Shrek and Donkey were in an icy terrain as they saw the Ice Climbers bouncing up the mountain like they usually would, the duo covered in the snow that was constantly falling around them.

"Hey Shrek, why are we in the tundra, anyway?" Donkey asked as he sneezed.

Shrek laughed. "Well Donkey, we're here to show off why having layers is important."

Popo and Nana looked at each other as they were quite confused, not knowing what to make of this situation. Shrek smirked as he turned to Donkey, then faced the Eskimo pair as he burped loudly, with Nana farting in response as Popo pooped his pants.

"...Suddenly I'm feeling uncomfortable, Shrek." Donkey admitted to Shrek while squinting his eyes.

"Lighten up, Donkey!" Shrek snapped as he lightly slapped Donkey across the back of his head. "You know what I always say. Better out than in!"