Sup people, I'm back at to give you some terrible fanfiction. I'm not gonna lie, I've been writing this shit for years and I haven't published it because it's not perfect and that bothers me but imma do it anyways. so enjoy it or perish. it's gotta be filled with mistakes so just hmu if you find one. love yall

The first time Beca Mitchell laid eyes on Chloe Beale was the first time she did a double take. Like an actual scene from a movie, which is saying something because Beca hates movies. Beca also hates people touching her, people touching her things, people who are perky, people who make her blush and finally, most people.

The first time stormy blue eyes found fiery orange hair was at a school assembly. Which coincidentally, is a thing Beca also hates, the school assembly part, not the red hair. She was shuffling into a row of seats next to her best friend, Jesse and just as she was turning to sit she heard a voice. Beca doesn't care much for cliche's but she swears this girls voice was music to her ears.

Beca Mitchell has been at Barden for a while now and yet here she sits in her junior year looking at a girl she'd never laid eyes on before. Not in a gay way, in a way that you stare at someone you've never seen before, obviously.

"Who's that?" Beca mutters to her friend

Jesse turns his gaze to the person that has Beca's attention briefly "Oh that's Chloe" he settles back into his seat, facing the front of the hall where their principal is trying to get everyone to shut up. "She's new"

"How do you know her?" Beca asks as she drags her eyes away from the girl who was settling into a seat localised with the Seniors, more specifically with the 'popular' kids. This includes her brother.

"I don't know her. I know of her. You have eyes Bec, she's hot. Obviously news about the new girl spreads faster when they're attractive"

Beca rolls her eyes but doesn't respond. She focuses her attention onto the middle aged woman who is their principal, 5 seconds into listening to a lecture on appropriate language and Beca can already feel her gaze drifting towards a specific area.


With her food tray filled with crappy Barden food and a small bottle of juice, Beca sits down at a table with Jesse following in suit.

"The only interesting thing about algebra is the bra" Jesse jokes as he sits in front of his best friend, a proud smirk on his face.

Beca rolls her eyes before staring at the boy unimpressed "You are ridiculous"

"Hey, you should agree with me"

"Just because I like girls and hate algebra too, that doesn't mea-" with a sigh at the need to justify her disapproval, Beca shakes her head "I wear bras everyday, I don't get all turned on like boys do when I see one"

Jesse chuckles as he eats his home made sandwich "Yeah, yeah"

"Shut up and eat your gourmet lunch" Beca utters as she digs into the slop of food she doesn't care to know the ingredients of.

Jesse throws a death glare at his best friend before biting into his PB & J sandwich.

Beca is half heartedly listening to the explanation she is getting from Jesse about a movie he saw last night. She's nodding her head and humming replies when required, that is until she sees her.

The new girl

Beca watches over Jesse's shoulder as the red head hugs a tall brunette clad in a green and white cheerleaders uniform. Stacie Conrad. Stacie is known for being flirt, a chemistry genius and the head cheerleader/ She is also, sometimes (depends on who you ask), known as the 'most popular girl in school'.

Beca doesn't mind her, she isn't the stereotypical snobby HBIC. She's nice enough and well Beca didn't have a crush on her when she first came to Barden on anything like that.

The new girl is smiling sweetly in her casual blue summer dress as she is introduced to the table of people sitting with Stacie. Beca doesn't know the names of half the guys at that table, they're all jocks and they are mostly jerks as far as she knows. Same goes for the girls at the table, mostly a little bitchy, mostly cheerleaders but there are a few people she wouldn't hold to their stereotypes.

Chloe greets them all politely, her eyes lingering on one in particular. Beca groans inwardly as she watches the new girl smile at the boy at the end of table with a glint in her eye.


Tom is nice, the nicest of the jocks but that may be a biased opinion as he is her step brother.

When her dad first started dating the step monster she could not stand the woman, didn't want to know her, didn't want to know of her. Didn't want anything to do with the lady that was replacing her mother. Understandably, she was 10 when it first happened. When she was 11 she met Tom, it was hilarious how when he hugged her and called her his baby sister, she punched him.

After that they grew closer, both ganging up on their parents. Working new angles to get what they wanted, revealing imperative information on how to get out of trouble. By their mid teens, the two stopped using step in front of their introductions.

Just because Beca loves her brother and thinks he deserves happiness, that doesn't mean she likes the fact that the guy has a new girlfriend each week.

