Loraire Kornar (Head Game Maker in the 49th Annual Hunger Games)

I can't sleep, I can't eat, I can't do anything unless I think of a damn idea for these games. My second in command Boras, and I are up all night for the second night in a row. The deadlines from president snow were very specific and I am not trying to end up like the guy who had the job before me who didn't live up to expectations. The instructions were very very specific, make an Arena that won't outdo the plans for next year the quell, but don't lose the interest of the people. We look at the blueprints of the past 48 arenas and review the submitted ideas from fellow game makers.

"This is impossible, maybe we should just accept our death," Boras said in a sarcastic way.
"Not funny, we just haven't found the ONE yet, we will, how much caffeine pills do we have left?" I said.
"Not a good idea, I've taken so many of those things, I will start seeing sounds," Boras said.
Then I start to think, what can we do to incorporate sound into an arena? Has anyone ever done that before? Then the wheels start turning.
"That's it, Boras you're a genius!"
Boras just looks at me with a puzzled look. "I know that I am but what is THE thing I did this time?" He says in a cocky manner.
"You fool, let's incorporate sound into the arena that way it can build up momentum for next year while not over doing it!" "Jeez for being an old man you still got some gas left in the tank!"
he looks at me one more time " Ok first, I'm 30 years old, and secondly, I still don't know what idea you have but it sounds ok to me, I'm going home now, good luck" Boras says as he is walking out the door slouching and rubbing his eyes.

My eyes narrow and I start scribbling on new blueprints and I love how this coming about. 2 hours have passed, and I just finished. I smile as I hold them up. This better get me the job for next year. I roll them up and I put it in the tube and puts the mansions address with my official stamp, so Snow knows it from me. As It gets taken away in the tube next to my desk I start to think. If this is one of the better ideas, then I'll be president Snow's right-hand lady. This could be my big break. If it succeeds then ill be legendary, if I fail, I'll be dead.

Ok, all, this my first SYOT! I've submitted plenty so I kinda have a feeling what direction on which way I want to take this. The tribute forms are on my profile! I will hold tributes for 24 hours with additional holds available upon request! Ill keep a tribute list as spots get filled ill update that Daily with updates on the story at least once a week but probably more like 2 or if I'm feeling crazy 3 times. I might get a sponsor system going but we will see. Final thing, I will not be biased and ill do my best to incorporate strategies into the games to the best of my ability. Thanks, and Submit!

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