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This is non-canon.

All of contents in this are all fiction.

My grammar is very terrible. It may irritated you guys.

Because my mother tongue is not English.

I try my best to check it. If anything wrong I'm so sorry

My main purpose is to share my story to you guys.

I try my best to make this fiction reasonable as much as possible.

Please enjoy.

Oh…if you guys wondering why the chapter is late?

In my progress of writing this story. I have to find the inspiration, I want to make this fiction reasonable. I will try my best to use overlord canon character and not create the new one except Adel. If you guys can notice that some situation in the novel is likely to some movies, that's it. I got my inspiration in there.


Ainz walking along the path in nazarick. What happen a day ago was Adel fighting with the Pleiades. The results pretty interested him. Those 3 items are worth than he though.

After yesterday ainz sent lupusregina beta back to the carne-village to go explain to everyone that Adel was not a terrorist it just a misunderstand situation.

He walked in the throne room where Adel use to live in, but then he heard a conversation inside the throne room.

" brother, if you punch yourself in the face and you feel pain does that mean you're strong …or weak?" that sound must be Adel . who's he talking to? And how the hell he comes up with that mind blown question.

"hmmmmmmm…." that sound from pandora's actor

Ainz shocked but his passive calm him down.

Who let him come in to my room?!

"hmmmmmmmm.." they together hmm-ing.

Ainz then open the door he saw Adel sitting on the ground and pandora's actor is sitting in opposite of Adel.

"what were you two doing?" ainz said.

"father?/ainz-sama?" those 2 reply recently.

"we're ..uh..having a conversation" Adel said.

There's no one in ainz throne room except 3 of them.

"you don't afraid that anyone would come here and found you?" ainz said.

"uh…I heard from yuri that there would have no one in this room when you're not arrive yet." Adel said.

Oh that's true….

"anyway, don't you get ready for the lab in carne village? Today?" ainz asked. because now he's moving Adel to help Nfirea making potion.

"yea,I'm going today father, I've wait for that thing"

"that? Thing?" ainz said

" yes, it's over there" Adel pointed at ainz bedroom.

The only place that adel can go walking is not many. Ainz bedroom is now his temporarily lab.

Ainz saw a chemical things in his bed room, and many strange rectangle box

"what is that?" ainz asked

"it's a bomb, father. But don't worry about the explosion. I've developed them to detonate with a switch" Adel said.

"oh.. looks like you've learnt from your mistake?" ainz said. he mentioned about the accident of bigboy explosion.

"y..yea, it's very hurt while curing my imp form." Adel said.

" I wait for the progress if it finish, it will have a tick-tock sound on it."

"anyway Adel, why was pandora's actor in my room?" ainz asked.

"ES TUT MIR LEID! Ainz-sama!" Pandora actor said.

"oi..oi..! I just want to know!" ainz said.

May be Adel and pandora's actor made ainz more relax and decreased his pressure, not like standing infront of demiurge and others.

So ainz can release his true personality a bit when talking with these 2 children.

" I..I'm sorry! Father…I though you wouldn't be I invite pandora's actor to help me solve some questions." Adel said.

"well, I don't have any problem with you guys, but i afraid that others may suspect you two for coming in my throne room" Ainz said.

Luckily for him, the floor guardians are going out for their mission so nazarick probably quiet a moment.

"so what was that question? May be I could help you solve it." Ainz asked

He thought it's a good things to do in a role of father, helping his son solving a problems.

" Ainz-sama! This Question was so hard!" pandora's actor said.

"oi..oi! calm your self down! And be quiet!" ainz asked.

"ES TUT MIR LEID! Ainz-s-" Pandora's actor gonna said but ainz interrupted.

" and stop! Talking german!" ainz ordered.

Pandora's actor german language made ainz shy. For his chunibyo.

" I don't see that bad father?! Pandora's actor was cool!" Adel said.

Whattt?! Adel? No! that's not even cool!

" I want to be like him someday..that personality! It …TOUCHES MY SOUL! IT'S TALKING! TO MY! SO..-" Adel said with a voice like pandora's actor and posting show that he want to be like ainz darkness past. Ainz interrupted him immediately.

What?! …what ?!

Oh my god…he's going to be my another darkness past?!

I should talk about this to him later….

"ahem…! I suggest that we better move to your question" Ainz said

"o..oh..sorry! father" Adel said.

" If people could read minds, and two people were reading each other's minds. Wouldn't they be reading their own minds?" Adel asked.


"Hmmmmmmmm….." 3 of them are now in confused.

That's the mind blown question.

Surely, Adel has argued this kind of question with pandora's actor all along before ainz came.

Ainz need to bring those 2 back from getting over it.


" TICK-TOK-TICK-TOK!" that sound came from ainz bedroom.

"! Oh…it's finish!" Adel run in to ainz bedroom and came up with his bomb.

" well, I think we might find the answer about this on the other time" Adel said

Please not! Forever!

Ainz thought

Adel put his bomb inside his new mailbag, because the old one was burned by the pleiades maid.

"hmm…Adel-sama" pandora's actor said

"yes? Pandora sama?" Adel reply

" I heard that you can disguise that true?" Pandora's actor asked.


"THAT'S COOL! I CAN DO IT TOO!" pandora's actor said while turning his body in to Ainz.


The air around Adel flickered. He's turning in to ainz.

Ainz going to told them that when did he permit them to change in to him. But ainz stop

He's now watching his 2 children having fun with each other.

Well, I should let them having fun by disguised their self to me

I really understand my father now…..

Like father watching their son playing.








At the Nazarick 8th floor Cherry Blossom Sanctuary

"it's hard to find that the guardian of teleport gate of the great tomb of the nazarick invites me to have tea party here." That sounds comes from a woman, her sounds are pretty soft and almost like albedo

" my main purpose is not that." The answer comes from another woman sitting opposite to each other.

" 2-3 days ago. I've sense something pass through the great tomb of nazarick." She said

" then?" the other woman said

"then I checked the entrance way. All of it. But there's nothing"

" is it your imagination? You must work too hard."

" at first I thought like that. But then yesterday I've sense the samething quickly jumps in to nazarick and disappear. Not only it comes in but it also goes out. Like this place is its home. I try my best to detected it but it always got away"

" I've report this to ainz-sama but he says there's nothing. But I swear rubedo! I've felt that thing. I told my sister about this..they said its my workhard overdose.. You've to believe me!"






(back to the throne room) is the time that our npc's going to come in this throne room to salute me.

But this time..all of the guardians are doing their mission out side

There's 3 ainz Ooal gown in this room. Adel, pandora's actor,and the real ainz

There's no different to spot.

But then

The throne door suddenly opened

Those 3 are all jump off!

Oh..may be it's albedo

I forgot that she's in nazarick

But it's not what ainz thought


"a…a...3 ainz-sama?" that sounds came from little vampire girl, Shalltear blood fallen.

She's now in shocked.

What happened?

I just saw 3 Ainz-sama standing in front of my face?!

"Shalltear! What are you doing here?!" the voice behind shalltear. It's albedo

Shalltear turns back

" Albedo! That's 3 ainz-sama! Standi…" shalltear said but albedo interrupted

" what are you talking about?" albedo said

"What am I talking about?! You see over ther.." shalltear turns back to ainz but now there's only 1 ainz Ooal gown standing in front of her.

"W..WHAT?" shalltear said

" Shalltear blood fallen! How dare you talking like that infront of Ainz-sama?!" albedo said.

While shalltear was turning around to talk with albedo

Adel quickly grabs pandora's actor and use [ABSOLUTE INVISIBILITY] to hide 2 of them behind the real Ainz.

"B..B..BUT I.." shalltear is now confused.

"you may working too much shalltear, you want some rest?" ainz said

That was close!

"Ainz-sama! I swear! I saw 3 of you standing next to one another!" shalltear said

Ainz feels bad to lie to his npc's even what shalltear saw is true.

But he need to pretends that it's her imagination.

"shalltear. I just standing hear alone. I don't know what you're talking about" ainz said


" shalltear! I also saw ainz-sama standing there alone! That's enough!" albedo said

"a..okay.." shalltear said . she started to believe that it's her imagination.

" so..what's bring you here shalltear? I thought that I've sent you to do a mission on baharuth empire?" Ainz asked.

"y..yea..ainz sama" shalltear said

" I've come here because there's a rumors about something living in nazarick" shalltear said

"hm? What do you mean by that?" Ainz said

" due to the guardian of the gate, Aureole Omega have contacted everyone in nazarick to beware and looking something living in here" shalltear said

Huh? Something? W..what? oooh! I see!

It's Adel, I didn't tell omega about his existence!

I remember! She did contact me yesterday.

" what did she tell you?" ainz asked

" yes,ainz-sama. She had told me that she detected something coming in nazarick without permission. Not only it comes in but it also goes out, its doing like this place is it home" shalltear said.

" but don't worry ainz-sama! Demiurge already increased a nazarick security to the max he thought that an enemy is in here. Somewhere in nazarick" shalltear said

" she already told me yesterday, there's nothing. No one could dares get in here without being seen." Ainz said

Except him!

"u…understood ainz-sama!" shalltear said

" b…but demiurge-" shalltear about to say it but albedo interrupted

"shalltear, if ainz-sama told us there's nothing…" albedo said it but ainz interrupted

" quiet down a minute albedo, shalltear told me. What did demiurge done?" ainz asked

" y..yes ainz-sama"

" demiurge trust in omega, he ordered all of the homunculus, all of the animals in 6th floor, all of the guardian in 8th floor to inspect for an invader." Shalltear said

" so what are they now?" ainz asked

"yes,ainz-sama. They still not have any clue for that "thing", I think she's over working" shalltear said

"yes, she's overworking. In the name of ainz Ooal gown. I could tell that there's no one in here" ainz said

" should I contact demiurge to stop this?" shalltear said

" yes, immediately" ainz said

"understood" shalltear said

Then she walked out of the throne room

Adel and pandora's actor was overthere, behind ainz

The invisibility had been disable.

"i…I'm so sorry father/ainz-sama" Adel and pandora's actor bend their heads down

" see? That's the reason why I'm not letting you have a loud conversation in here" ainz said

" but you're really quick Adel. No need to tell, you know what to do" ainz said

Because of shalltear arrived and saw them, there's no plan prepared for this situation.

"b..but thanks to albedo-sama..if you were not there I would have been found" Adel bend his head down to albedo.

" no problem~~" albedo said she's in the good mood now. May be because she saw shalltear disgraced.

" anyway, if Adel got himself in nazarick without a permission any longer. he'll make the other suspect." Ainz said

" it's better to introduce himself as a new worker." Albedo said

"umu… I agree with that too" ainz said

"u..uh..father, if there's nothing here. I will go to carne-village, I'm late for the lab now." Adel said

"oh.. okay, sorry for keep you here" ainz said

"no need to sorry father, I'm always here when you called for" Adel said

He's walking out of the throne room.

While walking

"hey! That man" there're some voice calling at him

"y…y..yes?" Adel answered

That's a sound from aura and mare, nazarick 6th floor guardian

" I haven't seen you before. Who are you?" aura said

She's going to ainz throne room but she just walked passes Adel so she notice him.

"oh…u…uh…u" Adel obstructed

"hmm?" aura said

" i..i'm new worker to nazarick" Adel said

" Worker? Of what?" aura suspected.

Because she's been told by demiurge that there's something unusual living in nazarick, so it's usually to suspect Adel.

Aura stares at Adel eyes

"uh..i..i am…Pharmacist! Yes! Pharmacist!" Adel said

"I've sent by ainz-sama to work with nfirea at carne-village" Adel said

"wait…this is strange…nazarick has a new worker? Why did I not know?" aura said

"I don't know either" Adel said.

"anyway aura and mare sama! I have to go now…see you soon" Adel lout aura and mare then quickly runs away from them

"ayy! Wait….." aura said

" sister, he such a strange guy…" mare said

"yeah, I agree with you" aura said

I almost got caught! I must run as fast as I can to get out of here!

