Hello to everyone reading this, I decided to add a bit of Serana's life before the you like it.

Serana loved Solitude. The city was so lively. People at the market place buying groceries and children running around playing tag or hide and seek, to which she would often be asked to join in and she always would.

She always wanted a family of her own, but vampires were unable to bear children and when she became human again she was always to scared to research if she would be able to have a family of her own.

She would often think back to her time in the castle, Serana had very few fond memories of that place,

But there was one thing she would never forget,

One day a vampire returned with a little girl he had kidnapped from a town that he had slaughtered

200 years before Skyrim, (A/N remember Serana is pretty old for a vampire so she's been around awhile)

Serana was currently sat in her coffin hugging her knees thinking to herself "what is wrong with father and mother they've done nothing but scream and fight lightly"

She broke out of her thoughts when she felt hunger growing in her stomach,

With a sigh and a creak of her coffin the Vampiress stood up and left her from for the thrall pits, she hated the thrall pits, there was nothing but pain here,

She turned the corner and began to hear crying, it wasn't uncommon to hear but this was different, it was more high pitched and youthful

Serana had seen some disgusting things in here time in this castle but this was to worst,

A vampire who she didn't recognise was stood above a little girl, his claws were covered in what appeared to be the little girls blood, and the little girls looked to be severely hurt , and Serana could hear to girl quietly pleading

Without thinking Serana dashed forward and grabbed the vampire by the throat,

She would never admit it but she enjoyed the fear she saw in the vampires eyes

"Serana my lady what ar..." Before the scum could finish his sentence she ripped his throat out, his body falling to the ground and turned to ash,

The Vampiress snapped out of her rage when she heard the little girl crying,

Serana bent down face level with the girl and talked to her "hey it's ok now he can't hurt you anymore" she spoke in the softest voice she could muster

The girl didn't reply she just backed away into the wall and kept crying,

"What's your name?" Serana asked but still the girl did not respond Serana reached forward to comfort the girl but she just flinched and began shaking causing Serana to stop in here tracks,

Serana looked the girl over and realised that the girl was covered in cuts, bruises, and deep gashed

So doing the only thing she could think of she focused mana into her hands causing a soft golden light to emit from her palms.

Serana pressed her hands to the girls chest and allowed the magic to flow over the child's small form

The vampire lady didn't hurt her like she expected, she was kind to her and gentle with her, she made her feel safe for the first time since her family was killed

"L..Luna" She croaked out, her throat burnt every second she spoke

"Oh so you can talk" the vampire lady responded with a kind smile that made all her fears slowly melt away

"It's nice to meet you Luna I'm Serana" again the Vampiress gave a kind smile,

"Can I ask you a question" Serana said to which Luna nodded. "How old are you"

Luna did not speak but indicated with her hands but raising both hands and showing ten fingers and then lowering them and sticking up two more

"You're twelve huh" Serana pondered for a minute, what should she do, she knew her father wouldn't punish her for killing that vampire he never really cared about his subordinates,

Serana rose to her feet scaring Luna due to the sudden movement

"Would you like to come with me?" Serana asked sticking out her hand Luna hesitated "I may not be able to take you away from this castle but I can protect you from everyone else here" Serana spoke again her voice was smooth and soothing

Luna nodded and took Serana hand, it was soft and warm, it reminded her of her mommy,

Serana took her away from the cells, kicking the ash pills as she left,

She took Luna to her room and bathed her and fed her,

She hadn't noticed when they were in the cells but, Luna had the most beautiful white hair it seemed to glow like the moon, now she sees where she got her name

Luna stayed with Serana for 8 years after that,

The Vampiress took care of her for all those years showing Luna all her mother would teach her, magic, alchemy, combat,

Then the time came for Serana to leave but before she did, she said her goodbyes to Luna,

"Luna wake up" Serana whispered pushing her sleeping frame

"Whats wrong?" Luna replied rubbing the sleep out of her eyes

"Something has happened my moonlight I have to leave" Serana spoke still keeping keeping her hushed tone"

This alarmed Luna instantly "what, why, can I come?" Luna almost shouted

"I'm sorry my moonlight you can't come, but you can't stay here anymore it's to dangerous" Serana said her voice was beginning to choke now, and her eyes began to fill with blood tears,

Luna was about to speak but Serana interrupted "you need to listen to me go to my room and pull on the torch near my coffin, follow the path way and leave never come back, I may be gone for a very long time so I don't know if I'll ever see you again" Serana was now full weeping her bloody tears now,

"Why? please your scaring me tell me what's happening" Luna pleaded afraid of being alone again "there isn't anytime just listen to me and do as I've told I'll miss you my moonlight" Serana kiss her on the forehead and went to leave.

Without thinking Luna ran forward and hugged Serana from behind and began to weep profusely "mama don't leave me please!" Luna begged

This stopped Serana for a moment. "Did you just...call me mama?" Serana turned around and Luna's arms and returned her hug "I love my moonlight"

Luna spoke again not ever thinking about her words "turn me into a vampire" she whispered in Serana's embrace "what, absolutely not" why would she even ask that vampirism was a curse nothing more,

"Please if you're gonna be away for along time I can wait until you come back you're all I have left," Luna begged her Snow White hair stuck to her face from the tears

Serana signed and nodded she know this was a horrible idea but she understood Luna's point, Serana didn't want to lose her surrogate daughter especially not after she called her mama.

"This will hurt a lot I'm sorry" Serana whispered into Luna's ear, "I trust you mama" Serana could swear she felt her undead heart beat, "when you wake up run" when Serana finished her sentence she sank her fangs into Luna and instead of drinking, she injected the vampire Lord strain into her blood stream, Luna's last words to her before she fell unconscious were

"I love you mama" Serana lay her surrogate daughters sleeping form on the bed and left but not before kissing her cheek and saying "I will see you again my moonlight".

End of flashback.

A hand on her shoulder snapped her out of her thoughts

"Are you ok princess" Alex asked her "yeah just thinking Serana placed her hand his and rubbed the top of his hand with her thumb.

"What about" Alexander asked, Serana paused for a moment.

"Hey Alex can you help me with something"

Boom this chapter is done.i fully intend to carry this story line on. Also someone asked me why I said Serana cried blood in the first chapter when Alexander was stabbed. Well that my dear readers is simple I don't believe vampires are capable of crying actually tears that and in hellsing ultimate Alucard cried blood and I thought It was really sad, anyway hope you enjoyed please review and tell me what you think of this and what you think of Luna, bye for now