Light's Angel (Version Two)

As Light continued to stare at his desk with his head in his hands. Desperately trying to figure out what to do he was torn apart; and at war with himself. He knows he's no saint he never expected himself to stoop to that level yet. But what was holding him back one half of him wanted to create a new world with himself as its god. While the other just wanted to a normal human life without the cops constantly being on his tail. Constantly annoying him Light liked the challenge at first but now he wanted to live a normal life; where he wasn't always judged on what he did.

Opening up his desk draw Light took out the death note and stared at it. Its words taunting him the death note was like saying what are you going to do about it. Light threw the death note on his desk in disgust he then quickly turned around in his chair; and stared at the opened bedroom door for a good few minutes before getting up and making his way over to the room. Light stood in the bedroom doorway watching his girlfriend JJ sleep and chuckled a little bit as she cuddled his pillow. She changed his outlook on life and turned him into a better person. But sadly for Light he still wanted to be KIRA and set the world on the straight and narrow. Maybe he could be KIRA every now and again but only go back to killing criminals. JJ turned Light into a better person and gave him a new lease on life. JJ was simply Light Yagami's kryptonite.