So Beca may be exaggerating a little but she still doesn't like it and as Tom stands to offer the new girl his seat, she really doesn't like it.

"What are you glaring at?"

Beca's gaze flits down to her best friend who is peering over his shoulder confusedly. "No one"

Jesse makes a sound of acknowledgement "Ah you're staring at the new girl" he raises both of his eyebrows and smiles apologetically "Sorry, Becs. It looks like your bro got first dibs"

Beca scowls at her best friend before allowing herself to look over his shoulder where she sees her brother pulling up a chair next to the perky red head who is smiling charmingly at the boy. Beca's scowl only hardens while she grumbles about girls not being property.

"What's up skinny bitches?"

The two best friends greet the larger blonde girl who is sliding down into the seat next to Beca "Hey" she mumbles

"Woah, what's up with goth DJ over here?" A new voice asks.

"I'm not goth, Bumper" Beca growls at the boy who slides into a chair beside Jesse.

Bumper raises his hands in surrender "My bad, emotional individual who wears a lot of dark colours"

"You just described like half the teenage population" Jesse utters into his sandwich.

"So you're not a goth okay, got it. Now are ya gonna tell us why you look like a dingo just ate your baby?" Amy asks from beside the girl in question.

"I do not look lik-"

"She thinks the new girl is hot" Jesse interrupts with a cheeky grin.

That earns him a piece of stale bread to the face "Dude! What the hell?"

"Hey I get it-" Bumper glances at the girl in front of him, his girlfriend "I mean if you're into that sort o-"

"She's hotter than a kangaroos pouch in summer" Fat Amy interjects, ignoring her boyfriend. She couldn't care less if he thought another girl was hot, she knew she was the hottest girl in school.

"Okay..." Beca mumbles as she sips at her drink, allowing herself to peek over Jesses shoulder casually.

"But I don't see why that's making you all grouchy"

"I'm not grouchy!" Beca exclaims loudly as she slams her drink onto the table a little too dramatically.

All three friend look at the girl with wide eyes, the brunette girl clenches her jaw as she realises she just threw a small hissy fit.

Beca sighs "I'm not grouchy, I jus- I don't know. Tom is a jerk when it comes to dating and that new girl is like unsuspecting prey"

"You thinks your brother is going to hurt little red riding hood over there?" Fat Amy asks as she wraps her arm around the smaller girl.

Beca shrugs out of the embrace, glaring at the blonde for the affection "I don't think he will, I know he will"

"Right, right" Jesse scrunches up his brown paper bag in his palm before throwing it at his best friend "But why do you care?"

Beca deflects the piece of rubbish away, it lands in the centre of their table "I don't. It just gets annoying when they use me to get to him" she rolls her eyes at the memory "You know how many heartbroken girls message me to get to him? Can you tell Tom I love him and that I miss him." Beca groans at the memories that come back to her.

"So whaddaya saying Becs? That you don't care if that nice happy girl over there gets her heart broken?" Amy asks with raised eyebrows.

The brunette girl sighs frustratingly "Well when you put it that way, it soun-"

"Alright we get it Becs, we'll let it go" Jesse interjects, his hands raised in a surrender, he looks at the couple sitting with them with a gaze that tells them to do the same thing.

Beca narrows her eyes at her friend before pushing herself up from the table carrying her partially empty tray with her. "I'll see you guys in fifth"


When Chloe first found out she was moving states, she was devastated, she had a small group of friends that she adored with her whole being. She also had a relationship in its beginning stages but her father told her that they had no choice.

Chloe broke off her blossoming romance, said good bye to her friends and to the town she grew up in. In all her years of being alive, she hasn't had to move houses so this whole experience was equal parts daunting as it was exciting. She loved travelling and meeting new people but she's been told she can come off a little... forward which is why she is trying her hardest not to scare any of her new peers at Barden High School.

A week before her first day, she visited the school to speak to the principal as well as to sign some papers. While her father was conversing to one of the ladies in the office about fees, she was approached by a tall brunette with a stunning body and smile that could only be taken as flirty and friendly.

The girl introduced herself as Stacie, Head Cheerleader also vice president of the chemistry club. Chloe liked her immediately, funny, kind, smart, flirty and popular.

The last factor didn't really matter but it meant that she got to make more friends, quickly. The two hit it of so well her father had to drag her away from her new friend who promised she'd show her around on the first day.

