The clanging of the train wheels along the tracks kept Fareeha company as she stared at the window, a contented smile upon her as she imagined staring back at the scene she was involved in from some disembodied state. She saw herself sitting in the window seat of the comfortable two-person aisle, legs stretched out straight, one atop the other, as she sat on the green cushions of her seat, her arm wrapped around the beautiful woman sitting beside her, or rather, laying against her side, leaving Fareeha the chance to twist her hand upward, curling this woman's hair in her fingers lazily as she watched the passing European landscape. Angela had fallen asleep, her head resting gently against her sturdy partner's shoulder, this simple action causing Fareeha a great deal of enjoyment, given their 'bet' the night before.

She reached for her glass of water, taking a sip as the clanking of ice accompanied the rolling beneath her, finding that she did enjoy such a comfortably slow sort of travel on occasion, foregoing the non-stop lifestyle she'd had to endure within Overwatch. It was so often a stressful existence, made bearable if only due to Angela's ability to slow her down, be it with a prolonged afternoon chat in the doctor's office, or the occasional picnic "just because". Fareeha wondered what might have compelled Angela to enjoy such a life, finally coming to it possibly being due to how many years she spent traveling a rather meaningless existence of her own, at least in Angela's mind.

Fareeha turned her head to peek at the sleeping beauty's face just beside her head, chuckling to herself quietly as the uneven tracks occasionally sent her still body rumbling atop of her, only remaining upright thanks to Fareeha's arm keeping her close.

"Told you, you didn't have the stamina," she spoke quietly, giving her a quick kiss from grinning lips.

She returned to the whirring landscape out the window, going on playing with the tuft of blonde hair in her fingers as the world passed the two of them by in the pleasant rhythm of churning wheels. Lost in this reverie, Fareeha's pocket began to vibrate, her head absently turning to watch her hand pull out her phone, a paleness covering her face as she saw her mother's face there, just out of focus a hand obscuring part of the picture- she hadn't wanted her picture taken, and after a mad scramble to retrieve her daughter's phone, Fareeha had agreed to delete the photo im front of her mother, not bothering to explain the intricacies of automatic uploading to cloud storage.

She allowed it to vibrate for a time, knowing that the calls would not cease until she answered, though she weighed the option in her head nonetheless, sulkingly bringing her phone closer to her face as she answered, whispering so as not to disturb her partner.


"FaREEha AMAri!"

She instinctively dropped her phone in the shock of the volume, her ear ringing as her face grimaced painfully, reaching into her lap to recover her phone, angrily retorting in a quiet manner, "What the heck, mom?!"

"-and you know I'm not keen on such things! Honestly, child, have you any idea just how worried I was? I was about ready to stab a rifle to my back and come find you in some den of depravity somewhere, for all I knew-"

Fareeha pulled her hand away as her mother continued, resting it against her shoulder as she took a sigh, lowering her head regretfully, though knowing it had to be done; not just this phone call, but the trip itself. She eyed the sleeping passenger beside her, ultimately questioning how Angela could love her when she had set up such a weekend, though she figured her curiosity over the Ziegler's was worth the pain of returning home to her mother.

Hearing her mother's gradually winded voice, Fareeha returned to the phone, battling for attention now that her mother had wasted most of her ground forces in one fell swoop, allowing Fareeha the chance to outflank her, "So how's Wilhelm?"

"Don't change the subject, tifl," her mother countered, still with reserve troops to return her daughter's advance, even referring to her daughter as a child in her dismay, "You were supposed to be here three days ago, and not a single word to your mother!"

Fareeha sighed, "Sorry, we just decided to take a train is all; it is our vacation as well, you know."

"A little warning would have been kind," her mother groaned, "You do know there's only a ghost out there, hell-bent on killing every member of Overwatch he can get his hands on!"

"Yeah, and he failed to kill me."

A silence was the only response to this, almost making Fareeha regret shed said that, though gradually enough, life returned to her mother as she went on, "Just make it here safe. I suppose we'll still have five days to be together."

Like the train had collided with a car which Fareeha was an occupant, her mind shattered in that instant, eyes shooting wide in realization: nobody had told her mother that they weren't staying the entire trip.

