Chapter 3

Date Night at The Bronze

Spike and Dawn wake up after 6 pm and Dawn goes to the bathroom to take a shower but before she leaves her room to do so, Spike kisses her and tells her he's gonna stop by his crypt to shower and change clothes, that it wouldn't take long and said bye to her and left, Spike was planning on taking Dawn out to the only club he goes to which was The Bronze. As he took a shower he thought about Dawn being naked in the shower at her home and started to get hard just thinking about how beautiful she was, to which he takes care of his thoughts and when he gets out he puts his black shirt and jeans on, and he also combs his blond hair back into his famous style and grabs his famous duster, locked his crypt and heads back to the Summer's house in his DeSoto, so they would at least have a car and not have to walk to The Bronze and back, when he gets back to the house he shuts the car engine off and gets out of the car walks up to the door and knocks, he hears Dawn come down the stairs cause while she is coming down he heard her say that she got the door.

To which spike smiles and leans against the door frame like he did the first time when she answered the door, she smiles at him while wearing a blood-red tank top and jeans with her brown hair flowing down and around her face, he smiles at the beauty in front of him and says,"Hello pet you gonna let me in?" she nods and with that he walks through the door and kisses her deeply, they hear someone clear their throat, and they break the kiss and look at the staircase to see who it was, it's Buffy with Angel right behind her, Spike growls a bit and rolls his eyes, and Buffy says to him," Look Spike I know you love my sister, but can refrain from kissing my sister while in front of me please." When she finished her statement Dawn pulls Spike into the most searing kiss she had ever given him before, and once they break apart she looks square at Buffy in the face and says to her," Buffy if I have to watch you and Angel suck face when I'm around, then you can tolerate me and Spike doing the same, alright." Spike chuckles at what she said to Buffy and then takes his hand while his other arm snakes around her waist, she pulls him toward the stairs but before she goes up, Buffy tells her that they are going to on patrol and again to behave, and they walk out the door, once Buffy and Angel are gone Spike gives her the 'I'm going to chase you eyes' after that searing kiss she gave him and chases Dawn up the stairs, Dawn gets to her room first and hides in her closet the only place she can hide without being seen by Spike.

She knows he's going to find her, but she likes it when he does this cause the excitement it gives her to be chased by her predator is worth it, she hears him walk into her room, and begin looking for her which he loves search for his beautiful prey, sounding like he gave up looking for a few minutes but, says the one thing he knew that usually brings her out of her hiding spot wherever that maybe,"I had a surprise for you but I guess my Bit doesn't want it." She groans lightly, so he won't hear her and give her away her hiding spot, he tried to bait her with what he knew she couldn't resist, but since he hadn't found her she says lightly at a volume she knew he can hear her," Oh?... And what would that be Mr. William? Why don't you tell me and maybe I'll come out." She smiles and waits for Spike to take the bait, he hears her and love when she uses his old name as she is the only one that is allowed to use it, he looks towards the closet where heard her voice come from and smelled for her scent which confirmed where she was, but he loved her scent, she smelled like Lavender flowers mixed with Roses, and he says to her," Well I wanted to take you out to The Bronze tonight as a date tonight and make it back before the slayer got home, but I guess I'm going by myself if I can't find you Bit." He decides to sit on her bed with his hand behind his head and waits for her to come busting out of the closet, but instead dawn looks for and outfit in her dark closet by feel, cause if he was going to bait her to come out, then she was going to do it right back to him then she was going to dress so sexy to make him wish he didn't.

As she is feeling around her closet still trying not to give her hiding spot away by not turning on the light in case he was still looking for her, she finds her black leather pants that she knew hugged her curves in all the right ways and her sequined blood-red tank top that showed off just the right amount of cleavage with the bra she was wearing and changes into the clothes she found, then walks out to find spike laying on her bed waiting for her, but when he looked over at her and saw what she was wearing for their date night his eyes nearly bugged out of his head, and he got up too fast for Dawn to see him and had her pinned against the wall of her room, he looked her up and down and to admired her beauty that was his Dawn, and gave her a sexy growl and kissed her very deeply and pressed his hips into her while pressing her in to the wall, so she could feel the erection that she was giving him through his jeans, by the outfit she was wearing, she moans softly into the kiss and begins to grind her hips into his as he deepens the kiss, but they both knew it would need to stop if they were going to leave for The Bronze early enough to get back in time, but they didn't and moved to the bed for a steamy make out session before going out for their date.

Once the make out session was over and clothes were fixed, Dawn grabbed her purse by the door and the emergency keys left in the kitchen to lock the house up, and once the door was locked they make their way to his DeSoto and take off for The Bronze. When they got there the club was packed for a Friday night, as they walk in the music was jumping there was no live band performance tonight but, there was a DJ for music tonight. They look for a place to sit down and Spike orders a beer and Dawn a soda, so she could cover her breath if she decided to take drinks from Spike's beer after getting their drinks she pulls on his hand to lead him to the dance floor, so they could dance. The first dance normally with her arms wrapped around his neck while the beat was slow and his arms around her waist pulling her closer to him but as the beat of the song picks up, Dawn spins around, so she has her back to Spike and her ass Grinding on to his crotch, and she could feel him get slightly get hard while she is dancing on him, as he moves with her and to the beat, he pulls her closer and moves his hands from her waist and places them on her hips, but then takes his left hand and brushes her long hair to the side and kisses her neck lightly as the dance. The kept dancing before taking a break and sitting back at their table Dawn was sitting in Spike's lap and drinking her soda while Spike was polishing off his second beer having a great time with her and glad that the date was going well.