If I use my invisibility now…omega-sama may feel it again

So I have no choice except running directly out.

Adel was running fast to the main door


He's forgot that his human form passive [Acceleration] will activated when he's running faster and faster

The homunculus are now walking on the path

" WAHHHHHHHH!" she screams

Because Adel running pass through her and the air friction force of Adel body hit her maid uniform.

Like a jet plane flying on the sky, the air around Adel becomes a shockwave.

but he didn't know

that demiurge….the 7th floor guardian is infront of him

Adel sees him.

Demiurge also sees Adel

In that moment it's like the world stop spinning for a moment.

Shit! he's notice me again!

Why did the guardians are here in nazarick

I thought they're doing their work out there!

In the name of the floor guardian, seeing a fast object rushing forward of him, it's impossible that he will let it pass through.

Demiurge now sense something….that's right, a living thing that omega told him.

t…this feeling?!

Omega was right…

There's something living in nazarick!

And now it's infront of me

"[Frost of Judecca]" demiurge said it

Adel became freeze from his leg

Ah! Shit! this is not good!

"aghhh!" Adel stops immediately because he can't move his legs

"so it was you! A thing that living inside nazarick without the great supreme decision! Such a stupid things to do!" demiurge said

Adel trying to get his legs out of the freezing

" there's no use to try! Human! Supreme leader will not let you live!" demiurge said but then

"[ SHOCKWAVE]" adel said it

Suddenly There's an unknown force pushing demiurge backward

"!" demiurge shocked

He's been push back a meters from Adel

As I remember, he must be nazarick 7th floor guardian

As I thought, only [shockwave] can't doing much to him

Adel using all his strength break the ice around his legs

Then running away

"! Damn it! He's fast!" demiurge said



His announce going all around nazarick

Everyone heard it.


Nazarick has been locked up.



Meanwhile at the Pleiades room.

There's left only Cz, yuri,and entoma. The others going out for the mission



"!" the Pleiades shocked.

"yuri-nee? Does it mean to Adel sama?" entoma said

"i..guess…" yuri said





( in throne room)

Ainz heard demiurge announced.


He's found Adel!?

Crap! Crap! Crap!

Ainz going to message to demiurge but suddenly the throne doors opened

It's Demiurge

"Ainz-sama!" demiurge salute.

" demiurge whats happ-" ainz said but demiurge interrupted

" there's a invader inside this great tomb of Nazarick! Ainz-sama!" demiurge said

"it was our mistakes to let the stranger comes in without permission when you're not in nazarick!" Demiurge said

He's look impatient.

" have you seen the invader?" ainz said

ainz need to act like he's not know that who's invade nazarick

luckily, the day that he created Adel. he's coming back from e-rantel by [GATE] so no one could notice him.

Looks like demiurge thought that the invader came in nazarick in the day that I'm not here.

"yes,ainz-sama. The invader is a male. He have short black hair, his left eye is green, wearing a suit " demiurge said


"umu…I see, have any clues where's he going?" ainz asked.

Even he knows the answered that Adel just going to work.

"yes,ainz-sama. He's going to the main door. Go out side." Demiurge said

"umu…I see demiurge. Just let h-"

" I've already shut down all the doors and announce this to everyone already! Ainz-sama. You not need to worry. We will catch him and bring him to punish as fast as possible" demiurge said

Whatttt!? He's already do that?!





Adel was running, after he get away from that red suit demon.

Hah! I thought that I would be caught!

That was close!

But then he's hearing demiurge announce.

Damnit! All doors are closed!

How I suppose to get out here?

But then. The homunculus maids are obstructed his way in order to stop him.

But that's not Adel problem.

" STOP THERE! STRANGER!" the homunculus maids said. even they don't have fighting skill but in order to keep nazarick safe, they're ready to fight.

Adel rush in to them.


Then he jumps over homunculus maids then continued running.

" damnit! Catch him!" the homunculus run follow Adel.

Compare the speed between homunculus and Adel, he's much faster.

" agh! He's too fast!" another homunculus said

"don't worry! Shalltear-sama was there!" homunculus said. now they're tired.

Looks like they've stop following me.

But why?

Was there anything else waiting for me?

Then I must get ready to it.

Now the door is forward him.

But none of the guards were there.

Adel suddenly stop.

Wait…where's the guards?

They suppose to be here

Wait…was this a trap or something?

Ha! I'm not gonna fall in it.

The he sense something, something very danger behind him

The Spuit Lance rushes to his back.

Adel dodge it.

"hoo?" that sound came from shalltear blood fallen.

"you can dodge my lance? That's impressive" shalltear said

" I don't know who you are, but if you surrender now, kneel, and lick my shoes. May be you could die without any pain" shalltear said. it's her natural.

"u..uh..could I go out please?" Adel asked

"eh? You talked? Hmmmm…I would said "NO"" shalltear said

then she quickly teleport forward Adel in order to make him can't move by make him injured because demiurge have told to catch him alive.

Adel use his hands to block shalltear lance


Shalltear lance took his HP as its effect.

" aghhh!" Adel hurt.

As I heard, she must be shalltear blood fallen

The 1st-2nd-3rd area floor guardian!

The most powerful among the guardians!

Jeez, I've faced a danger one.

Luckily, Adel human form is the fastest in nervous system he can get off shalltear immediately . So shalltear can't stuck her lance in him any longer.

his 3 forms

The skeleton is the most powerful, strongest ,fastest but its lack of mana he could use just only 2-3 magic skills, his mana runs out.

The human is the most efficient in nervous system, he could hear through almost anything no need to use [rabbit ear]. The [silence] can't obstruct him from hearing. His eyes could see very far (because of automaton eye in his left side). His wear wolf instinct works the best in this form but human form is the weakest in fighting.

The last one is Imp. It is the most balanced.

" you have some skills" shalltear said.

Its solve her question that why he can get in nazarick without any detected.

" yeah, yeah, what ever… FAKE BOOBS" Adel said

"w…WHAT?! WHAT DO YOU SAY!?" shalltear said she's pissed off.

Because shalltear is kind of flat-chest.

So she need to bring something "big" and put it in her clothe in order to make her chest looks big.

But as a Perfectionism. When Adel first saw shalltear

Her fake chest was really irritating him so much.

Because perfectionism is a personality trait characterized by a person's striving for flawlessness and setting high performance standards, accompanied by critical self-evaluations and concerns regarding others' evaluations. while their adaptive perfectionism can sometimes motivate them to reach their goals. In the end, they derive pleasure from doing so. When perfectionists do not reach their goals, they often fall into depression.

Seeing an unbalanced things also irritating perfectionism like Adel.

Shalltear outside looks like a 12 year-old girl, so it's impossible to have that big chest when compare to her high.

Adel also hate a sexy-dressing woman, like croptop, wears only a bra, like clementine or Edström, this kind of clothes made Adel very pissed off and irritate because it's not properly.

" WHAT HAVE YOU SAY HUH? YOU DUMB KID?" shalltear's angry


In fact, now Adel really pissed off too. Because shalltear unbalanced body shape.

This damn kid!

How did he know?

Lupusregina called me "flat-chest"

And now here comes "fake-boobs?"

Shalltear then moves quickly approach Adel

She use her lance attack him frequently.

" Aghh!" Adel hurts

all he could do was avoid the attack

Luckily to his human form, Adel can predict the attacks and avoid them.

The lance coming through his face.

Adel grabs shalltear lance.

"! What?!" shalltear yelled

Adel flipped over shalltear, then he's quickly kick her to the Door

Shalltear underestimated Adel too much, so she got counter attacked which not suppose to get.

This is what Adel going to do.

At first he saw there's no guards blocking the door. Adel thought that there might be some kind of magic traps in it.

Then shalltear comes up behind him.

He will use her to open the door for him.

Shalltear body hit the door, it opens.

Shalltear bounce-off nazarick

"agggh!" shalltear stand herself up from the ground

But its too late, Adel jump over her head and got away.

"hm! He's too fast! [GATE]!"

Adel is running but then shalltear coming out of her fate in front of him.

Adel saw her really pissed off by being called "Fake-boobs"

But then Adel realize.

I'm outside nazarick now…

I can use [Absolute invisibility]!

" IS IT VERY DIFFICULT TO STOP? HUH?!" shalltear shouted and rush quickly in front of him


Then the air round him flickered. He's disappear

" hah? Such a Poor magic! [DETECTION]" shalltear said while using her invisibility detection magic.

"w..what?! i..impossible! he's actually disappear?!" shalltear shocked.

Shalltear thought that his invisibility was like the average magic that magic caster used in the other country.

"[DETECTION]!" shalltear use her magic detected again.

The results was the same. Adel disappeared from her scanning.

"oh shit! oh shit oh shit oh shit! I can't let him get away! How I suppose to tell ainz-sama about this?"








" huhhhhh…" a sign sound from Adel, he has arrived the village after got chasing by shalltear blood fallen.

" what happened? Adel-sama?" the woman sitting in front of him. Lupusregina beta said

" looks like my existence has been leaked to the others in nazarick…beta-sama" Adel said

" t..t..they already know who you really are?" lupusregina asked

"no..not really, they know that something was living in nazarick without permission. They've found me" Adel said.

"oh..that's really …bad su~~" lupusregina said

seeing her master unhappy made lupusregina feels unhappy too.

" I can't use absolute invisibility in nazarick anymore because if I do, your little sister will detect it" Adel said.

" I'm so sorry! For my sister! Adel-sama!" lupusregina lout her head down.

" n…n… need to! Beta-sama! Its my fault to make her feel it. " Adel said

" anyway I got to the lab now, see you this afternoon" Adel said, he got up from his chair and walked to nfirea office.

"" lupusregina said in low voice to prevent Adel from hearing it.

" what's that?" Adel turn back. Because now he's in his human form, so his nervous system works better.

"A..AH! n..nothing! su!" lupusregina said






While working.

" you better now nfirea-san?" Adel asked.

" first I thought I was gonna die" Nfirea said

They're talking about that time when nfirea accidentally drank Adel liquid cyanide.

"I'm so sorry nfirea-san! It was my fault" Adel said

" uh..u.. no problem Adel-san! I'm fine right now!" nfirea said

Adel learnt his mistakes, now all of his potion have a paper stick on it, telling what inside the bottle was.

" by the way what have you brought to day? It looks like a strange box" nfirea asked

" well, that's a bomb" Adel said

"w..what?! a bomb! " nfirea shocked

"wait wait wait wait! Nfirea san! Its not gonna detonated!" Adel said

" I heard that carne-village has been invaded so many times, so I made this for your village" Adel said

" how does it work?" nfirea said

" uh…you know that when you want to use explosion magic you need to said the spells first right?" Adel said


"that's a waste of time and enemy may realize that. so this thing can help you" Adel said

"how?" nfirea asked

" it will only explode if you push down this button" Adel said while show the remote control I his pocket to nfirea.

" I will demonstrate it to you if you want" Adel said

"yes! Please!" nfirea looks interesting in Adel since he shown him what is physics and chemistry.

Now those 2 are outside of the office, there are goblins with them.

Adel placed his bombs behind the rock, then he walked like 30 meters far from it.

" so when you use this thing, I suggest to place them in the point that the enemy may pass through." Adel said

" then,," Adel pushed down the red button.

The explosion occurs, not in wide range but violently. A big rock scattered in to a little pieces, some became an ashes. No need to said what it will be if this was place near living things.

But there's an amount of white cards coming up with the explosion.

" its like an explosion magic!" the goblin said.

" yes it was, but you don't need to use any spells or waste any mana." Adel said

Because what he saw that while using a magic, users need to say it names to activate it. He thought that it is time wasting. He wants it to occur immediately.

"the annihilation was pretty strong…I haven't seen this kind of weapon in my life….you sure that you're people from the south?" nfirea asked.

