This is a story from Ainz side. It's happening parallel with "Chaos among the tomb 1,2and3.

" Hey... Hey father "

" What? "

" I think I just came up with something... An original gag."

" ... " Ainz didn't do anything but watching his son describing things.

" Even it's a knock knock joke. But I think it's pretty good. Listen, I'm only gonna do it once...just only once. So pay attention to it. Okay?"

Ainz slowly nodded.

" Knock Knock"

" ... Who's there?..."

" Amos"

" Amos who?"

" A mosquito."





" And that's the gag. What do you think?" Adel asked.

"..." Ainz still glancing at Adel with his uncomfortable feeling.

"..Hm... It was pretty good. It was hilarious actually."

Ainz says with a cold deep silent voice with his hardened face.

" Right? It gets funnier with time. Don't copy my idea just because you like it, Okay?"

( It's sarcasm you idiot.) Ainz thought.

After finishing meet up with The Blue rose adventurer team in a bar, Adel and Naberal quickly came back to The carriages.

Suddenly, The caravans stopped. Actually, Ainz can use a gate or a teleport spells which would be easier to make his way here in E: Rantel. But using The carriages is more formal. So Ainz chooses to do this.

" The carriage stops, doesn't it? Did we arrive? "

" Yes, but not yet the palace." Ainz said. Before he made his way out of his car, he turns to Adel.

" Come here, Adel." Ainz beckon. He put his hands on Adel's shoulder. Ainz took a deep breath. He needed to speak it out. He needed to speak this out now.

" Listen, I'm not going to discourage you okay? But your sack helmet is disturbing and made me feel uncomfortable."

" Hehhhh..." Adel moans.

" So... Take this thing off." Ainz then pulls the sack out of Adel's head. Showing a face of Undead skeleton like him but has horns.

Ainz then put his hand up towards Adel's face. Suddenly there was a blue aura coming out of Ainz's hand.

" Alright. This is it. I use my illusion spells to create an image of your Imp face covering your undead face. So everybody will see you as your Imp form. However, don't let them touch your face okay? Because it is just an illusion. Not a physical changing or anything." Ainz said. This spell was the same spell he uses to create his illusion face as Momon the adventurer.

" Doesn't it have... A time limit?..."

" No. It lasts as long as i want it to." Ainz said.

" Oh... Nice.."

" Now, get yourself out of here by your invisibility. Assemble with Naberal at the front. I'm sure that you can easily get in the palace if Naberal approves your identity to the guards."

" Why don't i just approve it myself? That could be a question you're thinking Adel. But seems like The blue rose knows you in the name of Momon's old friend and I'm sure that they'll spread this to others. So i think i'd be better if we act like we're not closing to each other. If you walking with me, sitting next to me, or even enjoy doing things with me infront of everybody. It will probably influence them to think that Momon is surely Ainz Ooal gown ally since even his friend, Adel, is being like this."

"Um. Make sense..." Adel said.

" The main objective i brought you here is to let you observe and gain experience about the political things. Do you understand?"

" Yes, father. I Clearly understand."

( Even i know that he is smart... And can easily get and understand what i say ... But i couldn't help being worry about it... Ahh,.. Touch-san. I slowly understand your feeling a bit more..)

" Absolute Invisibility " Adel said before his body disappeared. As someone has opened Ainz carriage door, He knows that Adel already rushes out. The same as Naberal, she also gets out of the carriage by Complete Invisibility too.

The one who opened the carriage door was one of Ainz high-level monsters. As Ainz walked out. There was someone was welcoming him. And he was Pluton Ainzach.

As if they've already used to each other. Ainzach slowly approached Ainz. No need to take a weapon-checking on him. Because Ainzach would never do that and Ainz knows.

" Welcoming, Lord Ainz-Ooal gown. This is the second time you visited E:rantel by yourself." Ainzach says.

" umu. Long time no see, Ainzach. How was it going?"

" It's going pretty well, Lord Ainz. The adventurer guild in Sorcerous kingdom is now growing. Even it is a little, but it's pretty frequent. However, I'm afraid that it'd be better to discuss this in the next time." Ainzach said.

" Umu, i agree with you. Since this day i come for a different purpose." Ainz said.

" I guess they sent you to welcome me because they see you as the only human closest to me, didn't they?"

" They didn't tell me. But if i'm allowed to guess, I would say yes."

" Alright, Lord Ainz. The king and Princess are waiting for an assemble. Let me guide you to them" Ainzach said.

Ainz glanced his eyes to the crowd. Most of them were Nobles. That's usual. Palace and Nobles are like water with fish. But he also saw Re:Estize soldiers were standing in a line.

