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Oh, key.

Italics-Thoughts Ex: "Why is this happening to me?!"

Underlined-Spells Ex: Requip, Lionheart!

After Lucy lead Vic back to her guildmates and explained, they'd all boarded the train. "Ugh... My stomach..." Natsu was keeled over, very green, and Vic had one hand on his stomach, the other covering his mouth.

"So, is motion sickness a Slayer thing or what?" Gray, still shirtless, looked at the two, feeling a bit sorry for them.

Vic shook his head. "Not God Slayers, at least. I had it before I learned my magic. Don't know about Dragon Slayers. Anyway, taking my mind off it helps. Anything you wanna ask?"

Happy piped up. "Were you actually raised by a god or did Lucy make that up to make herself sound tough?"

As the busty blonde shot him an impressive death glare, Vic sighed. "You're traveling with a Dragon Slayer and you're skeptical of me being raised by a god? The gods have interacted with people more often than dragons in the last couple centuries. But yes, I was raised by a goddess, Tlazolteotl. Some of her main spheres of influence were carnal sin and purification. Another ability of my magic is I can cleanse wounds, not healing magic, I can just prevent infections and the like. Sadly it has the same side effects, so I stick to bandages and alcohol."

"So what does your magic do again?" Vic sighed. This cat is so dumb!

"I can influence women into being totally sex-crazed basically. I can also get a read on certain emotions, like being able to tell who someone is in love with. If I had more control I could manipulate emotions however I want without making girls want to sleep with me, but..."

"That's totally messed up!" Vic glanced at Lucy and nodded.

"Believe me, I agree. I could also enhance my physical abilities and even alter my appearance, but again, the side effects mean I can't safely use it. That's why I learned some other magic."

Natsu weakly lifted his head. "The goddess that raised you. D-Did she disappear 7 years ago?"

Vic gave Natsu a perplexed look. "No. She's still in a secret temple of hers."

"Why didn't you ask her to teach you more about how to control your magic?" Vic looked at Gray with a small blush. "What?"

"She's a goddess of sexual sin, she didn't recognize certain boundaries involved with being my adoptive mom..." The Fairy Tail wizards paled except for Natsu and Happy, who weren't paying attention. She tried to sleep with him?! "So yeah. Plus the side effects work on her too. It's not easy to avoid a goddess who is practically in heat, much less one who can screw with your hormones right back. It's a miracle I'm still a virgin..."

Lucy shook her head, blushing fiercely. "So, uh... You said you've learned other types of magic? Like what?"

"Well for one, Requip, Lionheart!" Vic stretched out his hand and a strange sword with a lion head design extending from one side of the blade's tip appeared, the same design being at the end of a chain attached to the pommel, the crossguard curving down and around the sides of his hand. "This is a rare type of sword called the Keyblade, only certain people can use them. They choose their wielders too. They grant certain abilities to the wielder too. Lionheart lets me move incredibly fast."

Gray stared at the sword, gulping at how the Requip reminded him about Erza. "So how rare are these?"

Vic paused, thinking. "Besides Lionheart here, I have 3. There's a few dozen since occasionally new ones are created by the wielder, but there's only one of each, though a few do look similar I hear. I also have Lady Luck, which can heal and protect its user, the Oblivion which is maybe the most dangerous, and Counterpoint which enhances magic power."

"You must be pretty strong then. Why did you let Lucy beat the crap outta you?" Lucy's jaw dropped at Gray implying she was weak.

Vic shrugged. "She was mad at me because my magic was leaky. Using my Keyblades would've been unfair, not to mention I could've hurt her pretty bad. And when I'm leaky even using my other magics can drive women insane for miles. The only exception is my Keyblades sadly."

"So you know even more magic than that? Wow!" Lucy had an almost sparkly look in her eyes.

Vic shrugged. "It's not that hard to learn more than one type of magic. Most people just don't put in the extra effort, while some are too devoted to the magic they use to consider learning more. Most wizards who learn multiple kinds of magic are focused on spells that require knowing multiple types, like Heavenly Body magic, a mix of Celestial magic and physical enhancement."

"Can you show us some?" Before Vic could respond the train started rattling, making Natsu look even worse and Vic turn pale, holding a hand over his mouth. "They really need to do something, the tracks must be a me-!" Before Lucy could finish they hit an especially large stone that had landed on the track, making the train car bounce. Happy was knocked into the air, dropping his fish which made him cry and Gray smack his head against the ceiling, but Vic and Natsu had it worse, Lucy was flung out of her seat, somehow landing on them both with Vic's face trapped in her cleavage, too sick to struggle his way free before suffocating, his spirit exiting the top of his head as his face turned blue. Natsu was arguably luckier, his face trapped against her skirt but unlike Vic he could breathe. Lucy noticed how she'd landed on them and turned bright red. "PERVERTS!"