On her first day they were having their first whole school assembly of the year. Chloe fell into a light conversation with one of the teachers.

After realising that the principal was addressing the school, she went to sit with was her years designated sitting area. Not before her eyes found themselves being drawn towards a set of stormy blue a few row in front of her. She observed the back of the head that owned the set of eyes, chocolate brown hair in a messy half up, half down style. She shrugged off the thought that the girl was looking at her before focusing her attention on the person speaking.

At her first lunch break at her new school she found Stacie sitting at an over crowded table in the cafeteria. She hugged the girl with a smile.

"Guys, this is Chloe. She's new here" Stacie introduces to the group of student looking up at her, some with excited expressions, others scrutinizing her.

One by one the Head Cheerleader pointed to each person sitting around the lunch littered table, introducing them by name and title. She made mental notes of each individual, she always found it important to remember people.

Her eyes lingered on a pair of eyes staring at her, more like checking her out, sizing her up, whatever he was doing, she found this person undoubtedly cute. "And that is Tom, Quarter Back"

Chloe nods her head once, making an impressed expression "Quarter Back? Nice" she smiles her best smile, the smile that always won over potential partners in the past.

The charming grin and knowing glint in the boys eyes tells her that her smile is still in fine form. "Here" he gets out of his seat and gestures to it.

The red head giggles as she moves towards him, she flutters her eyelashes "And they say chivalry is dead"

The conversation remained light and flirty, Chloe remembered to talk to everyone and not just the cute boy next to her. She got to know a few of the girls more through listening to the open conversation. In the middle of talking to Tom, she noticed him looking at someone else.

With a subtle turn of the head she is met with the same pair of stormy blue eyes that she thought she caught staring at her. The brunette girl smirks knowingly at Tom and Chloe feels the absurd sensation of anger, was Tom already dating someone? That's one of Chloe's pet peeves. She sees Tom roll his eyes playfully before flipping the girl the bird.

Chloe doesn't think too much about i though, it's her first day and she'd rather not focus on being gross over a boy she's literally just met.

That girl is though, she's dark, mysterious and undoubtedly beautiful and she's practically the opposite of Chloe, but that doesn't mean she has to pit herself against her. She seems interesting and the more she stares, the more intrigued she is.

"We've got a game this Friday, you're coming right?"

The red head faces the boy completely, the whole table is listening and encouraging the new girl to come along. Chloe smiles widely "Sounds like fun"


A week or more later, on a Thursday afternoon Beca is lying on Jesse's lounge, her head phones covering her ears while her best friend sits at the other end of the couch. A bowl of popcorn on his lap.

This is how the two of friends like to spend some of their afternoons, Jesse's twin sisters are at soccer training and his mother is working late at the hospital. Jesse and Beca formed an unlikely friendship but by far the strongest she's managed to maintain.

Beca catches her best friends lips moving out the corner of her eye, she sighs and rolls her eyes as she slides one head phone off her ear. She hates when people do this, she gives him an expectant, yet irritated look.

Jesse ignores the glare, he's used to that look. "I need you to do me a favour" he repeats.

Beca squints her eyes suspiciously, she doesn't like doing people favours. It's like throwing precious money and time down a toilet. "What is it?"

Jesse shoves a few pieces of popcorn into his mouth "I need to you to come to the game with me tomorrow"

The reply is instant and without thought "No" she puts her headphone back on her ear.

Her best friend hits her leg to get her attention, she removes the head piece completely. Looking at him murderously.

"Please Becs, Aubrey agreed to go to the game but she's bringing a friend" he puts on his best puppy dog eyes.

Beca sits up bringing her knees beneath her "Dude, no" she shakes her head defiantly as she thinks of the blonde who is their schools Student Body President "Aubrey is a snobby, self absorbed, pretentious ass hole"

Jesse tilts his head, his eyes asking her not to start on this. "Just because you were in the splash zone of her vomit at the school showcase, that doesn't mean she's an asshole"

"No that makes her a key part, if not the only part, of a traumatic experience"

"C'mon Becs, please." He frowns as he tilts his head down. "You know how much I like her, i don't want her friend to be third wheeling"

Beca stares at her best friend, the pleading is something she's used to which means she can tell when he genuinely needs or wants something.

Jesse has been there for her always and she considers the guy family. She knows how much he puts into love. He has always been the ultimate romantic, he always puts his heart out their, without shame or fear, it's one of the things she admires about him but it is one thing she can't find herself doing.