After the event that Ainz summoned dark-young to massacre about 100,000 soilders and killed Gazef in the battle. This day, Ainz came for a purpose of making an ally with Re:Estize kingdom. Because it is the time. The time has come. Even the Sorcerous kingdom has Baharuth empire, which people from E:rantel hate them, on their side. But as Ainz declared out that Baharuth Empire was now a part of Sorcerous kingdom. This means Jircniv rune farlord Elnix has no more authority to start a war with E:rantel without Ainz permission.

Another thing is, Ainz thinks that it is better to make an ally more than an enemy. After Sorcerous kingdom was formed, Ainz tried his best to manage this kingdom into a land of peace. And it works. Ainzach's well-played sources had told that The Sorcerous kingdom has draw interests from every side. Including E:Rantel.

Easily comparison, First Baharuth, and Re:Estize were like kids fighting with each other. And Sorcerous kingdom was like some adult who walks in and stops these 2 kids from fighting.

It may have hard feelings between them, but this is the best way to solve the problem. In the future, the new generation of these 2 countries may unite as one.

( umu... Even the world has already known our existence for a long time... but some of them couldn't be used to it.) Ainz thought As he saw some of general and soldiers were shaking as he walks by. Ainz ignored that and followed Ainzach to his destination. Albedo was also coming and walking next to Ainz with Ainzach guiding their path.

As usual, Albedo charismatic attracts all of man and maybe some woman over there. Her beauty is unbeatable by any woman in this country as usual. However, there is 1 person who they think she could fight her. It's Nabe, the partner of Momon.

Among a group of Nobles, there was someone was trying his best to come to a front line.

" Hey... Hey! Get out of my way! "

It was Phillip. Phillip pushed a man in front of him to his left and finally, he had made it to a front he saw his crush, he couldn't lose a focus on her.

" Ahh...Look at miss Albedo. She still not changes after all." Phillip said. Besides him was Hilma. And Ex-member of Eight fingers.

Actually, Hilma didn't expect to see Phillip here. But she has coincidentally met him at the front gate. So they came along. However, Hilma's feeling was the opposite of Phillip. Her spines start to shake again since she heard that The Sorcerous King would come here by himself.

Hilma wanted to quit this. She wanted to be like Marquis Raeven. But it's too late for her. Because she had already come to a business that is unable to quit.

" I'm not going to warn you again. Phillip but I suggest you not to-"

" Hilma, My love for her is incomparable to anything."


( **sigh** He is not different from an animal... Then fuck it. I'm so tired of him now. )

" Okay, fine! Then do what you want. I'm gonna go now"

Hilma then walks away from Phillip and a group of Nobles. She wasn't going to leave the place. But she's going to look for anywhere around here. Anywhere around here, that doesn't have these group of foolish people.

" Lord Ainz, Is it only me who think that The Adventurers coming in this day are quite fewer than i expected?"

Albedo is an ambassador's dress asked Ainz.

" I think not, Albedo. Because we came here early." Ainz replied.

The ruler of the Sorcerous kingdom came to this place by only 2 reasons.

First, Making an ally as mentioned before.

Second, It's about the event of " Jaldabaoth's Invasion ". Because only 2 people who could fight Jaldabaoth are Momon and Ainz Ooal gown.

And Ainz Ooal gown, He was the one who defeated Jaldabaoth in Holy kingdom. So he came here about this Topic too.

And this, It draws a lot of attention from every side. Adventurers, Workers, Knights and General are also included in the population in here too.

" Albedo, even i told you this so many times. But i want you..especially this time... To be aware of the enemy among those Nobles group."

" Yes, Ainz-sama. I understand. Because today you came by yourself, plus, Discussion about Jaldabaoth. So it is usual if the other country would send their people to observe us... Especially, The Slane Theocracy."

" Umu, But I don't think they will make a move now.I think they're only here for information. Maybe they are thinking if we are behind all of this. So be careful." Ainz said.

" Yes, Ainz-sama. The world item you gave me is still here." Albedo checked her item and found that A world item is still with her.

" Alright. Nice. However, don't be careless." Ainz said.

" Yes~, my beloved husband"

" What?..."

Appearing among the crowd of people, Adel Positron Sigma, The son of Ainz Ooal gown glancing his eyes to left and right and finally he found her.

One of the Pleiades maid, Naberal Gamma.

" There she is."

Adel walked right to her. Seems like Naberal noticed him. As if Adel was some high-rank general, Naberal suddenly stretched herself up.

" N...Naberal-sama. D..don't need to be that serious..." Adel said.

"...I...I'm so sorry Adel-sama" Naberal was going to bow. But Adel stopped her immediately. It wouldn't be good if anyone sees Nabe, the beautiful adventurer bows to some random guy like him. Plus he doesn't want her to do that because it made his guilty got intense.

After a fight between Adel and 6 Pleiades, It leaves an impact effect on both sides.

