grow up and became the smartest in my grade. My whole life changed the month before my 11th birthday. I went to answer the door to find a woman in robes looking at me. She told me her name was Professor Sarah Wickem. I invited her in and that was the day I discovered that I was a witch. I didn't believe her at first but then she showed me her magic. She told me I was excepted into the Ilvermorny. And would be sorted into one of four houses they were Thunderbird, Wampus, Horned Serpent and Pukudgie. She told be Thunderbird house sometimes considered to represent the soul of a witch and wizard. It also said that Thunderbird favours Adventures. Wampus sometimes considered to represent the body of a witch or wizard. It also said Wampus favours warriors. Horned Serpent house sometimes represents the mind of a witch or wizard. It also said the Horned Serpent favours scholars and royalty. Pukwudgie House is sometimes considered to represent the heart of a witch and wizard. It is also said that Pukwudgie favours healers.

She told me about other magical schools including Hogwarts that they really wouldn't take well to me because I was 'Muggle Born'. Here in the US that wasn't a problem some UK citizens immigrated here to get away from all of that. She also told me that Witches and Wizards were immortal. They would stop aging at the age of 25. So we would stay young forever. We wouldn't age unless we wanted too. Even then we would probably live for up to 300 years. How sweet it that?! Professor Wickem said she herself was 147 years old. And she only looked 25. I love magic already!

Three days later she took me to Wizard New York to get my wand and other stuff I'll need for my years at Ilvermorny. I asked her how I was meant to pay for all of this and she told me it had all been taken care of. I didn't question her at the time because I was so excited. We got my wand first I had to put my hand over a box of wood. twelve different types of wood glow the wandmaker nodded.

"This is Red Oak is an infallible sigh of its owners hot temper and the true match for a Red Oak wand is possessed of unusually fast reactions, making it a perfect duelling wand. White Ash is good with people who would life to the fullest. Sugar Maple is good for those who are skilled at Occlumency and Non-Verbal Magic. Silver Lime which works best with seers and those skilled in Legilimency. Ivy is a good wood for Non-Verbal Magic. Apple wood are powerful and best suited to an owner of high aims and ideas, as the wood mixes poorly with dark magic. Normal Ash looks for the ideal owner that are not lightly swayed from their beliefs or purposes. Its ideal owner may be stubborn and will be courageous, but never arrogant. Owners of Aspen wands are often accomplished duellists or destined to be so, for the aspen Wand is particularly martial magic. Silver Wood works best with seers and those skilled in Legilimency. Pear Woods produce splendid magical powers. Possessors of Pear Wands usually popular and well respected and Pear Wands are never in a Dark Witch and Wizards hand, they are also most resilient. Fir wands demand power and strength of purpose in their owners. Fir is best suited to Transfiguration and favour owners of forced, storng-minded and occasionally intimidating demeanour. Fir are called the survivors wand...", the wand maker explains each wood

And Bella was fascinated by it all. She had 13 woods for her wand.

Then the wandmaker puts a box a wand cores in front of me. 36 different cores glow the wand maker nods again and makes my wand. When I got my wand it was custom made the wand maker told me it was one of the most powerful wands he had ever made. It had 27 cores he said it was different from other wands because on the outside it was made of Red Oak, White Ash, Apple Wood, Ivy, Cypress, Silver Wood, Pear Wood, Fir, Alder, Rowan, Pine, Black Walnut and Rubywood and on the inside it was made of Unicorn hair, Giant Hair, Centaur Hair, Werewolf Hair, Mermaid Scale, Blue and Gold Magical Snake Scale, Thestral Hair, White Wolf Hair, Chimaera Scale, Kelpie Scale, Runespoor Scale, Basilisk scale, Basilisk venom, Wampus hair, Fairy Wings, Snidget Feather, Fwooper Feather, Griffin Feather, Storm Eagle feather, Pegasus feather, Phoenix tears, Phoenix feather (blue and green), Phoenix Feather (Red and gold), Phoenix feather (Blue and turquoise), Phoenix Feather (Purple and white), Phoenix Feather (Blue and Black), Phoenix feather (Gold and White), Phoenix Feather (Black and Gold), Dragon Heartstring, Moon Owl Feather, Sun Owl Feather, Phoenix Owl Feather, Hippogriff Feather, Thunderbird feather, Harpy Feather, Abraxan Feather and Aethonon Feather. So 36 cores all together the wandmaker said that the phoenix feathers made me have a connection to Fire, Earth, Water, Wind, Lightning, Shadows, and Spirit. I got a Thestral feather because I am connected to the other world, The Phoenix Owl Feather could mean I have a Phoenix Owl Familiar. And the other animals that I was an animal talker that's what the wandmaker said. I absolutely love that wand. It felt incredibly in my hands. I paid 30 galleons for it. After a few other stores we finally reached a bookshop. I was ecstatic I bought many books wanting to learn as much as possible.

