Hello this is Draconic King but I'm sure you already knew that. anyway this I something I've been thinking about for awhile now and decided to write it's not the best I know but I hope you enjoy

The church of Molag Bal in castle Volikhar was in ruin, moonslight being the only thing illuminating the room. It revealed two figures one being a lycanthrope a beast of Hircine, its fur a jet black with patches of blood decorating it and the other a Vampire Lord a creature of other world origins. its appearance consisted of leathery skin a large skinny bat like wing and one wing missing blood gushed out of the stump.

These were no ordinary beasts for they were the Dragonborn of legend and the other Lord Harkon a servant to Molag Bal Daedric prince of domination, this battle of the beasts was one for the ages it lasted for hours the beasts failing to get the upper hand on the other before the Dragonborn managed to bite in to Harkons throat incapacitating him forcing Harkon back into human form

The lycanthrope stood over its bested foe, breathing heavily and lightly whimpering from its wounds. The werewolf dropped to all fours as the fur retreated back into his body and his bones snapped back into their original form.

After the transformation was complete the dovakin was revealed clad in full dragon bone armour two steel blades strapped to each of his sides .

"It's over Harkon give up for your daughters sake" the Dovakin growled as he stared down at his foe Harkons reply was to cackle "pathetic I swear I will kill you and that worthless Daughter of mine" the vampire Lord cackled and coughed up blood from the wound on his neck with a sigh The Dragonborn unsheathed one of his blades and prepared to finish the beaten vampire Lord but was stopped when the doors to the Cathedral burst open revealing Serana "what are you doing I told you not to come in" the Dragonborn shouted turning away from Harkon giving Harkon an opening so while the Dragonborn wasn't paying attention Harkon grabbed his sword and stabbed the Dragonborn in the stomach burning his skin cause of his wolf blood the Dovakin gasped and dropped his sword "No!" Serana screamed and threw her dagger at her father imbedding the the blade in his skull killing him and turning the body in to a pile of blood red ash she then ran over to the Dragonborn she lifted him up began walking towards the exit where the dawnguard would be waiting with healers. The daughter of cold harbour was afraid she lost for to many friends in her life and now she might loss the only friend and the man she loved. His werewolf blood should be healing the wound but the sliver was preventing that.

By that time the duo had reached the bridge of the castle the vampires had all been killed by the dawnguard but the Dragonborn was dying his dragon bone armour had almost been painted red with his blood and he was failing to keep his eyes open "h...hey your gonna be ok just keep your eyes open" Serana whimpered trying to contain her tears as she frantically searched for a healer"Someone help...please he's dying" the Vampiress cried her tears of blood flowing down her face "Alexander" the Dragonborn crooked "my name...is Alexander I. I never told you" how could she forget ever since they started traveling together he never told his name she gave him a sad smile "well Alexander we will be able to formally meet when you healed" when Serana finished speaking Alexander replied "yeah I'd like that" but he gave in to his wound and passed out

At fort Dawnguard

For two weeks now Alexander has been unconscious the only sighs of life there were was the slow rise of his chest.

Serana had been by his bed side ever since they arrived back at fort Dawnguard only leaving the to eat but she mostly brought her plate and ate in his chambers ever then she would skip meals if she could to stay by his side in these past two weeks she had changed quite a lot since she had visited failon in morthal and became human again.

Right now the former Vampiress had her head rested of the bed The Dragonborn lay on "please come back to me" she whispered to herself as she stared at him.

A knock on the door snapped Serana out of her trance when it opened isran was stood there dressed his heavy dawnguard armour "please Serana need to get some proper sleep and a meal he will recover he always has" his gruff voice echoed through out the stone walls her only reply was to give a sigh and turn back to the unconscious Dragonborn.

Since Serana became mortal again isran had started to treat her a little better, he even started to called her by her name and not 'thing' or 'monster' Isran patted her on the shoulder and walked out of the room closing the door behind him

She leaned over and kissed his cheek and decide to follow isran's advice and get some food.

Alexander's PoV

I was so hungry. I tried to open my eyes only to be blinded by the sun light leaking through the window I then tried sitting up only for my stomach to burn like a dragons fire I pushed through the pain and leaned on the wall behind the bed and took a deep breath and tried to you my healing magic only to find my magicka was empty I closed my eyes and tried to think about what I last remember "ok so I was fighting Harkon then Serana came in to the church and Harkon... Stabbed me oh gods I hope Serana is ok" I thought to myself I sniffed the air searching for a scent I recognise

lavender... A faint smell of blood and something I didn't know it was familiar yet different the wooden door to the room creaked open revealing Serana she had her eyes closed and a plate of food resting in her hands mumbling to herself about something she looked exhausted her eyes had deep purple bags under them her usual tide Raven hair was tied up in a unkempt ponytail hardly keeping it up .She then opened her eyes and dropped the food in her hand and jumped on me causing me to whines but she ignored it as she cried in to my chest.

It took a few minutes for Her to stop crying "I was so scared I thought you died" I heard her mumble I lifted her head and looked in to her sapphire blue eyes. Wait blue? "Serana your..." She interrupted me "yeah I'm human...surprise" she chucked a bit "but why" I asked "with my father gone I wanted to start anew so isran told me about a man by the name of falion in morthal and he cured me" her voice was quiet almost like she was afraid of what I would think my only response was to pull her into a hug.

When we pulled a part I looked back in to her eyes and I swear I could get lost in them they were the most beautiful sapphire blue I have ever seen we just stayed their for what felt like hours when she leaned in I was confused for a second before I saw what she was doing and I did the same our lips met and I felt a spark something I haven't felt for years.

When we pulled a part I rested my forehead against hers and she mine "I love you Serana more the you could ever know" I whispered " and I love you my dragon" she whispered back. We kissed again and in that moment no world eater, evil Dragonborn , Vampire Lord or Civil War could ever whip my smile for in that moment

I was happy.

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