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Randy's POV

Soon, it was the next week. Chloe was exhausted from all the training, she had fallen asleep during dinner enough times that Chiron just let her sleep. Planning how to build the ship, where we would start for the journey. We had no clue what was going to happen though, we had no prophecy to give us a vague idea, at least. We couldn't travel to the future because we were going to the past, to rescue the future.

The Athena and Hephaestus cabin all helped out to plan and build the ship. It had two large dorms, for girls and boys, with two large bathrooms, three sinks and three showers in each. The dorms looked similar to the cabins, bunk-beds on either side of the wall and a small walk-in closet. There was a small infirmary below deck, along with a storage and engine room. Then there was a meeting room where we ate our meals and planned any attacks. The control room was not nearly as fancy as the one on the Argo II, but it was nice. It had a full artillery, well, sort of. We had a few canons that Leo had designed to shoot automatically if you press a certain button on the control panel. The Hephaestus cabin had also made a couple railguns, with the help of the Hephaestus kids, and some equipment from their Hephaestus himself. The canons were enchanted to automatically reload, some magic from the Hecate kids. Soon, it was the near time to leave camp. Everyone started carrying their things onto the ship. I gave a hug to all my friends and siblings.

"C'mon, Randy, time to go," Annabeth said, beckoning me to the ship.

"Alright, hold on," I said. I walked over to Chiron, and gave him a very, very awkward hug. He looked very confused.

"Good luck, you might need it," He said in a whisper.

I laughed and waved goodbye. Soon, I was on the ship. We were in the main room, Clio getting ready to help Chloe, Sam, and Isla take us to our first spot. We were going to the first major screw-up of the Targeters, the Nemean Lion.

Back when Hercules was alive, he fought and slayed the Nemean Lion. The Targeters had changed that, and had the Nemean Lion kill Hercules. You would think it's pretty hard to kill "the Starbucks of Olympus," but they did it. These were the people we were up against. More angsty teens in need of attention from their godly parents. It's almost depressing how badly some of the gods treat them. The future doesn't seem much better than how it is now.

The ship started spinning, fading, and basically doing anything to give me motion-sickness. I held onto the table, trying not to throw up. Leo looked at me and took a full three steps back, picked up a trash can, and handed it to me.

Soon, we were flying through the skies, then an orange smoke engulfed the ship. Isla started to look green, and Leo was holding her in place so she wouldn't fall.

Clio said something under her breath and started performing her own magic. After a few minutes, the orange smoke started to fade, and we seemed to be hovering over a city of marble buildings and statues, men with chitons walking, the bottoms of their sandals dirty from the dusty roads. It looked almost exactly like what you think Ancient Greece would look like.

"Alright, everyone, we've arrived," said Leo, looking over the control panels and double checking to see if everything was running smoothly. Isla looked like she might need the trash can more than I did, so I passed it over. She gave me a look of gratitude, and promptly vomited into the can. I looked away so I wouldn't throw up too. All four girls went to their dorm to clean up. Percy and I took Sam down to our dorm. He was sweating, and saying he was cold.

This happened if any of the three over-extended their powers. They would start to get sick. It was kind of like having the 24-hour flu, Chloe told me. They all would throw up a lot, get chills, and mild fevers. Luckily we had the medicine to help them out, or we would never get anything done. Clio told us they would get stronger but since their powers are so new, they don't have much stamina.

We stayed in the ship for a while after we landed. We were sure we were in the right place, it was just whether or not it was before or after Hercules death. Annabeth came out of the girls' dorm, hair wet from the shower, dressed in a peplos and sandals.

"What are you doing?" I asked her, laying on one of the chairs in the main room, eating poptarts.

"Well, we are in Ancient Greece, something I never thought would be possible, so I am going to go see the sights," She said with a tone of determination.

"Alright, well, you should go with- ha!" I laughed. Stumbling out the boys' cabin came Percy, wearing a tunic and sandals.

"Your belt is on backwards, Seaweed Brain."

"Ugh," groaned Percy, letting Annabeth fix it.

"Well, you two have fun, and for once just don't get in trouble," I said, chuckling to myself.

"That may not be possible with this one," Percy said, putting his arm around Annabeth.

"You're one to talk."

They left the ship, and headed off for Ancient Greece.

Leo's POV

I was above deck, looking out into Ancient Greece. I watched Annabeth and Percy walk down to the city.

"Looks like something out of a history book, huh?" I heard Isla behind me.

"Yeah, it does. Except for Percy tripping over his own two feet," I snickered.

She laughed with me, and we enjoyed the view. She was a little shaky on her feet, so we sat on the top of the stairs, leading to the Quarter deck. Isla leaned over and laid her head in my lap. I froze, letting her rest there for a second, before breaking the silence.

"You know, you're very cute when your tired," I say.

"Leo," She sighs.

"Yes, sweetheart?"


"Don't say it, Isla," I hear a voice from behind on of the crates on the main deck.

"Oh," I huff, realizing who's there.

"Isla, do you really have to like him?"

"Thanks, buddy, love you too!" I say sarcastically. It's almost ironic how Isla chose us both. We don't hate eachother, but we definitely don't get along all that well.

"Ace, c'mon," She says, giving him the 'sibling' look.

"But all we're gonna do is fight! Does he really have to be your boyfriend?" He asks.

"He's not my-"

"Yes," I say, interrupting Isla.

"You, sir, are not included in this discussion," Says Ace. He's a bit younger than us, which makes it funny when he tries to take authority.

"Ace, be nice. Leo and I…" She looks up at me, trying to find the right words.

"Don't look at me! You're the one making the decisions," I say, putting my hands up in surrender. She laughs, a sweet sound I love so much.

"Okay, love-birds, I'll let it slide. But Leonidas Valdez, I swear to the gods, if you hurt her-"

"Don't worry little man, I know the speech," I say, laughing. Isla laughs too, and Ace comes and sits next to her.

"The view is great, don't you think?" He asks.

"Yes, it is," But of course, the view was ruined, because I heard several blood curdling screams coming from Greece.