Note: for the sake of this story the way I'm relating the force to the warp is as follows: midi chlorians (yeah yeah I'm using those) are warp sensitive bacteria and draw upon the immaterium at the behest of force sensitive individuals that they have made their hosts. This allows for what in 40k would be considered basic psychic power usage. (telekinesis, eldritch lightning, etc...). However, as the midi-chlorians act as the intermediaries the force users are all but immune to the downsides of 40k psykers as most of the more severe threats to a warp sensitive are heaped onto the midi chlorians instead of the force user. Fatigue from force power usage comes from midi chlorians dying due to phenomena and survivors using the hosts energy reserves to reproduce and restore population levels. However, Midi chlorians, and by extension force users are unable to utilize the more exotic or powerful warp powers (i.e. daemon summoning, god specific powers, high level mind control etc...) and require additional training and skill for their level compared to a 40k psyker.

920 years BBY, Unknown Regions border, Ulgu

Ulgu was a remote planet on the border of the Unknown Regions. The small yet densely populated arid planet a relatively significant source of rare minerals for manufacturing firms located throughout the known galaxy. As such it was heavily contested and divided into claims by several industrial firms. While officially at peace it was one of the most dangerous areas to work in as the various mining firms were not above using force to "persuade" their competitors to surrender claim sections or destabilise the large population of miners to turn on their employers. The perpetual smog of pollution from the refineries only added to the bleak atmosphere.

It was in one of these Slums that Darth Anguis, Master of the Sith, found himself. The Sulusstan sat crouched and shrouded in a dark corner of the assigned meeting place. He always sought to make the most of his natural biology and force talents, always choosing whenever possible to meet in dimly lit areas with considerable noise where his naturally keen eyesight and hearing would give him an edge. Thus he squatted in a ready position in the third darkest corner, knowing that the darkest ones would fall under the most suspicion. his fine mahogany and white dress uniform currently shrouded by a long tattered black cloak with a loose hood hanging down, though not enough to obscure his large, dark eyes and distinct jowls.

His apprentice had come into contact with a mysterious benefactor who promised to tilt support from the planet via the local populace to his own corporate shell, which had modest holdings on the planet and would make for a fine resource base to bolster the corporate holdings of the Sith Lord. His ambition was to propel his holdings to create a substantial and long-lasting contract between the Neimoidian Trade Federation and Hoersch-Kessel Drives to cement the services of the up and coming shipwrights to the Higher cause of the Sith in the coming centuries. If his apprentice's contact proved to be as valuable as he had heard he would gain tremendous negotiation power through his company.

His thoughts were distracted by a muffled series of footsteps. Though quiet and near unnoticeable to most the Sulusstan's keen hearing quickly distinguished the approach of his apprentice. As the apprentice approached Anguis smirked to himself. Even without such a telegraphed physical approach the peculiar sensation in the force the apprentice harboured had been felt.

Time for a lesson, Little brat.

As the tall figure rounded the corner, clad in a basic mining rig, faded orange fatigues and a large white protective torso carapace with a hosed gas mask clipped to the chest. The figure wore no helmet, revealing a bald head but his face obscured by a dust mask and eye protecting goggles.

Darth Mairo, apprentice of the Sith, eyed several of the dark shadows carefully, expecting some sort of trap. He carefully scrutinised several before letting his guard down.

He had not seen his master.

For a tense minute the he waited. His fear becoming distinctly apparent to Anguis, frantically trying to scrutinize every shadow while externally appearing calm.

Then the master made his move.

Using the force Anguis barrelled toward his apprentice at an extreme low height. His body colliding heavily with the back of Mairo's knees and bowling him over. Without missing a beat, the apprentice completed his flip and threw a force push towards the attacker, staggering him slightly but otherwise leaving no affect. Urgently he reached for his lightsaber...

Only to find naught but air where he usually kept it.

"Looking for this" Anguis taunted, holding the apprentice's sabre before him.

In a rage Mairo attempted to pull the wall behind Anguis down on him but yet again it was easily blocked, Anguis simply countering his pull with a push, leaving the wall cracked but standing. Then Mairo felt a massive impact on his chest, albeit mitigated by the harness he wore, that sent him flying into the opposite wall. The impact caused his head to whip back and temporarily disorient him causing him to fall to his knees. Regaining his bearings Mairo suddenly noticed that Anguis stood before him, eye to eye with the half kneeling Mairo.