"I even had a trip booked for all of us when Wilhelm gets back for Germany," Ana continued, oblivious to her daughter's horror, "Even that doctor of yours should enjoy it."


"I know her name," Ana retorted, annoyed, "Just keep your eye open."

Fareeha nodded, unable to reply or realize such a thing was useless, merely keeping her mother waiting on the other end of the call. Finally, her mother went on, impatiently.


"We're only staying the day and then going to see Angela's family; loveyoubye!"

And with that, she slammed her thumb against her phone, hanging up and groaning painfully, rubbing her hand atop her face. Her outburst seemed to slightly rouse Angela, who began moving lazily in her seat, turning her head against her lover's shoulder, earning a disheartened frown from Fareeha.

"Mmmhow far along are we?" Angela asked drearily, reaching over to clutch Fareeha's arm to help steady herself.

Fareeha sighed, "Somewhere along Romania- look, can you tell me why my mom didn't get the full itinerary? She has, like, legitimate plans for us!"

Angela's head turned up toward her, her sparkling eyes from the sunlight outside contrasting the dismayed look on her face, "Fareeha. If I had a Swis franc for every time I called your mother for anything but business, I might be able to buy a hamburger. and I don't mean like some artisan thing from a chophouse- I mean like one of those you find in a gas station freezer or something."

Fareeha rolled her thumb and forefinger along her eyes, seething painfully, "I just had to tell her. I figured it was best to give her time to, I don't know, cool down or something."

"or ruminate."

"Look, I don't need that from somebody who won't even tell her parents that her girlfriend is really her girlfriend, okay?"

Angela gave her a droll stare, wholly unhappy with such a statement, though she gradually allowed a sigh, sitting up and crossing her arms, "You're right; that's not fair to you, at least not when you're actually wanting to meet them."

Hearing such a thing from her lover, Fareeha's head fell back against her chair, groaning, "Sorry. I didn't mean to be so harsh. All this parent stuff; all it wants to do is to tear us apart."

"No kidding," Angela agreed, mutely, raising her shoulders dramatically, "It's just for a few days, then we're free for a good year or two."

Fareeha's phone began to rumble again, her face dropping as she saw the same frenzied picture of her mother, merely dropping her arm back down without answering. Angela peered over, unable to notice who it had been herself, though inferred enough as the vibrating continued.

"I'm surprised she took this much time to rehearse her yelling," Fareeha muttered, "She usually calls back immediately after I hang up on her, even if to just excoriate me for doing so, even during an assignment. I hope the news didn't shock her too much."

"If you want to extend our time with Ana, at least I can handle that," Angela complained, "With my parents, I sort of revert to childhood and can't exactly argue anything."

Fareeha sighed, "No, no; we agreed to stay. Besides, Switzerland is far more enjoyable this time of year. Mother just needs to loosen the reins a bit- you do realize most of her animosity towards you stems from jealously."

"Jealousy, pfft," Angela scoffed, crossing her arms as she leaned back into the nook between Fareeha and her seat, making herself comfortable, "More like nothing more than a deep-seated lust for blood thwarted only by the moral objections of a Swiss doctor who understands the value of life itself."

Fareeha paused for just a moment, the trailing of her voice indicating her thoughtfulness, "…okay, maybe there's some of that in there too, but you know, at least she's come to somewhat understand that you value her daughter's life."

Angela closed her eyes, "At least she wasn't expecting anything to begin with in the way of you having her grandchildren."

"Oh god," Fareeha immediately expressed, dramatically, "I don't think she even wants another child running around. I'm not entirely sure she even wanted me to begin with."

Angela opened an eye at that, turning up toward whatever she could see of her companion. She felt a pang of worry, though Fareeha seemed to go on as though it hadn't much affected her, pulling her phone out and scrolling around, leaving Angela to frown sadly at the thought. She recalled the story shed been told of when Fareeha had first been brought to Overwatch HQ as a child, leaving the back rooms boiling with rumors of who the father must have been, though Ana would never spoke of such a thing.

As long as it didn't affect Fareeha, Angela figured, she would tuck those words in the back of her mind, unsure of how to reply to such a thing. She merely closed her eyes once again, her saddened expression only leaving her as sleep over took her body, accompanied by the warmth of her lover beside her.