Angela's body turned over once again, her limbs already sprawling out in search of comfort in this bed she often shared with another, burying her head into her pillow as she continued to seek out the deepest of sleeps that so eluded her. Her legs had twisted in about as many directions as her lightly blonde hair had spread out through the night, her arms clutching her pillow tightly as she slowly began to succumb to sleep once again, though it was anything but deep.

She had been in a relationship for a year now, and given the nature of both of their work, Angela was in a constant state of flux when it came to bedtime. Sometimes she could spend every night of a week wrapped up within the arms of her beloved, or the other way around if Fareeha was feeling particularly in need of Angela's touch, but those nights were often flanked by long nights at the 'office' on Fareeha's part, leaving Angela to toss and turn fruitlessly as she did her best to comfort herself in her lover's absence.

With both end of the spectrum constantly reversing, she could never truly adjust to sleeping without that body of soft warmth beside her, though it was an issue she certainly wouldn't ever bring up- she'd been so immensely independent before having met Fareeha, and she would have been damned to have this woman know she'd taken that staunch, lone wolf of a woman and turned her into a needy child…even if she knew Fareeha would have loved every second of it.

She suddenly heard the door close, rousing her from the light sleep that she'd fallen into, followed by the unmistakable sound of clothing hitting the floor alongside the tell-tale groan of Fareeha, a groan that so fully encompassed the rough day the soldier had endured. She tiredly entered the bedroom, her body wavering as she did so as if her legs would give at any second, though she just barely managed to work her sweat pants on before sitting on the edge of the bed, rubbing her face ashamedly.

"Late," was all Angela would say, that single syllable still managing to be a jumble of sound in her tire.

Equally tired, Fareeha replied with her own tired, "Sorry."

She reached around in the darkness for a shirt to sleep in, though Angela merely reached over to tug at the waistband of her sweatpants, pulling against her lover's waist as she mumbled, "This is your punishment. Shirt off."

Fareeha's lips coiled in dismay, her anchored eyes turning toward the mass of blonde hair from which that niveous arm had emanated, "Really?"

Angela murmured, "You left me so cold. on our anniversary night no less. Now you might as well make me warm."

Shivering at the thought of Angela's cold body touching her back, Fareeha sighed defeatedly, leaning back onto the bed and lifting her heavy legs up onto the bed, pulling the blankets aside, "Sorry. I know how important this weekend is; I was just trying to get everything done so there'd be no interruptions."

"I had dinner prepared, candles," Angela mumbled sleepily, not having caught her lover's explanation, tiredly pushing herself against Fareeha's back and wrapping her arms around the soldier's nicely-toned stomach.

"S-Sorry," Fareeha cringed, the hair on her skin rising in shock, though it gradually began to subside as Angela's body began to warm alongside hers.

Angela dug her face into the crease between Fareeha's back and the mattress, well ready for such comfort to accompany her to sleep, "I even made your cookies."

Fareeha's heavy eyes quickly arose, her head turning over her shoulder, "Cookies? Like, the ones with double chocolate chips?"

Sighing, Angela went on, "I suppose I'm not worthy of-"

She felt Fareeha gently attempt to push her way out of bed in search of the majestic pastries, forcing her to pause and mutter, "There's one in your night-cubby, dear."

Her body frozen in surprise, Fareeha turned back over her shoulder as she settled back into bed. Her hand reached out toward her nightstand, reaching into a small cubbyhole that sat beneath its top, sure enough finding the sudden object of her desire there as she mused quietly to her significant other.

"You are the perfect woman," Fareeha concluded, sleepily beginning to nibble at her cookie.

Angela nodded, forcing her face against her soldier's back to emphasis her movement, "I know, I know. You don't deserve me, and you're so in love, and I'm your Swiss roll. and, no, I'm not at all thrilled with that last one."

Fareeha couldn't help but cock a grin at the pet name, quickly working her way through her treat as sleep began to flood her eyes. She rubbed her hand along the side of the bed upon finishing, pulling the blanket up over her shoulders before her hand rested atop Angela's, the doctor allowing her grip to open up so that their fingers could entwine along Fareeha's stomach.

"I thought you weren't looking forward to this weekend," Angela managed, sleep overtaking her as well thanks to the gentle warmth against her.

"It's important to you," Fareeha confirmed, "So it's important to me. I mean, I'm not thrilled with seeing my mother. I'm surprised you're so on-board with such a thing."

Angela groaned lightly, "It's a small price to pay. After meeting my parents, I'm sure you'll see your own mother as nothing less than an angel."

Grinning amusedly, Fareeha replied, "C'mon, they can't be that bad. I'll just turn up my wily charms and win 'em over like I do everybody else- nobody can turn that down. Besides, my charm won you over, ri-"

A sudden, gentle sort of snore broke through the air from behind her, leaving Fareeha smiling as she ignored the rest of her reply, simply shutting her eyes and joining her lover in sleep.