"How many times must I tell you. Sharpen your instincts. You are a decent combatant in a standard fight, but it means naught if you get caught out like a drunken fool and take the first blow."

At this Anguis ignited his apprentices' lightsabre and pressed the blade lightly against his shoulder. it instantly bit through the tattered cloth and began to sear the muscles on his shoulder.

"AAAUUUUGGGGGHHHH" Mairo screamed as the faint smell of burnt flesh trickled into the air.

After what seemed like an eternity Mairo was released, collapsing before his master.

"Pathe..." Anguis never finished the insult as he suddenly noticed Mairo holding a crude blaster pistol in his uninjured hand and pointed directly at his gut.

Quick as a flash Mairo fired. Anguis immediately activated his own saber to deflect the shot, whirling as he cut the blaster in half and had Mairo's head in the centre of a V formed by the 2 lightsabers.

Mairo froze. This was it. He was out of tricks.

"Hmmmm, a blaster? interesting choice. While inelegant it is rather creative and pragmatic solution, though you shouldn't have taken so long to draw and fire. That being said, there's still hope for you yet my apprentice"

Mairo exhaled in relief, only to recoil in pain as Anguis kicked him hard in the gut, nearly causing him to double over into the lightsabers, staying upright only from sheer willpower.

"Though for losing your saber so easily, perhaps you do not want or desire it."

Anguis deactivated his apprentice's lightsaber, the result of months of painstaking labour before throwing it into the air and slicing the hilt in half with his own blade. Using the force, he pulled the khyber crystals to him and stowed them within his robes alongside his own intact saber.

Mairo will no doubt be fuming Anguis thought as he noted the tightening of his apprentice's face. He had always been good at masking his emotions visibly but the loss of months of hard work would no doubt sting. No matter, his anger will grow, thus his power shall as well. Besides if he were truly a prudent student he would have an extra one tucked away somewhere. Anguis personally believed that the Sith should always have contingencies and backup plans. With so many Jedi out there, who would mobilise instantly if dark side users were detected subterfuge, manipulation, and plots were far more important than pure combat mastery

Finished with the impromptu lesson Anguis pressed on to the original reason for the meeting. "Have you made contact with this potential benefactor?"

Mairo bowed low. "Indeed master. He is most interested in your proposal and proclaims that he wishes to further the trust by meeting with you personally. He claims he is willing to allow you to select a meeting place and time of your choosing.

Anguis' brow narrowed. He had done plenty of business with this benefactor and in each event he had wound up furthering his agendas quite substantially. But he had never met them, performing most of his negotiations through Mairo or other third parties. It was also somewhat suspicious that he was given full control of the meeting place, knowing how easy it would be to make a trap. he decided to push for every ounce of influence he could.

"Inform him we will be meeting in The Dusty Crater establishment, VIP suite number to be provided once he arrives at the establishment. Code phrase "a dreary little bar" in 8 standard hours."

Wordlessly Mairo bowed and activated his communicator to relay the message. Anguis picked up his own portable computer from a hidden compartment in the alley and made the necessary arrangements at The Dusty Crater. It helped that it was owned by one of his shell companies. As Anguis finished the preparations Mairo turned to him.

"It is done master. He has fully agreed."

Anguis nodded, slightly surprised that he had fully agreed so quickly "Excellent, let's not leave our guest waiting."

8 Hours Later

Seated in the posh but dimly lit VIP Suite Anguis waited. His contact was expected at any time escorted by Mairo. Now shed of his black cloak he would have struck an imposing figure if not for his short height. His dress uniform was immaculate and worn perfectly. A few large rings on his fingers symbolising his wealth and etiquette without being overly gaudy. Upon the table lay a potent brew of wine from Naboo: expensive, tasty, and very intoxicating. Or at least it was intoxicating to non Sullustans. And if the other party was somewhat more suggestible after a few sips then it just meant another binding deal had been cemented.

The curtains draping the door were suddenly pulled aside by a pair of protocol droids, allowing 2 figures to walk into the room. The taller one was Mairo, now wearing simple brown robes. His clean-shaven chin and tight grimace now visible albeit he still wore dark eye protectors that obscured his upper face. Anguis nodded slightly to his apprentice before turning to the benefactor.