Next we went to a pet shop Sarah told me I was allowed any animal I wanted within reason. She waited outside as I looked around. Soon I came across a beautiful midnight black and silver owl with blue eyes. I immediately took to her. I named her Mystic. Mystic hooted at her new name telling me she loved it. I was happy with her she is a great owl to have. The owner said she was part thestral owl and part moon owl. I also go a Runespoor who was just a baby name Luku, Lijy, and Loki. They were gold and silver. A magical snake that had the same scales as my wand core. She said she had give the scale and I was her bonded. Her name is Sassha. A Magical White Wolf (Miniature) also came up to me bonding with me, I felt the bond with her too. She said her name was Raj. A magical Snow Leopard (Minature) whose name was Alpine. A Thunderbird named Storm. A Griffin named Lissa. A actual phoenix perched on my shoulder he was black with flecks of gold. I named him Taji. Then another Phoenix a gold and white Phoenix perched on my other shoulder. I named her Spirit. Another 3 Phoenixes that were blue and black landed and I named her Mystery. Another male that was red and gold who I named Fireball, And the other was blue, white and turquoise I named her Beauty.

They said they liked me very much. When I bought all ten over to the owner looked surprised that a young girl wanted a Runespoor and had 5 phoenixes. I paid 200 Galleons for them, but it was worth it. They were truly spectacular. I even bought another 10 Galleons of books on how to look after them. The shop keeper said they were all very rare and said I would be a great witch with them on my side.

Soon I was back home and reading my way through all of my books. The next day we had another visitor from the orphanage where I spent a year of my life. He handed me a letter stating it was meant for me. That when I arrived he got a letter stating to give this to me before my 11th birthday. I quickly took the letter to my room to read in privately. I quickly opened it and began to read.

Dear Isabella,

I sure by now you know that you are a witch. And I bet in time you'll make a stunning and powerful one. I'm sure you are wondering who I am. I am your Uncle Regulus Arcturus Serpens Black. Your father is Sirius Orion Caelum Fornax Taurus Cygnus Robert Andrew Maximus Black my brother and your mother was Mackendra Marie Martin Black. Your full name is Isabella Mackendra Jaye Alba Minerva France Johnna Petra Lillian Alice Andromeda Black.

Your father was best friends with James Harold Edward Christopher William Charlus Potter, Lily Rose Evans Potter, Remus John Lupin, Peter Patrick Pettigrew, Franklin Aaron John Nathan David Longbottom. Alice Belinda Blishwick-Longbottom. You called Professor Minerva McGonagall Grandma Mini and Headmaster Albus Dumbledore Grandpa Al.

James and Lily's son Harry was your best friend so was Frank and Alice's son Neville and the Bones's daughter Susan Bones, even though they were one year old. When you were born we were fighting a war against the evilest wizard and darkest creature alive Lord Voldemort and his Death Eaters.

You were only three years old when you were taken from your father by Voldemort and his Death Eaters. The Dark Lord wanted you to be his wife when you grow up. A Dark Lady. At the time I was part of his circle and there was no way I was going to let my niece have that fate. That was when I instructed my house elf Kreacher to take you away and fake your death. I also told him to take away your memories which you should start getting back.

When news spread of your death your father was crushed with grief. I don't know what happened to him. I have started my quest to bring down Voldemort. I hope to stop him before he can ever get to you or Harry or even Neville or Susan.

There is a prophecy it relates to either Harry or Neville. I really aspect it is to do with Harry. When you are older and I mean it Isabella protect him. Don't do it till you are older then 17. It will be dangerous protecting him from a creature as evil as the Dark Lord.

I have a feeling one of your Father's close friends gave up your location to the Dark Lord either Peter Pettigrew or someone else he was close too.

