Loraire Kornar Head GameMaker


Everything was going perfectly for me with the arena, the games, and the tributes. I've managed to keep President snow off my back. He's been pleased about how the pregames have been shaping up. We have a career pack that has a lot of strong personalities. The outliers have some contenders, not many but enough to keep the outlier districts interest.

My idea of the arena is unique, in my opinion, and Boras and I worked hard on it. The arena is not very large, but it is vast due to its sheer number of trees, brush, and secret compartments. The cornucopia is in the dead center of the arena, and it's on an elevated dirt hill. The 24 tributes are in a circle around the cornucopia. Directly behind them, about 6 feet, are small hills that drop off into the rest of the arena. This elevated cornucopia was important for me for two reasons. First, it ensured that the cornucopia was seemingly easy to guard; however, due to the hills, a tribute could sneak up easily if they figured out the blind spots and used them to their advantage. The second reason was that I knew it'd be easy for people to escape the bloodbath; no career would wanna leave the hill to chase out an outlier. A bloody bloodbath would be usually advantageous, but I want to see how the new twist I've been thinking of plays a part. With the twist, people should be encountering one another quite often, so I want more of those encounters, thus keeping more people alive at the beginning. The rest of the arena is filled with tall trees; most are too tall to climb, and the brush of leaves and sticks litter most of the arena, making the grass almost hidden. I instructed my game makers to put these special glasses we had made for the games in about 70% of the backpacks at the cornucopia; there are other glasses hidden around the map, so theoretically, everyone can get a piece of the fun. The glasses are made to be worn, obviously, and every 12 hours, the gongs will go off. These gongs will be loud, obviously, but they will be more than just sound. If someone wears the glasses when the gongs are going off, they will be able to see the sound waves; if they follow the sound waves, it leads to backpacks containing weapons, food, medicine, or nothing. This allows sound to be a part of the games like I originally intended and more action; rather, it is the happenstance of two tributes running into one another.

As I look over the arena one last time, I make my way to the main room; this is where I will spend most of my time. I make sure that the games run smoothly and that Mr. President is happy with how the games are playing out, and I look at Boras and give him the nod to begin the countdown. As he begins counting down, I look to see how the tributes were placed around the cornucopia, and I want to see if any potential fights are brewing. Of course, the tributes are randomly placed, but sometimes I have to move some people around. This draw was a pretty clean sweep; the only swap was for Brax from 5; his father is a mayor and called in some favors. I don't mind playing these bureaucratic games; now, even if his kid dies, he owes me a favor, and nowadays, those are as valuable as gold.

The switch was to move Brax between Bones and Annie and move Capricorn next to the boy from 1, Concord, I couldn't have Brax near Concord, or he'd be dead as soon as the gong rang.











and it finally sounds. The first thing I take note of is the good amount of tributes who run away from the middle or who tried to grab something quick and slid down the hill behind them shortly after; the first two that I noticed ran without anything was the pair from 7, Wren and Aspen, they are running in completely different directions, so I presume they aren't allies but its not surprising that they ran this biome should be advantageous for the pair from the lumber district.

The only other tribute who left without grabbing anything was Bones from 10. She sort of looked around and then slid down the hill before wandering off somewhere down south.

Of course, my plan of having many conflicts centered around the glasses. I also instructed the game makers to put out a lot of packs close to pedestals so people can grab and run quick, and a bulk of tributes take advantage of this. The first tributes I notice grab and run are the pair from 5. Arin quickly scoops a bag on each shoulder, goes two pedestals to her left, grabs Brax, and pushes him down the hill so they can start running; Brax seemed like he froze once the gong rang. Still, he's lucky I moved him because that inaction would've been the end of him.

Next was the small girl from 6, Barbara, she went to grab the bag, and he and the girl from 8 reached it at the same time, they stared at each other for less than three seconds until the girl from 8 fell back on all fours like she was anticipating a punch. Still, all the Barabara does is scoop up the medium brown backpack before rolling down the hill behind her.

I think Leah, the girl from 8, will be the first causality because she sits there before I see Marigold, the girl from 9, and Woolworth, the Boy from 8, show up. It's like Leah realized where she was and was pulled to her feet before the trio ran from the cornucopia with 2 backpacks to share.

The last two tributes who grab and run are Mason from 9 and Kolten from 12, but they don't run right away. Mason grabs a bag and meets Kolten, and it seems that Kolten wants to watch before giving in to the pleas of his ally and running down the hill.

So as 11 tributes book it from the middle within the first 10 seconds of the gong, I realize that I probably made the pedestals a little too far from the middle of the cornucopia and weapons because that's half the tributes not participating in the actual bloodbath, but that's ok, the action will be plenty later.

Now that all the tributes who wanted to run are gone, it's time for the action to start. Out of the remaining 13 tributes, most ran towards the middle or were just waiting to see if they could get in and out quickly. The first altercation is between Bellona and Concord, who got to the cornucopia simultaneously. They smile, and Bellona picks up the spear Concord is eyeing and smiles at him. I thought there would be a big fight right there until Bellona tells him to move. She throws her spear with an absurd amount of velocity, and it hits Uirah from 11 right in the chest, and I can tell he is killed pretty much instantly; at least he didn't suffer.