She's endured horrible sappy romance movies when he suffered his first real teenage heart break and finally after months of moping, he's back in the game.

When Jesse told Beca he thought Aubrey was hot, she raised an eyebrow at him. She couldn't deny, that if you ignore the stress vomiting, that the blonde was rather attractive. But when Jesse told Beca he thought Aubrey was nice and that he thinks he might like her? Why, yes, Beca did perform a flawless spit take.

She's only seen Aubrey and Jesse interact a few times and she has to admit, never out loud, but she has to admit that it was kind of cute (if you're into that sort of thing) how Aubrey's face relaxed when she saw him. Beca swears she saw the schools President smile, genuinely, it's either that or she was having a stroke.

Beca is good at saying no, hell she probably has a degree in saying no but when it's her best friend or her brother, she finds it that little bit harder.

With an exasperated sigh and a perfect roll of the eyes, she nods her head "Fine"

Jesse's face breaks out into a smile, it makes her feel like maybe, just maybe, it won't be so bad after all. What harm could come out of an innocent High school football game?

A lot of harm apparently.

Beca has managed to avoid all sporting event in her high school life and now she understands why. It's loud, so so loud.

People are screaming manically at the teams while they warm up, she was genuinely confused at one point because this girl was screeching out her brothers name in a way that made her think that she wasn't at a football game.

It was cold. Not too cold but Beca doesn't go outside at night as often as her adolescent peers so it's a bit strange to her "Dude, what's with the lack of personal space here?" Beca asks Jesse as some guy squeezes past her, basically putting his hot dog breath in her ear.

"The bleachers are for everyone Beca" Jesse tells her like a child.

Beca rolls her eyes "Yeah well, so is death"

The look of horror Jesse gives her is worth the whole trouble of coming out tonight. Soon enough Jesse spots Aubrey climbing through the bleachers, the sea of people basically parting for the Captain, even parents and non Barden students know to get out of this particular blonde's way.

Aubrey reaches them both, hugging Jesse and then nodding at Beca muttering the word "Hobbit" in greeting.

Beca smirks at the uptight blonde "Malfoy" she's trying to use her creative roots to think of a new name every so often for the girl.

Aubrey moves aside to show the 'friend' Jesse was talking about. The girl is no taller than Beca, they're probably the same height if she wanted to whip out the measuring tape.

The 'friend' has long dark blonde hair, some streaks could be classified into the brunette section. The girl has dark green eyes and a nervous yet, charmingly confident smile. Beca has no idea how that manages to happen.

"This is Olivia" Aubrey gestures from her friend to Beca "'Liv this is Beca – contrary to popular belief, she does know how to interact with other humans"

Olivia laughs adorably, she shoves out a hand in front of Beca "Hi"

Beca eyes the hand offered, she raises an eyebrow as she takes it "uh hey, nice to meet you"

"Aubrey has told me so much about you"

"No I haven't"

"Okay, well Jesse has" Olivia follows Beca as she sits down on the metal seats.

Beca snorts derisively "Of course he has" she rolls her eyes as she watches the cheerleaders run into view "So how do you know the Ice Queen?"

"Oh Aubrey?" Olivia shrugs "We're on the school paper together"

The brunette nods her head as she watches the group of girls and boys run around flipping and cheering "That's cool, what year are you in?"

When silence follows, Beca breaks her stare from the cheerleaders to meet the hazel green eyes.


Olivia is looking at her with both eyebrows raised, not in an offended way. Mostly in an amused, are-you-kidding-me way.

"Seriously, what did I say?"

"Beca, we're in the same year" the girl deadpans

Beca's brow furrows as she tries to recall whether that statement is true. She flicks through all her memories and she lands on one "Ohhh right" she nods her head in remembrance "Right, right. We had German together last year"

Olivia rolls her eyes good naturedly as she turns to watch the cheerleaders run off "Typical Beca Mitchell"

Beca snorts indignantly as she also turns to watch the field "What's typical of me?"

"Too busy looking at hot girls to focus on anything else"

Blue eyes widen and a entertained smirk dons her lips "Dude"

Olivia smiles, despite not looking at the girl next to her. "You were constantly staring at Ms Kommissar that you barely paid attention to anything else"

"Oh right and you were that girl in pony tails who called The Kommissar, Ms Kommissar" Beca mocks, the memories flowing a little more freely now.

