Dreaming Of You

"Aaaaah!" Light slightly shouted as he shot up in bed with a cold sweat. This was followed by a rather loud crash; this caused Light to cringe at its loudness. He hope he didn't wake anyone up; but he probably already did a voice from within his head already said."That dream I just had felt so real!?" Light thought to himself. Looking at his now shaking hands Light tried to remember what the dream nightmare was; about even though he wanted to forget. In his dream the BAU finally found out who KIRA was and they were shocked to say the least.

But no one was more shocked than JJ was because the pair were secretly dating. Now JJ knew she had been in love with a serial killer lucky her. Laughing like a homicidal maniac he was and announcing to the whole world that he was KIRA. Then somehow in his dream Light came into possession of a gun; and was currently pointing it at JJ without a care in the world. Then Light pulled the trigger the sound the gun made was deafening as it echoed off the walls. Then everything simply went black and that's when Light woke up.

As he waited for his heart rate to calm down. A sudden knock at the door brought Light out of his thoughts; this caused Light to jump a little bit. "Light is everything alright in there?" a soft but tired voice said from the door. Light immediately recognized the voice as his secret girlfriend JJ. Light then swung his legs over the edge of the bed allowing his feet hit the floor. As Light continued to sweat profusely despite being in a hotel room; that was air conditioned no less.

He made his way over to the door; and opened it to reveal his concerned slightly disheveled girlfriend. Leaning against the door frame rubbing the sleep out of her eyes. JJ asked her boyfriend Light if everything was alright in here. Rubbing the back of his disheveled hair Light assured JJ he was fine and to go back to bed and that he'll see her in the morning. Despite being tired after what happened during the day before; JJ didn't believe Light fully but for the time being she let it be.

Hey Smart Kira here let me know what you thought of my newest JJ and Light fanfic. But be nice ok summaries aren't my strong points. Let me know if I should leave it be or add a new chapter. Plus if you have any ideas of your own JJ/Light fanfics let me know and I'll try and write them. Don't be shy I won't bite I promise ;).