There is one person you can trust and that is Severus Snape. He is on the side of the light. He is a spy for the light against the dark. You can trust him. I have ways of knowing. I also know that one day Blaise Zabini will be an ally to you. His mother has never been a supporter of the Dark Lord. He is the same age as your god brother and friends.

Tell your father if you ever meet again that I am deeply sorry for choosing the wrong path. I should have been strong like him and fought against the Dark Lord. And I should have run away with him when he offered. But I wasn't strong enough. Sirius I am sorry. I love you brother and I am sorry for all the hurt you been put through.

Know that I love you Isabella. I'm proud to call you my niece. And for you to take on the Black name. But I suggest you wait till your trained. Because you will find many people wanting to kill you when they find out your Isabella Black.

Also know that Kreacher will always be at your service for whatever you need. He is loyal to you now. When you call him he has something to give you from me.

Good luck.

Love your Uncle Regulus Black

I had tears rolling done my cheeks. I closed my eyes and I started to remember all the time I had everything with Uncle Remy, Uncle Frank, Aunt Alice, Neville, Susan my only girl that was a friend at the time. Uncle James, Aunt Lily and Harry. And of course my Daddy. I also remember Kreacher rescuing me. I opened my eyes and called to Kreacher to me. There was a sharp crack and he appears before me.

That day I learnt many new things about my father and his life. I also found out I had a vault full of money. I had Kreacher bring me there and I withdrew a lot of it then I went and bought a lot of books I had to find out everything about my father, the war, wizarding Britain, my family history and the fate of all my friends.

After I read the books I found out my father was convicted of murder and leading Voldemort to Uncle James, Aunt Lily and Harry. Which I thought was ridiculous. I knew he wouldn't have done that. That day I made a promise to myself that I would get him out of jail even if it was the last thing I do.

Neville was also orphaned his parents killed by Barty Crouch Jr and Bellatrix. Susan was also orphaned in the war. Blaise was my 3rd cousin that said on the family tree he was a disgrace even if he was a Pure-Blood. Neville was also a cousin and also was typed as a disgrace to Pure-Bloods. Don't England sound great?

I counted down the days to the 1st of September and I had taught myself many spells including expanding my purse. I also couldn't wait to get to Ilvermorny to start learning some real spells. I tearfully said my goodbyes to Renee and Flooed my way to Ilvermorny.

We went into the courtyard to wait for everyone were I met the 15 girls I would befriend for life. I got there that Rachael and Rebecca were there and we squealed and hugged each other, then Stella Carter half-blood, Nadia who was a pure-blood, Jennifer or Jenny who was a Muggle-Born, Olympia was was Pure-Blood, Katie who was a Half-Blood, Nerina a werewolf/Half-Breed, Christina who was a Half-Blood/Half-Breed, Lerida was a Pure-Blood, Sophie was a Muggle-Born, Ophelia Holmes who was a vampire, Septima who was a pure-blood werewolf, and Serpentina who was a Pure-Blood.

We also met 15 boys that we would also become friends for life. Josh who was a pure blood, Damien who is a Half-Blood angel, Tony who was a half-blood, Nathan who was a half-blood, Jackson who was a Muggle-Born, Stephan who was a Pure-Blood. John was a Half-Blood, Thomas who was a Muggle Born, Septimus and Joseph who were Pure-Blood werewolves, Damion who was a Muggle-Born, Ethan who was a Pure-Blood, Mark was a Half-Blood, Carter who was a Muggle-Born and Matthew James a Half-Blood.

When everyone was there we had to line up in Alphabetical order.

"When I call your name you will step onto the Gordian Knot and you will be sorted into your houses", Professor Sarah Wickem says

"Baymen, Lerida"

Lerida had dirty blonde hair and hazel eyes. She was sorted into Thunderbird.

"Black, Rachael"

Rachael steps onto the knot and it takes a minute before the Wampus Statue roars at her and there was a greet cheer from all the students

"Black, Rebecca"

Once again the Wampus statue roars.

"Carter, Stella"

Stella had long curly black hair and coffee eyes. The Horned Serpents carves glow and students cheer for her

"Davenport, Nadia"

Nadia had long straight black hair and emerald eyes. Pukwudie raises its arrow and another group of students cheer.

"Davis, Katie"

Katie had dark brown hair and dark blue eyes she was sorted into Pukwudie.

