Chloe's POV

We were all in English class. Mr. Riordan was talking about our Greek Mythology assignment. That's all he ever talks about. Mythology. Heck, not even just Greek Mythology, like ALL mythology. We read about it, we write about it, all our tests are on it. This is English class for crying out loud, not Ancient History. Finally, the bell rang. I picked up my bag and joined Sam and Isla, my two best friends. As usual, Isla was complaining about how hungry she was. Sam was as bubbly as ever. Sam, always over-the-top excitement.

"I've already thought about what hero I want to write about!" He said.

"Of course you have," I said, yawning. Last night I stayed up late reading fanfiction about Harry Potter.

"Wow, someone's tired," said Isla. We jumped into the lunch line.

"I stayed up late reading about Harry Potter," I said.

"Does anyone want to know which hero I'm writing about?" Sam said.

"Fine. Which one?" I asked.

"I'm writing about Percy Jackson!" He said.

"Darned you stole my idea!" Isla said.

"What is with you two and Greek Mythology?" I said. Those two were obsessed, I swear.

"I don't understand how you don't like Riordan's class. It's so interesting, especially since we don't even have that much homework," said Isla.

"Eh, it's better than Calculus," I said. True story, Mrs. Wilberg hated me.

" So Isla, who are you writing about?" said Sam, with a crazy snicker on his face.

"Well, now that my original idea was stolen, I'll probably write about Leo Valdez," she said.

"He doesn't have too many stories on his own, it might be hard," I said. Okay maybe class is a little boring, but it doesn't mean I don't like Greek Mythology.

"It'd be better if I could meet him," said Isla.

"If he'd just like invent a machine to travel in time," I said.

"That would be awesome," said Sam.

Well, I guess. I thought. We left to go to Biology class.