Title – Hadrian Targaryen - A Snake in Lions clothing raised by Dragons

Chapter – Five

Author – patrysia181

Beta – None

Summary – Harry Potter's reborn into Westeros' and the wheels of fate for the Targaryen family move in a completely different way. What ripples will run through Westeros now that the Targaryen's have another son?

Disclaimer – I, patrysia181, in no way own the Harry Potter or Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire characters. All these lovely characters belong to their respective owners, I am only using their characters and planning on giving them back how they were. Well, most of them anyway.

Main Characters - Rhaegar Targaryen, Harry Potter aka Hadrian Targaryen, Rhealla Targaryen, Aerys Targaryen, Ser Arthur Dayne,

Couples – Aerys/Rhaella, Rhaegar/Elia, Hadrian/Eddard Stark

Warnings - Incest, blood, swearing, male on male, torture, burning etc... in other words all warnings that apply to the GoT world

A/N - I have not read the GoT/ASoIaF books or even watched entire seasons of the TV series. All I have read are fics and done research on the world. If I'm wrong in any way then please politely point it out to me. I won't be offended unless you say it in a mean way. My take on the characters is entirely on how I think they act. As I stated, I have not read the books or watched the TV series so if my characterization of people is wrong, feel free to point it out to me and I'll do everything to change it though I doubt I will.

Harry would never admit it out loud, for he knew that his brother would tease him relentlessly, but the moment he saw the striking form of his betrothed, Hadrian's breath had left him and he found himself dizzy. Forever he would deny that it was love at first sight, for he knew that it was not, however, the second-born son of the Stark's certainly had his interest.

He was no Brandon Stark, who was a striking Northerner himself and a perfect copy of his father, but Eddard Stark certainly had that quality to him. He held himself with the right sort of pride that a son of a Lord should and Hadrian had been enamoured from the very first moment that they had been introduced to each other. He felt his cheeks heat up with a pale flush as he locked eyes with the second-born Stark of the Winterfell Lord and his blush heated up even more when the slightly older male took his hand in his own and bent down to press a fluttering kiss to Hadrian's knuckles.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Prince Hadrian." His voice had been smooth and it flowed in such a way that Hadrian could imagine himself listening to it every day. "Many stories are heard about you throughout Winterfell but they certainly don't do you justice."

"The pleasure is all my mine Sir Eddard," Hadrian smoothly replied even though he could feel the gleaming eyes of his brother boring into the back of his head -he didn't dare turn around as he knew that Rhaegar was smirking at him; even though his brother had not been happy with the stunt their father pulled he was happy for Hadrian. "Please, just call me Hadrian, at least when not around my father. You are my betrothed and soon to be wedded husband, having you call me Prince Hadrian would be much off-putting, of that I assure you."

"Then you must call me Eddard, or Ned if you prefer, Hadrian." The second born son of Rickard Stark gifted Hadrian with a pleased smile when Hadrian's blush increased and the Prince valiantly tried to squash it down though, from the amused glint in Eddard's eyes, the child of ten-and-two knew that it was not working and instead he was probably making it worse.

"What are you doing to my nerves hmm?" Hadrian huffed even as he returned Eddard's smile with one of his own.

"Probably the same as to what you are doing to mine." The older of the two laughed softly as he straightened and held his arm out for the Prince to take, which Hadrian did gladly and let the other lead him towards the gardens with Rhaegar and their two guards keeping a vigilant eye on them but giving them enough space for a semblance of privacy.

"Tell me, Ned, is the North as beautiful as the stories make it out to be?" Hadrian enquired as he walked beside his betrothed, wanting to know as much about the man and where he was probably going to live as he could. "I have never been outside of these walls so I'd love to know." His father had kept Hadrian and Viserys, his youngest two sons, under tight lock and key ever since they have been born and neither child had been out of the walls of the Red Keep. It was stifling and more than once Hadrian dreamt of sneaking away from the keep to venture into the world beyond but he never dared for he knew that he would not survive outside of the walls on his own.

