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Italics: Thoughts Ex. Why is this happening?!

Underlined: Spells Ex. Requip, Lionheart!

It had been both an amazing week for Lucy, and a horrible one. She'd joined Fairy Tail, the most amazing guild in all Fiore. Unfortunately, they were all crazy. She'd been kidnapped by a horny Vulcan, frozen on top of a mountain, tricked into dressing up as a maid, almost killed several times, and now she was having no luck getting a pink-haired Dragon Slayer to board a train.

After Gray had met up with them and they'd dealt with the dark wizards who'd tried to eat Happy, she'd suggested they get on a train rather than walk to Magnolia. That way they could get there before the mysterious Erza, who seemed to terrify her fellow wizards. But Natsu wasn't going along with it.

"No way I'm getting on that death trap!" he said, planting his feet firmly on the ground while Gray, Lucy and Happy all pulled him forward as best they could.

Irritated, Gray yelled at his rival. "Too bad, ya pyro! If we're not back when Erza arrives at the guildhall, you know she's gonna be mad. What would you prefer, a train ride or Erza angry?" The pinkette paled and dashed toward the train, making Lucy shiver. If Natsu had picked the train despite his extreme case of motion sickness, just how scary was this Erza person?

As she began moving towards the train, a young man with blonde hair like hers bumped into her. "Sorry, I'm kind of distracted at the moment." He bowed and then walked around her. Shrugging it off, Lucy was about to continue towards her guildmates when a rush of heat filled her body, one area in particular.

Blushing furiously and pulling her skirt slightly lower, she wondered why this had suddenly happened. Then she remembered just a few days ago, when Bora the fake Salamander had used a ring with charm magic to make girls fall for him, herself included. "This creep must have something like that. I'm gonna give him a piece of my mind!"

"Hey Lucy, will ya hurry up? The train's about to leave!" Gray was leaning out of the train car door, shirtless again. Another rush of warmth pooled between her legs, which she forcibly ignored.

"Clothes, you pervert! And we'll have to catch the next one. I think that there's someone here using illegal magic." Pointing at the blonde man, she waved for her guildmates to follow her. "Come on!"

"Let me at him! I'll burn him to a crisp!" Natsu practically leapt from the train and looked at Lucy. "So where is he?" He's obviously just looking for an excuse to not board the train...

"That guy, with the light hair. I think he's using a charm spell like that Bora guy." Natsu looked in the direction she'd pointed and his gaze fixed on the accused.

"That guy, huh?" He sniffed. "Hang on. He smells...weird. I can't place it, though. Whatever, let's kick his butt!" He began to run at the man, fists blazing, when Lucy grabbed hold of his arm, suddenly acutely aware of the strong muscles beneath her hands and Natsu's abnormal body heat. What kind of spell is this?

"Considering how we didn't get a reward, maybe we shouldn't wreck half the town? We won't be able to pay for any damages!"

Gray, now clothed again, put in his two cents. "Plus, not only would it make the guild foot the bill and give us a bad reputation, but imagine how mad Erza would be." He and Natsu both blanched, making Lucy grow even more scared.

"How about if he causes trouble, I fight him. Then the town won't be turned to rubble." The two men looked at each other and shrugged.

"But you're so weak, Lucy. You'd never win if he's a wizard." Lucy gave Happy a death glare but he ignored her.

"One of these days, cat." Running towards the man, who was getting pretty far away, Lucy kept one hand on her keys. Annoying as he was, Happy did have a point. She needed to be careful. "Hey, you!"

As he was turning around to face her, Lucy gulped. He had a handsome face that could have made her weak in the knees without a spell, and stormy gray eyes that seemed to pierce right through her. "You're the lady I bumped into, right? Sorry, did you need something? Maybe..." Lucy blushed as he kneeled and drew the attention of most of the crowd. "I'm really sorry! I'll pay more attention to where I'm walking from now on!"

"Stop it, you're embarrassing me!" As he got off his knees, she looked at the crowd now around them. If he was dangerous, they could get hurt. She grabbed his ear and began to pull him along, making him yelp. "Follow me, all right?"

"Could you at least let go? Ow!" Why is she dragging me away like this? Don't tell me- His thoughts were cut off as she finally let go and stood in front of him, making him look down before he saw up her skirt. "So, um... What is it you want?"

"Look at me first." She was going to put on all the pressure she could and keep him thoroughly intimidated.