And as night continued along, Angela didn't move an inch.

Angela's eyes began to shudder beneath the gentle sunlight peeking in through the crack in the curtains, the window not nearly enough obscured by the black and white chevron pattern that was woven into the thick fabric. She lazily yanked the blanket up and over her head, leaving only her hair unobscured as it weaved its own wild path atop the mattress, her legs pulling up toward her torso to help keep her warm. She grumbled to herself in a kind of grumpy revolt against the impending daytime, though her mind quickly shifted gears as a particularly succulent aroma came upon her, Angela's eyes gradually growing into tiny slits as she stared into the darkness of blankets, trying to ascertain what was going on.

She was left alone in this bed she shared with her beloved, leaving her to suspect that Fareeha had gotten up to prepare breakfast for the two, the only reason that this was a mere suspicion being that, on at least two occasions now, Ms. Lena Oxton had invited herself over, in the middle of the night, to present her own Anglo-centric breakfast faire to the two. Thankfully, all signs pointed to Fareeha being the only culinary artist in the apartment this morning, which meant that Angela would be feasting on only her favorites for breakfast, rather than black pudding, or whatever "bubble and squeak" was.

Soon enough, the aroma was accompanied by the violent clanking of dishes or silverware being left in the sink- a sort of porcelain contact that began sharply loud before being lulled into place, as though Fareeha was being careful not to make enough noise to wake her lover. Angela knew that, for whatever reason, Fareeha enjoyed sneaking back into bed with a plateful of food, only to dangle a slab of bacon or whatever else in front of Angela's nose to wake her. She often pretended to remain asleep simply to amuse this woman, though on this morning, left in a messy enough reverie, Angela merely started her day, pushing the blankets down her body before stretching out her limbs, letting loose a bestial kind of yawn into the air.

"Wow," Fareeha's voice appeared as she mused, standing in the doorway with her thumb holding a saucer in her hand, a mug in the other, her lips curled up in amusement, "So much for that honeymoon period, huh?"

Angela growled lightly as she relaxed her body, sending the bottom of her hands up to her eyes to massage them, "Oh hush. The things I've seen you do…"

"Oh, I'm so scared," Fareeha smirked, walking over toward her side of the bed and placing her dishes atop her nightstand, "The doctor who's seen the most comprehensive collections of my medical history knows unflattering things about me."

Angela's eyes rolled as she propped herself back against the headboard, sliding out from beneath the blankets, "You know, you used to lock yourself in the bathroom just to clip your nails. Now you'll be sitting in the living watching some Greek soap opera, snip, snip."

Fareeha sighed, rolling back into bed, stuffing her legs back beneath the covers and turning toward Angela with a haughty air as she raised her head regally, "Maybe I'm just so much more comfortable around the woman I love than I used to be."

With a droll frown as though having been disarmed, Angela simply crossed her arms, replying, "That may be."

"Besides," Fareeha grinned, "What happened to you whipping out a pencil and digging out the bathtub drain as if your hair was going to emerge and strangle me? Miss Honeymoon right here.

Angela sighed, turning away childishly, "Okay, okay. Maybe we're both a bit less strict when it comes to that stuff."

Fareeha muttered with a mushy voice, "Because we're in loooooove~"

Her lover couldn't help but crack a smirk, allowing Fareeha to reach over to her saucer and bring it over toward her, "Now get over here; I didn't make you breakfast in bed for nothing. I'm gonna have you right beside me while were eating."

Angela obeyed, scooting over as she eyed the delectable stack of bacon, sausage, and scrambled eggs, her eyes setting glisteningly upon the stack of puffy yellow and white egg, "Mmm hmm."

"Ah, yes," Fareeha nodded, "I did make sure to add some milk to get 'em extra smooth for you. It's all the least I could do, seeing as how I missed dinner last night."

Angela released a gentle smile as she leaned her shoulder against her lover's sturdy frame, "Well, you made it home."

"Without any homework at that," Fareeha nodded proudly, holding a sausage link over for Angela to take a bite of, "Unless some revolt occurs somewhere or whatever, I am yours to command, my dear. I would go to the ends of the Earth, if need be."


"Or to our family's homes," Fareeha muttered, deflatedly.

Angela sighed, "Believe me, I'd like nothing more than to have you here on our days off, curled up with you, finding out just how comfortable we could be together. But if we get this over with, then that leaves us in the clear for another few months or so. My parents are very excited to meet you, after all."

"Oh, really?" Fareeha muttered, drolly, turning unenthused eyes toward Angela, "Are they still under the impression that your partner will be giving them grandchildren? Because that's a stunt I'll have a difficult time performing."