"Oh shut up, it's respectful"

"Kommissar thought you were an annoying goody two shoes"

"Well at least she noticed me" Olivia shoots back and Beca is offended.

With a hand over her heart and faux insulted expression she shakes her head "That cuts deep Olivia"

"I remember when she left, you were heart broken" The girl continues, she claps as the teams begin to file onto the field.

Beca rolls her eyes, snapping out of her playful alter ego. She claps along as she watches her brother jog onto the field with his number 1 jersey.

"I was not, she was hot and I was clueless" Beca utters to the girl she literally just met.

Olivia hums in fake agreement before watching as the game begins to unfold.

Beca thinks about the Kommissar. She sighs internally as she remembers the strong blonde woman who taught German at Barden High School for a brief period of time. It's not that she was in love with the teacher, no, it was more like she was infatuated and became a bumbling mess with the woman.

Halfway through her nostalgic thought process, Beca catches the sight of orange hair. Orange hair paired with bright blue eyes.

She watches as Chloe steps through the bleachers, offering small apologetic smiles each time she even slightly obstructs someone's view. She eventually sits down a few rows in front of Beca, not before sharing a very brief moment of eye contact with her.

With her gaze averted, Beca stares down at her hands. Fiddling with the many leather bracelets that are wrapped around her wrists. When she deems it safe, she looks back up to only see the back of the new girls head. She exhales loudly before tilting her head, discreetly of course, to get a better look at the red head.

"You aren't very subtle, are you?"

Beca stiffens immediately, she slowly turns her head to the girl next to her "I can't see the game" she utters defensively.

"Ah yes okay" Olivia nods her head slowly, her lips pressed together in an expression that tells the other girl that she knows she's talking complete bullshit. "The game four rows down must be something special if you're not watching your brother play the game he loves"

Beca rolls her eyes as she turns them back to the game just as her brother receives the ball. He makes a decent throw before getting tackled to the ground.

A few moments pass and Beca can't help it when her eyes automatically drift down to orange hair which is under a beanie making the girl look just as flawless as ever. Not that Beca looks or has ever established that the girl is flawless.

"So you like Chloe huh?"

Beca's head snaps to the side "What? Dude, no"

"Dude yes" Olivia mocks. Which, if Beca wasn't in a state of denial, she'd admit that how cute the school paper nerd sounds when she says the word dude. "You literally look at her every 15 seconds"

Beca scoffs "15 secon- what the hell man? No I don't"

Olivia rolls her eyes before letting the topic go, she'll approach it another time.

The game eventually ends with Barden only just winning, Beca gradually started becoming more invested in the game rather than the girl a few rows down. Olivia quit making fun of her and at each break, the two would converse in light, amusing conversation.

With the bleachers clearing out, the four of them made their way down the metal frames. Jesse and Aubrey locked at the hand and Beca offering Olivia her own when climbing down the seats instead of waiting for the staircase to clear.

Watching Olivia's foot land onto a stable surface, Beca hears it "Hey Aubrey!"

Now her neck practically breaks as her head whips up, her eyes zoning in on the voice.

Aubrey and Jesse were waiting for Olivia and Beca who up until this point were entertaining themselves with climbing down the chairs. Only now there is a certain red head talking to them. Beca practically freezes.

"Hey chill out, smooth stuff. You got this" Olivia whispers before she flips her long hair over her shoulder dragging Beca behind her by the hand towards the trio.

"-I'll totes be there" Chloe is beaming with excitement as she grasps onto Aubrey's free hand.

As Beca begrudgingly allows herself to be dragged towards her best friend, she takes in the red head. The muscles in her cheeks threatening to pull upwards into a smile as she sees that the new girl is wearing a Barden Knights hoodie. Beca has never thought the merchandise for their highschool was particularly stylish.

"I'm glad you decided to join" Aubrey says, her eyes which were focused on Chloe are flitting to Beca and Olivia who are walking, well one is walking the other is being dragged, towards them hand in hand. "I see you two finally decided to act your age"

Olivia smiles regardless of the teasing comment.

Beca sneers "I see you finally decided to stop being a bitch" she chuckles facetiously "oh wait, no you didn't" she doesn't break eye contact with the blonde, she can see Jesse and Olivia smirking at the corner of her eye.