"u..uh yea! Sure! That's my exactly home town!" Adel paranoid

But then there's someone running to them

"I heard an explosion! What happened?!" that sounds came from enri.

"enri! " nfirea said

" nfirea! What happened?" enri asked.

" we just testing a weapon" nfirea said

" testing? A weapon? You?!" enri shocked. Because she didn't think that person like nfirea will create a weapon

"! its him" nfirea said while pointed to Adel to give the credit to him

"h..hi! you must be Enri Emmot ? Don't you? Lupusregina beta has told me about you well" Adel said.

"" enri seems like she don't know Adel because they've never met.

They shook their hands shown a greeting.

" Adel. Adel positron sigma, a pharmacist. Ainz-sama sent me here to be nfirea colleague" Adel said

"n..nice to meet you, sir" enri said

" need to call me sir, just Adel"

But then someone ran In, interrupted their conversation

" Adel-sama! I heard the explosion! You alright? Umpp!" it's a sound from lupusregina beta.

" oi! Oi! " Adel yelled, he ran In to lupusregina and use his hand to cover her mouth.

Because she just called him "Adel-sama".

If nfirea or enri is clever enough, be calling by nazarick people "sama" that's mean they're not a usual person

Lupusregina realize what did she just called him. Her yellow eyes expand.

Its too late, but luck is still on Adel side. Only Nfirea could notice that.

But he keeps it to ask Adel later because it reminds him of momon and ainz are the same person.





After a work. It's an afternoon break.

Adel was going to go outside.

But then

"u..uh..Adel-san" nfirea asked.

"yes?" Adel said

"i..i heard lupusregina-san called you " Adel-sama"" nfirea said.

"u..uh…" Adel obstructed

" I never see her polite with anyone except nazarick people." Nfirea said

" so you really didn't come from the south? Do you? Because lupusregina-san that I know won't be polite that much. You must be a nazarick people" nfirea asked

Shit! this man has a lot of sense.

That's why I want to work with him.

Adel admits in Nfirea because he's to one that has many knowledge about potions. Even Adel need to learn something from him in potion making process. And they're really fun while talking about chemistry.

This man don't let me escape…

There's no use to lie to him.

" the last time I visited nazarick, ainz-sama let me explore around. I've seen all the guardians, maids…..but I haven't seen you" Nfirea said

Adel was now shaking, his sweat falls down.

Because being hit by those question make him ran out of his excuses.

" i..i..i came from the south! Reall-" Adel said but suddenly he stops. Because Nfirea was now giggling at him.

"haha!" nfirea laugh

"uh….what?" Adel confused.

" this remind me of Ainz-sama. Adel-san. I know that you have your own reason to hide your job position. But I already know that you're not a usual person…you must be someone…special" Nfirea said

This man…..

My father told me that Nfirea is a trustable man.

So telling him the truth is…uh..


" Nfirea-san" Adel said

"i..i'm so sorry about my deceit" Adel said

" need to! Adel-san" nfirea said

"who am I really was …." Adel said





" HEHHHHHHHHHHH!" Nfirea shocked.

" A..A…A..A…AINZ-SAMA So-" nfirea gonna said it but Adel cover his mouth with his hand, just like doing to lupusregina.

"calm down! Nfirea-san! " Adel said

Nfirea got calm dowm.

"i..i…i..didn't expect" Nfirea was now ran out of words, he's now very shocked.

"i..know, I know…the Pleiades were like you when they heard this" Adel said

" nazarick people don't even know?" Nfirea asked.
"yeah." Adel said his face get more seriously.

After Adel explain everything to Nfirea



"and I want you to keep this with you please nfirea-san, I begging you" Adel said

"u..uh..okay but this reminds me of your father Adel-sama" Nfirea starts to call him "sama"

Because no one expect that the successor of Ainz Ooal gown will be in front of their face.

" hm?" Adel confused.

" you know that your father was known In another person. Momon from darkness right?" Nfirea asked

"yes, I know that. Why?" Adel said

" the reason that I've know this is like you and lupusregina sama! But in that day…"

Nfirea told Adel about how did he know that Momon is ainz.

" wow, what a coincidences!" Adel said

" yeah! I know! Right?" Nfirea said

" the way when your bomb explode, why is there an amount of poker cards coming out?" Nfirea asked

"because it was cool!" Adel said.

That's it, Adel was in his chuunibyou.

He thinks that if there's a card flowing on the air after the explosion, it will be cool.





While in an afternoon break, Adel was taking a walk with lupusregina beta on the village hills.

"u..uh Adel-sama" lupusregina said

"i'm ver sorry" she said its another time that she made Adel in a trouble again.

" that's right, because you call me "sama" in front of everyone" Adel said

"…" there's no reply from lupusregina, she's feel sorry for what she has done.

"but, luckily only Nfirea notice it." Adel said

"r..really?" she asked

"yeah, he told me something, but I think it's coincidence" Adel said

Adel told lupusregina what he has been told by Nfirea.

From the time that Nfirea knew that ainz is momon because Naberal accidentally spoke out Albedo name.

But this time, Nfirea knew that Adel is Ainz son because Lupusregina accidentally spoke out his rank in nazarick.

Adel didn't mad at all, he trusted in Nfirea at first.

" I never know that happened!" lupusregina said

They're now not talking like master and servant, they're talking like friends.



Now back to work.

" Adel-sama, you told me that you've been chasing by nazarick worker that don't know who you are right?" Nfirea said

"u..yeah, nfirea-san. *sign* I don't have any idea how to go back now…" Adel said

" you should build another personality of your own" Nfirea said

" like ainz sama have momon, then you should have one of your own" Nfirea said

"how's that gonna help me to get back in nazarick?" Adel said

"well, I guess everyone remember you in this form in front of me so if you disguised or acting like you're not -sama" Nfirea said.





Later that night.

Adel came back from Carne-village but the problem was there's a security guards who are belong to demiurge standing around nazarick gate way.

So only way to approach the throne room without using his invisibility was to disguised to another.

But what if he had been caught?!

Adel's thinking while turning to Imp.

Finally his idea pops up, that's right! The Pleiades.

Now the Pleiades who're outside nazarick was lupusregina beta and solution epsilon.

So he message.

"[message]" Adel contact solution

"y..yes? Adel-sama?" solution said

"u..uh..solution-sama, could I transform myself in to you? Because I can't get in nazarick" Adel said

"ah…I heard that demiurge and the other guardians are worrying about something living inside nazarick, so it was you? Adel-sama?" solution asked.

"a…haha" Adel said

" you don't have to call me, Adel-sama. You can use my form all the time if you want" solution said

" m…my deepest thankfully solution-sama" Adel said

" Adel-sama! You don't need to thanks me." Solution said

He feels like solution was a bit yuri but he's ignore it.

He ends the message

Now the air around him flickered.

He's turning in to solution.

All of his body parts are the same as solution. Even the voice.

Now he gulps and walk along the entrance.

"welcome back! solution sama!" the guards said.

"umu..why're you all standing here? You suppose to be inside? Don't you?" Fake solution said

Luckily, when a free time in nazarick. Pandora's actor and solution have tough him some acting skills.

So he can make it simultaneously.

" solution sama went out for a mission don't you?. There's an invader in nazarick, we've tried our best looking for him. But we haven't found him yet, take care yourself solution-sama. We don't know what he could do. But if he can sneak through Omega-sama detection, he must be dangerous." Demiurge guards said

"ok, I'll take care" Fake solution said

Then he walked in nazarick

He walks quickly to the throne room

But then

" so-chan!" there's sound call him.

He turned around and found entoma

" aren't you going out for your mission in re-estize? So-" entoma gonna said it but then fake solution covered her mouth with his hand.

"!" entoma struggled

" hey! Hey! Hey! Entoma! Its me!" fake solution whisper to entoma

Even it's a solution sound, but entoma can recognize, its her master. Adel

" adel-sama?" entoma said

" yes! Its me" he said in solution form.

"everyone is chasing after you!" entoma said

"I know, I know entoma-sama" he said

" I need to go to the throne room now, so.." fake solution said it but entoma interrupted.

"No!...u..uh..i mean" entoma said

" what happened?"

" in throne room now. There's full of guardians, they are now discuss their capture plan with ainz-sama" entoma said

"that's why I need to, thanks entoma-sama. Go get some rest" fake solution said

"u..uh..thank you . . . " entoma lout.

Adel running to the throne room

He's now infront of it.

He's gulp, his heart beat got impulse. Even he's strong but if he has been chasing with nazarick guardians he could lost easily.

Adel opened the throne door

He saw the guardians were saluting ainz Ooal gown.

Luckily, he opened the throne door quietly so the one who turned back to him was aura, the elf that almost caught him.

I want to run away….

" solution?" aura said

"good evening aura-sama" said Adel.

" why are all you here?" Adel asked, it's the question that he had already known the answer.

"we're discuss about nazarick invaders." Aura said

That's it.

" nazarick invader? Who's it?" Adel asked.

" we still can't catch him, but we've seen his face. I'm already saw his face! He was walking pass through me that time! Jeez, he told me that he was a pharmacist! What a liar!" aura sound little angry.

" oh, I see" he said

" you coming back from re-estize already? I thought that you'll come back like after 2or 3 days" aura questioned.

" i..i have a little technical problem there aura-sama, I'm afraid that an enemy may listen to me when I contact ainz-sama so I think coming to tell him by myself is better" He lie it so realistically.

" then you have to wait here for long solution, ainz-sama is very busy right now." Aura said

"I'm sorry aura-sama but this is important topic, I must told ainz-sama about this immediately." He said

"u..uh" aura saw fake solution serious face, an acting face.

He then walked along passes the guardians.

Everyone one could notice him, but they didn't care.

He walk to ainz throne in the left side

But then

Shalltear blood fallen saw him

Adel accidentally stares her eyes.

As a perfectionism a kind of Mental symptoms, he looks angrily at shalltear, because her unbalanced body shape. He didn't realize what he has done.

That's made the vampire floor guardian realize.

" HEY! " shalltear shouted out!

Now everyone in the throne room stop talking and turning to them.

" YOU'RE NOT SOLUTION!" Shalltear shouted.

Every guardians stare at Adel who's in solution form.

Because shalltear and solution are very close friends, solution that she knows will never make that look on her.

" what is it? Shalltear?!" demiurge said

" that's not solution. I've known her enough." Shalltear said

At first the guardians are all gonna scolded shalltear.

But her serious faces told them that she's not lie.

Shalltear to them, sometime she's too loud with them or have a quarrel

but this time, she's silence. She's focusing on solution. She grabs her lance constantly . she's serious.

"!" now the throne room got chaotic.

The guardians are all alert.

Oh shit! what the hell?! How did she notice me?

Demiurge , Cocytus , aura, mare, shalltear

Active quickly

Demiurge was now guarding ainz.

Aura and mare turned in to serious mode.

Shalltear took out her lance

Cocytus took out his katana.

They're ready to fight.

" SHOW YOUR SELF! THERE'S NO USE TO RUN AWAY!" Cocytus shouted if it's the real solution, she must be scared.

Adel felt the pressure, the killing aura, its more intense than the Pleiades.

the chance of winning is very low, no…no need to go to the winning. Even The chance of escaping was very low.

there's no use to continued disguised.

The air around solution flickered, it turns back to Adel.

" !"

They're all shocked.

This is the invaders they're looking for.

And he's standing in front of their face.

"H..HOW DID HE GOT HIM SELF IN HERE?!" Shalltear said

" ainz-sama! We will take him down! He's dare to get in the throne room without notice.i'll bring you to the safe floor, we'll handlw him. Ai-" demiurge was about to said it but then ainz interrupted.

" STOP!" ainz shouted out.

"b..but! Ainz-sama!" shalltear said, now all the guardians are now hesitated

" a…a..ainz-sama. You'll take hin down your self?" demiurge said

" NO. there's no need to fight him" ainz said


Ainz voice made all the guardians lower their weapons remain only silence and many question.