Uriah Winter D11M 13 24th Place

As soon as Uriah falls, Annie and Capricorn, his allies as I remember from the training center, look scared and grab what they got from the cornucopia and start to run towards the edge and try to slide down the hill. Concord sees the kill Bellona got and decides to run after the pair with a sword; he's faster than they are. For a sec, I think he's gonna kill them both until something that we don't see that often in the games. Annie seems to realize that they both won't make it to the hill, so Annie pushes Capricorn with a surprising amount of strength towards the hill. Capricorn is running so fast he can't slow down as he starts to roll down the hill.

Annie used so much force she fell to the ground. As she scrambled away on all fours, there was a sense of relief that Capricorn made it away on her face, and she actually smiled as she saw him roll down the hill. Concord is seething, and Annie knows this is the end for her. She closes her eyes as the sword enters her chest, stopping her heart instantly.

Annie Gris D12F 15 23rd Place

While this is happening, a skirmish on the other side of the cornucopia between Pascal, Amira, and Dylan. Originally Pascal ran to the edge of the cornucopia where his wire was in plain view. I wanted to see what he could do for it, so I was hoping he would grab it and get out with Bugg, his district partner, from 3. What I was not expecting was for Pascal to try to grab more than just his wire. He came into view with a dark green bag and tried to hold it at the same time Amira from 11 wanted to grab it. A sort of tug of war between the two ensues. Bugg is standing at least 20 feet back and is unsure about coming to his aid, but with other tributes in the area, Bugg just yells for Pascal to let go. Pascal is about to when Amira pulls out a dagger and hits pascal with the handle, not to kill him. Still, it enables him to let go while Amira scoops up the bag and runs for the trees. Pascal gets up to run when Dylan from 4 cuts him off. Dylan has a trident who looks like he wants to act but is hesitant. He throws his Trident at Pascal but misses barely. Dylan seems unsure, but he just runs at Pascal full force and tackles him. Pascal is actually getting the better of him for a second. He manages to unravel some of his wire, and it looks like he is trying to strangle Dylan with it. Pascal is behind him on the ground with Dylan between his legs, choking him with the wire. I was ready for the first career death of the games until Kendall, the girl from 4, comes to Dylan's aid and kicks Pascal in the head; it dazes Pascal long enough for Dylan to squirm his way free. Once Dylan is free, Kendall has her Trident and Spears Pascal in the neck; the kid puts up a hell of a fight, but unfortunately, it is not enough for him. I see Bugg running from the cornucopia with nothing but the clothes on her back and tears flowing from her eyes.

Pascal Clarence D3M 15 22nd Place

There is only one more death in this bloodbath, making it one of the least deadly bloodbaths to

date. It wasn't exactly my plan, but it makes the mid to late game more exciting for the viewers; after the bloodbath, the audience can grow bored, which guarantees they'll want to stick around for the action. While the Pascal-Dylan skirmish is going on, Tyr and Brielle are taking down the last tribute to die, Haylo. Haylo from 10 is small, and I thought he did a good job hiding but accidentally kicking the table while leaving the cornucopia got Brielle and Tyr's attention while they were sorting through weapons and supplies. I think they thought no one was still around, but when they saw Haylo, they paused and shared a glance with one another. Haylo looked shaken, rightfully so, as he began to plead with them, and it almost worked. Brielle had this timid demeanor with her as she looked at Tyr. Tyr quickly grabbed one of the bows and shot an arrow into Haylo's chest; it was such a quick action I doubt even Haylo saw it coming. After Haylo fell, Brielle pulled the young boy's body out of the cornucopia to make it presumably easier for the hovercraft to collect his body.

Haylo Molto Ranons D10M 12 21st Place

With this last death that marks the end of the bloodbath, while it was not deadly now, it'll pick up soon. Interestingly, the only people who got kills were careers, but that just makes the first outlier to get a kill a standout. Regardless, I'm happy with how it went and cannot wait for the plethora of kills in days to come.

Uriah- He's a sweet kid with a nice background, he was just listed as a bloodbath, and with the low amount of bloodbaths he had to go.

Annie- Her description was a little Mary Sue but she had a sweet soft-spoken quality to her and with her extremely kind background, I figured this was the best way to go.

Pascal- Sort of the same deal with Uriah, he was listed as a bloodbath, I was contemplating not killing him but with how everything was laid out, I figured it was the best way to go.

Haylo- Was a pretty simple character, he was goofy and nice, not a good bloodbath for the kind-hearted.

First, I want to say thanks to all the submitters for these 4, and I felt bad killing people in the bloodbath who was not a bloodbath so I think the plan worked out well. Second, I was originally going to do it in 3rd person but I didn't like how it was coming out so this was a pivot that I think is much better. Third, the games have officially started! Remember to use your sponsor points and keep in mind the twist these games will have. Last, would y'all prefer confirmed deaths mid chapter how it was done or just a recap at the end, just let me know! Thanks, everyone.

Until Next Time