"Shut up, Mitchell" Aubrey rolls her eyes, she then returns them to the red head who is watching the brunette with an indistinguishable expression. "Chloe, I hope you don't have to speak to her too often but this is Beca Mitchell" she gestures to the smaller girl who's eyes are finding the floor particularly interesting. "and you already know Olivia"

Beca looks up at that moment, she sees Chloe smiling at Olivia briefly before almost immediately finding stormy blue eyes.


Beca looks down at the hand that the red head is offering, delicate, long fingers tipped with sky blue nail polish, done perfectly. "Uh hey" the brunette hesitantly places her pale hand in the offered one. Cringing internally as she notices her cracked black nail polish.

"I'm Chloe Beale"

Beca nods her head once awkwardly, her lips pressed together "Uh... cool"

Chloe stares at the brunette intrigued. She grins shamelessly as the other girl finds this entire interaction so utterly awkward.

The two girls stand in a moment of suspended silence, the soft murmurs of the dissipating crowd fade, the people next to them become blurs and for a brief second, Beca feels herself relax.

"Uh okay... let's leave before the Hobbitt scars you with her anti social nature"

Jesse wraps his arm around his girlfriends shoulder as her looks down at his best friend "She's not that bad"

Beca finally breaks her gaze from cerulean blue, snapping them to the couple "Whatever" She looks at Olivia "You hungry?"

Olivia's mouth opens to answer but she's beaten to it.

"Oh hey, a few of my friends are going to show me the regular hang out. Do you guys wanna come?" Chloe interjects with wide eyes that swirl with the prospect of making new friends.

"Uhh you know maybe anoth-"

"Sure!" Olivia is now the one who interrupts, a smirk on her lips "I'm starving"

"We'll meet you there" Jesse nods at the red head

Chloe grins, she squeezes Aubrey's forearm as she looks between them all "See you guys there!" and with that, Chloe Beale skips away. Like actually skips away. Beca thinks that this girl jumped right out of a movie and Beca hates movies.

But Beca also hates universal laws that are just impossible to debate, for example... right now... her least favourite being that there is an exception to everything.


"Seriously, dude, you couldn't have just dropped me off at my house?"

"No because you have this weird crush on the new girl and it's funny seeing you near her" Jesse replies as he shifts gears, glancing over at his friend with a smirk.

"You're an ass. I do not have a crush on her, I don't know why everyone keeps saying this, I don't even know her and she's -" Beca denies as she checks her phone for no reason and gets distracted.

"Okay so when you do get to know her, you have to stop being so awkward" The car turns into a parking lot. "Also you have to stop saying cool, it's not cool"

Beca rolls her eyes as she watches her best friend park his crappy little car into a space next to a black truck. "Watching the notebook when you miss Aubrey isn't cool either"

"No but it is adorable" Jesse retorts with a shameless grin. He kills the ignition before turning his head to look at his small friend "Just be confident and funny, girls love that shit"

Beca's brow furrows "You do realise I am a girl right?"

Jesse opens his door "Yeah and you love that shit right?"

The brunette girl doesn't grace the boy with an answer as she grumpily slides out of the car. She sees her new friend and her best friends girlfriend make their way over from across the parking lot. "You're boyfriend is a dick" Beca mutters to the blonde.

Aubrey rolls her eyes and ignores the other girl as she takes her boyfriends arm, they begin to chat animately while Olivia and Beca discuss why Jesse is a dick.

The 'regular hang out' for the students of Barden High School is an old school diner just down the road from the educational facility. They walk in under a large neon sign that shines the word Dotti's Diner.

A small bell above the door chimes as the group of four walk in, all eyes immediately zone in on the group of teenager sitting in the rows of booths along the windows. A few others have dragged chairs to the end of tables to join their friends.

Beca's eyes meet an amused pair, they immediately share a look of distaste. A joke between the two. Before Beca can go and greet her brother she is met with the sound of someone calling her over.

"Hey Shortstuff!"

Beca rolls her eyes at the nick name, a small smile on her lips as she shuffles towards the counter. "Hey Cynthia" she gestures to the group of rowdy seniors "I hope they're not causing too much trouble"

Cynthia shrugs "Hey girl, you know I can take care of a few muscle heads. it's those skinny girls you gotta watch out for"

Beca follows the other girls gaze, it lands on the head cheerleader. Beca smirks "Yeah, definitely" her eyes then pan towards the red head sitting next to Stacie. Chloe is smiling as she sips at a smoothie.

"You hungry?"

"Nah, I'll just grab a water please" Beca smiles as she sits down at the counter.