While not as tall as Mairo he was still of a substantial height. He wore a long, trailing magenta cloak with a small metal chest piece that had a pair of long blue streamers flanked with copper coloured metal trail down to his ankles. His bald head sat within a large, ornate and stiffly opened hood that would not have looked out of place on a Naboo Queen. Within the hood was a face that would have been handsome in youth but was clearly aged and experienced. His bald head seemed to reflect what little light shone onto it. In his right hand he carried a thin copper walking stick that was quite simple aside from the carving of some sort of serpent at the top of the cane

But what grabbed Anguis' attention was the sensation in the force the man gave off. It was near identical to Mairos. The same feeling of latent power. I wonder how the Jedi missed this one he thought. He also seemed to have extensive mental discipline as he could only get fleeting sensations of emotion from him.

As he pondered this the figure bowed low and allowed one of the protocol droids to introduce him.

"Greetings Pregat Marook. It is my pleasure to present Imrik Oslan. Head of the Shrouded Union of Labourers.

Oslan raised his head and dismissed the protocol droids with a wave. Turning to Anguis he spoke in a strangely charismatic and disarming voice.

"Obnoxious suck ups aren't they. But they do make life so much easier, particularly when you don't know the neighbourhood well. but where are my manners? We have business to attend to."

Anguis nodded and let out a small chuckle "Finally I meet someone who isn't obfuscated by etiquette." Inwardly he was annoyed. This man was clearly a very skilled negotiator and had seemingly read his mind for that quip about the protocol droids, though he had not detected the use of the force. This would take some effort. He poured a glass of wine and held it out to Oslan, who accepted it with a grin and took a large sip. His nerves somewhat calmed Anguis poured his own. as he did so Oslan started.

"Now then. I understand you wish to acquire the services of the Union to improve your holdings on Ulgu. I am afraid I'm going to need more information then that, though no doubt you already knew that."

"Indeed Mr. Oslan. I'm currently in the process of deep negotiations for a massive shipbuilding contract between the Trade Federation and Hoersch-Kessel. Long story short is the Federation wants to modernise their bulk cargo fleets and are most interested in a design by Hoersch-Kessel. But their standard suppliers are otherwise tangled up in a mountain of red tape that prevents export of the quantity or quality of raw materials the shipwrights can use. I currently own a relatively small collection of holdings on the planet and, if I can expand my operations I would be able to meet those requirements. I have plans in place to get more material and machines. all I need is the labour, which is where you come in. I'd be most appreciative if my shells were, shall we say given a good reputation, amongst the workers.

Oslan grinned appreciably, taking another sip. "Ah. I see what you're getting at. It's a pretty decent business move but again: What is in this for me or my labourers? They are effectively my family and I am most unwilling to advise them to endure hardships without substantial evidence that it is for a worthy cause."

Anguis grinned right back. "I won't lie to you I don't have much to offer the labourers at first. But once we pull this initial contract off my holdings will become the primary suppliers for a soon to be rising star in ship construction. The credits will be flowing in. And furthermore, I'll have a small degree of corporate clout with those damn stingy Neimoidians."

At this Oslan openly laughed. "While I understand the intent, I doubt any of your as of yet unconfirmed clout will make any difference in the Neimoidian owned companies."

"True, but I will offer better pay and incentives once the deal is cemented and even if those other damned owners want to do something about it the Federation won't stand for it due to my relationship with Hoersch-Kessel and how important this deal is or them."

Oslan seemed taken with this deal as he nodded appreciatively. "If it is as you say then this truly is a good deal."

As Anguis prepared to extend his hand to agree his foresight screamed danger at him.

"It's a pity your ilk always sees the family as the blunt instrument of your machinations and our family will not allow it."

Suddenly several miners dressed similarly to Mairos labour attire burst through he door armed with blasters and crude melee weapons. Anguis didn't even hesitate to force pull the lot of them across the room, through the wall, and off the floor to their deaths. Realizing he was detected Anguis sneered. "You have no idea who you have just crossed you deluded fool" as he activated his lightsaber and nodded to Mairo as the apprentice moved behind Oslan.

"Oh, but I do, force user. The real question is, do you?" Oslan sneered as he raised his cane towards Anguis.