A while later they reached Magnolia, Vic barely managing to carry a nearly passed out Natsu, his knees shaking before they both fell over on the ground. A still blushing Lucy came out next, followed by an exhausted-looking Gray and a carefree Happy. They all stood/laid next to the train in silence for a moment before Vic spoke up. "I propose that from this moment onward, this train ride never happened. Agreed?" The others nodded except Natsu. "Good... So which way to the guildhall? And can someone who isn't about to fall over carry this guy instead of me?"

By the time they reached the guildhall everyone had recovered. Vic stared at the building in awe. "I had the same reaction. Until I stepped inside anyway..." Vic gave Lucy a questioning look. "You kinda have to see for yourself."

"What are we waiting for?" Natsu slammed the doors open, waving. "We're back again guys, and with another new recruit too!" A chorus of cheers greeted Natsu's words as Vic stepped inside. A few of the women stared, hearts in their eyes before Cana walked towards Vic with a sway in her hips and a drink in her hand.

"Hey there gorgeous! So you're looking to join huh?" She threw an arm around Vic's shoulders, pressing her sizable boobs against him. "How about joining me for a few drinks while you're at it?"

Vic, blushing furiously, moved away placing Natsu between himself and Cana. "I don't drink, sorry."

Cana smirked. Shy huh? I don't mind a challenge. "Well I'm always around if you change your mind." She tossed her hair back, winking seductively and making her boobs bounce before walking back to the bar, making sure he got a good look at her ass.

As Vic kept using Natsu as a shield from the stares of amorous women, he heard a sweet female voice behind him. "Sorry about Cana she can be pretty forward." Vic whirled around, shoving Gray in front of him. "Although judging from how quick you are I guess you're used to it." Noticing she wasn't flirting, Vic let go of Gray who walked off, muttering he wasn't a meat shield. "I'm Mirajane Strauss, though I bet you knew that."

Vic gave her a blank look. "Should I?"

Lucy freaked out. "How do you not know who she is, Mirajane is probably the most famous member of our guild!" Vic shrugged.

"I just know Fairy Tail is known for going overboard but being a great guild. Only member I'd heard of is Natsu." Lucy stared at him in shock.

"Oh it's not like I mind, at least he doesn't seem to be picturing me in a bikini. So you want to join right? What's your name?"

Vic blinked at the 1st sentence. Exactly what is she so famous for? "My name's Victor Brenn."

"OK." Mira pulled a stamp out of seemingly nowhere. "So, where do you want your guild mark? And what color?"

Vic blinked again. That was easy! "How about black, right here?" He lifted his right forearm, pointing to just behind his wrist. Mira pressed the stamp down, and some black sparkles shot out before she pulled it away revealing a black Fairy Tail mark. "Yes!"

"We're glad to have you. Sorry but our master is at a conference and will be for a few days. Mind telling me what magic you use?"

Vic sighed. "I'm a Lust God Slayer."

This time Mira blinked. "A what?"

Vic groaned and almost yelled it this time, blushing. "I'm a Lust God Slayer! Until I can control it better, for now all it does is make girls want to rip my clothes off, OK? And yes, God Slayer means I was trained by a god!"

Mira blushed a bit as the entire guild froze, staring at Vic. Several women shot him glares that promised death, while most of the men looked jealous. Lucy stepped up to his defense. "Hang on everyone, he avoids using his magic because of that! I thought the same way you did at 1st, he's not a pervert though! If anything he's the opposite!"

Most of the guild quit staring, though Macao shot Vic a conspiratorial wink and a few girls still glared at him. Sighing, the blond young man sat down at the nearest table, which was empty and slammed his head on the wood. "Why does my magic have to be so embarrassing?" He sounded embarrassed rather than upset, so Lucy assumed he was fine and went over to the table Natsu was sitting at, the guild's daily activities starting back up. Vic chuckled as Mira shot a man named Wakaba down and used a transformation to look like his wife.

Vic looked around, smiling. I can tell, these are good people. He overheard Lucy complaining to Natsu that they would have plenty of money if he had taken the 2 million reward and laughed. As she looked at the job board Vic thought about her rent comment. He had money thanks to his adoptive mom. Even relatively forgotten gods like her occassionally received offerings, and she never had any need for money in the 1st place so she'd given him a large fortune that hadn't even put a dent in over 2,000 years of offerings. He'd always camped out or slept in inns while he wandered, but now that he was part of a guild he should probably find a home in or close to Magnolia. Lucy was new to town she might remember a few places from looking for her place, but it was unlikely she knew much about whether they were actually good areas to live in for him. Natsu probably didn't know much about real estate. Maybe Gray? Or Mira seemed to be in charge when the guild master wasn't around, she probably knew a lot.