Why? Why did ainz-sama do this? The invader are in front of us? The man that we hunt him for a long time.

" I've been hiding this for you all, pardon me. But it's the time now" Ainz said

After ainz stood up to tell his floor guardians to stop he came back sitting on his throne.

The guardians are now confused.

" Adel!" ainz said to Adel who's been surrounded by floor guardians.

Like a signal. Adel knows what to do.

He walked pass the guardians but Cocytus use his katana to obstructed his way, shalltear use her lance aim at him, demiurge hell fires are ready to shoot, mare veins are all around his legs.

" I SAID WEAPONS DOWN!" Ainz shouted out again. Even he knows that the guardians want to protect him.

The floor guardians fliched. They lower their weapon

Adel can feel that mare veins had been taken away.

Now the floor guardians stares at him angrily, especially shalltear and demiurge.

" I'm sorry to let this happened" Adel said to his father, ainz

" I thought about this all along, I pretty sure that it's a time for the truth…to them" Ainz said

The guardians are more confused. What are they talking about? And why ainz didn't angry at him? Why he's still calm? Even the enemy was standing in front of him?

" okay, if you said so" Adel said while walking up to the throne stairs.

" HOW! DARE YOU TALK TO THE SUPREME LEADER LIKE THAT?! HUH? WHO YOU THINK YOU ARE?" demiurge shouted. He's very angry because the way that Adel talked to ainz was like common language, its none of the respect.

Adel didn't answer his question, he walked up and then stop besides ainz.

The one standing next to ainz right side is albedo.

The one standing next to ainz left side is Adel.

" demiurge…you still don't know who he was? Even he's standing next to me now?" ainz asked

"….." demiurge is thinking

And he did realize.

"huh!" demiurge yelled. He's very shocked.

" Ainz-sama! Don't tell me he's y…" Demiurge are gonna say it but ainz interrupted.

Now in the throne room, only one who gets it was demiurge.

" My SON " Ainz said







" HEHHHHHHHHHHHHHH?!" All of the guardians shocked,

" A…A.A.A.A..A…AINZ-SAMA! SON?!" they're really all shocked.

" haaa….i see, that's why albedo is too calm this day" shalltear said

Because shalltear noticed that Albedo was too calm hearing about the invader…like she knows something before..

" I will explain this to you all" ainz said





( after ainz explanation)

The guardians are the same as the Pleiades when they know the truth.

The killing intense changed in to exciting.

They're now surprised and stares at Adel friendly.

" A..Adel-sama! I'm so Sorry for our impolite!" Demiurge said

The guardians are feeling regret, regret for what they've done.

" well,I..i don't mad at all, in the other hand I'm feeling happy. I thought that nazarick security system is high but I didn't expect that it will advanced like this" Adel said

Because if he didn't use his disguised as solution, there's no way he could get in.

" I begging you all a…the floor guardian-sama…please don't tell anyone about my existence…i..i'm not ready for that" Adel said

" if it was your highness pleased…." They all said




Adel having a talk to the floor guardians

But the most excited was cocytus, he's now exciting that he has his grandchild.

Aura and mare looks excited too, they looks like they've found their new friends, demiurge is now stunned for what ainz has done.

"I'm sorry to you all, i-" ainz gonna said it but then demiurge interrupted.

" why did you need to sorry? Ainz-sama when it was your plan all along?!" demiurge said his sound excited

" you let Adel-sama walking around nazarick because you want to test our security right? Since there's no one could invades this tomb, but if one day the enemy comes you want to see the results!" demiurge said

" we so sorry! That we've failed your objective Ainz-sama!" demiurge said

"u..umu…that's alright but could I having a time with my son please?" Ainz asked

" as you wish ainz-sama" the guardians said





The nazarick floor guardians are waiting outside the throne room.

But demiurge seems unhappy.

That made everyone notice

"demiurge, what happened?" Cocytus asked.

"i..i..i disappointed ainz-sama" demiurge said, he's shaking.

"w..what? ainz-sama seems not to.." aura said

"you don't see it?" he said

"see what?" shalltear said

" Ainz-sama wants to take a trial on nazarick security systems by sending Adel-sama walking around to test if we could catch him.." demiurge said

"so?" shalltear asked

" we can't even captured Adel-sama, so he's showing himself in front of us…because we're taking too much time to find him." Demiurge said

" gonna said that all of this .." shalltear said

"Adel-sama….was playing hide and seek with us all along?!" shalltear said

" probably." Demiurge answered made everyone shocked.

"wahh, he's live up to supreme-leader successor, he could made nazarick chaotic playing hide and seek!" aura said her voice looks excited.

" but this time, I thought that ainz-sama seriously planning this. Because even I can't know the objective of this plan until he need to told me" demiurge said

Because every time when ainz planned something, demiurge will reach at the end of the plan before ainz finished the explanation, but this time he don't.

They're laudable complaining about their supreme leader and his son.




After a long conversation the guardians went out of the room leaving Adel, and Ainz in the throne room.

Surely, demiurge disable the security he reasoning the others that the invader has died in escaping and the guardians will handle it.




"I..I'm so sorry! Father, I thought that using invisibility may made Omega-sama" Adel gonna say it

"no need to sorry Adel, you've done your best. I'm glad that you didn't fight with shalltear that time" Ainz said

"anyway, I need your help for something" ainz said

"some…thing?" Adel asked

"remember the Jaldabaoth event that I've told you?" ainz asked

"yes, so…" Adel said

" the re-estize kingdom didn't pay us the regular payments for 3 months, and seems like there are rumors about the re-estize kingdom would turn against us because of Gazef death." Ainz said

Because Ainz Ooal gown did invade the others kingdom.

And Nazaraick now was very busy

So Ainz thought that re-estize kingdom would probably blend in by not paying them.

They thought that now, they're unnoticeable to nazarick because we're having too many business to do.

"let me guess, you're gonna ruin their kingdom don't you father?" Adel said

"not really, but I want to make them learn what would happened if they want to turn against nazarick" Ainz said, he has been thinking about this before Adel was born.

" so what you want me to do? Father?" Adel asked

" they'll be an adventurer meeting in 2 days, so I will go with naberal in the name of Momon" ainz said

" and?"

" you remember Jaldabaoth event that I've told you?" Ainz said.

Suddenly the throne doors opened, it was the floor guardians and Albedo. surely, they must have listened to their conversation all along.

Probably they're too excited about Adel.

" Ainz-sama!" Albedo,shalltear, and aura shouted out, luckily demiurge already use sound cover magic before they came in.

"W..what!? h..have I told you to wait outside?!" Ainz said

"w..we know…b..but" Albedo said.

" I agree! Ainz-sama! We can't let Adel-sama go outside!" shalltear said

Now those 2 are act like they were Adel's mother

" Albedo.. you have already seen what happened to the Pleiades haven't you?" Ainz asked

That's made albedo stunned.

"w..what happened to the Pleiades.? Ainz-sama?" mare asked

"oh? I haven't told this to you guys? Adel..could you tell them about your fighting with Pleiades?" ainz said

" as you wish, father"





" t..t..they're all….defeated?!" aura,shalltear, and mare shocked but demiurge and Cocytus don't because they're already expect that Adel strength is more than the Pleiades.

" y..yeah… my skeleton form…aura-sama" Adel said politely

And then he continues explain himself to the guardians.




" *sign* I see you all wants to know my next operate, don't you?" Ainz said to the guardians

"we..we're so sorry" the guardians said

"no problem, back to the topic ,Adel." Ainz said

"I want ruined the meeting " ainz said

"!" the guardian shocked also Adel.

" why?" Adel said

" its our warning to the re-estize, an.." Ainz gonna said but then demiurge interrupted.

" ahh! Ainz-sama! I seen through it!" demiurge said

"hoo? You've already? Demiurge? That's your natural" ainz said

" ainz-sama, this is my excuses for not reaching you and Adel-sama plan" Demiurge said

w..wait..plan what?

Ainz and Adel thought.

" ainz-sama wants to give the re-estize warning for not paying us, by sending Adel-sama to be other villain in re-estize. The benefits will be on our side because ainz-sama will defeated Adel-sama in the name of Momon like doing to Jaldabaoth then ainz-sama will use this opportunity to increased the payments that re-estize need to pay us. right? Ainz-sama?" demiurge said

"umu..that's right" Ainz said

" and..uh…why me?" Adel said

" to give you an experiences Adel, I don't want you to be in the potion room all the time." Ainz said

" oh…okay..father" Adel seems regret a little.

Albedo notice that.

" why you sounds like that Adel? or….." Albedo said

" you don't want to be away from lupusregina do you?" Albedo asked

That's made Adel startled.

"what?!.. N..NO! No! I'm..i'm just not sure that I'm gonna make it" Adel shouted.

Shalltear saw him flushed a bit.

"hooo?" shalltear said

" anyway! Ahem!..."Adel cough to cut the conversation from albedo

" what kind of villain you want me to be? Father?" Adel asked

" its after you." Ainz said

" after…me?"





(That night)

Adel was lying on his father bed. Thinking of what kind of villain should he be?

But he wasn't there lonely. Aura and mare are with him.

Like children playing.

Adel is thinking, he's in serious mood right now.

But suddenly, Nfirea words pops up in his mind.

you should build another personality of your own

like ainz sama have momon, then you should have one of your own….

" A-HAH!" Adel shouted out made aura and mare startled.

"w…what is it? Adel-sama?" mare asked.

"I've got an idea what will I be!" he said

"uh..i..i'm sorry aura,mare sama…could you help me a bit?" he asked while turning in to human form.

"no problem!" they said





Naberal gamma standing in front of ainz bedroom where Adel lived in.

She knocked the door

"A..Adel-sama" she said

"…." There's no reply

"Adel-sama!" she repeated

" the meal is ready!" she said

Because Adel need to keep his 3 form ready to use all the time. So nutrients and rest are very important to him especially in human form.

" Adel-sa.."

The door suddenly opened.

Naberal shocked.

The one who opened it was Adel

But he painted his face with white colors, a black color around his eyes and a red color was painted in curve line like a big smile on his face.

" Adel! sama?!" naberal shouted.

Behind Adel was aura and mare. They're holding the paint colors.

" w..what happened to you?!" Naberal said.

Adel took a food tray from naberal, and put it on the desk.

" naberal-sama, the adventurer meeting will begin in 2 days right?" he asked.

"y..yes, Adel-sama" she seems confused.

" that's the reason why I'm doing this." Adel said

" why did you need to paint your face like that? Adel-sama?" she asked she still don't understand

" you really don't know? Naberal-sama? Even the answered was infront of you?" Adel asked.

He can't tell naberal directly what his father told him to do. Because he didn't receive the permission to tell naberal but his father didn't told him to keep this plan secret. So the best way Adel chose is the clue.

"i..i..infront of me?" naberal stunned.

"yes! Its infront of you! Right here!" Adel point at his face.

" …" naberal confused.

It's a disguised! Naberal-sama!

Re-estize may have a disguised magic detected!

So I must painted myself in to this!

"o..okay! ahem.. I look disgusting?" Adel asked

"!" naberal shocked by that question

She's don't want to answered "yes"

But that's really what she feels.

"u..h..uhh..uh" naberal obstructed. She's afraid that Adel will get mad with her answered.

"be honest! Naberal-sama" Adel said

"y…y…,a" Naberal low her voice down. But she got more confused by his reply.

" yeah! It looks disgusting! That's right! Now you understand it?!" Adel asked

Yes! You came to the right way! Naberal-sama!

The villain should look disgusting!

So that will support my father as momon to look clean and deserve the name "hero"

"…ah..a" naberal still confused.

"oh..okay…you can take your free time think of it, naberal-sama." Adel said

"uh!..u..okay..Adel-sama" naberal said, her voice sounds little regret because she can't reach what Adel was going to tell her.