"Dickson, Mark"

Mark had brown hair and brown eyes and was sorted into Thunderbird.

"Greendown, Sophie"

Sophie had Light brown hair and chocolate eyes she was sorted into Pukwudie.

"Holmes, Ophelia"

Ophelia had black hair and silver eyes. She was a different type of Vampire. She was sorted onto Horned Serpent.

"Howard, Jackson"

Jackson had brown hair and grey eyes. He was sorted into Pukwudie.

"James, Matthew"

Matthew has brown hair and brown eyes he was sorted into Horned Serpent.

"Johnson, Carter"

Carter had red hair and grey eyes he was sorted into Thunderbird.

"Knot, Damien"

Damien had light brown hair and green eyes and he was part angel. He was sorted into Pukwudie.

"Lark, Damion"

Damion had light brown hair and hazel eyes, he was sorted into Wampus.

"Marcus, Stephan"

Stephan had blonde hair and grey eyes and was sorted into Horned Serpent

"Marrow, Christina"

Christina was also a half/breed she was half/giant but took after her mother and was the same size as everyone. She had brown hair and grey eyes. She was sorted into Horned Serpent.

"Maxwell, Nathan"

Nathan had red hair and green eyes he was sorted into Wampus.

"Noble, Josh"

Josh had Black hair and blue eyes. He was sorted into Thunderbird.

"Poland, Thomas"

Thomas had dirty blonde hair and green eyes he was sorted into Horned Serpent.

"Redding, John"

John had Red hair and brown eyes. He was sorted into Pukwudgie.

"Redman, Nerina"

Nerina is a werewolf and has been for years. So she is what Britain would call a Half/Breed. The school doesn't know and we have taken it upon ourselves to help her and keep it a secret. Her family already disowned her she needs her friends to sick by her she has brown hair with blue/gold eyes. She was sorted into Wampus.

"Roberts, Ethan"

Ethan had brown hair and grey eyes he was sorted into Horned Serpent.

"Scamander, Serpentina"

There were gasps from the crowd. Serpentina had brown hair and grey eyes. She was sorted into Thunderbird.

"Silverriver, Olympia"

Olympia had straight blonde hair and light blue eyes. She was sorted into Thunderbird.

"Smart, Anthony"

Tony had brown hair and brown eyes he was sorted into Wampus.

"Stealwater, Jennifer"

Jenny had red hair and green eyes. She was sorted into Horned Serpent.

"Swan, Isabella", I step up onto the knot like the others

It takes a minute before the Wampus statue roars at me. People cheer.

"Westly, Joseph"

Joseph had red hair and blue eyes and was sorted into Thunderbird.

"Westly, Septima"

Septima looked exactly like her brothers and was sorted into Wampus

"Westly, Septimus"

Septimus had red hair and brown eyes he was sorted into Thunderbird.

There was a lot more names. But that was our group.

Ilvermorny is a big school that caters for the whole country besides Salem the all girls school. I was surprised when . At least I would know two people here. I was put into a room with 11 other students. At Ilvermorny you had your own room each in your house common room.

Over time we started to be called the the Scheming Wolves or Scheming Wolf Marauders in honour of my father and his friends or the SWM. We were all in Quidditch teams for our houses.

Over time we recruited younger students into our group. Like Caterina Meyer pure-blood, sixth year, Katherine Heart half-blood, six year, Laura muggle-born, Sarah muggleborn, Alexa half-blood. The last two were a year behind us named Ainslee Muriel Westly who was bitten by a werewolf when she was 6 and Septima, Joseph, Septimus Elliot Westly or Weasley. They had been taken from their home. The order of their siblings is this Bill, Charlie, Percy (18), Joseph (17), Septima (17), Septimus (17), George (16), Fred (16), Ainslee (15), Ron (14) and Ginny (13) (There now ages).

We all took to learning anything we could. By the end of our first year we all knew how to do many basic spells and more spells include: Expelliarmus, Episkey, Scourgify and Stupefy and many other spells. I also discovered that I was a seer, a natural at languages and Metamorphmagus. But I kept being a seer too myself. But my friends. We were also know for our pranks. Nothing harmful but just funny. We always had SOMETHING up our sleeve. We knew we were meant to be friends. We could feel it as the days and weeks pasted and our friendships grow stronger.