"Okay, so I haven't told them you're a woman, but you know, if they meet you first, they won't have an-"

Fareeha's eyes remained as blank as before, leaving Angela to sigh, "Okay, they'll still have a cow. But you know; I somehow won your mother over, so I'm sure that is a stunt you can pull off."

Angela reached her head up to give Fareeha a gentle peck on her neck, her lips leaving her with just a hint of sucking release, "Besides, it's not for lack of trying that you can't perform that stunt."

"Uh, I'm eating here," Fareeha noted.

"Yeah you are," Angela smirked mischievously.

Fareeha sighed as she continued to eat, her own pair of rolling eyes causing Angela to laugh mutely to herself, reaching over for another bit of food, "At least we have until tomorrow to enjoy ourselves. You won't be able to miss tonight's dinner."

Her lips turning in dissatisfaction, Fareeha spoke up, "You're not too upset about me missing last night?"

"One, I already told you; I never wanted to be that girl," Angela frowned, huffing as if to a specter that haunted her, "Second, I know how busy you are, especially in this case of trying so hard to keep your days clear for me."

She turned up to Fareeha, reaching the last bit of sausage in her hand up toward her mouth, with she dutifully accepted as Angela went on, "Besides, that's not even what really important. You fought like hell to make it back into this bed we share when you could have ended up anywhere else."

Fareeha turned toward her, curiously, "Is that supposed to be a symbol for this relationship? Because, I'll have you know, I fought like hell to get you into-"

Her face burst open in realization, leaving Angela to grin once again in rather sinister intent as Fareeha shook her head, "Yeah, I didn't get much sleep last night."

"We'll just do a round two of last night," Angela shrugged, "And I expect you to be in your Sunday best, Ms. Amari. None of this shabby stuff you just throw on for around the house."

She reached over toward Fareeha's simple sleep shirt, rubbing the wrinkles out of it as her hand slowed atop her stomach, eventually coming to a stop there. Fareeha watched plainly enough until her eyes began to fall, sadly, figuring out easily enough what was aiming her lover's mind. She placed the saucer down, reaching over to wrap her hand around Angela's, keeping them both placed against her stomach, just above the dark streaks that still stained her tanned skin.

"You fought like hell to keep me alive," Fareeha reminded, smiling sincerely, "Any other woman watching over me, I'd have been dead."

Angela frowned, "Most other women wouldn't have allowed you into that position."

She sighed, carefully pulling the cotton fabric up toward Fareeha's chest, revealing the balmy, tan skin that Angela had grown to adore so much, though as the shirt revealed more, that same color of skin grew into various streaks of black, scraggily lines. The doctor pulled her hand back down to allow her fingers to trace those lines, the same lines where her scalpel had traced just the same that horrific night.

"I'd like my parents to meet my hero," Angela whispered in a light sort of distance.

Fareeha frowned, knowing she couldn't even dream to revoke much of anything after such a declaration, reaching an arm around Angela's shoulders to pull her into her side, her head bending down to allow her lips to gently kiss at her lover's scalp.

"I guess I kind of like being your hero," Fareeha muttered glibly, "I'm gonna have to whip out some heroics to win your mother over if she's so up on you having kids."

Angela shrugged, "It's really not that big of a deal to her. She's just reminded me every birthday about how late it's getting for me, and every time she sees my cousin's kids, she feels the need to send me pictures with "hashtag cousin grandkids"- and I mean that literally, "h-a-s-h-t-a-g"; she doesn't even get it. And she already has names decided."

"Names?" Fareeha wondered, curiously.

Groaning, Angela explained, "She's expecting me to shove, at least, four human bodies out of my womb- Mia, Fiona, Bastian, and Marco. Yes, she even has the sexes decided."

Her face still buried within Angela's hair, Fareeha's eyes peered over toward the blank wall of their bedroom, a look of worry glazing over them as she admitted, "Okay, you're not doing much to alleviate my fears."

"You'll be just fine," Angela happily contended, turning her head up to see her lover's face, "Just remember your own mother."

Fareeha groaned, allowing her head to fall back into the headboard, "Don't remind me."

Angela let loose with something of a giggle as she slowly rolled away, returning to her side of the bed and reaching out for her phone beside her bed, pulling it up to her eyes as her finger flipped along its screen. Fareeha watched her laying there, so oblivious to much else but her phone and the warmth the two of them shared beneath the blankets. She could help but run her eyes down her contorted body, from her legs which hadn't fully followed her torso to the side of the bed to her hair, which flowed behind as though not wanting to leave her side, save for the stray strands that poked and curled out in every which way.

"Zero appointments have come up," Angela recited as she ran through her calendar, turning her head over her shoulder, "You're quite lucky as well, my dear."

Fareeha cracked a grin as she started working her own way out from their bed, "Something might come up, you never know."

"Hmm," Angela mused, "You never know."