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Cece's POV:

At the Jones's apartment:

It has been three days since the incident. I have not spoken to anyone that was at my mom's wedding since then. I spent all weekend binge-watching re-runs of "Shake It Up!" Today is, unfortunately, a school day. I skipped Monday and Tuesday classes already so I can't skip another day. I am seriously not mentally prepared to deal with my peers, especially Rocky and Ty. I messed up so bad at my mom's wedding. I just wish I could go back and take back what happened.

A knock sounds on my door breaking my train of thought.

"Cece," my mom calls from outside the door, "are you awake?"

"Yeah, mom, I'm awake," I reply.

"Can I come in, please?" She asks.

"I suppose so," I agree.

The door opens slowly as my mom walks in and sits on the edge of my bed.

"How are you feeling today, honey?" My mom inquires. Awful.

"I'm fine, mom. I am feeling better," I say trying to act as if nothing is bothering me.

"Do you feel up to going to school today?" She questions.

"I guess so," I respond a shrug in my shoulders.

"Alright, well, I pulled out your favorite cereal," my mom informs me, "I have an all-day shift tonight. Will you, please, pick up Flynn after school?"

"Of course, mom," I state.

She smiles kissing my forehead before standing up and walking out of my room.

Throwing my covers off me, I take a deep breath before sitting up to look around my room. I swing my legs over to the side of my bed before my feet make contact with a plush rug as I stand up. I walk over to my closet to find an outfit to wear. I just want to wear something that keeps everyone's attention off me. I hum as I pull out a loose blue hoodie and a pair of light blue jeans. I quickly get dressed and slip on my black tennis shoes. I check my appearance in the mirror. Perfect, I will be able to blend into the crowd with this!

I walk out my bedroom door to the kitchen and grab a lime green bowl to pour my cereal into then grab some almond milk to pour over it. I place the bowl on the table before sitting down and begin to eat.

bzz bzz

I slip my phone out of the pocket of my hoodie to see who was texting me.

1 new text message from Rocks

I sigh as I hide the text before slipping my phone back into my pocket. Finishing my cereal, I place my bowl in the sink before I grab my messenger bag off the couch then my keys in the ashtray next to the door. Goodbye, safety of my home..

At John Hughes High:

The familiar sounds of peers chattering, papers fluttering and screechy lockers hit me as I walk in the entrance of John Hughes. I make my way through the sea of students trying to make it to their destinations. I make it to my locker without causing any attention to myself and put in my locker combination. I shove in my bag and take out my book on "Romeo and Juliet," and my "Concepts of Literary Works" book. I close my locker and lock it before I slowly make my way to my first class of the day.

I catch a glimpse of Deuce, Dina, and Tinka talking at Dina's locker. By the expression of Deuce's face, he is having a difficult time explaining something to Tinka. Dina appears to be trying to soothe Deuce as best she can. Tinka just looks confused. I giggle in my head as I keep walking to my class.

"Hey, Cece, wait up!" Deuce calls out. I turn my head to look over my shoulder to see him running to catch up with me. I reluctantly slow down my pace and wait for him.

"What do you want, Deuce?" I ask him positioning my books in my hands to act as a shield to keep my distance.

"I just wanted to see if you were okay," Deuce states a small, bashful smile paints itself across his face.

I feel a pang of guilt in my chest because I was being quite cold to him.

"I'm fine," I say as I keep myself guarded.

"I haven't seen you all weekend or the last two days," He said watching me, "I just wanted to make sure you were alright. I was worried about you."

I fight back a smile trying to break through, "oh, yeah, I'm fine. I was sick yesterday and the day before."

"Oh, well, I'm glad you are feeling better then, Cece," He replies.

I nod as I start to try to continue my walk to class.

"So, what did you do this weekend?" He asks.

I internally groan before replying, "Listen, Deuce, I'm having a really bad day, I would really rather not have a conversation right now, okay?"

"Oh, okay, I'm sorry," His shoulders slump as his head starts dropping, "I guess, I will see you later."

I feel more guilt rising as he walks away.

Why did you do that, Cece? He just wanted to make sure you were okay. You just treated him like trash.

I slip into my seat at the back of the classroom to stay out of anyone's vision before I look down at my book to pretend to be busy so no one will talk to me or see me.

"I'm telling you, Cece, is acting very off today," Tinka's thick accent breaks into the room.

"What happened?" Rocky's concerned voice piped up.

"She vwas quite cold to Deuce today," Tinka answered.

I felt that pang once more as I listened in but pretended to still be into my book.

"I mean, sometimes, she does come off headstrong," Rocky suggested but seemed to be defending me.

"This vwas different," Tinka states, "it was like she vwas distancing herself or something."

"Well, she didn't answer my text this morning or any of my texts over the weekend," Rocky hummed in thought.

"Do you think she still feels vweird thing vwith Ty?" Tinka questions.

There was silence in the room after that. I briefly glanced over through my hair to look at their expressions but I noticed they were looking in my direction. I focused back on my book to pretend to read it again.

"Cece, I know you are not really reading that book," Rocky informs as I feel her presence near me. Man, I was not ready for confrontation yet, especially not this early.

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