Suddenly a surge of lightning streaked from the cane towards Anguis, who was shocked by the manifestation of a force power near exclusive to the Sith and failed to fully block it. Mairo stood, watching his master with apathy. Suddenly Anguis threw off the lightning then barrelled towards Oslan with his lightsaber ignited. Oslan reacted by leaping back and using the force to throw the remnants of the door towards the charging Sith. While the saber cut partway through the metal and deflected it from Anguis the force of the impact coupled with the density of the door ripped the saber from Anguis' hands. Using the force, he deactivated, retrieved, then reactivated his lightsaber before he was hit by a strange force, paralysing him. He felt Oslans voice in his mind, powerfully yet calmly ordering him to stand down and follow. Anguis nodded and dimly realized he had deactivated his saber and was now in a relaxed pose.

Oslan then shouted to the tide of miners to stand down, though he himself sounded very taxed from what he had just done. Mairo was nowhere to be seen, though the pile of bodies he had created was apparent.

"We will be meeting with the Patriarch and introducing a new member to the family."

At this Anguis roughly snapped out of his torpor and rushed Oslan. How could some nobody that while peculiar was not particularly powerful with the force, manage to trap a Sith Master with a mind trick, even temporarily? Oslan showed brief shock a moment before his head was cleft in two. As Oslan died the miners all seemed to grasp their skulls as if assaulted by a migraine. Were they all being mind tricked? Anguis thought. Nonetheless gave them no quarter, hacking them down. Wordlessly he pulled his black cloak over his body and went down to the main level. It was there he found Mairo dispatching another group of fanatics with a saber though his form seemed off. So, you did have a contingency. Excellent The Master thought.

Turning to see his master Mairo knelt. "Master I found a hidden tunnel in the kitchens. Most of these miners came up through there."

Anguis looked to the indicated doorway. at the other end of the room was a large tunnel seemingly hidden previously by a now upturned shelving unit.

"Excellent. though keep in mind that leaving me to such rabble was a poor execution attempt"

"I still have much to learn Master"

"it shows boy. Your form was off with the saber. You did better in our little bout earlier today"

Mairo remained silent as Anguis stalked though the tunnel. It was quite well hidden and Anguis was surprised it had been found so quickly. It appeared Mairo had become more attentive from his training. It seemed to lead on for several meters before opening into a chamber with more miners. Anguis rushed in, saber ignited with Mairo close behind. As the miners fell Anguis noted Mairo freeze as he stared at a youngling, most likely not even 7 years old yet. She was dressed in loose rags and crying in a corner, her face hidden under an unkempt mat of filthy blonde hair. Mairo made to walk past her when she suddenly ran towards him. Seeing Mairo's expression soften Anguis stepped in front of him as the crying girl ran towards him. Seems you still harbour weak sentiments boy. The master thought as he prepared to quash this root of weakness. Anguis threw a weak force push at the approaching girl, causing her to stumble, but nonetheless she still approached the Sith.

"A-are you here to br-br-bring me home?" She asked.

"No" Anguis stated bluntly as he readied his lightsaber and approached her. No one could know of the Siths existence. He felt a buildup of emotions from Mairo behind him but no action. Anguis now stood barely 10 feet from the child and was still approaching. The girl suddenly pulled herself to her feet and charged straight at Anguis.

"FOR THE FAMILY" She yelled before Anguis roughly shoved her back with a powerful force push. Her body landed, skidded for several feet, then was stopped by the far wall. The child was outright screaming in pain now. Before either of the Sith lords could react the girl was abruptly silenced as a massive explosion occurred where her body rested. The shockwave knocked both Sith off their feet and brought several tonnes of the ceiling down on the Sith lords. Both used the force to catch and force back the rock, but Mairo was unlucky as his left hand was crushed by falling rock. he screamed in pain as he freed himself. But his hand was a mangled mess, likely needing a prosthetic to restore function. Anguis looked to his apprentice and was satisfied that despite his injury he could hold himself upright and the screaming subsided.

"What...Was...That?" Mairo hissed through clenched teeth. His right hand still clutching his useless wrist like a vice.

"That girl probably had a bunch of thermal detonators or demolition charges under her clothing. I must admit it's a very sensible tactic, particularly against soft, weak willed idealists. Had she been deployed against Jedi I have no doubt at least one would have died. A pity for them the Sith are not so easily fooled." Anguis stated evenly.

Mairo did not reply but he did aid his master in removing rubble from the pathway at the end of the passageway. As they journeyed further the lighting torches became increasingly sparse, casting long shadows across the passageway. After several minutes of waking they reached a large dark chamber filled with an assortment of refuse, bones, and mysterious secretions forming puddles and webs. The high ceiling was held up by intermittent columns. At the centre of the room a strange lifeform rested upon a pile of the refuse as if it were a throne.