On July 1st Renee married Phil Dwyer. So he was bought in on the secret. And he fully supported me. That made me warm up to him. But he wasn't Charlie or my real Dad. He was a minor league baseball player. He travelling quite a lot. Renee joined him when I was at school. They moved to Jacksonville, Florida in my second year. Renee loved the sun. I didn't have to worry about her much because she had Phil to pay the bills and make sure she the pantries were always full and someone to find her car keys when she lost them. I was really happy. I knew Phil would look after her.

Second year was when I learned I could really trust my friends it was mid-way through the year when on a trip with my friends I was attacked by Bellatrix Lestrange and her group of friends. She and the others used the Cruciatus Curse on me and she also cursed my hand, leg, and face before my friends could get to me. The stunned her and wiped her memory of the event. I was in hospital for a long time.

The doctors told me I would always have scars and that I would always walk with a limp and would be unable to use my left hand. My left ear was destroyed. My right eye was destroyed by the curse so it was replaced by a mechanical, magical one. It is gold and it can do anything I want. The eye can see through invisibility clocks and charms, tell if someone is under charms, hexes, or curses. With the eye I can see in the dark and I can see far in the distance with it. That was when my friends intervened they erased the doctor's memory and told me of a charm that would mask my scars and effects of the curse. But I decided just to hide my eye and ear. Let others see my scars. Maybe that will tell them not to mess with me. When we finally arrived back at Salem I told them everything about myself. Including Sirius Black as my father and how I have been getting visions of the future for over a year now. I told them all I wanted to prove my father's innocence they all quickly agreed to help me. That's when I knew for sure we would be friends for life. No matter what happened we would be there for each other.

Third year can and went with the Wolf Marauders and I fully mastering the Patronus Charm, many other difficult spells and as all becoming Animagus. In America it is not illegal to transform and not tell anyone. Stella was an Eagle, Josh a lion, Nadia a hawk, Jenny a dog, Olympia a Cream wolf, Katie a cat, Lerida a Owl, Chrissy (Christina) a white fox, Thomas a Puma, Ophelia a Bat, John a Panther, Tony a Sparrow, Damion a Snake, Nathan a Ocelot, Sophie a cheetah, Jackson a German Shepherd, Matthew a Clouded Leopard, Ethan a Caracal, Damien a badger, Cater a Cat, Mark a Labrador, Serpentina a Lynx, Stephan a Jaguar, Rachael a Sandy Wolf and Rebecca a snow wolf and myself a snow leopard. All of us were quite proud of ourselves.

Also in third year we found out Voldemort was a skilled Legilimence so we all studied Occlumency. We managed to become Occlumency by the time summer came around. I actually managed it in a couple of weeks. We felt safe now we could protect our minds. So no matter what we face we would be prepared. We didn't think Voldemort was really dead. He was deep into the dark arts and so we were sure he would have found some way of keeping himself alive.

Fourth year I knew Harry would be starting Hogwarts. At the time I hoped everyone would treat him well. That was the year that my skirts and I had been coming up with our own spells. We made up many and have agreed that some would be dangerous in the wrong hands so we all agreed never to speak them aloud. But most of them I was the only one that could preform them. I had an unbelievable control of my magic. And my bonded familiars only made it stronger.

Also in fourth year I added three names to my long name it was Regula after Uncle Regulus in his honour, Sharla in my adoptive fathers honour I am proud to wear his name. It is also my adoptive Grandparents name Charlus Potter and Treasure after the Doc who found me on her orphanage door stop. So my full name is Isabella Mackendra Jaye Alba Minerva France Johnna Lillian Alice Andromeda Regula Sharla Treasure Black.

Fifth year had us studying for our O.W.L. S. The skirts and myself being more advanced then normal students didn't need to study much and we practised silent spells, Legilimens, Occlumency, Fiendfyre Curse and apparation. All very advance spells. I was the best duellist in the school no one could beat me I found that quite funny. We also took Drivers ED. It took me all year to figure out how to work and drive a car. I may have grown up in the Muggle World but I wasn't interested in cars. But I did get my licence in the end.