Adel closed the door

And then turn back to aura and mare

"u..uh..aura,mare-sama don't you get some rest? Its enough for you helping me, I'm appreciated." Adel asked

" NO! Adel-sama! As long as you want us to be here, we'll never rest! Haha!" Aura and mare said

They looked like children who's found their new friend.

"i..i understand..but you two need some rest! Sleeping and nutrients are very important for youngling like you! Not only it will keep you two strong but It will make your body growing faster!" Adel said.

" we know that, but.." aura said

"hm? What happened? Aura-sama?" Adel said

" i..i want my chest to grew bigger!" aura said, like an innocent girl.

" oh..i see, because you're an elf. So the growing system is slower than other creatures" Adel said

"y..yes.." aura said

" but I think there's a way to boost your body growth aura-sama" Adel said

"r..really!?" aura excited.

" yeah, sure. I suggest you have an egg menu every day, every meals or maybe you should have a meals that contain estrogen" Adel said

"Adel-sama? What is estrogen?" aura asked with mare concentrating on him

"Estrogen is the primary female sex hormone. It is responsible for the development and regulation of the female reproductive system and secondary sex characteristics aura-sama" Adel said

" what does that mean?" mare asked

" its a thing that make Albedo have big-chest! Mare-sama" Adel said

"ahhh! So estrogen was a thing that make female have a big chest? Right?" aura asked.

" that's right. Not only the chest but also their hips, eveything that only female can have was caused by estrogen" Adel said

" so you must have a beans, uh… garlic, red beans also help" Adel said

Now they're like a conversation between doctors and patient.

" is there the other way to make it faster? Adel-sama?" Aura asked

"hmm…there's one way" Adel said

"is to receive an estrogen hormones directly to your body" Adel said

" so how can I get that hormones?! Adel-sama!" aura seems very excited because she wants to have big chest to fight against albedo.

" no no. however, receiving too much estrogen also caused effects aura-sama, it will make your body shape gone wrong!" Adel said

" anyway, its your bed time now. Aura,mare-sama. If you want to have a big chest. Going to sleep right now is be.." Adel gonna said it, but then aura and mare running out of his room immedialy. They're going to sleep.

" Good night! And thanks for the advice! Adel-sama!" aura said

"u…uh… good night" Adel said while turning himself in to an imp, to keep the make-up stick in his human form.





Mean while in the Pleiades room.

It is free time now, almost of naberal sister were sleeping except naberal.

She still trying to think of the meaning that Adel trying to tell her.

But she can't figure it out.

" what's wrong? Naberal?" that sounds came from yuri, her sister.

" I see you're considering about something like an hour"

"it's nothing, yuri-nee sama" naberal said

" tell me naberal, I'm worry of you" yuri said

" *sign* when I went to Adel-sama room, he's painting his face in to…like a …. I don't know what to call it. But he paint a red smile on his face" naberal said

"so?" yuri said

" I asked him what he was doing, he said that the answer was infront of me..i can't figured it out. He asked me about if his look was disgusting, when I told him he was…he's like…happy about it.." naberal said

" that's strange…." Yuri said

" I believe that he's hiding a meaning in it…. But I can't approach." Naberal feels guilty by not reaching the meaning from Adel clues.





The Next day

Ainz and naberal are walking in re-estize in the name of Momon, a dark warrior but this time Adel was coming with them.

" this was my first time coming here, father…the atmosphere were better than I expected" Adel said

"there's much you need to learn about this world" ainz said

"understood father" Adel said

" so what have you prepared last night?" ainz asked

" heh heh… a big entertainment for them" Adel said

Adel words made naberal notice.

Heh? Entertainment? That kind of make-up was entertainment?

Is he giving me a clue? He must!

Naberal thought.

Now those 3 stops at the re-estize castle.

" this is the place" Ainz said

" in the meeting, they'll not allow the others that are not high rank adventurer in" ainz said

" could you sneak in it?" Ainz asked

Adel touched the castle wall, then he rubbed his hands around. Then he knocks the wall.

" it's a sandstone and Laterite stone .." Adel said

" easy to explode. I think that I can sneak in it" Adel said

" good, lets take a survey around and get back to the hotel" Ainz said

"understood." Adel and naberal said




At re-estize hotel

After finishing survey around castle .They're now sitting in re-estize hotel restaurant

" this place looks any familiar? Naberal-sama?" Adel asked naberal who's sitting next to him.

Naberal looked around her and then she realize

" it's look the same at that time!" Naberal said

" see? unconscious mind can collect an information and details almost all." Adel said

Ainz have no idea what they're talking about but he thought that it's the topic that they have in their free time.

But then

" Momon-sama?" that sound made ainz turn. It's Evil-eye and the blue rose adventurers

" who's that?" Adel asked

" they're momon-san allies. Adel-sama" naberal said.

"oh..i see" Adel said

" long time no see! Momon-sama!" Evileye sounds excited

"h..oh..hi! you're coming for a meeting too? Don't you?" Ainz said

In fact, he didn't want to talk to her but to keep the momon image. He must.

Nabe then notice something.

She saw Adel are now trembling. He looks irritated. What happened?

"A..Adel-sama? You're alright" Naberal asked

Adel gnash his teeth showing that he's really angry right now.

That made naberal scared.

"A..Adel..sama?" naberal asked

"i..i..will go to the toilet…for a second..naberal-sama" Adel trying his best to keep calm.

" you know where its located? Adel-sama? " naberal asked

But Adel immediately stood up and walked away quickly passes the bluerose.

" Adel-sama!" naberal said

" take care of him, naberal" ainz said

"understood" naberal then stood up and run following Adel

Ainz seems to be the one that knows the reason why Adel was really pissed off right now.

It was because of The blue rose twin silence shadow assasins, tear and tina.

The clothes for assassin needs to be very almost weightless so the woman assassin used to choose the small pieces of clothes to wear and it can be attractive to the target who's are male, but not with Adel, with his perfectionism

" Momon-sama who's that with Nabe –sama?" lakyus asked.

" he's my friend, I bring him to take a tour at re-estize" Ainz said




Adel was running to the back of a restaurant to the toilet.

He calm himself down, not to let him doing anything out of control.

" Adel-sama? You're alright?" naberal asked

"i..i..i'm fine! Naberal-sama" he said even he's not look like what he just said

"i..i just don't like…woman or man in a less pieces of clothes" Adel said.






That night

Ainz, naberal and Adel are in the same room.

But Adel was outside, he went out to preparing things.

The room was pretty luxurious.

Then some idea Pops up in naberal mind.

If she can't figure the meaning out of Adel villain make-up, why won't ask Ainz for a help.

" Ainz-sama" naberal said

Ainz who're now working on his table stops.

"what was it? Naberal?" Ainz asked

" I've seen Adel-sama painting something on his face pardon me for my foolish! Ainz-sama, but I don't understand the meaning behind it" Naberal said

What?! He painted himself?

w..why does he do that?

Was that some kind of villain that I told him?!

" so what did he paint?" Ainz asked.

" yes,ainz-sama. He painted his face in to a white color, black color around his eyes, curve red line on his mouth" naberal said.

What was that kind of villain?...

" anything else?" Ainz said

"y..yes, ainz-sama. He asked me if he looks disgusting…I'm so sorry ainz-sama. When I said he was. He looks contented" neberal said.


" u..hmm… you can't figure it out? Naberal?" Ainz said

" A…ainz-sama?!" neberal said

Even ainz himself still don't understand what his son was doing…

But he need to act like he knows it.

"you still don't know the meaning?" he said

" y..yes…ainz-sama" naberal said

" maybe you should think about it tomorrow, naberal" Ainz said

"u..u..understood!ainz-sama!" naberal said

A..Ainz-sama figure it only my words?!

i..i'm the only one in the group that still don't reach the meaning?

No wonder like father and son..

this is their communication?!

A communication with out a words…

In fact, ainz want to see too.

Tomorrow when Adel starts the operation, Momon and Nabe will not be in the meeting, they'll watch Adel from the mirror viewing. With the other guardians at nazarick

Ainz and naberal came to re-estize to send Adel here, and they will pick him up when the operation is success at the mark point

After Adel ruins the meeting, Momon and Nabe will arrived at re-estize. Act like they're coming after Adel was gone.




The meeting day. At night.

Ainz and naberal came back to nazarick by [GATE]

Leaving Adel in the re-estize with an amount of Automaton servants Ainz given to him for his request yesterday.

At the party.

The party located in the re-estize palace.

In the meeting room are full of luxurious foods

The ceiling are full of lamp, and it was gold color in an Europe style.

There are an amount of nobility, re-estize general, but most of the population in that room are nobilities

The adventurer lower than Mythril are not allowed in this meeting.

The purpose of this meeting was to confess about the problems in re-estize but the "exactly" main purpose is to keep their image in society.

Surely, re-estize ruler was the host of this meeting. Princess renner.

Unfortunately, she somehow in her busy so princess renner send her friends

Lakyus Alvein Dale Aindra

To host the meeting in her name.

She's now holding the glasses of wine.

"good evening, lakyus-sama" one of the nobility greetings.

"oh..hi" lakyus said

" where's the other? Lakyus-sama? The party will be started in a minutes?" he said

"Evileye ,Gagaran ,Tia ,Tina were outside the palace in order the guarding this place" she said

"why?" the nobility said

" because yesterday there's a murdering in this town" lakyus said her face looks worried.

" maybe its an civilian fights lakyus-sama" he said

" no…that's not the point" lakyus said

" the blood of a victim were written in to the ground in a message that said " we are your entertainment this night" " lakyus said

" so you thought there will be someone smuggle in this most advanced security palace and ruin this party?" he said

" its in a very low chances of someone stupid enough to get in this place with an amount of guards and adventurer, but I thought he will" lakyus said

" that's ridiculous! Lakyus-sama! No one could be stupid enough to make a terrorism in this place!" he then laugh.

" I think so…" lakyus said.

But she need to play safe.




Meanwhile outside the palace, the guards are in their security to prevent the invaders.

But there's someone running to them.

it's an average guard.

" what was it? Soilder?" the guards leader said

"yes! Sir, it's the message from the king." he said then lend his boss

It looks like testament, it has been roll up.

"hm? What its writing?" he asked

" the king said that you need to open this only at 19:00 p.m by yourself" he said

"hm..okay, back to your position soilder" the guards leader said

"Yes,sir!" he then running back. At the corner




The situation looks normal…there's nothing happened…

May be he was right, the murderer may want us to be aware.

Lakyus thought

She's talking to the nobility.

While looking at the clock on the wall.



18:58 p.m.




Outside the palace, the other blue rose members are walking around the palace in different spots looking for invaders.

" do you think that the murderer will actually do it?" gagaran asked.

They're now worrying about the murder at yesterday night.

" he may be as strong as jaldabaoth if he do it" evileye said, her experience about jaldabaoth made her realize that this world have a many types of enemy that are stronger than them.

" by the way I haven't seen momon and nabe yet. They're in re-estize yesterday…. They're late?" Evileye complain

" hoo? You miss momon right?" gagaran said

"!...i'..i..ah…" evileye lost her words





At nazarick

The floor guardians, the pleiades, Ainz are all in the throne room.

They're viewing Adel from their mirror viewing.

Just like watching Adel on his first mission.

No one could know what will he do.

" Adel-sama can also disguised?" aura said

" yes, aura-sama. He was actually me when he disguised" solution said.

" I have no idea what will he do next.." shalltear said

" by the way aura? I heard that you've change your meals from meats in to beans and eggs menu. What happened?" shalltear asked

" That's none of your business!" aura said while mocking shalltear face.

" W..WHAT DID YOU SAID?!" shalltear shouted

"you two! Quiet! Don't interrupted Ainz-sama!" Albedo said

" demiurge" Ainz said

"yes,ainz-sama" demiurge reply.