"Not a good idea, miss. I'd be able to-"

"Do it already!" Finally, he looked upwards. Does this count as good luck or horrible luck? Whoa, does that even count as underwear? I swear I can see her- "Now, tell the truth. Are you using some sort of charm spell? Ever since you bumped into me, I've been feeling...weird." Not again!

"...Why me?" He stood up, almost hitting his head against her overlarge chest. "I'm sorry. See, I'm a wizard, and the magic I use has some side effects. I can't control it too well yet. Um, 'that' feeling should wear off soon. Must have been because I bumped into you."

"I've never heard of magic like that. Look, are you using magic to seduce girls or what?" How stupid does this guy think I am? "If you don't tell the truth then I'll make you and turn you in! Open, Gate of the Golden Bull, Taurus!" A doorbell sounded, and the cow spirit appeared, hefting his axe.

"No, I'm not! If I could get rid of that side effect, I would. Wait!" He scrambled back and held up his hands.

"I don't believe you. Get him Taurus!"

The brawny spirit slashed at the man, making him duck under the blow. When the axe came around for round 2, he got in close and rammed his knee into Taurus' gut, knocking him back. If I use my magic it'll only make things worse. "Just stop! Whoa!" He leaped over another swing and clung onto the flat part of the axe, making Taurus shake with rage.

"Get off my axe!" He heaved it upwards and, making sure the side the man clung to was facing the ground, bashed it downwards, shattering the pavement. But he'd leapt off midswing, landing in a handstand. As he tried to flip back onto his feet, a whip lashed itself around his ankles, pulling him off balance and making him eat dirt.

Spitting out a few pebbles, he dodged back from another blow. I can't use my magic. That would bring every girl for miles my way! And my weapons would be too extreme a response. One choice, then. Holding his hands out, he fell to one knee. "I surrender!"

Lucy blinked in surprise. That was easier than I expected. But he wasn't done. "I swear that if you stop attacking me, I'll answer your questions and you can decide what to do with me. I will not resist." Unsure, Lucy looked at Taurus. She didn't have much power left, and now that she was thinking, she realized the feeling was gone. Wait, was he telling the truth?! Then... I just attacked some random wizard for no reason! I've barely joined and I'm already giving the guild a bad name! "Fine. You can go home, Taurus. I'll call on you if he causes any more trouble."

"Now, was that really just because you can't control your own magic yet?"

He sighed and kicked at a pebble. "Yeah. It's a powerful type of Lost Magic, but, well... As you've experienced, it's pretty unruly with seriously embarrassing side effects. Once I got chased out of a city by a small army of women trying to, uh, you know..."

Lucy blushed. "What kind of magic is it?"

He sighed again, giving her the feeling he did that a lot. "Allow me to introduce myself. My name's Victor, and I'm a Lust God Slayer." A what?!

"Wait, does that mean you were raised by a god?!"

He cocked his head to the side slightly. "You've met someone with Slayer magic before. What kind?"

"One of my guildmates. His name is Natsu Dragneel, but he's better known as Salamander. He's a Fire Dragon Slayer."

"Salamander? I've heard of him. So you're a member of Fairy Tail?" Lucy smirked and held up the hand that had her guild mark. "Epic! How well do you know him, think he'd give me an autograph, he's so cool!"

Lucy sweatdropped at Vic's starry-eyed expression. "Um, I am in town with him, we were on a job together. Maybe? But could you get back to explaining?"

"Ahem. Right, sorry. So yeah, I was raised by a goddess. Tlazolteotl, Aztec goddess of purification, sin, vice, sexual misdeeds and patron of adulterers. Yeah, not quite a kid friendly goddess. She's nice and all, but her spheres of influence are geared towards adult context for the most part." He blushed, his entire face going crimson. "She's like my mom, but uh, she doesn't seem to recognize the boundaries that go with that relationship. Miracle I'm still a virgin..." Lucy flushed when she realized what he meant. She tried to sleep with him?! "But you're from Fairy Tail, a powerful guild who doesn't mind members with out of control magic... Think they'd let me in?"

"Probably. They let me in with no hassle."

"Really?! Awesome! Can I come with you to the guild? I should be able to control my magic long enough. Please?" He looked so excited, so Lucy nodded. He smiled, and he looked ridiculously happy, and he had such a nice smile. Lucy found herself wobbly again, but she knew it wasn't due to magic. "L-Let's go!"

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