At Christmas time in our Fifth Year we had a Yale Ball were both Salem schools got together for a night of dancing. I danced with most of the boys there. I was a very good dancer. I wore a long light blue dress with sparkle around the waist. I had sapphire earrings in that I got from the Black Family Vault. I also wore a Blue Sapphire Pendent. All the boys were drooling over me. I liked the attention but only a little bit. I never seriously dated anyone. I told my friends I would know the one when I see him. But the Skirts already found their soul-mates it took to they were 15 to kick in and at the Yale Ball. Stella with Tony, Nadia with John, Jenny with Josh, Olympia with Nathen, Lerida with Damion, Katie with Ethan, Sophie with Stephan, Nerina with Mark, Septimus and Chrissy, Septima and Matthew, Joseph and Serpentina, Damien and Ophelia, Rachael with Thomas and Rebecca and Carter.

That summer when we got our reports. Unlike other wizarding schools our school offered muggle classes as well. The skirts and I take a lot of classes. We worked it out long ago with the head mistress.

O.W.L.S Results for Isabella Marie Swan

Subject Practical Theory

Alchemy - O O

Ancient Runes - O++ O++

Ancient Studies: O++

Arithmacy - O++ O+

Astronomy – O O+

Biology - O O

Business Management: O

Calculus - O O

Care of Magical Creatures – O O

Charms – O++ O

Computing - E+ E

Cooking: O O

Cultures: O

Curse Breaking: O++ O++

Dark Arts: O+

Defence Against the Dark Arts: O+++ O++

Divination : E+ O

Drivers Education: E E

Duelling: O+++ O++

Enchanting: O+++ O+++

English: O+ O

Financial Management: O E+

Fine Arts:

1. Dancing: O+ O+

2. Drawing: O++ O++

3. Playing: Harp: O+

4. Playing Guitar: O+

5. Playing Piano: O++

6. Jewellery Design: O++

Flying : O++ O+

Geography: O O

Government: O O

Gym: E E+

Healing: O++ O+

Herbology: O O

History Of Magic: O O+

Human Languages:

1. Arabic: O

2. Bulgarian: O

3. Celtic: O++

4. Chinese: O

5. Danish: O

6. Dutch: O

7. French: O+

8. Gaelic: O+

9. German: O+

10: Greek: O++

11. Hebrew: O

12. Italian: O

13. Japanese: O

14. Latin: O++

15. Mongolian: O

16. Norwegian: O

17. Pashto: O

18. Portuguese: O

19. Spanish: O++

20. Swahili: O

21. Thai: O

22. Xhosa: O

23. Zulu: O

Law: O O+

Legions & Myths: E O

Magical Craftsmanship:

1. Broom Design: O+

2. Invisibility Cloak: O

3. Pensive: O+

4: Trunk: O++

5. Staff: O++

Maths: O O

Muggle Studies: O O++

Non-Human Languages:

1. Dwarven: O

2. Elven: O

3. Fairy: O

4. Gobbledegook - O++

5. Impish: O+

6. Mermish: O+

7. Wolfic: O+

Politics: O O

Potions: O++ O++

Runic Magic: O+++ O+++

Swimming: O O

Transfiguration: O++ O++

Warding: O++ O++

Wizarding Traditions: O O

When I read my grades I squealed I had all O.W.L.S if my father could see me now I know he would be so proud. I only got an Exceeds Exceptions in Divination because I didn't want anyone to know I'm a seer. If anyone knew of my abilities I could be in even more danger then I'm already am. Later that night I got owls from my friends saying what they got on their reports.

My friends are good at: Stella is Charms, Nadia is Potions, Sophie is Herbology, Katie is Healing, Lerida: Warding and Government, Jenny is Warding, Chrissy is Potions and Healing, Olympia is Transfiguration, Rachael is Legions & Myths, Rebecca is History, Nerina is Curse Breaker, Serpentia is Magical Creatures, Septima is Defence and Ophelia is Curse Breaking.

The younger ones were Catherina is Wand making, Katherine is Care of Magical Creatures, Laura is Financial Management, Sarah is Law, Alexa Dixon is Goverment, Ainslee Weasley is Wards,

By the end of my fifth year I wasn't just a Seer and a Metamorphmagus. I could do wandless magic. I was an Animagus. I could also do Legilimency and Occlumency. Both come in handy when needed to get out of trouble.

Also during the summer my father escaped from Azkaban. I did a little happy dance when I heard. At the time I could only hope my father was somewhere safe I didn't want him to get hurt. Because this time he would get the Demetors Kiss.