Adel felt extremely bad for that moment he lost control for a bit because of Lupusregina's torturing that is the most painful torturing he ever received in his life.

On the same token, The Pleiades felt worse. Because a reason we all known.

Naberal Gamma is one of the Pleiades besides Lupusregina and Entoma. These 3 maids were the most who got affected from An extremely guilt. Consequently, Naberal doesn't have any face to show up when Ainz or Adel is in front of her. Especially, Adel.

Trying to make a relationship better after she did curse him a lot made Naberal fell in a hole of despair. She doesn't believe if Adel will truly forgive her. That's impossible after all of the things happen.

So what Naberal would do best now is to do her best to serve him. Made him know that at least even Adel hates her, but she is still useful. Even sometimes, Naberal felt a little jealous that A relationships between Adel, Entoma, CZ, Yuri, Demiurge or even Cocytus her best friend are growing so fast that they are now close to each other. Naberal wants to stand at that point too. But she thinks it's too late for her. This is a punishment for her action. The cruelest punishment... Being left alone from behind.

" Naberal-sama... You're not looking well since this morning.. Is there anything wrong? " Adel asked with distress.

" Nothing..Adel-sama. I'm fine." Naberal said.

"..." Adel looked at Naberal into her eyes, investigate her body language.

( I have a little of a psychologist... By observing her eye-sights and body language. I could tell that Naberal-sama is now hiding something..what is it? She's feeling uncomfortable... Why does she feel like that? Did I do anything that irritates her? Or she felt uncomfortable to be with me?... Hm. The last one makes sense... It still has a hard feelings between us...but i can't just randomly assume it.. May be she is surprised that i took a sack out off my head.)

" Naberal-sama... Let's go in." Adel said.

" Y..Yes, Adel-sama.." Naberal follows him. But from behind.

" Ehh-?! "

Naberal's face turns red as Adel suddenly grabbed her shoulder and pull her closer to him. He then placed her next to his left side.

It made Naberal's heart got an electric shock a little bit. Because that is real surprising.

" Naberal-sama, you shouldn't walk behind me like you did with father. Because I am known as Momon and Nabe old friend. So it would be better if we walked like this." Adel said.

" O..oh..t..that is it... A-as expect of the one who would stand next to lord Ainz..." Naberal said to clam her heart-beat down.

" a..ah... N..not at that level.. N..naberal-sama. I am incomparable to father. Haha.." Adel said.

Naberal was astonished by Adel's words.

" eh?... but... i think that you are at the same tier as Lord Ainz"

" No.. ... Not yet. I haven't done anything for Nazarick yet, Naberal-sama. So i'm not the same level as father."

" Eh?.. ... You don't need to do anything, Adel-sama. Everyone is already happy when you were born!"


"Have you heard of the most famous speech by John F. Kennedy?"

" J..John?... " Naberal twisted her eyebrows.

" In the library of Nazarick, there is a book about him. He says " Ask not what your country can do for you; Ask what you can do for your country"

Naberal keeps listening to Adel.

" But i think the difference. In the case that the leader of The country is a good person, kind, but dares to make his hands dirty for his own country , he deserves loyalties from everyone. A fair trade. But if it's not, then Why should i do for the country? What is the reason? If the country doesn't do anything for me, then why should i do anything for it. Is it because it was the placed that i was born on? Is that just it? Imagine if I'm just a homeless person who has nothing to do with it, what would the country do to help me?"

"...uh..." Naberal was thinking of an answer. But suddenly, Adel continued.

" The answer is it won't care how i will be as long as i don't do anything useful for them. It will just leave me alone. In this era, even it isn't the same time as his era but this is how things go. It lasts longer as both sides are useful to each other." Adel said.

" It may looks selfish, but this is "Society".

" The reason i say this is to tell you that Nazarick has already given me a life, my existence, and uncountable things. Father lost 3 most important items that he had spent his life looking for it to create me. I count that as a massive sacrificing. And what should I do from now on is to be most useful as i can. Dedicate my life to help father conquer the world. until the day that my body couldn't take it. Until 2 of my form's died."

Adel said.

Naberal stunned by purple flames deep down inside Adel's eyes. His voice showing his dedication.

" But i was surprised. You didn't look surprised that i took my helmet off. Naberal-sama"

Naberal was pulled back as the flames disappear.

"Oh.. That's..that's because Ainz-sama had already told me" Naberal said.

Adel glanced his eyes left and right, he noticed that people starts to increase since it's almost the time.

" Naberal-sama, Let's go in" Adel said.

"Understood" Naberal said.

As they walked to the front door, the guards noticed.

" Oh...N-Nabe-sama! " The guard immediately bow down. But Naberal seems didn't care about that. She starts to quickly prove Adel's identity to them like she didn't want to talk to them.

" This is Adel-sam-an. He is me and Momon-san old friend he come here today instead of Momon. Let him in." Naberal said.