"The sights are certainly beautiful. The Sunset Sea, which is to the west..." And just like that Eddard Stark and Prince Hadrian Targaryen spent their morning hours just wandering through the royal gardens and easily chatting to each other, both ignoring their assigned guards with ease as they fell into a comfortable companionship.

Eddard talked about the North and Winterfell, telling Hadrian of the Winters that the North endured and what he had seen during his days out with his siblings and father, he told Hadrian of his dreams and talked about his siblings. Eddard told him how it had been his mothers idea to ask the King to marry the second born Stark to a Targaryen Prince. Hadrian listened enraptured as Eddard pretty much sang poetics about his home, his mind easily picturing whatever Eddard was telling him though the Second Prince knew that whatever he pictured certainly wouldn't do the actual place justice.

When Eddard finished talking Hadrian regalled the older male with his own stories, talking about his own younger sibling, telling the man how he wished that he had more but also knowing that his mother wasn't as young to be able to safely carry another child to term. He talked and talked about all the dreams he had and how he wished that he could visit all of Westeros, from Winterfell all the way up to Dorne. He told Eddard how he wished that he could learn to fight, to squire for the Prince of Dorne but how his father would never allow it. He told Eddard how he had been scared when his father told him that he was to be married off at ten-and-four to someone he did not know and how he cried himself to sleep the day he had been told. He told Eddard about the occassional errant thought of escaping the Red Keep that entered his mind when his fathers madness took a tight hold of him.

Eddard never interupted and only listened to the Princes' words, etching them into his own mind to remember the conversation for years to come. He knew that his intended wasn't telling everything, he could tell from the set of his shoulders, but he understood the need for secrecy, especially with a father like the Mad King Aerys. He listened and only held Hadrian's hand tighter when he heard the whispered words of the male who admitted to not expecting the news of his bethroral and how shocked he had been to learn that he would be marrying into the Stark family, pretty much ripped away from what he knew, at the age of ten-and-four.

As they talked neither male noticed the time that pretty much flew away from them before Rhaegar was clearing his throat behind them, startling them from the easy chatter they had fallen into after the heavier conversation had been finished.

"Sorry to interrupt but it's almost time for the dinner banquet. Eddard, your parents expect you to be presentable for the dinner. Hadrian, mother has set aside some cloths for you to wear, you are to get freshened up and meet us in the dinning hall in half an hour." The Heir to the throne smiled lightly at the two teenagers that flushed at realzing that they had been so entranced in their easy conversations that they had not realized that it had gotten late. "Come, let me walk you back to your chambers little brother."

"I had fun Ned." Hadrian smiled softly at the second born Stark who returned the smile with one of his own. "I'll meet you at the dinner then."

"May I escort you to your seat when you arrive?" The male questioned as he looked down at the ten-and-two Prince who positvely beamed at the suggestion.

"Certainly." Hadrian replied in the affermative before he followed after his brother who decided to wait until they were within the halls of the castle before Rhaegar's arm was around his shoulder and pulling him close, letting Hadrian curl into his side for the few short minutes they had to walk to Hadrian's chambers.

"Did you really have fun with Eddard Stark?" Rhaegar questioned the younger male.

"I did." Hadrian answered easily. "I really did. I like him, he's fun and quite intelligent as well." The Prince of ten-and-two smiled up at his brother who just leant down to press a soft kiss to his forehead.

"I'm glad, off you go then, get ready and your intented will be waiting for you at the doors to the hall. You better shock him little brother." Rhaegar grinned at the child who beamed back.

"You bet I will!" Hadrian detangled himself from Rhaegar's side and disappeared into his rooms, shooing out the servents that were finishing setting out his clothes. He certainly will shock Eddard, after all what a better way to shock a Stark then by proudly wearing their colors and their emblem?

Dinner would certainly be a lively affair, of that Hadrian had no doubt.

As long as his father did not start spounting inane things everything would turn out alright.

What Hadrian didn't know was that during the dinner affair his Father planned on informing him that he was being sent to the Vale with Eddard, where the younger Stark was being fostered, only having left due to the meeting with the King and the family.

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