"What are ya doing in my swamp!?" Shrek exclaimed as he faced the Ice Climbers in his swamp, with him having gotten out of his outhouse because SOMEBODY ONCE TOLD ME to make a Shrek crossover with Ice Climber cuz I ain't the sharpest tool in the shed.

"Is it true that onions have layers?" Popo asked as he was eating an onion, cause hey now he's an all star (get your game on, go play).

Nana let out a big fart as she fanned the air, giggling as she's a rock star (get the show, get paid). "Better out than in, like you always say."

Shrek was furious, so he roared loudly cause all that glitters is gold, with Popo and Nana peeing their parkas as they dashed away from the swamp. Shrek laughed as he went to work on making a new sign to keep anyone away from his treasured home that was his stinky swamp... little did he know that the frightened climbers of ice would return shortly afterwards cause only shooting stars break the mold.

"That's better. I don't want anymore fairy tale creatures in my home..." Shrek muttered as he dusted off his green hands and went back inside to have a nice peaceful meal, hoping that no one else would come along.