" you have any idea why did Adel hide the guards dead body in the kitchen?" ainz asked

" the most safety places is the most dangerous places…you're gonna said that? Ainz-sama?" demiurge said

"u..u…umu! that's right" Ainz said

In fact, he didn't know.

But then ainz notice something at the Pleiades

" yuri? Cz? What's wrong? You two looked worried" Ainz asked.

Yuri startled

"u..uh..n..nothing! ainz-sa.." yuri was going to said but then Albedo interrupted.

" yuri!" Albedo said

Yuri quiet down, her face looks unhappy but she knows that albedo wants her to tell the truth.

"a..a..Adel-sama..was..very polite and kind..b..but I didn't expect him that he will…." Yuri obstructed

" killed 2 people without hesitated?" Albedo said

"…" yuri silence…. Show the answer of "yes"

" that's his natural," ainz said

"u..understood…ainz-sama" yuri said

Because another yuri closest friends is Adel, with her Adel is a polite guy. He respect everyone in nazarick and looks friendly, but when yuri saw Adel killed 2 innocent people, one is the villager the other is a guards she's usually shocked.





Back to The meeting

Lakyus are having a conversation with other adventurer while looking at the clock



19:00 pm.



" it begins!" Ainz said.




" oh! It's time now" the leader guards who's standing outside said.

"time for what? Sir?"

" for reading the message from the king"

he roll out the testament

but then he astonished.

The message paper only have 2 letters

It says


" what is this? Is this really a message from the king?"

And the he looked up.


The sound of explosion up on their head.

They died from the explosion immediately

There's an amount of cards flowing in the air over their dead body after an explosion.

" WHAT WAS THAT SOUND!" tina said


Now in the meeting room, everybody was seethed.

" What was that?!"

" I don't know! There haven't had a report about practice this evening!"

Everybody was in confused.

" CALM DOWN! EVERYONE!" the guards shouted

" Calm down! We will handle this! Everybody! There's no way that the terrorist will come to this ro…-" lakyus are going to said it to calm the luxurious nobility down


The meeting doors had been hit from the outside, it has been opened.

Now what lukyas saw made her shocked.

An group of metallic people holding a strange weapons but she sure that these kind of weapons is use to shoot things

And there's a man that looks different among them

He must be their leader…

His face looks similar to someone she had met but she didn't remember plus his face are covered by a make-up but his left eye are green.

He painted his face with the white color but she still see his skin, may be the painting got peel of a bit.

Then around his eyes was painted by black color.

And there's a red curve line on his mouth looks like a smile.

What kind of disgusting make-up

He's wearing a black coat over his suit…. Wearing a black gloves.

Holding a weapon which lakyus remember that evileye called it a " SHOT-GUN"

But what she really feels was…

This man was different from the other thugs she had dealt with.

This man gave her the feeling that she felt it long time ago.

The feeling when she had met Clementine.

A feeling of psychopath.

But he is more intense than clementine, much more….surely he must stronger than clementine…..

But the question is how did he get in here?

Even if he use invisibility…. He should have be detected!?

Because re-estize palace had all magic detection spells.

How could he got in here?

The metallic people must be summoned by him some where before he came in this room.

" we made it!" the make-up man said

The guards and the adventurer are all running to them in order to attack Adel

The magic spells are all used.

Then the make-up man snap his fingers..

The guards, the adventurer , magic casters…all who are trying to approach him falling to the ground.

They're all…. DEAD.


he just..kill them all….with just snaping his fingers….

h..he's not a human …

he must be as strong as…


Lakyus shocked.

All of the nobility shouted out of their frightened

But then they're all quiet.

In fact, Adel human form is the weakest and lowest level among those 3, but he still can have a Exasperate fights with yuri.

Adel shot on the ceiling.

The sounds from his shot gun was loud enough to make everyone quiet.

They're all staring at Adel, frighteningly

" Good evening ..ladies and gentlemen.." Adel walked in to the party with the automatons surround him they're all aiming to the people.

" TONIGHTS …we are your entertainment!" Adel said while picking up the food and it in his mouth, it was a pieces of premium steaks.

" we won't *chew* ..let you free, *chew* *chew* only if you answer *chew* our question" Adel said while chewing a food

" where is Princess?" he asked out, but no answers given. Because there's no one knows

Adel walked along the group of crowd, he aim his shot gun

Pistolenspitze to the crowd,

It made them scared.

He took the glass of wine from madam ,who is now frightened, out of her hand that made the wine splits out a bit.

Adel drank the wine while walking besides the crowd, then he put the glasses on the desk.

" you now where she is? *slap a nobility in the face*"








Ainz shocked but luckily, his passive made him calm down.….even I'm shocked like this..

What will the guardians feel?!

Would they feel like "hooo? Is this really ainz-sama son? What a pathetic " ?

AInz never see that coming, the way that Adel does will be the first choice that ainz will cut out of the riot list.

Ainz turn to his Npc's to see their reaction…. He thought that they probably won't be much different from him

BUT what ainz had seen was….

Everyone was looking at Adel admiringly.

"wah..hh" they all groan out.

Their eye looks full of appreciation

Especially demiurge who ainz thought he also didn't expect this.

But these are not happened among the Pleiades.

They're all surprised.

"i…is..this…really….Adel…sama?" the Pleiades all said together

Because now, Adel personality changed to the other hand.

Adel that they've known was very kind, he's very polite. He was like sebas, Cz or the good guy in nazarick.

"i..i thought him about acting…like 3 days ago…and now he surpassed me.." solution stunned.

"e…e..even i..couldn't change a personality to act much like that…." Solution said

"it's usual so-chan." Naberal said

" because he's ainz-sama son" naberal said

Solution cried out, because she was proud of her new masters Adel

"i..i'm so proud of him!" solution said

A polite Adel was gone…for a moment.

Left only a Psychopath who's always lick his lips all the time.

How did it ends up like this?!

Ainz thought.








" you know where princess is? I need to talk to her, something a" Adel said

Then he walked along the group of people

" we're not intimidated by thugs!" some of the nobility said.

Adel stops in front of him then turn to him.

Adel looks at the nobility in the eyes, he made his face like realize something.

"you know? You remind me of my old friends" Adel said while lower his shot gun then pick something out of the pocket

Then he immediately grabs the nobility in the face and pull him near his face

He put a knife near the nobility mouth.


Adel was going to stick his knife in to the nobility mouth but then there's sound calling him

" STOP!"

It was lakyus but she's now in the fighting clothes there's a floating sword around her

She must waiting for her friends to support

Adel then release the nobility

He then turn around to lakyus

Lakyus was going to rush in to him, but what she didn't expect was…. Adel had already [knocking] her.

w..what?! i..i can't move?!

Come on! Why did I can't move?!

Lakyus can't even talk to because of Adel [Knocking] in human form was weaker than an imp, so lakyus didn't fall as sleep.

" oh hello beautiful~" Adel said while walking straight to lakyus

Had been told ny a psychopath "beautiful" was not even impressed her.

" you must be Lakyus Alvein Dale Aindra" Adel said while slick his hair in order to make him looks great when he's in front of girls but that doesn't even help.

" and you're beautiful" Adel are now standing in front of her.

He's walked around her , explore her body

Lakyus heard his sniff, he smells at her hair

This made lakyus disgusted.

"you look nervous? ….. is it about the weird smile on my face?" Adel asked

But there's no reply from lakyus since she can't even move her throat.

" you wanna know how I got them?" Adel asked

"come here" he then grabs her face and put his knife nears her lips just like what he do with that Nobility.

Lakyus try to move her faces away but somehow she could move only her face.

"hey.…look at me" Adel grabs her face and force it to look at his face

"so when I was kid, I thought my friends don't like me because I'm so annoyed and bored. They told me that I'm worry too much…" Adel said

Lakyus trying to struggle her face away from him.

" so I made this," then he turned his face around shown her his smile

" I want to make them laugh, all of them…but guess what? "

" they all get away from me!...they leaves " Adel said

" so I follow them, I kill them all." Adel said

That made lakyus a bit frightened

" then I use my knife, cut their mouth opened " Adel said

" now I see their funny eyes, now I can always smiling" Adel said

He smiles out.

Then lakyus use her head to knock him back

" ochh! ..huuu? hahah" Adel hurts but he wheezed.

" little fight in you… I like that" Adel said

" then you're gonna love me" that sounds came from gagaran

They just coming back from outside

Gagaran quickly punched Adel in the faces

the automatons started firing at her

But the magic shield from evileye covered gagaran body

Tina and tear takes down the automatons at their back, immediately

Assassins are the automatons counter-attack, plus Adel requested a low lv. Automatons so they could be easily take down

Adel suddenly stood up rush to gagaran

She use her hammer and hit him in his face, but he dodge it.

Then there's a hidden knife came out of his shoes, he kicks in gagarean body, make the knife hit her.

"Aghh!" gagaran shouted by hurt

Swords, bows or what ever can't pass through her armor easily, but this freaken clown knife can easily reach her body.

Who's this freak?

Adel then dodge back then he looked at his wrist watch.

It's the time that he had to leave, it's the time that Momon and Nabe will arrived

Then he shot the windows and jump out of it.

" HEY!" evileye shouted

She ran to the windows to find him if he falls down

But he disappear.

" where's him now?!" tina asked

" he's disappear" evileye said

" use the magic detected! Find that freak! Get the security of re-estize to the max! " evileye shouted.






Adel quickly ran to the mark point that his father had told him

Now his father are waiting for him with naberal in the name of Momon and Nabe.

" sorry father, I'm late" Adel said

He's coming back to normal Adel.

" umu..let's go in the gate" Ainz said






"you found him?" evileye asked the guards

" No sir!, the detection magic can't even detected him! It….he disappear from this world" the guards said

" that's impossible! Find it again!" evileye ordered

" evileye, he killed an amount of adventurer by only one fingure snap" lakyus said

" damn it! He must be the next jaldaboath" Evileye said

" was there anything else that Freak has done?" evileye asked

Tina and tear came out from the shadows,

" we've found a big explosion from the castle"

They both said

" is there anything damaged?" gagaran asked

" yeah, a big injuries" they said

" could you bring me to see it?" evileye said

Because of jaldaboath invasion they used to it, there's much enemy stronger than them in this world, they're calm.

" understood"



Tina and tear brought the blue rose to the back of the castle

"oh…" evileye said

The castle wall that used to have a beautiful rocks building properly was now an explosion scatters

But what they actually shocked was

On the castle wall

The explosion created an image….with a fire from the injured on it

It's an huge AINZ Ooal GOWN guild symbol ON THE CASTLE WALL






Adel coming back to nazarick he didn't wash out his make-up

He turns in to imp,

The make-up was in his human form it sticks in human form only.

" welcome back, Adel-sama" demiurge said

"h..u..thank you demiurge-sama" Adel lout

" we didn't expect that you'll act yourself look like so similar to psychopath" mare said

"haha..thank you mare-sama, if you think I'm useful to nazarick that's enough for me" Adel said

" you looked so frightened" shalltear said

" that just an acting haha" adel said

Now he has been surrounded by the guardians and the Pleiades, but what Adel notice was yuri-alpha didn't come with them also Cz 2128 delta too.

Where're them?

"ah.. i..i need to go for tomorrow preparing, t..thanks to you all for watching me'til the end!" Adel lout

" you must be tired,adel-sama. Don't you want to take some rest?" demiurge said

He saw the guardians are ready to take care of him. that made him pressured.

" ah… I probably…take some rest! That's right!" Adel said

The guardians seems happier for Adel pleasant in their suggestion.

Adel then walked out of the throne "room.

Demiurge notice that Cocytus looked irritated.

" Cocytus? What happened? You don't look happy with this" Demiurge asked

"…" there's no reply from Cocytus.

" Cocytus…don't afraid to say it out" demiurge said

" I…I'm so sorry b..but… his highness fighting style..was…" cocytus said

" you're going to said that Adel-sama deciet story was not honorable" Albedo said, now she looks angry.

