ASpawn Story

Chapter one

Dawn Diary POV

Dear Diary, tonight Buffy is going out on patrol with Angel again and leaving me home with Spike, which I don't mind but I have a huge crush on him but I don't know if he feels the same about me. I mean we flirt and joke around like any people who are seen as best friends, but I want to be more with him, by that I want to be his girlfriend. But only time will tell and Hellmouth knows I not gonna get any older, I'm 18 and stopped aging at 18 anyway so... It wouldn't be like I was too young for him...but I know what Buffy would say that he's bad for me and wouldn't love me but I don't believe that. I know somewhere in his heart (if it were still beating that is) he cares for me, otherwise he wouldn't be here or volunteer babysitting me. But I'd better get ready cause Spike will be here in 30 minutes, maybe tonight I'll tell him how I feel and maybe he'll feel the same... Right...Idon't know but it's worse to not saying anything... Right? But anyways later thoughts

Love, Dawn

Dawn Pov

I shower and get dressed in a black tank top, black skinny jeans, and black Chuck's. Once I'm dressed, I wait for Spike in the kitchen, 'cause that's where he comes in at. I make myself a sandwich and get a glass a juice, after I'm done eating. I hear a knock on the door and get up to get it, as it's no one but Spike. I get to the door and open it, and he smiles at me while leaning against the door frame and says, "Hey bit, you gonna let me in?"

While leaning against the door frame I smile at him and say, "Of course Spike." After I invite him in, he walks to the fridge and grabs some blood, pours it into a coffee mug and places it in the microwave. I look at him with confusion on my face, and he says to me, "Sorry Bit, I didn't get a chance to feed before I got here, that's what took me so long to get here." I nod and then head for the living room and sit on the couch.


Once his blood was done he came and sat next to me on the couch and starting sipping on his cup of blood, we watched a cheesy T. V horror flick for a while until I went to get chips, when I came back I snuggled up to his left side of Spike to which he pulls me closer to him I smile at this contact and look up at him while he watches movie, I was looking at him what I didn't know is that he was looking at me with his peripheral vision while he was still watching the T. V and smiles cause he knew I was checking him out which made him smile. I looked up at him and badly wanting to kiss his lips, but I was having a moral quandary with myself if I should do it or not and also thinking if he would be mad. But I told myself how else would I am going show him that I was into him, I made up my mind deciding that I would at least try it and if he didn't like it I would apologize and if he did I maybe could consider telling him how I felt.

General POV

When she thought he wasn't paying attention and his head was slightly turned to her, she chanced it and slowly got closer and turn his head slightly toward her and kissed him, which surprised him at first, but then he kissed her back which surprised her that he kissed back, she deepens the kiss only slightly, and he cups her cheek as she deepens kiss and then pulls back looks at her and smiles at her but sees her look a little sad to which he hugs her and says to her, " Hey there don't you dare don't think I don't want you."she looks at him shocked and smiles slightly and says to him, "What do you mean?... I always thought you didn't like me like that... I mean we joke and such but I always thought you wanted Buffy or someone else." she looks down from his gaze to which she feels his hand pull her chin back up to look into his icy blue eyes, and he said to her," Look bit I've loved the slayer I'm not gonna lie... But she has Angel and ain't no doubt about that... She loves him and I don't think she's gonna give him up anytime soon... But I mean he's better for her and I'm better for you bit I mean think about it we get along better than me and the Slayer do... And if you are worried about Buffy I'll just have to show her that I can be good for sister... What do you think luv?" She looks at him and smiles brightly and says to him," Let hope you can prove it to Buffy cause you know what she is going to say don't you ' he's evil, he's a monster, and again he's evil'. But I do hope you can cause I like you a lot Spike, and I know your not evil and I know you can be good Spike, I mean for starters you've every opportunity to hurt me for as long as we known each other but you haven't and I know you Spike and I know your not a monster... Cause you may say that you don't have a soul... But I think you do." he smiles and her and laughs at the same old Buffy lines and pulls her face closer and kisses her lightly and tell her," And I know you Dawn, I know your a beautiful woman and person and I know I can prove it to Buffy... And I'll prove it to you —." She starts to tell him that he doesn't, but he stops her and finishes his statement, " No pet I want to...cause in a way Buffy is sorta right I mean when my name comes up I'm not seen as a good person, am I?... But if not for Buffy then for you... And I want to prove you that I'm capable of loving you just like you love me... So let me show you it to you as well Luv."

She is misty-eyed, and she kisses again and nods, she can't believe he feels the same as her and more after they broke the kiss she lays her head on his shoulder and while they held each other's hands, they look at the clock and it read midnight and Spike swears and says, " Fuck I was supposed to have you in bed by 10 P. M, wanna call it a night pet?"

She nods and runs up stairs to change into her PJ's while Spike takes all the stuff into the kitchen and also cleans the kitchen to not give the slayer any complaints, after he's done he walks up to dawn's room to see if she's in bed, when he gets there she is sitting up in the covers like she was waiting for him she looks nervous, but she asks him," Spike would you sleep beside me?... I mean if you want to that is... I just don't wanna be alone tonight." He chuckles and her request, and nods. He takes off his duster off and lays it on the back of one of the chairs in her room and also takes his off his boots, as he makes his way to the bed she tells him, " Don't forget to shut the curtains so you don't burn in the morning." Spike nods and makes his way to the curtains to close them, while he is doing that Dawn decides to stare at him a bit but then snaps herself out of it when he gets closer to bed. Spike crawls in under the covers with her and wraps his arm around her waist and pulls her close to him, to which Dawn get butterflies in her stomach. She lays her arm on top his and smiles at the contact but before she got too comfortable he sits up and pulls off his shirt, she turns and looks at his abs and his muscles and blushes which makes him smirk with satisfaction cause that was his plan all along cause he loved making her blush. Before they fell asleep he turns her toward him and kisses her good night then they get comfy and fall asleep, with a smile on both of their faces.


The Next Morning

They are both woken up by Buffy screaming and them, " What the hell you two?" Spike growls and Dawn shoots up in bed, with Buffy having her arms crossed, Dawn tries to speak but Spike sit up slowly and looks the slayer dead in the face and says in the most sarcastic tone ever, " We were sleeping slayer so if you mind Luv shoo." and waves his hand in a shooing motion while Dawn laughed and then got pulled back to his side as he cuddles back into her, leaving Buffy with her mouth hanging open as she huffs, she shuts the door and walks out. With a smile on both of their faces they went back to sleep knowing when they wake up, they would have to face her. But until then they enjoy each other's closeness.

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