" E..Eh?.. M..Momon-san old friend?" The guard surprised. Because in front of them, next to Naberal was a very handsome man with black hair and glows yellow eyes smiling at them. This is their first time they found a man whose his level of beauty was the same as Jircniv Rune Farlord Elnix... Moreover, it's over jircniv a bit.

" Oh... Momon and Nabe-sama always have cool people next to-"

" Let. Him . pass." Naberal staring at them angrily, as if their compliment wastes her time. But this was enough to shake the guards spines.

" Y..Yes.. N..Nabe-sama..I...If you approve of him yourself...! " The guards then moved their bodies out of Adel and Naberal's way.

Naberal immediately walks pass them, following by Adel. But after she passed them a bit, she heard them whispering.

" Damn, i thought Nabe and Momon were in that kind of relationship. But I change my mind now. Look at that dude-! They are the same standards He must be Nabe-san's that kind of "Partner" "

" HEY!-"

Naberal knows what they meant, Her face turns red again. But as she turns back to the guards. Adel stops her.

" C..Calm down! Naberal-sama! I know how you feel, i heard it too! But as long as it's not true it isn't on our watch, is it?! Why do you need to care?! "

Luckily, that helps. Naberal calms down and keep walking with Adel.

" Anyway.. Uh... Would it bother you if i asked you...s..something? Naberal-sama?"

" Yes, anything young master wishes." Naberal said.

" why did you always call human ' Insect' ? "

" Yes, Adel-sama. Because they are disgusting. By seeing them, i felt like i couldn't control myself not to crush them to clean The disturbing from my eye-sight."

"... Oh...umu,umu..."

" And Humans are the lowest life-form. Like insects."


" N-Naberal-sama, what did you just say?" Adel asked, seems like he had noticed something.

Naberal twisted her eye-brows.

" Humans are the lowest life form. Adel-sama. Like those insects" Naberal repeated.

"..." Adel stopped for a moment, that also made Naberal bend her head a little. She's wondering why Adel stops?


" You're saying that humans are lowest life-form like insects, right?"

"Yes, Adel-sama. Absolutely."


" Naberal-sama."

"Yes, Young master?"

" What race does Entoma have?"

Naberal gamma astonished, as she heard Adel asked this. She didn't know why he asked that.

( Eh? Why did Adel-sama ask me that? He suddenly mentioned Entoma name out of nowhere? Why?)

" A-Arachnoid. Entoma is Arachnoid, Adel-sama." Naberal answered.

"... Uh...uh-huh... So... So Technically, Entoma is some kind like... Uh, bugs right?..." Adel asked.

" Y-Yes, Adel-sama. It's true as you said" Naberal said again.

( HUH? ) Adel moans in his mind.

" Okay, so... You said that you hates human."

"Yes, Adel -sama."

" And you ranked them as the same level as insects."

" Yes." Naberal said.

" O..Okay, so... What is Entoma's race?"

" Arachnoid." Naberal answered.

"... "



" A..arachnoid... Is some kind of... Insects, right? Naberal-sama"

" Yes, Adel-sama."


" I... I will ask again...Alright?.. You said you hate Humans, And humans are like insects. You said that"

" Yes, Adel-sama i said that"

" And Entoma is ...uh..."

Adel stares at Naberal, Naberal stares at Adel in confusion. Both are confused by each other.

" Entoma?... She is Arachnoid, Adel-sama" Naberal said.

( Why did he repeat this again and again? I couldn't catch the meaning or anything... But i believe that Adel-sama has some purpose on this. What is it?) Naberal thought.

( ... ) Adel's mind, however, went blank.



"..." Naberal went blank for a second, as her mind just realized something. Adel Positron Sigma, The successor of Ainz Ooal gown has 3 of his forms and one of them is Human form. Suddenly, Naberal felt like an electric runs through her body. She immediately turned her face to Adel and accidentally grabbed his shoulder.

( Ahhh! i know it! I see. I understand! I... I was accidentally insults Adel-sama's race! Because one of his form is also human!... Oh God No!.. He keeps asking me this to warn me!... He asks this to warn me that i'm slowly cross the line! B..but i didn't have an intention to do that! I-I didn't mean like that!... B..but... )

Naberal glancing her eyes at Adel, seeing him went silent makes Naberal went panic even more.

( OH GOD!.. A-Adel-sama.. h...he's angry at me!... H-he must be angry at me! i- i need to do something! I- i need to tell him that i didn't mean it!)

Actually, Adel was just in the middle of mind blowing in this controversial thing.

" A-A-Adel-sama! B...but ..but you are an exception! ... I... I didn't mean like that to you! T..there's only 2 people who're an exception!"

" Eh...ah..."

( What? )

" N-Naberal-sama! What happen?"