While Vic was thinking, Mira was explaining how the guild government worked and about dark guilds to Lucy. "Ugh. I have spent way too much time in those old temples. I really need to learn how things work in the world better." Vic blinked as a crying man with orange hair dashed by. "What in the name of Uncle Quetzalcoatl?" He looked up to see Natsu and Gray throwing childish insults, ready to fight. "Starting to see what Lucy meant outside." Even so he laughed with the rest of the guild until the same man he saw a minute ago almost smashed the door in.

"We've got bad news!" Noting his panic Vic Requipped his Lionheart. "It's Erza! She's on her way here!" The entire guild began panicking, confusing Vic. Was Erza some famous dark wizard? Then he heard Mira say she was the strongest woman in the guild, making him dismiss his weapon and wonder why they were so scared of 1 of their own. He heard heavy metallic stomps come from the street. As Vic sat up straighter a silhouette appeared in the doorway, backed by the sun so he couldn't see more than a person holding some enormous horn above their head. They stepped inside and Vic was stunned to see a beautiful woman only a couple years older than himself with pretty brown eyes and bright red hair in armor and a blue skirt. This is Erza? Guess she's one of those women you compare to a rose, beautiful but dangerous because of her thorns.

She set down the huge horn, the ground shaking slightly. "I have returned. Where is Master Makarov?" As Lucy complimented Erza's looks Mira explained the master was at a conference. "I see." One of the others asked about the horn and she said it was a souvenir from her job, which the townspeople had decorated and given to her as thanks. Vic sweatdropped as she asked if they had a problem with that and they practically peed themselves. Most of the guild seemed to be scared, a few muttering about things she was probably mad at them for. "Now listen up!" Even Vic instinctively took a more formal posture at her order. "While I was on the road I heard a few things. Word is Fairy Tail is causing nothing but trouble as of late! Master Makarov may not care but I most certainly do."

She turned to face the brunette that had hit on Vic before, Cana. "Cana!" The flirty woman almost dropped her- She's drinking straight from a barrel?! "You need to start controlling your drinking!" She talked to a man in a black suit with a ponytail next. "Vejeeter! Please take the dancing outside! Wakaba, get rid of that filthy habit!" She turned to face a large muscular man by the job board. "Nab. I suspected I'd find you dawdling in front of the request board. Just pick a job!" Next was a scruffy man with purple hair. "Macao." She sighed and shook her head, making the man freak out and beg her to say something. "I don't even know where to begin with you. Causing so much trouble I've almost given up." Even Vic flinched at the exasperation in her tone, glad he was too new to have done anything to make her mad. "Are Natsu and Gray here?" Vic's jaw dropped as he saw the 2 with their arms around each other and shaking hands like they were brothers. Gray said they were hanging out like friends tend to do, making it even more confusing. "That's great. I'm pleased to see you getting along so well. However, it's only natural for even the best of friends to lock horns now and again."

"I don't know if we're the best of friends." Finally Vic got up, moving away from the table with a few people shooting looks that asked if he had a death wish.

Lucy asked what was up with Natsu. "He's scared." Mira began explaining how Erza had totally thrashed Natsu in a fight, and done the same to Gray for walking around without clothes. Plus someone named Loke for hitting on her.

"Natsu, Gray, I need you to do me a favor." The two were confused, finally stopping shaking hands. "While traveling I heard something that has me worried. Normally I would consult with the master before acting but he's not here and this is a matter of utmost urgency. The 2 of you are the strongest wizards here. I could really use your help." They looked at each other, obviously unsure of teaming up. Around them the entire guild was whispering about Erza actually feeling the need to ask for help, making Vic think while now only listening enough to get the gist of things.

If this is so major someone so obviously overpowered as Erza needs help, it must be big. Maybe I should go too. I know I can help. After telling them when to be at the train station, Erza walked outside with her horn, Vic following her. "Excuse me."

The woman turned to face him. "I don't recognize you. You must be new."

"Yep. I'm Vic, and I just joined today. So, from what I've seen you're really powerful, yet you asked Natsu and Gray to help you. This must be huge. I'd like to help as well. I can't control my primary magic very well yet, but I'm still handy in a brawl."

"Very well. I'd appreciate the help, and I'm always glad to help new members. I assume you heard when to be at the train staion?" Vic nodded. "Good. Be there tomorrow, I don't plan to wait for you." With that she continued on her way, and Vic walked over to a canal, sitting on the edge and staring into the water. I know it, this is important. Probably dangerous too. Let's hope I don't need to resort to "that" magic or even worse, Oblivion.

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