Title – Hadrian Targaryen - A Snake in Lions clothing raised by Dragons

Chapter – One; The Death of Harry Potter and Birth of Hadrian Targaryen

Author – patrysia181

Beta – None

Summary – Harry Potter's reborn into Westeros' and the wheels of fate for the Targaryen family move in a completely different way. What ripples will run through Westeros now that the Targaryen's have another son?

Disclaimer – I, patrysia181, in no way own the Harry Potter or Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire characters. All these lovely characters belong to their respective owners, I am only using their characters and planning on giving them back how they were. Well, most of them anyway.

Main Characters - Rhaegar Targaryen, Harry Potter aka Hadrian Targaryen,

Couples – Aerys/Rhealla, Rhaegar/Elia,

Warnings - Incest, blood, swearing, male on male, torture, burning etc... in other words all warnings that apply to the GoT world

A/N - I have not read the GoT/ASoIaF books or even watched entire seasons of the TV series. All I have read are fics and done research on the world. If I'm wrong in any way then please politely point it out to me. I won't be offended unless you say it in a mean way. The title is tentative.

Harry Potter's end didn't come at the hands of a Dark Wizard or even during a raid gone bad on one his mission. No, at only the age of thirty-one, Harry Potter passed away in his bed, poisoned by his dear wife Ginevra Potter nee Weasley who thought that she would receive all of Harry's assets. Unfortunately for the witch, Harry's will clearly stated that all of his possessions and titles were to pass onto his godson, Theodore Lupin and that only the Potter fortune be split between his three children with them being the only ones able to access the vaults when they turned of age.

That night, as he closed his eyes for the final time, aware of what was happening but unable to fight the slow acting poison and not even bothering to try, he called forth the three fabled Deathly Hallows. The Cloak of Death appeared beneath him, wrapping securely around his shoulders, the Ressurection Stone appeared in his fist, held securely in those firm fingers and the Elder Wand appeared in his other hand. The magic of all three Deathly Hallows singing in happiness as they were finally reunited with their Master.

And just as Harry was about to breath his last breath the entity known as Death appeared at his bedside and the entire world stopped moving; the clock on the bedside table stopped ticking, the cars outside were quiet, the birds were no longer chirping. The only sounds were Harry's ragged breaths and Death's shallow ones.

"Hello, Death." The Master of Death rasped out, emerald eyes hazy in pain, a grimace on the beautiful face marring Harry's features.

"Hello Master," Death replied back, his voice monotone and just a bit cold. "I wasn't expecting to see you until you lived a full life. You accelerated the poison yourself, why?" The being was curious even though the tone of voice betrayed nothing. "With Pheonix Tears in your system they should've stopped the poison but you injected yourself with basilisk venom that accelerated the poison... why did you do that Master?"

"Ginny was poisoning me, my children rarely see me because of me always being in bed... What do I have to live for Death?" The Boy-Who-Lived questioned sadly, his eyes falling closed. "There's nothing keeping me here. I'd rather not live every day being poisoned by my wife."

"Ah, yes, Ginevra Weasley." Death let out a rattling laugh. "Tell me, Master, what would you say if I told you that as the Master of Death you could decide what fate your soul has?"

"..." Harry's eyes snapped open and he stared at the cloaked entity before him, his eyes narrowed. "What...?"

"Oh yes, as the Master of Death you get to decide what happens to your soul." Death's voice was still monotone but the underline of amusement was heard by the wizard. "I can send you on to be with your family, I can get rid of the poison in your system and return you back to life or... I can send you on to be reborn. Whether in this world or in a completely different one is up to you. I can send your soul to the past, far into the past or I can send it into the future. I can send it to be reborn on a completely different continent or a completely different world altogether. Tell me Master, how does being reborn in a world where no-one knows who you were sound to you? Where magic is wild and free but told about in Old Nan stories?"

"What's the catch?" Harry knew that accepting straight off without getting any more information would be suicide.

"The Elder Wand." Death seemed to be amused, the air around him a bit lighter than it was just mere moments before. "The Cloak and Stone will go with you if you decide to follow that path. Your memories, while dimmed, will still be there and you'll have to dig to find them but I dare say that you won't even venture into your mind to find them. You get to feel what having a mother's love feels, what it feels to be like a little brother, how it feels to be a big brother. You will be reborn into a world where wars are waged day in and day out but I doubt you'll find much trouble fitting in that type of setting."

"..." Harry sighed, his eyes closing once more. It wasn't really a hard decision to make. Truthfully, the only thing stopping him from going would be the fact that he wouldn't be able to see his family for even more years still. Yet, the thought of having a warm and loving home sounded more appealing than just laying back and dying now. "The Elder Wand for the chance at another life doesn't sound like a bad deal. My magic?"

"It will be there, just a little less than you have now." Death replied. "Good luck Master, this time I hope I will not see you until it is your time to die."

With that the entity took the Elder Wand from Harry and with a swipe of its skeletal hand, Harry felt consciousness leaving him, the last of his breath finally leaving. And, as he closed his eyes, Harry agreed. This time he would make sure to survive he was grey, wrinkly, old and unable to walk.

As Harry's eyes closed, in a completely different world, at a beautiful castle, the screams of a labouring woman were heard through the countless of corridors, hand-maidens running about the delivery room where a woman of unparalleled beauty was laying on a table, her hair clinging to her face as sweat poured down, her abdomen rippling as she clenched her hand around that of her husband's who was patiently sitting beside her, gallantly letting her break his hand.

"Push my lady!" One of the many midwives urged her lady, brown eyes cautious as she sat in front of Queen Rhaella, her hand cupping the head of a silver-haired babe, fear clenching at her heart. "One more big push my lady!" And with a loud and resounding scream, Rhaella Targaryen, the sister-wife of Aerys Targaryen and a proud mother of Rhaegar Targaryen, heaved a great push and the servant at the end of the table caught the rest of the baby, fingers quickly checking the child over.

Just as she was about to announce that Queen Rhaella had another stillborn, the babe opened his beautiful purple eyes and let out a piercing wail, hands and feet kicking out; with a breath of relief the woman stood and quickly cleaned the blood of the child before she moved around the table to hand the child to his mother.

"It's a boy my lady, a strong and healthy baby boy."

"Look Aerys." Rhaella breathed as she held the babe in her arms, purple eyes fondly watching the child that, as soon as he felt his mother's heat, curled into her arms and closed his eyes, a small, tiny fist curling into the woman's dress. "Our baby, our darling Hadrian."

"Aye." Aerys Targaryen, the King of Westeros and Lord Targaryen nodded. "Our baby boy. Hadrian Targaryen, the first of his name."

Death stood in the corner of the room and watched the new member of the Targaryen family.

"Your decision Master changed the course of the Targaryen fate." If Death had a visible face there would've been a smirk on the entities face. "Live, live your life to the fullest and lets see if you can change how the Targaryen's rule Westeros. Winter is coming after all and Westeros will need to be united together to survive it."

With one last look at its Master, Death disappeared from the room. For now, he would watch over his Master and impart knowledge on him when and if it would be needed. The being though honestly doubted that. It's Master was smart and even though during his first life it had been stalled, during this one his Master would flourish. And he couldn't wait for the ripples that his Master would make in this world.

Author End Note: This is my first attempt at a Harry Potter/Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire crossover. As stated above I never even read or watched the show, all I know is from research or other fics on here. I would accept some constructive criticism and whether you'd be happy seeing a bit more of this story.