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1. Courtaud

Paris is under siege. The surrounding forests around the town have proven to be home of a large group of blood-thirsty beasts. Travelers aren't safe and farmers are at the end of their ropes. As winter gets nigh, people ask help from their king but little answer is given. Everyone's too afraid to take action against these monsters. The inhabitants of Paris can't take it no more, they have to do something about this plague or else, their beautiful town will perish and drown in streets filled with blood. The mayor is not helping so a small band of men decide to set a trap for the creatures and lure them to the heart of the city, to the small square in front of Notre Dame, where they shall finish business with these beasts.

Using sheep as bait, they are able to attract the pack to the insides of Paris and trap them in a small enclosure, where they began to cleave and slash the throats of the monsters until only their leader is standing. Known as "Courtaud", this huge predator has been the nightmare of France for years and, if he has to fall, he'll take his enemies with him. Blood and fur fly around as nobody is strong enough to beat Courtaud. Not even the guards are match for the beast. All seems lost when a single blade is able to pierce the neck of the monster. Defeated, the black animal falls over his conqueror still bearing his teeth. The young man quickly ties the jaws of Courtaud as he remembers the words of a wise hunter: "Cut off a wolf's head and it still has the power to bite". Battle is over and Paris has won. Loses are heavy, forty people have fallen, but finally they are free.

The captain of the guard slices Courtaud's head with his sword and takes it to the Palace of Justice to serve as a souvenir of the dead creature. The people of France rejoice and the king watches as his people drive other wild beasts out of the surrounding forests. As the years go by and only the skull remains, the story of the large monsters becomes legend and its characters become werewolves and holy hunters. Danger is no longer in the air or so they think.

More than twenty years have passed since the passing of that winter and today the new Minister of Justice has allowed to commoners to hang the skull on a pike. Many laugh, others throw vegetables and many ignore the improvised altar. But not all have forgotten that harsh winter. There is one man who remembers the black animal and still feels its teeth against his skin. Courtaud might be good and dead but he can still bite. After all, he was always too smart to be just a common wolf and those who forget that are bound to die between his jaws.

The bells are ringing. It's time to enjoy the morning and see that some coins are earned, perhaps he will tell the story of the wolf pack. He's not sure but, as he crosses the square, Clopin, king of gypsies, notices something falling from one of the eyes of the skull… A bloody teardrop. They might have started to celebrate too soon the departure of Courtaud and his minions. The large beast has not said its last.

Bonjour, mes amis!

Time to make my own attempt of a decent sequel for the HoND, and to do so I use a real-life story. Yes, the tale of the wolf pack is absolutely real and promises to keep you in your seats.