2022: The Roci

Her body hit the side of the ship with a thud. A low moan escaped from her lips before a set of lips covered hers. Then a hand ran down her side and it felt its way around the curvature of her hips.

"Well I guess our families are becoming one" Alex said to Naomi from across the hall with a twisted smile. She smiled back and they tried to ignore the heavy breathing going on in the next room over.

2207: The Roci

"Hey girl it's ok" Alex said as he ran into the room to figure out why all the ships bells and whistles were going off. He was just in his shorts with no top and felt pretty naked but he had a job to do.

He placed a hand on his arm where Amos's head had been not more that five minutes ago. Though he was still mad because all Amos did when the alarms went off was pushed him out of bed and told him to figure it out. He didn't mind because he hated when anyone else touched his panel but the way he did it was cold and unloving.

The problem was he couldn't find anything wrong. There was nothing on the map and the ship was fully functional. He wondered if a ship came into visual of the Roci but when he looked at the logs he didn't see anything.

Naomi walked into the room, gravity boots on but wearing just a T-shirt and a pair of pajama shorts. "Long night" Alex said with a smirk. Naomi just muttered and covered her ears. "Why are the alarms going off?" She asked getting annoyed as the seconds ticked by. She hadn't slept. She had been moving a lot more than usual in her sleep and she didn't feel good and the damn bells were making it worse. "I don't know?" Alex said calmly trying to keep things peaceful.

Just as James and Amos made their way to the bridge things went from noisy to bad. Suddenly all the members of the Rocinante were unconsciousness and spread out around the ship. The beeping stopped and silence filled the air as the Rocinante disappeared from where it was docked.

2018: The Waverider

Mick finished the last few words of his newest chapter. He smiled and turned off the typewriter. Ever since Zari had started proof reading and giving him suggestions he had started writing more.

The ship was eerily silent. Sara had gone off with Ava for a girls night out, Zari was in her room playing video games with Wally, Nate and Amaya were having date night in Zambezi, Constantine was once again joining in on Gary's D&D group mostly to spend more time with Gary, Rip was at the time bureau with Gideon who now had a human body, and Ray was on a date with Nora Darhk which had to be awkward since her dad, Damian Darhk always accompanied him, leaving him once again all alone.

He sighed and got up to lay on the king size bed that was outfitted with flame sheets. Sitting on the edge he looked on the shelf that held his flame gun and his fire totem. Both meant a lot to him for separate reasons. He also looked at the glass case on the other side of his room. There entombed forever was Leonard Snart's freeze ray. He sighed and thought of all the things he never told the others. He also wondered how Lisa was doing and all the things she didn't know.

Mick laid down and closed his eyes. He didn't like remembering the painful stuff but Stein told him he should. He missed the old coot. Ever since him and Jax headed back to Central City to live their normal lives, he had started to miss them. He started thinking he should go back as well.

Just as he was about to fall asleep the alarm system went off. "Damn machine" Mick growled and headed into the control room. "Hey captain what's going on" Zari said as her and Wally ran in. "Don't know. I was about to sleep when all of a sudden all the bells and whistles sounded. Gideon is with Rip on a date so we are blind" Mick said slipping into the captains seat.

Scanning the ship on his map he nearly fell out of his seat when he saw what looked like a heat signature of another ship in their cargo hold. "We've got company" Mick said scooping up his Totem and placing it around his neck. Zari smiled at how much he respected the totem and wished Sara could see that.

Heading into the cargo bay the three of them saw the ship Mick was talking about and gasped. Mick touched his com and said "hey crew date nights over, we have company" and with that they all waited for reinforcements to arrive.