Anguis' first reaction was Rancor. It seemed to have the same large size and massive three fingered hands with half meter claws. Upon further investigation it became apparent it was something else entirely. While large it was not quite as big as a rancor, standing around 5 meters tall. It was also far more lightly built with long, thin, but muscular appendages. Its head had a massively bulged cranium reminiscent of an Acklay head crest but with a filled-out skull beneath the long crest. Beneath the massive clawed arms, a second pair of arms emerged ending in 5 digited humanoid hands. along its back was a series of exoskeletal plates and a large ridge of spines running down the centre of the beasts back. A seemingly short tail emerged ending in a large bladelike growth of bone.

The creatures head suddenly turned towards the Sith. It growled low as it limberly dismounted its throne and stalked towards the intruders. As it did so Anguis felt it's presence in the force as its proximity caused its force shroud to partially fail.

It made him feel fear for the first time since he had been a youngling apprenticed to his old master.

This beast somehow had as much, if not more, raw force potential then any being he had yet encountered though it was hidden very well. Furthermore, the connection to the force the beast had felt unusual. If forced to choose a word he would have selected Pure as the best description. Anguis could feel the force stretching out in all directions, converging on the beast like a giant spiderweb.

As it approaches the Sith noticed strange alien lifeforms climbed down the pillars. They resembled the larger beast but were far smaller, approximately the size of a standard humanoid and lacked the bulbous cranium and had far less exoskeletal plating. With a loud hiss several of the smaller beasts crouched and leapt from their vantage points of the columns towards Anguis.

While surprised by their speed Anguis had skilfully thrown his saber in an arcing flight that cut most of the jumping smaller beasts in two. while some landed and tried weakly pulling themselves towards Anguis most died before they hit the ground.

Suddenly Anguis' sensed danger from his apprentice. Turning he locked blades with Mairo as the apprentice wildly slashed at his master. With blades locked and the larger beast approaching Anguis fumed

"Really? right now Mairo?" He sputtered indignantly.

"Yes now. I refuse to allow you to use my family as an expense for your machinations. We have been on this planet for centuries and your actions will not force us away. Now die interloper. Die and become meat for the Patriarch"

Anguis was at a loss. His apprentice had been a part of this messed up organisation? How? he never let they boy out of his sight until he had spent over a decade moulding him. Then he remembered how Oslan had briefly subdued him with a powerful mind trick. Perhaps this beast had an even stronger version or Oslan had cemented his control over Mairo during their prior meetings. Noting the now identified Patriarch seemed to focus heavily on Mairo he suspected the former but could not confirm.

You clever fiends Anguis thought as he parried several of Mairo's attacks before using the force to cause the now identified patriarch to veer off it's intended attack vector.

The Patriarch seemed to have decided it could not win against 2 Sith even with the help of its smaller brood, so it put a large amount of it's focus into turning the weaker Sith on his master

Anguis' thoughts were racing. He was wholly at a disadvantage here. The Patriarch would be a formidable opponent even without the aid of it's spawn and mind-controlled masses. Furthermore Mairo, who Anguis was confident would overcome him one day, had fallen wholly under it's thrall and fighting him seriously. To make matters worse Anguis could feel the beast calling reinforcements back through the force.

Then Anguis got an idea. He turned ran for the tunnel he had just ascended, the beasts and Mairo in hot pursuit. Using the force to run he was slightly faster then them. but it would be a close call if he suffered fatigue. As he entered the half-collapsed room he spotted what he was looking for. Turning he allowed Mairo to charge him headlong. Locking blades and being forced against the wall. Mairo attempted to knee his master in the gut only for Anguis to sidestep and allow Mairo to smash his kneecap on solid stone. As he buckled Anguis grabbed him by his injured hand and ran lightning through his body causing him to cry out in pain. Anguis turned, The Patriarch had just pulled itself through the rubble and launched itself at Anguis.

Anguis desperately threw Mairo at it with the force only for the beast to backhand the impromptu distraction aside. Nonetheless the distraction had worked as Anguis rolled under the Patriarch with his saber lit. He was rewarded with a howl of pain as the beast's left leg was severed at the knee.

However, there was no respite as the beast immediately let loose a bolt of lightning from it's fingers.