Until they saw Buffy standing in front of them with her arms crossed and Angel behind her looking like he was trying to say sorry to them but then Buffy screams at them, "What are you guys doing here? You're supposed to be at home Dawn. What if something happens to her Spike?... Spike you know this place isn't safe for her. Yet you bring her here." Before Dawn replies Spike sneers at Buffy, and then speaks for Dawn and tells Buffy," Look slayer we are on a date and as for this place not being safe for her... Um do you know who's with her? And didn't I tell you I'd protect her,so why shouldn't she be out having fun? HUH? Because you think that only you and Poofer your with are the only one who can take care of her... Well let tell you a secret I can protect and take care of her too." and Gives her a sarcastic smirk after what he says to her, while Dawn tried not to spit her soda from laughing to which Buffy apologizes and, tell them to have fun but not be out too late and walks off with Angel back to the dance floor. After finishing their drinks they went upstairs and played pool and while Dawn was making shots she was wiggling her ass for Spike to stare at and that cause Spike to get behind her and, help her with shots she's making and each time he did, Dawn could feel just how hard he was thought her pants each time he got behind her. She smirked to herself each time she felt it and, after they we done playing they decided on one more drink and dance, then made their way to his car but before they got there, Spike pulls her into an alley way and backs her up to the brick wall and kisses her with so much desire and want like when her kissed her earlier tonight, she moaned into the kiss again and kissed him back with the same want and need.

His hands are at the rubbing small circles in her sides also playing where the end of her tank top meets the top of her pants, she moans at the contact while running her fingers through his bleach blond hair. Spike starts making his way down to her neck when Dawn stops him and says,"Let's finish this at home, cause it's getting late and well have the rest of the night to enjoy each other's company in private." And winks at him after what she says to him, and he pouts playfully but agrees with her and head to the car and drive back to her home.

When the get home Dawn unlocks the door and brings Spike in, and he throws his duster on the couch and runs up stairs with Dawn, she grabs her PJ's and goes to the bathroom to change out of her clothes while he waits her takes off his shirt and boots and lays down on the bed, just thinking about how lucky he was to have her and after about a few minutes, she comes back into the room but with different Pj's from the first two nights she is wearing a deep red tank top and boy shorts underwear, and again Spike growls at her lightly cause he was so close to loosing control, he makes her come to him with his finger telling her to and once Dawn is close enough he pulls her down on to the bed as he hovers over top of her kissing her with so much passion, lust, andpassion. To which she is returning with the same intensity as he does, he begins kissing her on the neck he begins to suck on her pulse point leaving a mark, and she moans again as he does so while he has his hands under her tank top, her squeezes one breast with one hand and teasing her nipple with the other, their hips grind into each other at the same pace, Spike realized after a bit that they should quit and tells her so, and she understands she knows he doesn't wanna loose too much control and with that he kisses her before they both get under the covers, cuddle up, and head to sleep.

They wake up again after 6 pm and Dawn gives him a searing kiss and heads to the bathroom for a shower while Spike puts his shirt on but not his boots just yet and walks barefoot to the kitchen with a smile on his face because he had fun last night with Dawn and was hoping for many more, when he walks in Buffy is eat her dinner and chatting with Angel while he was drinking a cup of blood, they both turn and look at Spike as he walks into the kitchen to make him a cup and immediately Buffy asks,"So Spike you fuck my sister?" To which Spike gets and angry smirk and turns to her after he put his blood in the microwave and says," So what if I did it would be of no concern of yours luv, for that is Dawn's decision to do so and not yours." and smiles smugly after he says that to her. She huffs and goes back to eating while Angel has a smile on his face after what Spike said to Buffy, the microwave beeps and Spike gets his blood and then heads back up to Dawn's room to leave the two love birds alone, he walks into her room and dawn is wearing tight black jeans and black tank top that showed off her cleavage just right way, this girl was going to kill him is the thought that going through in hismind, andhe began to stare at gorgeous goddess in front of him, she was sitting on her chair at her dresser brushing her wet hair and saw Spike staring at her in the mirror's reflection and says, " see something you like or you just happy to see me?" she winks at the refection of him in the mirror, he takes a sip of his blood and set it on her nightstand then walks over to her chair where she was sitting and pulls her long wet hair aside and kisses her neck softly and stares at his goddess in the mirror and smiles, she shivers as he kisses her neck and a tiny moan escapes her mouth she stops brushing her hair and turns to face him and kisses him full on the mouth and then goes back to brushing her hair while Spike sit on her bed and waits for her to finish.

She finishes brushing her hair dry and goes to the bed to join Spike, they lay together facing one another and then Spike kisses her and then asks her something he has meant to ask her for a while now since they've been together," Dawn I got a question and feel free to say no, if it's not what you want right and I can wait, But do you wanna move in with me?" The question took her by surprise, but she thought about it once when she was in the shower, her and Spike living together I mean it was a big step in their relationship, but she wanted to be ready, and he did say he would wait, and she answers him," Spike I would love to move in with you but can we hold off on it, til I graduate College cause, I want that to be at least under my belt before I do, is that OK?" He nods cause he knows, she would want to finish school, and he wouldn't dare deprive her a good education, but he replies," That's fine with me Bit, I can wait til then, I mean what do we got three months left to go til you do?" She nods and with that he kisses her, she said yes but it would be a bit, but he understood why. After a while of just laying on the bed while making out occasionally they headed downstairs to watch TV and cuddle up on the couch, while watching Passions on the T. V Buffy and Angel tell them they are going toPatrol, and they would be back later once they were gone the were all over each other and enjoying their evening together with TV and their company.

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