" I- I am sorry! Adel-sama, I didn't mean it! "

Adel surprised that Naberal suddenly grabbed his shoulder.

( Whaaaat? )

Suddenly,Naberal realized again, What she was doing now was pretty rude. Touching young master's body without his permission. She's just too panic.

Naberal immediately pulled her hands back as fast as she could.

" A..Adel-sama! i.. I'm so sorry for that foolish act!.. I... I-"

" T..That's fine.. Naberal-sama... T..that's fine!.."

Naberal's heart was now pounding so fast. She didn't think that she would be very bashful like this.

(I'm so stupid! Then how i suppose to face Adel-sama again after this?!) Naberal thought.

( A simulation In Naberal's head )

" Huh? What did you just do?... You just touch my shoulder? Nabe? Did you just touch my shoulder with your filthy hands? And you're begging for my forgiveness?... You are begging forgiveness from me, Adel? Do you really think that i'll forgive you? Do you think that i'll forgive the one that enjoy beating me with your disgusting dog sister that time? Who do you think i am? Do you even have a shame? i think your mental state needs restitution. Even an insect is smarter than you"

Naberal is shaking. She has thought a ten stepped ahead what will happen to her after this. This is very rude in Pleiades's perspective. Those who do it deserves death. Naberal didn't dare to lift her face up.

( What did i just do?... He must think that i just insult his race and now touched him?... How foolish i am!...A..Adel-sama is still mad at me!..b..but i deserve it... Because it was me and lupu.. Who made him in to that situation.. )

Naber closed her eyes while still bowing Adel. She's shaking, sweating. Her head went blank.

" Ahhh- N..Naberal-sama! i..I say it's fine!... Pl..please lift your head up! " Adel immediately went panic too.

( WHOA...N..Naberal-sama is bowing?!... W..what?! Why? Why did she..? What did she do wrong?! ... I.. I just asked that out of curious!..)


(Ah.. I forgot! I'm also human too... She must thinking that i lure her to speak it out! B..but that also means she's thinking that i still mad at her and trying to take a revenge by telling what she just said to father? )

( Simulation in Adel's head )

" Damnit!.. I accidentally spoke it out!... Damnit... Now then he will tell this to Ainz-sama..and i will be in trouble! This freak... He lures me... What a pussy! How pathetic! i'll do as you please because you are son of lord Ainz, that's all! "

( nooooooooooo! I..i knew it! S-she's still mad at me!... But..but i deserve it... I punch her sister and ...and use my deadliest skill on Lupusregina-sama! ... It's usual for me to being hated...)

Those 2 still in the middle of an uncomfortable atmosphere.

( I..I must tell him that i did not hate him! ) Naberal thinks.

( I..I must tell her that i did not hate her! )

Adel thinks.

" U-Uh, N-Naberal/Adel sama!"

Surprisingly, Adel and Naberal called out each other name at the same time.


Both of them got stunned.

" uh..Naberal-sama. Seems like you have something to say to me..."

" Uh, n-not... Nothing, young master.-"

By seeing Naberal lowered her eyes to left side. Adel knows that she has something to say but didn't dare.

(... If i say this out... Would it be rude to her?... Or.. Will think that i'm challenging her? But.. If i didn't do anything.. Everyone around us will suspicious ..., No. I can't let it happen. I can't let an image of Nabe got destroyed. What ever she's cursing on me... I will make her release it out. So that an anger in Naberal-sama will got decrease a bit...)

" If you have anything to say to me, Naberal-sama. Don't afraid to go for it, be-because i noticed that you've been impatient for a while now. You know, it makes me feel uncomfortable too. So..uh, what ever you're thinking. I want to know it and i won't get angry. I promise."

" !? "

A surprise expression was shown on Naberal Gamma's face. She lifted her face up.

( Heh?... A...adel-sama...? W-why did he say that?... I..i thought he would slap his hands on my face...)

Seeing Naberal made a surprising face, Adel also astonished.

( what the... Why did she make her face like that...?.. I thought she'd be happy to release all of her hatred on me...? Oh... I see, she may be afraid if i will tell father about it.)

" Don't worry, Naberal-sama. This time i'm not going to tell anyone about things that you're keeping. This is your only chance."

( By using the word "this time" and " your only chane" I thinks it would make Naberal-sama has enough courage to release her hatred. If i tell her that she can tell it anytime, it would make she suspects on me..)

" ... "

" Naberal-sama...please.."

Naberal took a big gulp. She wiped a sweat on her face out.

( is the only chance!... This is my only chance! Adel-sama said it himself that this is my only chance! The only chance to show my intention that i did not hate him! )

" U..uh..Adel-sama..."




" Eh? " Adel was shocked.

"..." Naberal glanced her eyes away.

She told him everything in her minds. The fact that she thinks Adel hates her also being told out.