Anguis screamed briefly before throwing himself away from the creature and readying himself for more lightning. Suddenly Mairo was charging him again, but he was hobbled by his injuries and slow enough to react to easily.

Anguis simply blocked the downward thrust and drove more lightning into Mairo's body. To his shock from the corner of his eye the Patriarch raced towards him on all 5 of its remaining limbs. Anguis attempted to sidestep using Mairo as a springboard but he underestimated the beasts speed and found his right abdomen grazed by 2 of the massive claws, leaving a pair of deep wounds as he landed. Should be thankful I wasn't bisected Anguis thought. As he attempted to put more space between himself and the Patriarch he heard voices from the tunnel leading to the patriarchs' chamber. Great, the miners are here. Anguis realised bitterly.

He didn't have much time. Using the force, he picked up the remaining bodies from his jaunt down and hurled them at Mairo and the patriarch. Both defended by rending the bodies to pieces and it kept them stationary for a moment. As they turned to charge Anguis they noted he had pulled the first miner to him via a force choke. Anguis snapped the miners neck with the force even as he reached for something on the miners' harness. With the new object in hand Anguis ran for the exit. The mob with the Patriarch and Mairo in hot pursuit. None noticing a small metal object rolling in the opposite direction from the Sith lord. Suddenly Anguis turned and used the force to bring the charging mob to a brief standstill.

It was all he needed. The blasting charges he had taken from the miner and rolled to land alongside the other bodies detonated.

The blast brought even more of the weak ceiling down on the mob, crushing most of them. The Patriarch roared in rage and threw a wild bolt of lightning at Anguis before becoming the primary target of Anguis. Using all of his strength the Sith Lord forced The Patriarch to remain under a building sized slab that fell upon the beast, utterly crushing it.

Anguis began panting heavily now. His injuries were potentially lethal and even with his skill at the force delaying the inevitable he would still die from his injuries if left untreated. As he used his personal computer to summon his shuttle to The Dusty Crater he heard a groan. Looking down before him he noticed Mairo trapped under much of the rubble. Only his head and previously injured left hand visible. Mairo was trying to speak but it only came out as a weak sputter.

"And…have...failed." Anguis sputtered to his dying former apprentice. Turning as Mairo died he slowly walked up the stairs of the establishment. As he exited he noted a large number of miners not unlike those under the Patriarchs thrall. However instead of fanatical dedication they were now all on the ground undergoing what looked to Anguis like extreme seizures and convulsions. A number of unaffected personnel were attempting to provide aid, but they were vastly outnumbered by those affected. In the darkness and confusion of the Ulguan night Anguis managed to get to the shuttle without drawing attention.

Once aboard he activated the medical droid. It was a crude model, meant mostly for patching up Mairo after particularly painful lessons, but it was all Anguis had for now. As the droid worked on his heavily injured torso Anguis thought on the beast he had fought, the cult it had seemed to create that served it's every whim, and its abilities. Furthermore, he thought on how well they had hidden themselves. He knew most tricks for clouding the force but even he had not detected these beasts until it was too late. Furthermore, there was their obscenely powerful mind tricks. Anguis was adamant. If there were more of these groups then they were extremely dangerous to the Sith as they were now. A single group had killed the apprentice and almost the master. Perhaps once the Sith plan had come to full fruition they could be stopped but their current strength was not enough. All Anguis could think to do in the event of more such organizations was to learn to identify them and avoid drawing their attention.

But then there were the Jedi. If those self-righteous ideologues found out about these cults they would doubtlessly scour the galaxy, and in doing so potentially discover the previously thought extinct Sith. Such a scenario would likely end in the destruction of the Sith, a scenario he could not allow. He had no choice. He would dedicate his efforts to identifying and suppressing the existence of these cults from the Jedi as a whole while sharpening the Sith's abilities to discover them. The fact that the cult seemed to try very hard to hide from scrutiny would help with Anguis' plans assuming any other cults acted similarly.

Anguis sighed. He would need to craft a Holocron to get the magnitude of the threat of these cults fully documented and recorded, a task he was not certain he would be capable of for decades, if ever. He also had to find a new apprentice and give them better training such that they did not fall to the potent mind powers of the cult members.

First things first however he would ensure that his trade deal with Hoersch-Kessel Drives would be completed.

The Sith Grand plan would come to fruition one way or another. and Anguis was determined to do his part to ensure that the Sith would finally dominate the galaxy.