Chapter 2

Later that day

Around 6 pm they both woke up, spike got up first and went to put on his shirt and after he did that, he then walks over to Dawn and gives her a kiss full of desire on her lips, but he had to pull back because otherwise they wouldn't be leaving her room. If there was one thing he wouldn't do its make her doing anything she wasn't ready for cause he knew she was still virgin, and he wanted to show her that he could wait and wait only for her. He also wanted to show her that his love for her was different from the love he had for the slayer, while he was putting his boots back on Dawn told him she was going to take a shower and to be out of her room. When she was done, so she canchange, andhe would be downstairs in the kitchen while she was changing, so they could face Buffy together and also, so they both could eat something. Spike nods, and she heads to the bathroom.

Spike is left alone in her room, to which he decided to look around her room the first thing he looks at was her dresser which had a small vanity mirror with makeup in neat piles around it to which he sort of scoffs at all the makeup she has, because in his eyes she didn't need it she was beautiful as is, but you know human women they just have to look perfect without knowing the one that loves them knows, they already look perfect to them but women just don't see it sometimes, he was going to show her that she didn't need that she would be loved with or without the makeup, the next thing he saw on her was her stuffed bear to which he smiles at because it's the only thing that reminds her of her mother because it was one of the last thing Mrs. Summers bought her before she died, it also had pictures of Buffy and her on the mirror which made him smile.

After he was done looking at her dresser he went to her bookshelf and looked at all the various books she had books from Dracula to Anne Rice and Alice In Wonderland book series, and she also had few poetry books from authors like Edgar Allen Poe to Emily Dickinson, he shakes his head at the Dracula book but applauded her poetry reading choices as some of them were her favorite, he moves from her bookshelf to her nightstand and looks at the picture of Mrs. Summers, Buffy, and Her smiling and looking at the camera, it did bring him a bit of sadness to him cause Joyce reminded him of his mother, and he could see the sadness in her when they would hang out and talk about her mother, thought she knew she wasn't really born from Joyce, she had so many memories of Joyce because to her it all felt real even though, she knows Joyce isn't her mother, but she enjoyed the time with her mother while she was alive.

She also had a few friendship bracelets on there as well along with the Necklace he gave her from Christmas last year it was an 18 ct gold necklace with and a pendant that had and emerald on it, He had stolen it from and pawn shop years ago but when he couldn't think of what to get her that year, so he took it from where he hid it in the crypt and gave it to her, and he loves that she still has it.


Once he was done looking around her room and was dressed himself, he left her room to give her privacy when she came back from the bathroom. He went downstairs to the kitchen to make himself a cup of blood while he waited for dawn to get dressed, But when he walks into the kitchen he grunts at seeing, Buffy sitting on the counter with Angel beside her. He pays them no mind like they aren't there and makes his way to the fridge to get the blood for him to make a cup, he could Feel Buffy staring daggers at him while Angel looks the same way as Buffy does, he pours the blood in a coffee cup and put it in the microwave and after he starts it, Buffy is the first one to "bitch" in his opinion instead of talk, she says her same old lines that he's evil, a monster, and evil once again but the last thing she said is what got him talking to her, that the only reason he was with dawn was because he missed her and still wants Buffy, to which he stands face to face with her with a sneer on his face and tells her," Now listen here slayer and listen good, under no circumstances what so ever miss or want you ever, you wanna know why cause you were never mine to love. If you were you would have accepted my love when you had the chance but you didn't you went for "The Magnificent Poof" over here. He put Angel's nickname for him in air quotes and points at Angel which he growls lightly at Spike cause he hated the nickname Spike gave him, but he continues on his rant, " So don't tell me who I can and can't be with and Buffy you haven't even given me a chance to prove it to you... Oh but you'll let Angel prove his love to you... So why can't I prove mine to Dawn, and on another note, you may think I'm evil and I'm a monster but do you know who doesn't?" He points to Dawn walking in the kitchen looking like a deer in the head lights to everything he said and finishes his statement,"She doesn't, She sees me for the good man I once was... When I had a soul and that why I wanna be with the Bit because she sees my for who I really am, and I'm happy with that, unlike you who couldn't see it." and after his rant he turns to the microwave that was beeping and grabs his cup a blood, takes a sip, and walks over to Dawn gives her soft kiss on the lips. Buffy again is left with her mouth a gape and Angel hugging her from behind, as Buffy watched as Spike kissed her sister she began to realize that he was right because, when they broke the kiss she could see nothing of the man he once was when she knew him, she treated him like he was a man but not like a real man, but she could see pure love in both of their eyes and it reminded her of times when she looked at Angel the first time they met, kissed, or anything for that matter. She decided in her head while Angel was holding her that she would give Spike a chance to show his love to her sister, but the moment he hurt damn it was Stake City for him.


After taking to Buffy, Spike and Dawn cuddled up on the couch and watched TV together. While Angel and her were in Buffy's bedroom talking about what Spike had said to her to which Angel convince her to let them be, he may not like it either, but he understood what Spike was saying about being evil, cause when his name comes up its not Angel the vampire she knew with a soul that can be sweet and caring, it's Angelius the menacing vampire who had no soul, but he does now and forever had given it to Buffy completely. Because he did love Buffy with all his heart and soul, and he knew he would never wanna hurt Buffy ever, but he did agree with her that if Spike did hurt her he would let Buffy stake him, and he would rip him a new one beforehand.

Once they finished their discussion they walk back downstairs to see Spike and Dawn kissing, clearly not watching TV anymore. Buffy cleared her throat to break up the kiss and said to them," Your right Spike you love her, but so help me, you hurt her and your dust... Got it?" and she was giving him her famous intimating stare, to which he chuckles and say to her," You got nothing to worry about slayer I love Dawn and ain't nobody gonna take her from me and I'm not going anywhere." Dawn smiles at his words and kisses him on the cheek, and they turn back towards the TV to finish the show they were watching, Buffy nods and tells them they are going on patrol and to behave, with that Angel and her walk out the door.

Dawn smiles at her brave vampire that he got to show Buffy what for and prove to her sister that he loved her, and she couldn't be anymore happy then she was about what happened today. They keep watching TV while occasionally making out and enjoying their night as boyfriend and girlfriend, they were watching another cheesy horror movie and laughing at all the bullshit things in the movie, while Dawn was cuddled up to Spike's left side and his arm around her waist. When it got to around midnight they began to head up to Dawn's room to go to bed, Dawn went up first to change into her PJs and close the curtains while Spike cleaned up their snacks and stuff they had while watching the movie, he took it all to the kitchen and once again cleaned it up the kitchen, because he still was not gonna give Buffy any reasons to say anything to him and once he is done cleaning the kitchen he heads up to Dawn's room and when he gets there he saw Dawn laying in bed under the covers reading one of her poetry books he saw earlier, and he also saw her PJS she was wearing a black tank top with no bra and short shorts. The PJs she was wearing made him want to have her right now, but for now he can deal with taking it slow with her for he wanted to show her the gentleman he was before, anything faster happened. Dawn catches Spike staring and says to him," See anything you like Spike?" She smiles seductively at him, and he winks at her, and she blushes as he makes his way to the bed, he takes his boots, shirt and duster off and leave them at the end of the bed.

He crawls under the covers with her and wraps his arm around her like he did last night and kisses her goodnight but its was more than just the soft kiss she got in the kitchen, he kissed her with so much passion and love that she didn't want it to end, but she knew it had to, so they could still take it slow... But not for much longer she hoped, when the kiss ended they said their I love you's and cuddled up to each other and went to bed.

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