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Chapter 1:

Cece's POV:

"I can't believe you didn't tell me!" I exclaim feeling a bit hurt. Why didn't she tell me? We tell each other everything. I try to think of what to say as I pace around a bit before I voice my thoughts, "why didn't you tell me you kissed, Logan?" I mean yeah I don't like the guy but she's my best friend. She should've at least told me.

"I know," She sighs as I hear the guilt in her voice, "I'm really sorry," She apologizes as a bit of shame slips in.

"Well, looks like we're even then," I find myself saying. Whoa, Cecilia Jones, where are you going with this? I watch Rocky's expression change from guilty and ashamed to puzzled.

"What are you talking about?" Rocky questions her eyebrows furrowing together as she and everyone's attention is drawn to me. Oh no, seriously, what have you started? Seriously, stop speaking before you-

"I kissed your brother too," I drawl out without thinking as I hear myself emphasizing every word. What have you done?! I hear gasps and whispers in the audience as I watch Rocky's expression change once again. I can't bring myself to look at Ty who is directly behind us.

"What?!" She exclaims as I mentally cringe at her tone, "You kissed Ty?! When?!" She starts ranting. Don't say anything you'll regret later, Cece.

"Right now.." I blurt out once again without thinking as I march over to Ty. I find myself gripping his shirt pulling him towards me. I feel my eyes close and a pair of soft but full lips against mine. I feel a tingle shoot through my body. Whoa, this feels-ahh Cece what are you doing?!

I pull myself away from him as I can't believe I just did that. Why did I do that?! I turn to face Rocky and the rest of the audience to avoid seeing Ty's. Everyone's faces are frozen with shock at what I just did. I feel panic rising in my tummy as my legs start leading my up the aisle and out the door as quick as I can. The voices of my mom and them being drowned out as I wind up on the sidewalk.

I walk a few steps down the sidewalk to the bus stop leaning against the green post. I keep my head down ashamed of what I had done as I think of what Ty's face might've looked like and feel guilt welling up inside me as I feel as though I can't breathe. I feel my hand go to my lips as they are still tingling from her lips on Ty's. Wow, that was- Completely inappropriate! It's so wrong, Cece! He's practically like your brother. Doesn't look or act like my brother? I find myself start to giggle, Whoa, no, this can not happen! Once the bus arrives, I hop on the bus, pay the fare then sit in a seat at the back of the bus.

Ty's POV:

I was talking to Deuce and Flynn barely hearing Rocky and Cece's quarrel as I try to ignore the guilt of me not telling Cece about Logan and Rocky when I felt my shirt be yanked. I was spun around and a pair of soft, plump lips were against mine. A tingling sensation filled my body at the touch of her lips against mine. Wow, this feels ama-before I can finish my thought the lips were off me and my eyes saw a flash of fiery, red hair. Wait, did Cece just kiss me?! My sister's best friend?! And you liked-whoa! No, it is just the shock of the kiss.

I watch Cece as she doesn't look at me but the rest of the audience as their faces are frozen in shock as well as mine before I watch Cece's red hair bouncing as she runs out the chapel. I go to call for her but my voice gets meshed with a bunch of others and mine gets drowned out.

"I'll go see where Cece went," Georgia informs as she to sprints up the aisle in her wedding dress. I turn to look at Rocky and see she is still in shock then to Deuce who is giving me a thumbs up but is clearly confused as well. I look down at Flynn who is standing there with a grossed out look on his face. There is an awkward silence over the audience as the rest of the guests stand up to leave.

"Vell, that vas an interesting vedding," Tinka pipes up breaking the silence and Rocky out of her trance.

"What just happened?" I find myself asking as I can't quite comprehend fully what just happened.

"Well, my dude, Cece, your little sister's best friend, just kissed you," Deuce states as everyone glares at him.

"Yes, ve all vitnessed that," Tinka retorts rolling her eyes as he shrugs.

"He asked didn't he," Deuce tries to defend himself.

"It was meant rhetorically," I inform as I feel my lips buzz from the kiss. I resist the urge to touch my lip so I cover it up by pretending to rub my chin.

"I can't believe she kissed you! I can't believe you let her kiss you," Rocky shouts at him finally breaking out of her shock coma. Ty looks at her in disbelief and crosses his arms over his chest.

"You are joking, right? You kissed Logan. You have no room to talk, sis." Ty points out. Rocky groans in frustration and collapses into a chair.

"I'm sorry. I just can't believe that happened," Rocky sighs as she stares at the floor. Ty slumps in a chair next to her.

"It is pretty shocking for all of us, Rocks," I state as I still feel the tingle of that kiss. What is wrong with me?! Georgia comes running back into the chapel looking worried and out of breath.

"I can't find her anywhere. I looked everywhere," She reports as Rocky stands walking over to her placing a hand on Georgia's shoulder.

"Did you try calling her?" Rocky asks as we all watch Georgia.

"I called her six times and they all went straight to voicemail," Georgia replies as I see the worry rising more.

"Don't worry, Ms. Jones. I'm sure Cece is okay. She probably just went home," I try to reassure her standing up as well. Georgia nods trying to calm herself down.

"You're probably right, Ty. I think all of us should probably head home now," Georgia says as we all nod in agreeance as we all grab our things, "Rocky, Ty, do you want me to drive you guys to the apartment?" She inquires holding her keys in her hands.

"No, thank you, Ms. Jones, I have my car and I'll just take Rocky with me," I decline her offer. I'm pretty sure right now I am the last person Cece would want to see. I sigh as I grab my keys. Rocky reluctantly picks up her bags and follows me out the chapel. I can feel Rocky wanting to ask me something but she seems worried to ask it, "what's on your mind, Rocky?" I question her as I slide into the driver's side seat as Rocky slides into the other one.

"When Cece kissed you, you didn't kiss her back," She started as I mentally facepalm I should have-NOT! Reality check, Cece is your sister's best friend! I snap out of my thoughts as she continues, "did you want to kiss her back?" I feel my heart twinge at the thought. Ye-

"No, of course not, Rocky. I only like her as a friend," I reply as she nods seeming to believe me. Why should she not believe you? You don't like Cece. It'd be so wrong! I shake my head as I buckle my seat belt and start the car heading back to the apartment.

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