"Sure thing"

With Cynthia Rose off to go get a glass of water for her friend, Beca notices that Aubrey and Jesse are talking to a group of seniors at a booth while Olivia stands next to them speaking to some brunette. An attractive brunette at that. Beca can only recall that this girl is known for her icy exterior and her ability to make grown men flinch with one look, her name is lost on Beca.

"There you go Shortstuff, I have to get back to work but lemme know if you need anythin'" Cynthia draws Beca's attention by placing a cold glass of water on the counter.

"Thank Cynthia" Beca nods her head in appreciation before sipping at her water and watching as her lab partner walks off.

Beca sits there with an emotionless expression, her fingers drawing through the condensation of the cold glass. Her mind begins to wander, it thinks of the paper that she knows is due on Monday, the one she hasn't even looked at. She thinks of the ice cream she knows is back in the freezer at home with her name on it, not literally though. She begins to process the song playing in the back ground from the jukebox, ideas of mashups flickering through her mind but before she can even get close to a solid idea, theres a hand on her shoulder and someone sitting next to her, facing her.

"Hey Beca right?"

Beca meets the cerulean eyes looking at her with enthusiasm, if eyes could do such a thing. "Uh yeah" The brunette takes in the way the red head is sitting, her whole body facing her, sitting on the edge of the stool, leaning forward with a smile.

"Why are you sitting over here?" Chloe asks as she pulls her hand off the shorter girls shoulder to gesture to the area around them.

Beca shrugs, she gestures to the large group of Seniors "Why are you sitting over there?" she deflects with a soft smirk.

Chloe rolls her eyes, a smile on her lips as she begins to gain an understanding on how this mysterious brunette works "I'm not sitting over there right now"

"You were"

"And now i'm here"

Beca raises an eyebrow "and why are you here exactly?" the shorter girl realises that in her book of social norms, that that might have sounded a little rude. "I- I mean not that it's a bad thing, i'm jus- it's fine but like-"

Chloe's face softens at the adorable way the girl acts all mysterious and stand offish one second and the next she is justifying her words to not offend her.

"I just thought that you would come and sit with us, I mean that's sort of why I invited you" Chloe puts the shorter girl out of her spluttering misery.

"Ah yes, I don't think inviting a brooding junior to come and sit with you and your super cool jock friends is good for your blossoming reputation" Beca mumbles as she sips at her water.

"My blossoming reputation?" Chloe shrugs, her face giving of the impression that she doesn't give half a shit about her reputation. "Aubrey is my friend, so is Olivia and now you are too. You can come sit with us"

Beca rolls her eyes subtly before averting her eyes to the clock on the wall "Friends? Dude we legitimately just met. I could be a serial killer"

Chloe raises an eyebrow at the brunette "Are you?"

The shorter girl throws a faux serious expression at the red head "Yes" she breaks out into a smirk when the other girl doesn't blink "Only on Wednesdays" she turns back to her glass.

Beca hears Chloe giggle, she then feels a hand on the crook of her elbow "Well it's friday so we're safe" she tugs on the arm slightly "Come on"

The brunette turns to look at the girl "Dude, no" she shakes her head defiantly.

Chloe tilts her head in disappointment, her face transitioning into one that is not dissimilar to a puppy asking for a bite of it's owners hot dog. "Please?" she asks with a pouted bottom lip.

Beca rolls her eyes, she can feel her resolve weakening by the second "Dude, why?"

"Because I feel like we're going to be fast friends"

The two girls stare at each other, Beca with furrowed brows, Chloe innocently pleading.

"Fine but don't blame me when it gets weird with my-"

"Come on!" And with that Beca is nearly tugged off her stool towards the crowd of teenagers sitting together.

The two of them pass Aubrey and Jesse, Jesse giving Beca a confused (impressed) look while Aubrey just glares.

Chloe slides into the booth next to Stacie, she drags Beca down next to her in the small space left over. Beca looks up at the person in front of her. Jake Johnson.

Ah yes, Beca knows Jake Johnson. Typical rich white boy who screams injustice at every small inconvenience. Beca does not care for the blonde boy who also just happens to be her brothers best friend.

"Guys, this is Beca!" Chloe excitedly introduces as she wraps her hands around Beca's biceps.

Beca is too busy snorting out of amusement to flinch at the show of affection.

Silence falls onto the table of five. Stacie looking from Chloe to Tom who is sitting in front of her, Tom looks from Stacie to Jake to Beca.