"…" there's no reply from Cocytus

" COCYTUS! HOW DARE YO..-" albedo gonna said it but demiurge interrupted

" calm down albedo, Cocytus just don't understand Adel-sama message" Demiurge said

"huh?...m…message?" shalltear said

Now everyone was confused even the Pleiades.

"message? What? I didn't see them" mare said

" remember when Adel-sama told the story of him to that yellow hair?" demiurge said

"when I was kid, I thought my friends don't like me because I'm so annoyed and bored. They told me that I'm worry too much, " I want to make them laugh, all of them. they all get away from me! so I follow them, I kill them all. then I use my knife, cut their mouth opened, now I see their funny eyes, now I can always smiling….right?" Albedo said

"it that just a fake story that Adel-sama built it up to scared the enemy?" aura asked

" that's right, but not at all" demiurge said

" he's hidden the meaning behind it." Demiurge said

" how?" the guardians and Pleiades said

" when he was "kid" . this mean the day he was born. I thought my friends don't like me, "my friends" is mean us, everyone in nazarick ," demiurge said

" and..?"

" remember when he told you mare? He told you that " , if you think I'm useful to nazarick that's enough for me" ?" demiurge said

" you going to tell us that Adel-sama was giving us the clue all the time?!" shalltear said

"yes, that's exactly right" demiurge said

" they told me that I'm worry too much….what does that mean?" shalltear said

"ahh!" that sound came from entoma

" shizu sometimes told me that yuri-sama was worrying about Adel-sama depression on his position" entoma said

"thanks entoma" Demiurge said

" so the "I'm worry" stands for Adel-sama depression?" albedo said

" that's right"

"I want to make them laugh…all of them…. What was that mean? He wants to make us happy?" aura asked

" yes, aura but deeper than that, Adel-sama knows that being Ainz-sama successor was a very hard work. He wants to make us happy and give us much comfortale, as you can see. He invented a weapon that don't need to use mana but very effective, he's now testing his weapon on re-estize in order to give it to us later. He did it FOR US " demiurge said

" ohhhh…" the guardians and Pleiades seems to understand

". they all get away from me! so I follow them. What does it mean? Demiurge" Cocytus asked

" Adel-sama thinks that his existence will seize our loyality to ainz-sama away, so he pretends to live alone, he sacrifice all his time that can be together with ainz-sama to us" demiurge said.

"I use my knife, cut their mouth opened, now I see their funny eyes, now I can always smiling. … the "knife" stands for his sacrifice. "their own mouth" stands for the wall between us and ainz-sama when Adel-sama was born. He thought The estrangement between Ainz-sama and us will get more and more so he choose to walk away by not telling us about his existence at first, "now I see their funny eyes, now I can always smiling" is mean , if he was our annoyed, even we hates him for seizing our loyality to ainz-sama…, but if he could do anything to make us feels better like sacrifice his time with ainz-sama and give it to us…even he will be the one that take the estrangement between Ainz-sama and us away with him….even he will be the one that unhappy but if we happy about it…..that's enough for him" demiurge said while bring up his handkerchief out of his pocket to wipe his tears up.

The guardians tears falls down….

the Pleiades are crying….

" Adel-sama …afraid that if he told us about this directly, he thought we may don't like him" demiurge said

"h…he use …only 1 sentence *sniff* to communicate with us and the enemy *sniff*…at once?" mare said

"that's right *sniff* mare.." albedo said




I feel that someone have a big misunderstood on me…

Guess it was my imagination…

How could a fake story will lead to any meaning?

I just wrote it up yesterday!

Adel thought.

He walked out of the throne room, he already disguised himself in to the homunculus maids

But lupusregina beta notice him so she followed him.

Adel was walking in the hall way, finding yuri-alpha.

He's using his Imp form so he can't feel that the werewolf maids followed him.

Adel arrived at the Pleiades rest room. He saw yuri and Shizu sitting on the table in the middle of the room

Then he walked in .

Yuri and CZ noticed him

The homunculus turning back to Adel.

" yuri-sama? You didn't look well, what happened?" Adel asked

In fact, yuri and Cz just shocked after what Adel have done in re-estize.

They thought that Adel was a good guy, but it wasn't.

They thought Adel would make the adventurer fall asleep like the same way that he did to the Pleiades.

But he didn't

He killed them all.

He murdered the innocent villager that had just finished from his work and was going back to his home…to see his daughter and wife.

Yuri and Cz thought that Adel would be like Sebas.

But the think wrong.

"…" there's no reply from both maids.

" yuri…..Cz..?" Adel repeated

Yuri and Cz flinched they didn't dare to tell Adel what happened to them.

But then there's a sound from Adel back calling her sister.

" Yuri-nee! Shizu! Adel-sama just asked you, why did you not reply him?!" that's come from lupusregina beta.

" need to force them! Beta-sama, i..if they don't want to.." Adel said

" Adel-sama…. Yuri and shizu just shocked for your acting" lupusregina said

" really? Was it good?" Adel turned to yuri and Cz

But what he saw the frightened face of yuri , who's afraid to answer his question.

" y..y..yes…Adel…sama" yuri said

As if Adel could read their thoughts, so he asked

" yuri-sama. You didn't expect that I would kill..right?" Adel asked

"…." There's no reply from both but the silence stand for the answer that they're really shocked.

"I know you were shocked about this yuri, Cz" Adel said

"but…you need to understand the nature of human" Adel said

"… the world….really ..has no good or bad." Adel said

" the world is not black or white, yuri sama. The world is gray." Adel said

" there's no really good people or really bad people.. everyone have their good and bad. Everyone just struggle for survive." Adel said

" the strongest is the one who survived, human mind was the most complicated. There's moral there's a bad joke, Look at those nobility yuri-sama, now there's a war between kingdoms, but when the world is peaceful…those..uh.. civilized people… they'll eat each other…. The war can only ended by 2 things yuri-sama, only 2 things" Adel said.

Yuri and CZ life her face up shown that they want to know.

" either when the benefits has been dealt or some side lost everything" Adel said.

" look at the world as it be, yuri-sama. Analyzed it then find a way to survive…. That's how it works" Adel said

Yuri and Cz seems to understand him a little bit.

" Adel-sama, you remind me of our little sister… she's a rational person… like you" yuri said.

"it's an honor, yuri-sama" Adel said




(that night)

Adel was working in his father bed room, he preparing his weapon to invade re-estize tomorrow.

But there's someone calling him out of the door

' Adel-sama…"

Adel walked to the door, he opened the door and found

Shalltear blood fallen standing there.

"y..yes? shalltear-sama?" Adel said he try his best not to got irritated by shalltear fake silicone.

"u..uh…" shalltear looked down on the ground she hesitated to say something to Adel.

" A…Adel-sama… what have you told Aura? I heard that she ordered to change her meal from meat in to eggs and beans, she always look at me with…the..a… like the eyes of the winner…so when I asked her what happened she told me that Adel-sama had told something to her….but she didn't want me to know it.." Shalltear said

" so you want me to tell you?" Adel asked.

"I…I'm sorry! Adel-sama!" shalltear lout her head down

" there's not thing important, aura just asked me how to make her chest bigger" Adel said

" M..M..Make the chest!? BIGGER?!" shalltear said

" it is possible? Adel-sama?!" shalltear asked looks like she's very excited.

" yeah, its possible " Adel said

" could you told me about it?! I really need to know how!" shalltear said

" guess you and aura-sama wants your chest to get bigger in order to attract my father don't you?" Adel said

" but first thing first, shalltear-sama. You should get some of your silicone out" Adel said

"eh? Why?"

"because its look unusual compare to your height. Isn't it weird to see a short girl but she has very big chest? shalltear-sama?" Adel said

" o…okay.." shalltear said

It's now the conversation between doctor and patient

"hmm…but vampire can't growing … I suggest shalltear-sama should receive a estrogen hormones directly in to your body" Adel said while his hand are prop up his chin.

" but I thought that father doesn't care about how the chest size it was, so you don't need to make it bigger shalltear-sama" Adel said

" but if you want, I suggest to put only a bit of silicone on your chest, that's more natural and beautiful" Adel said

"t..thanks! Adel-sama" shalltear said




( the next morning )

Re-estize kingdom, princess renner room.

Princess renner and the blue rose are now sitting around the table.

They're now very serious, the riot from Adel made them thought of Jaldaboath.

There's a bunch of document on their desk, every evidences about Adel.

The castle had been rebuilt after Adel blows it up.

But now the tensest person in the room was princess renner.

She realize that Nazarick has notice that re-estize kingdom are trying not to pay their payments to nazarick. The drawing by an explosion on the castle wall made renner very sure that it was nazarick who sent this man to warned them.

But she didn't tell anyone

The relationship between nazarick and re-estize is the top secret.

" this man just came in re-estize without any noticing… the question is …how?" lakyus said

" could it be that our soilders let him in?" evileye said

" I think not. Due to the investigation. No one saw him coming in this city." lakyus said

" so you're gonna say that he just pop up from nowhere and disappear in the mid-air?" evileye said

" that's impossible, he must have some kind of magic…..some kind of magic that are higher than re-estize…some kind of magic that make him sneak in to our advance security system." lakyus said

Gagaran saw renner looks worried about something

" you look…. Impatient renner… are you ok?" gagaran asked

"i..i'm fine..gagaran I just shocked that he killed all the high rank adventurer and our army in just one snap" renner said

But she's lie. The main issue that made her impatient was Nazarick.

" would we count him as the next jaldaboath?" lakyus said

"nah, jaldaboath is much stronger than him. You saw when I punch him in the face?" gagaran said then she giggle.

" don't be careless gagaran, he didn't even have a fight with us yesterday.. we can't judge him yet," lakyus said

" that Freak was lucky, when he leaves, Momon-sama just came" evileye said

" oh..that's right you told Momon-sama about this?" lakyus asked

" I already have, he said that he will help us look for this terrorist and deal with him. But I saw Nabe looks angrily at me when I complain about that Freak" evileye said

Princess renner feels even worse, she already know that Ainz Ooal gown will make a claim to increased their payments to nazarick…..

If she can windback a time… she wouldn't have done this…

" so this was another time that we co-operate with Momon-sama? Wow..what a honor" gagaran said

Then the door is opened, it was climb

" princess renner, Lady aindra I heard that there was a riot in the palace yesterday! You ladies all right? I heard that the terrorist asked for you! Princess renner" climb said

" yes, we're fine climb." Renner said

" don't worry, I'm not in the palace that day.. I'm fine" she said

" god save you! Princess renner" climb said

" have a seat" renner said

"t..thank you, princess renner" climb said

" so.. what does he look like?" renner said

" a wak-job, wears a cheap black suit and make-up" evileye said

Because when she asked the witness about Adel , they all told her that he's wearing a clothes from the south.

" he came from the south?" renner asked

" the south said that they've never seen this man in their town before….. when he disappear the clues gone." evileye said

" he… is…like a ghost… " climb said

" yeah, I agree with you.. come..and disappear" gagaran said

" anyway, thanks for the tea princess renner" climn stood up

" I need to go now the general is calling me out, pardon me" climb said

" you need to do your job climb, find that invader and take care yourself…. You not need to say sorry" renner said

"thank you! Princess" climb lout then he walked out of the door

While walking

climb suddenly saw the re-estize maid walking pass him

re-estize has new maids?

I haven't seen her before…

May be she's new…

After climb left the room

" we should take you to the safe-house renner, that man was looking for you" lakyus said

" yeah, I agree with her renner. We must keep the princess safe, luckily the day he came you weren't there" gagaran said

But suddenly there's heavy raining outside the castle.

The storms sound scared.

The spark, thunder occurs

" its stormy outside?" evileye said while looking out of the window.

" strange…. there just a clear sky before " lakyus walked to the window

Suddenly the doors opened.

They're all turning to the sound source.