Now, Naberal gamma only waits for the results.

(...EeEeEeEEeEEEeeEeHHHhHH?! ...w...Wha- EHHhHHHhHH?! )

This is the supvert expectation. Adel is really shocked. That means he's been wrong all the time.

" N-Naberal...sama.. R...really? "

" Ye-Yes, young master..." Naberal glanced her eyes to Adel. Showing her true intention.

"... U..uh..."

" you...displease..a..anything?... I... I know that i'm Unforgivable..but.."

" E-yah... N-not like that. N..Naberal-sama... Well...actually..."





" HEeeHhH?! "

This time it was Naberal. She's shocked. What Adel had told her was also every thoughts he had. The fact that Adel thinks that Naberal deeply hates him also been told.

" A-Adel-sama! How could i-? I won't be like that! I will never hate my young master! "

Naberal seriously yells out.

" ..t..that's what I've been thinking all along..." Adel scratches his skeleton head.

" Adel-sama! You are going to deep about it! No servants could hate their masters! "

Naberal gamma changed her behavior instantly. Tension and pressure somehow being blown out of Naberal's head.

" Please consider, if something happens to Adel-sama, I must become your shields. I cannot allow any harm to come to your person! You are A descendant of Lord Ainz! And you are very kind to us! Then how do i displease you?! Adel-sama? you are too modest! "

" Hai, hai, hai- Naberal-sama... I'm sorry about that..."

" And.." Naberal gulped.

" And i'm very sorry for thinking that you're hating me. Adel-sama..."

" hey, that's fine. Actually, I'm a simple man. And i will never, Never disrespect any of you. I promise."

" A..Adel-sama..."

Naberal wiped the tears, she never thought Adel would be this kind. She thought it was impossible for her to be forgiven. After all heroic things, she's done. But now, Naberal Gamma understand. Naberal Gamma had already known that she's wrong.

" Anyway, not to disturbing or anything, Naberal-sama... But i think you must be more polite to humans, you know? Or just view them like Entoma. If they're not threatening just let them go. If you can do it, it will make Momon and Nabe being more popular than you even be."

"Adel-sama, but some of them is actually scum. Scum is scum, like that prince who came to seduce me...such disgusting. "

" Oh yeah, i did remember. What's his name?..uh... Ba- Bravolic?... No... Oh, It's Barbro, right?"

" I'm not sure,Adel-sama. I do not remember parasite's names."

" All they want is some lusty things, Naberal-sama. You have to understand that it is Human's basic. I said as I'm also human."

" human's basic!... "

" better to say that It's "One of" many Human's basic." Adel said.

"..." Naberal stares right to Adel, with a surprise face.

As that, Adel realized.

" Oh shit wait, but i'm not one of them okay!? I can control it. "

" Ah- i-i'm s-s-sorry for that..Adel-sama." Naberal startled. Seems like her mind was just went for its own. she didn't intend to.

" Good grief, hahaahahaha" Adel laughs.

Naberal Gamma smiles too. It is so rare to find her smile. And she's doing it now.

Those 2 are heading in a palace. to assemble with a conference. Luckily for Naberal, she thought this maybe a good start to build a good relationship with Adel or maybe even better. A light for Her hope of standing next to the same point as Entoma and Big sister Yuri slowly shows itself out of a hole of darkness. Her highest acheivement with Young master Adel slowly initiating today, from now. and what she doesn't notice is a gap of relationship between her and Adel starts to decreased...slowly and slowly.

Time has passed. It's been a half an hour and finally, the palace was filled with people. However, they were all aristocrat.

Inside contains a luxurious atmosphere, but on the other hand, everyone in this room. Because they were all terrified and were deeply shaking inside. The Sorcerous king, Ainz Ooal gown walks in, nothing could soothe their cold. No one makes an eye-contact with Ainz. No... It's better to say that no one "dares" to make an eye-contact with Ainz.

( Haa... I feel uncomfortable again... Look at them... They're all afraid of me..) Ainz thought.

On his left and right side, there were a long line of Ranked knights and some maids bowing for him. However, Ainz noticed since he arrived that The Nobles or even soldiers in this place got decreased. The reason may be because of the "event".

Ainz applauds that these people are very brave that can still stay here. He heard from Ainzach that Many of Nobles and knights in Re:Estize quit the business since that day Ainz summoned dark-young. Some got their mental breakdown.

" Ainzach, may i ask you question?"

" Yes, his majesty." Ainzach turned his face to Ainz.

" I admit that i'm truly surprised that they did send you to guide me. But the last time it was prince Zanac,wasn't he? Who came to welcome Albedo?" Ainz turned his face to Albedo next to him. Albedo then noded. Confirms that Ainz is correct.