Over the years I have heard stories about Harry's advantages at Hogwarts. And It had taken all my strength to not go to Hogwarts and hex him into the next century from being so reckless. Honesty can't that boy stay out of trouble for 5 minutes! I swear that boy will be the death of me or drive me insane. I don't know which but it will probably be one of them. My informant with Blaise Zabini. I took Uncle Reggie's advice and befriended him. He knew my secret but was protected by my magic so he couldn't tell anyone.

With the six year coming up I decided to take a break and spend time with Charlie in Forks. The skirts agreed to keep an eye on everything for me and to let me know if anything happens.

So I went to live with Charlie and Charlie put my age up by one year so I was 17 other then 16. On the first day of school I can across vampires. At the time I thought how bad my luck was. But I noticed their eyes were a different colour to the normal vampires. So I decided to give them a shot. Over time Edward and I got together and we fell in love.

One night I got a vision of my father needing help I knew I had to send a letter to Uncle Remus Lupin. I told him his best friend needed his help and that Harry's friend Ron's rat was really Peter Pettigrew. I sent it of hoping they would strangle the little traitor. When I got the vision of the traitor escaping I knew I had to do something. My father deserved to be free. Lucky Edward was out hunting tonight and I wouldn't get caught. I quickly apparated just outside of everyone's sight. I quickly put charms around myself so I wouldn't be seen. I saw Uncle Remy transform and my father try to stop him. That's when I see the traitor heading my way. As soon as he is in range I hit his silently with a stunning spell. I quickly turn him back to normal. At the time I really wanted to kill him but I knew if I did then my father would never be free. I sigh and run a hand through my brown hair (Seems my hair is always that colour now). I cast a spell on him the makes him invisible as well as myself before I could move Peter and myself I felt the Dementor's. I quickly sent out a powerful Patronus making them all scattered the Patronus was so bright I was sure everyone could see it from the Castle. Now I made my way to Dumbledore's office. I tie Peter up in ropes and put the charm on him stopping him from transforming and sit a note on his chest explaining everything. I knew tonight my father would be a free man. I feel so happy for him. I'm glad he can have a normal life. But after seeing visions of my future I knew I had to stay in hiding. With one last look at the traitor I apparated back to Forks. I sent my sisters coded letters saying what I have done.

The next few days flew by and soon I got a letter and a newspaper from the skirts telling me my father was a free man. I felt free inside and spent the remainder of the week on a high not even Emmett's pranks could put me down.

Then there was that whole James affair his name made me cringe remembering my dead Uncle. That was a whole disaster if I was alone I would have healed my injuries but no I had vampires with me so I couldn't do anything. I love them all with all my heart but having them around was so annoying.

After I got out Edward helped me everywhere. So I couldn't get away to tell the skirts what had happened.

Days turned into weeks and I found myself at a party celebrating my birthday, well the birthday I told them. I didn't need them knowing my real birthday yet. I actually had two fake birthday's this one on June 28th and the other that Kreacher put on the letter as September 13th but my real birthday was on August 8th. They all though this year I was turning 18 but I was turning 17 I thought it was quite funny that none of them knew that. The whole birthday party turned out to be a disaster Jasper ended up attacking me in a fit of bloodlust. I knew it wasn't his fault. Witches smelt better then humans to Vampires and he had 6 other vampires bloodlust to deal with plus his own and I was Edward's singer! Jasper's reaction was only natural.

Edward drove me home that night acting distantly towards me. Three days later he tried to break up with me. Well I had something to say about that. Lets see how Edward does with MY life. He can't tell his family. But he WILL be with me...

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Bella's Familiars

1. Part Moon Owl/Part Thestral Owl/: Female: Mystic: Midnight Black and Silver with blue eyes

2. Runespoor: Luka, Lijy, Loki: Gold and Silver

3. Snake: Female: Sassha: Blue and Gold

4. White Wolf Magical: Female: Raj

5. Snow Leopard: Male: Alpine

6. Phoenix: Male: Taji: Black with Gold flecks

7. Phoenix: Female: Spirit: Gold and White

8. Phoenix: Female: Black and Blue: Mystery

9. Phoenix: Female: Blue, White and Turquoise: Beauty

10. Phoenix: Male: Red and Gold: Fireball

11. Griffin: Female: Lissa

12. Thunderbird: Female: Storm