At the story, Randy and kamina are picking their outfits.

"Oh, randy can you believe this, our wedding day is tommorow, have you picked your wedding suit", said Kamina,excitedly.

Kamina puts on a flower barrette and has a pink dress with pictures of green vines on it.

"Still looking, wait I found it", Randy told Kamina, finding a brown suit.

"Great, next we need to go to the book store, I ran out of room in the my old scrapbook", Kamina remembered, holding her dress.

So, they pay for the clothes and the tie with the barrette, but while walking the bump into an old friend.

"Oh, i'm so sorry I wasn't look where I was going", Kamina apologized, helping picking up the grocery.

"Howard?" asked Kamina, surprised.

"Kamina! Randy!" exclaimed Howard.

"I haven't seen you since our high school graduation and you went out to be a big movie star", Kamina pointed out.

"Yeah, still not know the hand shake?" asked Randy.

"You know I do", answered Howard, then they did it, just like when they were in high school.

"so, how's being a movie star?" asked Kamina.

"I have a mansion, millions of fans, my own condo, and three limousines", Howard informed them.

"Great!" exclaimed Kamina.

"So, how's the couple, and the wedding?" asked Howard.

"Well, the wedding is tomorrow, and for the last years. We have a great life without being heroes", Kamina replied.

"I can't believe, we've haven't been star and the ninja, for 16 years", Randy responded.

"Yeah, too bad oh by the way. Howard you are going to be at the wedding, right", said Kamina, looking at her schedule.

"Of course, I never miss my best friend's wedding, nothing is on the schedule for tomorrow", said Howard, looking on his tablet.

"Is he?" Randy asked in a whisper, knowing if howard is telling the truth.

"He's telling the truth", Kamina answers in a whisper.

"How about we get a something to eat?" asked Howard.

"Well, mostly we have everything done on the list oh except the invitations", said Kamina.

"No prob, Jessie. I need invitations to my best friend's wedding. Stat. Just to the people of norisville and r-stroplis", Howard told his secretary on the phone.

At the office, a blonde-haired girl with a blue suit.

"Of course, Mr. Weinerman", Nilo agreed to do it.

So, they go to the ice cream shop, and see two other familiar friends.

"Look three more familiar faces", Juilan pointed out.

"Julian!" Kamina recognized.

"hello kanisha randy, howard, it's good to see you after I got sent to crazy camp", said Julian, looking directly at Kamina and Randy.

"Oh, sorry about that, but you did almost ruin high school graduation with your crazy invention", said Kamina.

"Yeah, I guess a robot wasn't the best thing to bring at graduation an I might've gone a little crazy", said Julian.

"You think", said Kamina, sarcastically.

"Well, besides that are we invited to the wedding", said Ciara: a brown-haired girl with a red outfit.

"Of course, I love to have you two", said Kamina.

So, they started, talking about their life.

"I can't believe, the whole time we were hanging out, you didn't tell me you're a billionaire", Randy complained

"I don't barely, need the money, except when you eat at the pizzeria", said Kamina.

"I'm telling you, kamina, I was possesed", Randy told Kamina

"Sure, by the past, present, and future, I nearly had pay 100 dollars to get you out of there", Kanisha joked.

"Oh, at least I stopped", said Randy.

"It happened last week", said Kamina.

"Reminds me, we heard about that you need a cake,and I have some caters that can help you", said Ciara.

"Oh yeah I forgot, thanks", said Kamina.

"No, prob, see you tomorrow", Ciara told them.

"Thanks", said Julian.

So, they finish they day with a little party.

On the wedding day, Kamina and Randy are in their own rooms, are getting ready.

On Kamina's side.

"Don't worry sweetie, we're almost done", said Ciara.

"Great, I can't wait to see, what I look like", replied Kamina.

(The music start playing)

So, the flower girls comes through the ile, with kamina behind them and the birds are holding veil.

"How did she get the birds to hold the veil?" asked Ciara.

"Don't you know anything, Kamina and animals have a special connection?" wondered Sciencia: a black-haired girl with a yellow dress.

"Really, I love to hear more about this connection", said Grace, holding out a paper and pencil.

"Yeah, but later", said Sciencia, looking at Kamina, and she gives her a wink.

"Ladies and gentleman, we are gathered here to see the marriage of Kamina Walker and Randy Cunningham", said Chris: a 30-year old, blond-haired man.

"Let's start the vows", said Chris.

"Randy, Do you take kamina as your wife?" asked Chris.

"I do", said Randy.

"And Kamina, do you take randy as your lovely husband?" asked Chris.

"I do", answered Kamina.

"You can now kiss the bride", said Chris.

So, they kiss and everybody cheers.

"Great their finally happy", said Dumbra.

But, all of the sudden the ground starts shaking, so Kamina and Randy go outside.

"it seems like trouble is back", said Kamina.

"I don't have my mask", said Randy.

"That why I made this with Sciencia's help", said Kamina, holding a ninja suit.

"I try my best", said Sciencia, being modest.

So, Kamina dress turns into a her super hero form and Randy into the ninja with a new ninja suit like his old one.

"let's have fun", said Kamina.

"Ok, are you sure, you might ruin your outfit", said Randy.

"Don't push it", Kamina warned Randy, while they fly away.

"You mean Randy was the ninja and Kamina was the mystery girl?" asked Ciara, surprised.

"Duh!" groaned Everybody together.

The End!