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After recovering from the hellish two weeks, and trying to move past it, Frank was sitting on the edge of the pier by the docks along the waterfront on long Shore Road, after getting up out of bed around 5 this morning put on some sweats and went for a morning run.

He felt a cool breeze blew through his hair as he watched the beautiful sunrise along the water. He found himself lost in thought of these past few weeks.

Joe was recovering well from his ordeal. He started physical therapy which was helping him get back on his feet from his bullet wound to his leg.

He was giving the option to use a wheelchair to help him get around better, but oh no, not Joe he would have none of that, instead he chose to use rather demanded to use crutches, which he was using to stumble around the house, driving his mother and aunt crazy. A smile slid across his face at the thought, So yeah life in the Hardy house was alive again.

There was nothing slowing Joe down; his anxiety was better with fewer nightmares. Then Frank's eyes began to water at how close he came to losing his little brother, not once but, twice.

Frank's thoughts turned to the fire. So far the authorities believed the fire to have started in the elevator shaft...and the top suspect...Ryan Hayden.

Frank was so hoping his father would allow him and Joe to help with the investigation, but Fenton was dead set in on his restriction of them from investigating anything, until they were medically and, mentally cleared. Of course Joe was pissed as Frank had predicted when he learn of their father's restriction. But, his little brother slowly started to cool down when Frank told him the reason for the restriction. Joe had been glad Frank told Henry off. He would have done the same thing if he came face to face with the little lunatic, although Joe probably would've given him a black eye on top of it.

The boys learned from their father of the encounter with Bartend in Henry's room before the fire happened. But then during the whole chaos Daniel Bartend and Henry mysteriously disappeared.

The Cohen family decided to have a double funeral for their boys, it was the hardest day ever for Frank to say good bye to a dear friend. The family gave a touching tribute to Seth and Phil's life, they welcomed anyone who'd like to share stories about the boys. Some of their friends did share some stories, but Frank couldn't find in him to share anything. The memories he had of Phil would always be his, and that's the way he wanted to remember him. He was just glad he got through the funeral, with Joe, and Callie sitting beside him supporting him. He did allow himself to shed a few tears. He was learning to allow himself to let go.

But there was one thing Frank could do for Phil and Seth, to find Henry and Bartend bring them to justice, and Ryan Hayden as an added bonus. Frank took that big step and accepted Dr. Reese's help, and has been having counseling sessions with her on Wednesday mornings in her new office building, Joe has been going to see her as well. At first it was a slow process, she was good at her job helping them deal with their ordeal in their own way. Frank had returned to martial arts and early morning runs, while Joe was hitting the weights and going outside tossing the football with Biff.

There were a few more positive things that happened this week, One, his heart was okay and back to more chest pains! Thank God. And two, Frank was now a high school graduate, and on his way to Princeton in August. And three, 'Hardy and Sons' Detective Agency' was on the horizon.

If anything in during this whole case taught him anything it was that life was short and not waste a single moment. So he decided to take an even bolder step. He gave Callie her graduation present...a ring...and she said yes. They agreed to hold off wedding plans until after college. For now they were happy being engaged. Yes his future was on the right path.

Joe had a few positive things going for him as well, his little brother was now a high school senior and he finally asked Vanessa out and were definitely on their way to boyfriend and girlfriend status. The best part about it Joe was happy, and that made Frank happy.

Donna Morton moved back home to be with her family. Chet and his dad were thrilled to have her back, and they were working things out and once again becoming the close family they've always been. Frank was so happy for them. And they even had a new addition to their family a brown and black German Shepard puppy. The little guy was a runt of a litter of eight puppies a neighbor friend didn't have time to take care of him. So Chet offered to foster the puppy and ended up adopting him.

Chet named him Little Duke after the loss of his beloved dog Duke.

Do to extenuating circumstances regarding Daniel Bartend and Henry's disappearances and incompletion of the investigation the judge had no choice but to declare a mistrial. Jack Hayden got what he wanted, he was now a free man. The idea made everyone sick to their stomachs.

God that man was walking around free, probably laughing his ass off at us...thinking he got away with what he did...playing us for fools.

Frank's blood boiled at the thought. The man probably thinks he's all mighty and powerful...oh just wait Hayden, you think you won this battle, you can bet the Hardy's will win the war and make you powerless. We'll find your circle of minions, Henry, Bartend, Nurse crazy, and Ryan and bring them to justice.

With that Frank got to his feet and start making his way back home. He got back it was going on 8 am.

His mother and aunt were probably up making breakfast. It was Monday...that meant Aunt Gertrude would be making pancakes. His mouth watered just thinking about it.

He was back on his street he ran along the sidewalk...he slowed down when his house came into view, he saw Chief Collig's squad car in the driveway he didn't know why but he had a bad feeling in the pit of his stomach, he ran faster.

He made his way to the inside there he found Chief Collig, and Con in the living room with Fenton, Sam and Joe. They all had grim looks on their faces. Something was wrong. The older Hardy boy knew it. They all turned and looked at him each with grim faces.

"What's going on?" He inquired, tilting his head inquisitively.

"Frank, thank God." Joe replied with a sigh of relief. He rushed over with his crutches and he whispered to him, "I believe you. No matter what they say, I believe you."

"Believe what. What are you talking about?" Frank saw fear and tears in Joe's eyes.

"Frank, Where were you this morning?" Fenton immediately asked him. "You've been gone for two hours."

"I went out for a run 5 this morning. Like I usually do. I went to the pier on Shore Road sitting on the docks watching the sunrise and cooling off." Frank answered knitting his eyebrows together. "Why?"

Fenton, exchanged glances with Con and Chief Collig, the Chief stepped forward, he sighed warily, " Jack Hayden was found dead this morning."

Frank's mouth dropped. " dead." He gasped.

"An anonymous call came into the station to report a dead body in a ditch along Shore Road. When we got there we found the body and discovered it was Hayden. He'd been shot in the head. That caller also reported seeing you."

"What?" Frank paled at the words coming out of the Chief's mouth.

"Frank, they found a gun with your fingerprints on it." Fenton replied he was sick to his stomach. He didn't like where this was going.

Frank couldn't believe what he was hearing. this wasn't happening. Things were starting to move in the right direction. He was going to Princeton, he was engaged to Callie. Hardy and sons Detective agency was going to happen. this. "Me! I didn't!" Frank shot back defensively.

Fenton, Joe and Frank's heart dropped as the Chief said next, "I'm sorry Frank, as of now you are the prime suspect in the murder of Jack Hayden."

To be continued...A Brother's Revenge