" Ha, ha ha ha ha ha"

They're all shocked.

The invader that they looking for is in front of them.

The man that painted his face white, black color around his eyes, and curve red lind on his mouth.

Adel was standing in front of them.

But the most problem now was…..

They can't move.

All if them can't move

Like they've been staff right there.

How did he come in this place!?

In fact, when jaldaboath invadsion… he couldn't reach to the palace. But this man just came in princess renner room.


" Oh,hee-hee,aha. Ha, Oh,hee-hee. Ha" Adel coldly laugh made them frightened.

" I thought my jokes were bad" Adel said

While make a bugging face.

But strangely only person that can now move in the room was princess renner. The others can move only their throats that allows them to speak

" RENNER! RUN AWAY! " lakyus and gagaran said

" ha-ah!" Adel pointed to those 2 it made their mouth been shut.

Adel waving his finger to them shown them not to talk when he was talking.

" give me the reason why did you came here" renner asked. she knows that this man was sent by nazarick, so if she fights adel.. that will be suicide. So she pretends to act clueless face like they called. "The bull must take by the horns"

" how about magic trick?" Adel said

He suddenly put out something off his pocket, it's a nail.

Adel put the nail on the tea table.

He waving his hand around it.

" I gonna make this nail…disappear" Adel said

While that

Tina and tear, the shadow assassins comes out of the shadow at his back in order to captured him

When tina and tear came near him they're going to take him down

But suddenly Adel turned back

He punched tina in the face, and kick her while lock up tia arms, that made tina got bounce off

Then he hit tia in her stomach and quickly push her face straight to the nail on tea table.

It happens less than a second

The shocked image begins.

Tia face was push forward to the sharp nail on the table.

The nail hit her… straight in to her head.

Tia dies immediately

Her blood squeeze out on the tea table.

Adel push her off the table

Then he returned to tina that coming at his back with her ninja blade

Adel dodge tina blade, he kicks in her legs that made tina falls to the ground. He lock her arms up ( just like a military CQC) then shoot her right in the stomach with the automaton handgun that no one knows when did he bring it out.

He fired like 8 shots in tina stomach.

Tina falls on the ground …. Dies.

This happened in a second.

" TA-DAAA! It's…GONE" Adel turning back to the others while expand his hands out, like a magician when finished his show.

Now the blue rose are looking vengefully at him except princess renner who's now stunned and scared.

" oh, and by the way, the suit, it wasn't cheap" Adel sets his suit then sit down at the table chair, joining their conversation.

" you want to know, you bought it yourself" he's now sitting in front of them.

He could kill tina and tia….. in a milli-second, he must be stronger than that insect maids…

" what was your main purpose… with me?" princess renner asked.

" let's wind the clocks back a month, and you'll know it right?" Adel asked while looking at renner that made her startled.

So it was really nazarick who sending this man to regain their payments

"you see, a guy.. like me" Adel said but then evileye interrupted

" A FREAK" evileye said

But Adel ignored her.

" a..guy …like me, look, listen *click* I heard the name, of Momon the brave-adventurer in this town. So I want to ask you princess, since you have a contact with him, you know where can I find him?" Adel said

Renner knows that the "Real" reason was to regain the payments from re-estize , and "Momon" was only a excuses.

now, only the person that knows this "real" reason was renner and Adel himself.

So renner have no choice, she must give the contact of Momon who she was really know he was Ainz to him.

" he's much stronger than a FREAK like you!" evileye shouted out.

" you can't even be the same as his level" lakyus said

Adel ignores those word

Adel pick up the tea cup from the table, he drank it.

Then He continues talking to princess renner

"if we.. don't deal with this now, soon…this uh little meatballs here won't be able stay in her houses" Adel said while pointing to gagaran and call her "meatballs"

The word "won't be able stay in her houses" made them all understand that if they not give him the contact to Momon, re-estize will be injured like in jaldaboath invade.

Renner write something on her paper its an contact to Momon and Nabe and she lent it to him

" thank you! Princess. My pleasure to be in here" he stood up and walked to the door.

" you think you can come in this palace, kill our friends and just walked away?!" evileye asked

The bluerose are now want to put Adel head off very much, but they can't move.

" I thought you could resurrect them back" Adel turn back and look at lakyus

He knows that lakyus can use her resurrect magic?

While he was opening the door Adel realize something

"Oh, and the last one, the tea contains much sugar, get the sugar off a bit"

He turned back and walked outside the door.



Evileye, gagaran, and lakyus can move now.

They immediately running to tia and tina

"Lakyus! Called the medic and take care of them!" evileye said

"understood" lakyus said

Evileye, gagaran quickly ran out of the door. They using [acceleration] to make them reach to the door quickly.

He just walking out of this room.

There's no way he could escape that fast!

Even breaking out of the window.

Evileye opened the door, and what she saw outside was…..







there's a long hall way in their right and a big window at their left, there's no place to hide.

But they didn't see the make-up man.

There's nothing around them.

The man….. disappear. The window didn't breakdown plus they didn't hear the breaking sound because princess renner room was located near the window, if it breaks , they would hear it.

"evil..eye" gagaran said

"he's not a human" evileye said

"he..just disappear after walking out…. in a second" gagaran said

" gagaran! Contact everyone in this palace! We've found him!" evileye said even she know what the result will be

" I'll take care of princess and lakyus, there's a hard work for her to resurrect as 2 person once." Evileye said





" you okay? Princess renner?" evileye asked

"y..yeah, I'm alright" princess renner said

She looks frightened.

" there's no use to bring me to the safest place, he can easily approach me in anytime" renner said

" why does he want to find Momon-sama?" evileye asked said

" maybe he wants to fight with the strongest one we have, due to his strength as jaldaboath" renner said ,even that's not true.

Now the storms outside comes back to the normal, like the storms disappear when Adel gone.

Evileye turn her face to look at the window if the storms gone.


What she saw there was made her Shocked and scared.

The dead body of re-estize guards were hanging outside the window facing them.

" OH MY GOD!" evileye shouted out

Princess renner and lakyus were shocked too.

" this….FREAK!" evileye now very angry.

" there's…no…way….we're going to fight him….every time he came, we automatically can't move for some reason…" lakyus said

"he…he..he just like a.." renner going to said it but Evileye said it first.

"A boogeyman" evileye said.







Adel came out of re-estize by [ABSOLUTE INVISIBILITY]

Now he's standing infront of nazarick entrance door

It's already his normal activity to disguised as solution then walking in to nazarick.

I think maybe I should transform to the others next time.

The guards may have suspect me someday if I continues to use solution-sama form.

He thought.

Then he walked in the throne room, going to his father bedroom.

He opened the throne door


what he saw was the guardians and the Pleiades standing in a front low.

"" Adel said

Opened the door and saw people standing in a front low, like they're waiting for him make Adel pressured.

" h..h..hel-" Adel was going to say "hello" to them but suddenly

Lupusregina rush infront of him, she hugged Adel.

But not only her.

Followed by

Yuri,Aura, mare, demiurge, albedo, shalltear , entoma,naberal,solution,shizu, and finally Cocytus.

What is happening?!

Adel confused.



(before Adel arrived)

Ainz and the floor guardians, the Pleiades are watching Adel … all the time.

Ainz feel a little bit strange in his son, but if it made re-estize recognize about what they have done, it's fine.

But now the one that was still confused was Naberal.

She still don't understand what did Adel make-up meaning.

Yesterday ainz asked Adel about this

Adel said that" it was cool"

That's the reason.

Adel also tell ainz that the villain need to have a perfect story, so he wrote it up like yesterday.


Naberal flinched.

"naberal, you still don't know the meaning of his make-up?" ainz said

"y..yes, ainz-sama. I still don't understand" naberal said

" o..okay, it just a di-" ainz going to said it but demiurge interrupted

" a message. You're gonna said that. Right? Ainz-sama" demiurge said

What?! A..a..message what?!

"hmm? What do you mean by that?" ainz said

" ainz-sama! No need to pretend that you don't know it anymore. There's only naberal gamma who didn't know the clues that Adel-sama gave to us" demiurge said

c…clue? Clue what?!

" hoo? Could you explain it to her?" ainz said

I really want to know it too!

"understood. Ainz-sama" demiurge said

Demiurge explain the same thing that he had explain to the guardians and the Pleiades.






naberal was stunned now.

her tears was falling.

The other know her feeling as well.

How the hell that demiurge matches those words and meaning?!

He just wrote his fake story that he thought it was cool!

Ainz thought.

"u..uh… naber-" ainz gonna said it but then naberal said first

"no need to explain more! Ainz-sama..*sniff*" naberal said

Ehhh?! She really believe?! In it?!

" now …*sniff* everything is connected…the smile painting on his faces is mean that he's hiding his sadness behind his smiling face when he was with us *sniff* a reason that he asked me if he is disgusting was *sniff* if we see him as a annoying and disgusting so he keeps it behind his smile...right? *sniff* demiurge-sama?" naberal asked

"yes,that's right"

Yuri come and hug her sister, naberal-gamma.

Well, I shouldn't tell them the truth..

Maybe leaving them like this was the best way…






(back to present)

"eh? Arggg?!" the groan from Adel

Because now, he has been hugged by the guardians and the Pleiades

Adel looked to Ainz

As if they could read each other minds

He felt that ainz said " get used to it.."

" don't worry Adel-sama we're here, we accept you" demiurge said

"Adel-sama, always care about our feelings" the Pleiades said

" Adel-sama was very kind!" aura and mare said

" Adel-sama, was..strong" Cocytus said

" Adel-sama was very respective person! He's a genius!" shalltear said.

And the other words from the guardians



" well, are you ready for the next operate?" ainz asked.

" yes, father. The fights between boogeyman…and Momon.. right?" he said

" umu. Get ready for it" ainz said

"understood, father. But there's a one thing that I need to do" Adel said.


" there's a man with yellow short hair. I think I want to teach him something about how the world works" Adel said.






"okay, now move your arms, slowly.." that's the sound of Adel. he's holding someone arm.

" hm, I see the problem. There's a little hole between your joint. Entoma-sama" Adel said

He was holding entoma arms.

"and that may lead the acid goes in to your air sac" Adel said

He has heard from demiurge about fights between the blue rose and entoma. So he's doing a research about how to prevent chitin from the acid.

Since entoma is an insect so Adel wants to help entoma prevents herself from [Vermin Bane]

" your skins are consist of Chitin, entoma-sama. So what I want you to do. To protect yourself from that kind of magic, by eating this. 1 per each day. Alright?" Adel pick something out of his desk. Now they're in ainz bedroom.

It's a pills

"what is this? Adel-sama?" entoma asked

" it's called Chitosan it contains of glucosamine about 90%. I have developed it combine with magic. If you eat this pill 1 per each day. The chitosan will be built at your skins. Chitosan will have a reaction between itself and acid. the reaction between them creates a salt and combine with a magic, it will refute all the acid away ." Adel said

"t..tha..thank you Adel-sama" entoma said, she receive the pills.

" so how did you know which acid could…ah..could be prevent? Adel-sama?" yuri asked. she just brought Adel meals but the door is opened.

"oh? Good morning! Yuri-sama" Adel lout

"Adel-sama! I told you so many times not to called your servants "sama" " yuri said

" o..oh I'm sorry yuri-sa…yuri" he said

" the reason that I'm so confident about my pills because I have already test it with every acid I could find" Adel said

" did you find the acid?" yuri asked because she didn't see Adel or entoma get out of the room since this morning.

" I get it from solution "Adel said, while pointing at solution who's sitting opposite side of entoma, solution was now attaching her maid button back in to the uniform.

" W..WHAT?! DO ..D.D..DO YOU MEAN?! BY THAT?! Adel-sama?!" yuri shocked.

Because the only way to get things inside solution body is to get into her body first.

Yuri looking at solution, solution now making sensational face.

" Adel-sama!" yuri shouted out








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