" Then what happened? Just curious. The adventurers are now involve in the politic?" Ainz asked. Indeed, he want to ask Ainzach since he found him here. But he wait for the appropriate time to prevent the misunderstanding that Sorcerous leader is displeased.

" Oh, about that..."

" The king is deeply want to welcome you by himself, his majesty. But because of his body's health got worse and worse. So he couldn't go anywhere that far. Prince Zanach is on his mission about finding the missing Prince Barbro. At first they're going to send another Ranked knight to welcome you. But i assume that they had picked me because they want to make you feel more comfortable." Ainzach commented.

( Umu... Make sense..but ... The king is that worse? it's usual for him. He lost 100 thousands of soilders and his child... I felt bad for him.. a bit now... Well, It's not our business after all.)

Infront of Ainz was a big gate, and it was taller than him. Surely, behind this giant door was A Throne room of KING RAMPOSA THE THIRD.

Ainzach then stops. He turns back to Ainz.

" His majesty, My duty has ended right here. The king is behind this doors." Ainzach said.

" Umu, no problem Ainzach. The Adventurer guild's chief shouldn't involve themselves in political things any further. I understand." Ainz said.

The door opened, Ainz, Albedo and their Envoys walked in.

Glancing his eyes left and right, he found that most of the people are already here to welcome him. The knights, the adventurers, or even some of shaking nobles over there.

In front of Ainz, he was King Ramposa iii.

The king slowly stood up. If he's younger, it could be count as a rude manner. But according to many believable and obvious reasons in the fact that he's very old, it's understandable.

The king doesn't look good. On the other hand, he is very bad. Ainz can tell from here that his spirit had a fatal injured. He looks like someone who's depressing.

" Welcome, The king of Sorcerous kingdom. Lord Ainz Ooal gown...sama... I deeply apologize for not welcoming you myself."

King ramposa then bows down in front of Ainz. That made the Nobles panic. Ainz needs to stop it, because this will make Ainz looks bad.

" Do not mind, King ramposa. Please lift your head up. We are the same rank. I know that Human can age. And the more they get old, the more their body function lacks strengthen. It couldn't help." Ainz said.

( Ah... I didn't know that they are afraid of us this much! Umu... But it is also good for us. Because we've taken advantage...okay... Now.. What i should do now is..getting into the business. I don't want too much manners things. And i think they thought the same too.)

" So... Lord Ainz Ooal gown has come. Then we must start our discussion now, would it bother you? Because I'm sure that the great king like you would not prefer wasting your time. " King Ramposa says.

( that's it! )

" Umu. I agree. We also have a lot of things to do so. "

King Ramposa and his mens, Ainz, Albedo and some of Ainz great soldiers starts to follow King ramposa to the dealing's room they've prepared.

Opened inside, it was luxurious as it used to be. A big circle table in the middle of the room.

Ainz's envoys on one side, King ramposa on another.

Nobles and knights were surrounded by King ramposa. But no one dares to go to another side of the table. Not even moving.

" First, before we started. King Ramposa. I'm truly sorry for your loss." Ainz says.

Showing him that Ainz also feels sorry for the death of prince Barbro. It would make King Ramposa open up his mind a little.

" Thank you, Lord Gown-sama" the king replied with regret in his eye.

( I hope i didn't make him feel any worse...)

" Alright, now, let's start the topic"

Ainz glancing his eyes to the left side. And he found that Adel Positron Sigma and Naberal Gamma were already there those 2 are using complete invisibility and were spying Ainz.

( When did they come in?!.. So fast... ) Ainz thought.






" The war between your country and Baharuth empire has started for a long time. Hundreds of each generation sacrificing themselves in a war. And you both have a Small skirmish at the Katze Plains every year" Ainz continued,

" What i came here today is to bring you an offer. Your majesty."

Ainz saw the other side of the table is all focusing on him. It makes Ainz feel a strong pressure. However, it was not pressured from

them. But it was Ainz himself.

" Not to let Re:estize kingdom lost any more of innocent people, to end the corruption in the country and for the greater good of the kingdom. Be my ally. King ramposa. I want your country to be our vassal state."

" !? "

Ainz heard a shocking noise was coming out of their group. With King ramposa in the middle.

The king's face looks surprised and shocked not a little.

" Oh, so what father's doing is not quite different from Jesus coming down from heaven to help mankind, i assume." Adel analyzed.

" Adel-sama, i don't understand. Why did Ainz-sama wants to make a friend with this fallen country?..." Naberal asked.

" umu, i don't think I'm supposed to give my opinion rightnow Naberal-sama, BUT i think there are so many factors that we can look through." Adel said.

" First, let's starts with Father himself. Indeed, father could just send Albedo-sama- "

Suddenly, Adel accidentally saw Albedo was glancing her eyes straight at him as if he misspell something.

Adel realized. She could see and hear through their invisibility.