Beca looks at the ceiling as she laughs a little harder. "Dude" she manages to get out in the fit of her laughter.

Chloe is too interested in the way the brunette laughs to care that she is practically laughing at her.

"Chlo" Stacie starts, she taps the red heads arm once "We know Beca"

"You do?" Chloe asks with a surprised yet happy smile "That's great, how?"

Tom lets out an amused chuckle at the new girl, of course she wouldn't know who knew who.

"I punched him in the face when I was 10" Beca jokes with a smirk, a raised eyebrow challenging her brother.

"Oh please, I wouldn't call that a punch. Maybe a gentle flick" Tom counters, meeting the brunettes gaze with equal challenge.

"Well then, you must just be really sensitive if you started sobbing because of a gentle flick"

"There's nothing wrong with being sensitive" Tom looks at Chloe and winks at her.

Beca snorts. Typical Tom. Always using everything as a chance to flirt.

Chloe, whom is extremely confused at this point, is looking between the two completely lost. "Uh so you two are really close huh?" Chloe begins to assume that the two have a lot of history, she didn't want to analyse the look they shared this morning but now, coupled with the inside jokes and anecdotes, she can't help but think that there is something going on here.

"I mean, I guess" Beca's face falls into one of confusion at the choice of words.

"We are close" Tom shoots his sibling a glare "She just doesn't like admitting it"

"I don't admit it because you embarrass the shit out of me"

"Alright, will you two just shutup?" Jake speaks for the first time, he didn't mind for the first few minutes because he was busy staring at the hot girl talking to the school paper geek but now he was getting bored and the new girl was looking lost. "They're brother and sister" he reveals flatly before drinking from his soda.

Chloe's brow furrows as she processes this.

"You couldn't handle the attention not being on you for five minutes, Jakey Wakey?" Beca asks sardonically, a sneer on her lips.

Jake sticks his finger up at the younger girl whom he's always found immensely annoying. "Shut up Mitchell"

Tom gives his sister a look that can only be described as 'seriously?'. He knows that his best friend and his step sister don't get along too well but they're Seniors now and soon Beca will be too. He looks at Chloe, her lips are opening to ask a question but before she can, Tom answers it "Step siblings"

Chloe's face lights up in realisation "Ahh" she nods her head once, she breaks out into a smile "That is super cool!" it makes sense now and it doesn't interfere with her plans to get close to the both of them, in different ways of course.

"Yeah, that's debatable" Beca drawls as she looks over at a couple walking over to them.

"Yeah yeah you love me" Tom smiles charmingly at his sister.

Chloe is about to ask a question about their parents marriage but before she can Jesse and Aubrey rock up to the end of the booth.

"Hey guys" Jesse nods to the whole table, smirking at his best friend. He raises an eyebrow at the delicate hands still grasped around Beca's upper arm.

Beca immediately, for the first time, notices that the red head is still in contact with her. As subtly and as politely as possible, Beca removes her arm from the grasp. Chloe, whom is in conversation with Aubrey doesn't seem to notice.

The rest of the evening goes similarly, Chloe asking questions about everyone and everything, Tom flirting, Beca making dry, sarcastic one liners, Stacie being overtly sexual, Jesse teasing his best friend, Aubrey being... well Aubrey and Jake complaining the whole time while also making offensive comments.

That night after Beca had bid the new girl an awkward good bye and her brother had charmingly opened Stacies passenger car door and smiled his winning smile at the girl, he joined Beca in his two door truck.

"She's hot huh?" Tom asks as he pulls out of the parking lot. He beeps his cars horn loudly at Stacie's car who is turning in the opposite direction of them.

Beca rolls her eyes at her brothers choice of words "You're an idiot"

Tom laughs, he looks over at his sister. He knows she doesn't like it when he's so crude about girls "What? She is" he taps his sisters arm with the back of his hand "You know it, don't deny it"

"I'm not denying it" Beca grumbles, her eyes scanning the passing houses. "She's attractive" it's said so offhandedly, like she hasn't really thought about it.

"I knew you weren't legally blind!" Tom jokes, his smile wide and teasing.

Beca shakes her head, she sighs loudly before, for some reason, saying the first thing that comes to her mind. "She's a bit perky"

"I'm hoping"

Beca makes a disgusted noise, she whacks her brother on the arm "Gross, dude" she means it but she can't help but laugh at her dumb brother.