" I mean, mom. Father could have just sent mom to make a deal with the kingdom by herself. But the reason Father comes here by himself is to make things get quicker. But i think the main reason is to increase the pressure for the king to make a decision."

" Eh? " Naberal confused.

" Imagine, Naberal-sama. Once you've been beaten by someone who's really stronger than you. Could you really refuse him? " Adel asked.

" i couldn't." Naberal answered, by imagining of many Nazarick populations like her sister Lupusregina, Yuri Alpha, the guardians who are stronger than her.

" And this is what they're facing. This is what King ramposa is now facing. Due to the fact that father massacres their soldiers, defeats Gazeff stronoff. It's sure that they would feel afraid of us more than to be anger. However, some of them may hate to see us...extremely not like us. But what could they do? Right? So this is the great opportunity. Father coming here by himself is a very, very efficient way to make them decided quicker. When i was the Boogeyman, i have been involving in to a lot of underground's world. And i can surely said that this kingdom is already dead. More than 70% of the nobles are involving in the corruption of the country. They sell information to Baharuth's empire."

" Or in the other way, Even if Re:estize won the war, but they still have internal issues. Such as their own Nobles and Knights, Slavery, drugs and such as many. This country couldn't help anymore. All they can do is to wait for the day this kingdom to collapse."

" But then, Father jumps right in. I predict that this will be such a huge dilemma which King ramposa needs to go through."

" D-Dilemma? " Naberal confused again.

" Dilemma means a situation in which a difficult choice has to be made between two or more alternatives, especially ones that are equally undesirable." Adel explained.

" So, The king has 2 choices. First, is to join Sorcerous kingdom. Sure that the positive consequences are that Re:estize will become one with Father's ally. And will make their life easier and more relieve that they don't have to afraid that one day we will invade them. But Negative consequences always exists. Because the major objection is The Nobles. They won't accept the Undead to rule them" Adel says.

" What a foolish." Naberal cursed them again.

" Oii, Naberal-sama. Calm down, that's how things go." Adel continued

" Maybe because of something they called 'honor', i guess. If the king joins us, he would be condemned that he's a weak, uh bad king.. Or maybe worse king or something like that."

" The second choice, well, you know it. Not joining us. True that the 'honor' things still won't get destroyed. But the Kingdom is still dying in the end." Adel said.

"If he's so smart, he'll choose the first choice. But i think he will choose it. Because of Baharuth empire. These 2 countries have the same in common. A hunger of struggling. King ramposa will definitely join us because he saw that Baharuth has already in. He must think that even a country that has the same strength as them is already joining in. So they probably do the same thing to survive."

" However, Naberal-sama. Doesn't matter what will he choose. We still have a higher advantage." Adel said.

" But really, Re:estize is already belonged to us but in the secret way. Because princess renner had sold her country to Father and we have controlled all of their underground's organization. So...technically, we don't have to discuss like this. But we need to. Because it is formal and...uh, announce to every side that the Sorcerous Kingdom starts its aggressive expansion."

" So... What father will get from making an ally with them is that Sorcerous Kingdom will be a bigger country. And another thing is to fully control everything here. Because Re:estize has a lot of pretty good resources such as jewels that could help our economics grows bigger and bigger and brings the best benefits to us. And this will be a little step in Father's plan to take over the world. I think this is kill tons of birds with one stones!"

" So-so .. Ainz-sama did that because he will use them as a money bag?! "

" I think so."

" S..Sasuga Ainz-sama! Sasuga, Adel-sama! As expected of Ainz-sama's heir. You truly took a deep analysis! "

" Haha..t-thank you. Naberal-sama.."

( Please join us. I'm begging please...) Adel thought.

" And that's why i came here. Your majesty. Please consider my offer. For the best of our future generations. And that we can live happily altogether"

" And don't worry about freedom. That is what i care the most. i will let every country under my name rules themselves like Baharuth. However"

Ainz turned to Albedo. Albedo then took out a scroll.

" Any other importances are in the description written in here. please consider at it "

Albedo then walked to the King and lent it to his body guard. the body guard then lent it to the King.

" What's written in there? " Naberal asked.

" A description and Condition of being Vassal state, I guess. Some benefits dealing like what many percent will Nazarick takes from their commerce ." Adel said.

" I can wait for the answer. King ramposa. But do not take it too long. You don't have to answer me right now but if you will, it's better with writing." Ainz said.

The group of Nobles turns back to each other and whispering for about 10 minutes.

" Thank you, gown-dono. I really appreciate your offer and really grateful for your kindness. I will do it as fast as possible" King ramposa lent out his hand, Ainz also did it too. They both shake hands.

" Now, let us move on to the next topic."

As King ramposa said that, he means the final mission Ainz came here for. It's about Jaldabaoth.